Wednesday, March 30, 2022

April Rug Camp and Other 'Stuff'

Three days and a wake up I'll be on my way to Maryland Shores Rug Camp in a class with Cindy Irwin.   The class was cancelled 2020, again 2021 and now finally 2022 it is a go.  I'm still planning to hook a monochromatic piece of my mother as a young woman holding a fishbowl.  Since I chose to do this in 2020 and knowing how fickle I am, have surprised myself that I'm still gung-ho to hook it.
I drew the pattern measuring 13.5 x 16 and this morning wondered if I should draw another pattern a tad larger.  In looking at the pattern critically think I can endure whatever narrow cuts it requires in some places and still use #8 cut in some areas.  The narrow cut strips in the baggie I inherited from a friend's mother who was a rug hooker.  Cindy will be bringing more sepia colored wool to supplement whatever I need.
Is it spring....duh, global warming?  Really?  The calendar says it is spring but January temperatures have been below freezing during the night and only reached 35 one day.  Which meant my propane heat kicked in for many hours during several days = $$$$.  The weather presents another problem ~ what the heck do I pack to wear at camp?  I'll wait until Friday to print out a 10 day forecast, then check it again to begin packing on Saturday for the Sunday departure.  Probably with some last minute additions or withdrawals if the forecast changes.

Have you ever seen a rain phenomenon?   I took the photo below on the 18th of this month and still a small continuous dripping of water from the heavens continues.  Mind you we've had a day of rain, snow flurries yet this strange phenomenon still exists.
I captured it in a video previously in 2018 and that one happened behind me about 2 feet away from the one in the photo above.  You can see that blog post HERE.  Wonder what causes this phenomenon and how strange it occurs in a close proximity to a previous experience.  Any of my loyal readers have family or friend who is a meteorologist or scientist who can provide me a simple explanation?

Happy hooking m'lovelies.  


Sunday, March 27, 2022


I've been perusing the internet again looking for antique rugs.  This rug was  hooked 1879 and the date is barely noticeable.  It has the wonderful blotchy background I like.
Below is 11 Star Flag hooked late 19th early 20th century and from the collection of Barbara and Charlie Hunter, Staunton, VA.  The rug measures 33 x 44 and was the subject of a rug hooked by Lisa in my previous blog post.
My favorite subject, the horse, has scrolls and from the New England area.  It was hooked 19th century and measures 26 x 46.
It is quite apparent the Cats and Scrolls below was done by the same hooker.  The dimensions of this one are 27 x 49.
A naïve floral with crochet edge measures 25 x 40.  Something about this design I find quite appealing.  If you click on the photo it will enlarge so you can see the delicate crochet.
View of a corner of the back.
For you feline lovers here is a hooked Cat with Butterflies dated Jan 1888.  The dimensions are 24.5 x 43.5.
One more rug for good measure....Rabbits and row of Houses measuring 25 x 36 is from a Maryland Collection. It was hooked early 20th century.
Something I noticed in the rabbit rug above is that the hooker outlined only two of the three rabbits with a thin dark color for them to stand out from the snow.  But used white to define the tail, ears and paw of the one on the right.  Guess she must have run out of the dark textile?

Happy hooking and may all your loops be perfect.


Friday, March 25, 2022


Rug hooker and friend Lisa often sends me photos of antique rugs and asks me to draw them for her.  She tells me the dimensions she is looking for and I enlarge them close as possible.  This one of her most recent finishes 1907 Eagle which measures 23.5 x 27.5.
If you're curious here is the original antique.  Lisa said she didn't want all the other tidbits and also opted out the date.
Another she recently finished is 11 Star Flag, another antique adaptation which measures 26 x 35.
Two things can describe Lisa ~ she is patriotic and she loves horses.  She hooked this antique adaptation "White Horse and Scrolls", it measures 23 x 37.5.  
Here is the original antique.  I hooked this rug also but drew mine out smaller at 20.5 x 33.5.  
In 2017 Lisa hooked Frost Sheep and Birds, this is her interpretation of that antique rug.  Think I like the way she hooked it without the circles in the triangles and would make for an easier hook as well.
The E.S. Frost original.
Lisa has hooked several other rugs I drew for her but can't locate photos of them on my various flash drives at the time.  She has a couple in her stash that I'm anxious to see when they are hooked.

As promised, it is a double-feature;  now will show you the latest Dancing Rabbits photos sent to me.  Naomi said she made 5 dancing rabbits for each of her grandchildren.  I've inquired what the wording was on her rug but all I know so far is that it's a Grateful Dead theme (the dancing bears) and the first couple lines from Row Jimmy. 
Paula also has 5 grandchildren and did the same. 
Janice finished hers and added wool strips as a bow around the neck, I'm guessing they are all boy bunnies.
That about wraps up today's blog post.  Happy Friday and Happy Hooking.


Thursday, March 24, 2022


And it is related to rug hooking.  Was disappointed my ATHA magazine hasn't arrived yet because a friend told me a couple of my rugs are in the latest issue.   Thankfully Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) sent me a couple photos as she has received her magazine.  

Oh Glorious Day was hooked in a class with Kris Miller of Spruce Ridge Studios.  To say it was a fun class is an understatement.  But then all of her classes are fun and I always come away with a rug with great memories and color planning. 
Last March was so windy I needed to purchase W.Cushings Windy Day pattern to display each March and it is on my sofa table now.  As deer roam the woods around my house who wouldn't love to hook Winter Buddies, another pattern offered by Cushing.   Both of those were hooked at home without a teacher.
Finally after too many months of Covid lockdowns, masking, etc.  In
a November 2020 class under the guidance of Bev Conway I hooked New Year's Eve, a pattern offered by The Wool Farm.  I needed to welcome in a new year 2021.  Well we know how that year went too don't we.  
Nine more days and a wake up before I leave for rug camp in Ocean City, MD.  This year I'm staying at the Dunes Suites next door instead of the hotel.  And guess this will be the only camp I attend this year as I'm not going to Cape May this September after attending every year since 2003.

Happy hooking.


Tuesday, March 22, 2022


Feast your eyes on this adorable finish by Kris Miller (Spruce Ridge Studios).  She created the design with her grandson and granddaughter in mind.  Again, Kris chose blue and yellow for the boy to give credit to the University of Michigan's care where the preemie grandson spent 2 months in the pediatric NICU there.
Her granddaughter is a future rug hooker herself as she loves color and Kris will often hook with her granddaughter holding the hook and guiding it thru the foundation.  Kris asked her opinion on what color the belt should be and her answer was..."lell-low" which, Kris says, was that week's favorite color.

Was honored Kris decided to do the 'tutu' on the bunny as I'd mentioned that in my initial Dancing Rabbits hook-along post.  You can see that initial post HERE.  And you can see this rug was hooked with love in her heart the year 2💜22.  

Thank you Kris for participating.  If any of the readers would like a pattern like Kris did please contact her at

Happy Hooking everyone. 


Monday, March 21, 2022

That Blue Bowl Again

Although I have several different size rug hooking frames it is still a struggle for me to work on large rugs.  Even if I roll the heavy long side up and secure it in the middle and the ends there's an issue rotating the frame because the stiffness of the heavy side hits my end table or the basket of wool at my side.  BUT, once this sucker is done think mama will be a happy hooker.

I'd be interested in hearing how you readers deal with what I consider big rugs~ particularly you Tanya if you read this.
In case you've forgotten, the pattern I drew for myself measures 30 x 41.  AND..... I previously hooked Domestic Zoo which, if I recall, is 67" long. Honestly did consider making Blue Bowl pattern smaller and would do that for anyone who wishes to hook it smaller.  But somehow I mustered up the courage to go big or go home ~ as the saying goes.

I know at the end I'll need to tone down some of the light/bright colors but that will occur after it is all hooked and bound.

Less than two weeks away from rug camp just an hour away.  But I'll be staying at the Suites and eating on my own vs. the dining hall in the hotel.  Will be my first time doing that there but is how we did it when attending Barb Carroll's camp at her previous Ligonier property.

Happy hooking.


Friday, March 18, 2022

Springing Forward (Edit #2)

Fran hooked a checkerboard pattern in the rabbit's bodies to give it the optical illusion they are moving.  She said " was one of those happy surprises you see when you've finished a mat, stand back and see the rabbits dancing".

And Robin was right, the rabbits were hooked using the beading technique with #8 strips of off white and blue.
Lauren recently finished her Patriotic Dancing Rabbits also. 
Laurel sent me her 1st finish which is lovely.  But she said it didn't turn out quite as she first envisioned.  She was thinking more of a Magdalena style but lighter colors.    I know the feeling Laurel, my desire was to hook that antique look with blocks of different background colors. 
So she decided to pull out a somewhat darker wool to hook the rabbits in.  I love her background colors!!!!!!!
It's definitely looking like spring and Margaret's bunnies are dancing with joy because they found a cache of Easter eggs.
Finally finished hooking my version of Dancing Rabbits and am in the process of binding it.  Perhaps one day I'll be in the mood to hook the one which was the most vintage looking.  Til then, this will have to do.
My kitchen is looking a bit more spring like also.  Very rarely do I display this Claire Murray rug design named Strawberry Patch.  I thought it would be fun to experience hooking with yarn, the kit was on ebay and purchased it.  That was my first experience with an all yarn rug and my last; but must admit it is cute.  I also made the paper clay rabbit container.  The rug is for sale and measures 29 x 33.5.
Photos of Dancing Rabbits has slowed down.  Happy hooking and enjoy your weekend.


Tuesday, March 15, 2022


With this time change I tried going to bed half an hour earlier Saturday night but my body still hasn't adjusted to the time difference.  Even this morning I didn't want to get out of bed at my normal wake time, which was to me still 6 a.m.  How long should it take for a body and brain to adjust for goodness sake??  Has anyone else felt the difference?

For those who may not know, I used to be more of a dollmaker than rug hooker and did the vending/show circuit for years.  Then when trying to anticipate what the public wanted and not always hitting the mark and getting older, decided to stop doing shows.

A couple months ago I received an order for a sizeable vintage looking Angel doll.  Then earlier this week an order for a patriotic doll holding a flag and yesterday an order for a primitive black doll and a whimsical patriotic doll.  Here is the photo of the two sold yesterday.  Have a current photo because I wanted to confirm we were talking about the right dolls.
Back in the day I also built a web site with software whose name I don't remember.  But as software often does, you need to buy the upgrade and learn how to work the new system.  I did not buy the new software.  However, decided to pay for and keep my domain name Woodland Junction therefore the web site is still visible on the web.  

That said, I am unable to remove a photo when sold or type the words "sold" in the text because I didn't buy that new software.  People still find it when searching me out and inquiries do come in to see if 'so and so' is available.  Sometimes it is and sometimes not.  I've still inventory which is stored downstairs in totes marked for the category.  So if you are hankering for a doll or just want to see what I used to do, you can look HERE.  I sometimes think they stumble upon that site when looking for my rug patterns.  So if that is what you're looking for, the link is always under my name at the end of the blogpost. 

In case the above is confusing and you wonder if I still make dolls ~ I do not.  Is that better ~gt~?

So ya wanna see what's been hop'n in the bunny world?  You've probably already seen them either on Facebook or a blog.  Susan joined early on and recently sent me her finish.  Love that little bunny butt.
Kimm (Sheep Underfeet) was weakened by seeing all the great rabbits and finally decided to join too.  She drew her design for the door  vertically.  What a great idea.  It was hooked in #6 cut and measures 4.5 x 14.5.  She used jute twine around the edge to add the folky feel to it. 
Even I decided to pull more loops today but didn't get it finished.   I'm determined to not post an almost done photo.  It's all or nothing at this juncture baby...well, it won't be bound but will be all hooked, lol.

Sorry the post was so long so maybe save the reading for tomorrow morning with a cup of coffee while you slowly wake up like me.  Happy hooking.


Sunday, March 13, 2022

Vintage Rug Show Time (with some wabbits)

If not hooking an antique adaptation the next best thing is to look at them.  Perusing on-line auction houses is where I get my inspiration and future projects.  Let's take a look, shall we?

Bet this Red Blossoms hooked rug was stunning at one time.  Hooked 1900 it measures 19.5 x 32.
Another Floral in an Urn was hooked 1900's measures 30 x 39.5.  I love it when the background, in this case the border, has blotchy colors.
This is the view of the back and I'm not sure if that is a label or a patched area.  The colors do seem to be a little more crisp than the faded front.
A Cat and Dog rug hooked late 19th early 20th century with a puzzle piece looking border, a good alternative to a hit and miss border.  It measures 38.5 x 59.
Dainty spray of flowers with dimensions of 40 x 45.
A landscape with farmers tilling a field.  It was hooked early 20th century and measures 29 x 42.  This is the front and you can see it has a braided border.
I love it when they show the back and this one doesn't seem to have much fading at all.  Yet it appears to have repairs to extend the rug's life.
Dove and flowers was hooked early 20th century and measures 26 x 50.  I'm definitely attracted to this one too; probably because of the soft border plus that blotchy background inside.
An early hooked bird eating cherries from New England area hooked 19th century and measuring 17 x 29.  Those colors appeal to me.

And now to my favorite subject, the horse.  I find this one very interesting.  I'm wondering if those shoes and heart is the equal to the symbolic riderless horse.  Am also wondering what the red and white design above the horse is.  Was said to be hooked 1870 but don't know dimensions.
Had just two dancing rabbits photos submitted; one was from Chris.  She said she purchased the chair pad pattern on etsy and she hooked it with wool yarn.  
Also borrowed stole this photo from a posting Lauren did.  She's almost done and probably by the time I publish this post it will be.  BTW, she said the star was hooked with #9.5 wool strip.  Perfectly shaped star!
Happy hooking.


Friday, March 11, 2022

Dancing Rabbits

I love America and cuddly bunnies so who wouldn't love Patriotic Bunnies?  This is Lauren's (Rugs and Pugs) newest version of the vintage design (she's hooked it before).  BTW, that star was hooked in a #9 cut which was a tutorial by Kris (Spruce Ridge Studios) shared in a class.
Nancy has completed her rug and what a difference her red outline of the rabbits and linking hearts makes.  The tongue border adds color and frames the piece nicely.  She says she's not ready to hook tongues any time soon.
April has finished hers and as always does an incredible primitive look.  Wonder what she has on her frame now.  If I were to buy a rabbit it would be the one one the right, lol.  Me thinks he's cute.
Janice is busy with her two shops but still finds time to work on her rug which is moving along well.  Hmmm, wonder if it will go in her shop?  If it does it will be swooped up quickly I'm sure.
Kim (My Field of Dreams) sent me her finished hooked and already bound design.  Must admit it blew me away because the last time I saw a photo was with just the dark rabbits.  Really cool Kim!
Valerie sent me her finished Dancing Rabbits in white with dark blue background which is close to one of the vintage photos I originally posted.  Great job.
Blogger seems to be acting up.  Sometimes the photos don't show up then I have to click on the 'renew' circle then they appear again.  Perhaps you'll have to do that as well.  

Happy Friday.  Sadly it won't be a happy Saturday as it will be heavy rain and winds with some snow.  Not looking forward to that as it is just the time to turn the clocks forward one hour tomorrow evening.  

So happy hooking instead tomorrow.