Saturday, February 28, 2015

Same Corner....and One or Two?

There was something about that very same top left corner of this crow piece which continued to drive me crazy.  Believe me I'm really against reverse hooking and waiting to see how it looks after more is hooked.  But even later it sent me off the edge.

This is NOW..... you can see there is only a tiny bit more to hook on the right side and I'll be done.
BEFORE.....and, by the way, this photo was changed from the first hooking of the piece; but still didn't like that corner.
If you've been following my journey on this project you know I'd said it was going to be a two-sided HOOKED pillow.  Ummm, now I'm getting cold feet about that.  If it is a two-sided pillow I'd only see one crow half the time until the pillow was flipped.  So am thinking about making them into two pillows..  OR, do I want a pillow and a small table or wall mat? 

I could put one pillow in this room so that I see it when walking thru or sitting at the computer. Or I could have the two pillows in the living room.
For you folks recently starting to read my blog, the handsome pillow on the left with a patchwook background is a pattern by Betsy of Heavens to Betsy; the one on the right is a Magdalena style crow I drew thinking it would be a double sided pillow.  Well now you know the quandary I'm in. 

With only a little left to hook on the right side crow it will be done tomorrow and I'll steam both pieces.  BUT!  I won't be hasty in my decision on how to finish it yet since I'm not sure of making TWO pillows (with solid wool on the other side) or ONE pillow with hooking on both sides. 

And would you believe that this person who HATES binding rugs was actually excited about binding this (these) pillow(s) with the Betsy Reed primitive binding technique she taught in a class. 

I'd LOVE to read your comments on what YOU would do with these two pieces..... one pillow or two pillows with a wool back?  Yeah, yeah, I'm sure some of you are thinking one side pillow and send the other to you.  I didn't get this old without having learned a little about human behavior.

Hope you have a great evening and please let's all be kind to one another.  If only there was more of that going on in the world around us.


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Crow Pillow Other Side

The OTHER side would be this Magdalena style piece being hooked now; the first side was a design by Betsy Reed (scroll down my blog to see that unfold).  But the Magdalena Crow side isn't going fast enough for me.  The unwanted snow is slowing me down since Ben can't handle a snow shovel and there's no one else here to do it but me and him.  

Must admit  that before posting this side was tempted to just keep on hooking until there was more accomplished on this side but thought better of that idea.  And, was tempted to remove the penny circles then asked myself 'why'?
This it what it looked like last time I posted.  If you look closely there were some sections pulled out and rehooked.  Even now I'm not fond of the top left side.  But hey, this is a primitive pillow for me and not a competition.  Would Magdalena be so picky with her wool color choices or placement?  I don't think so....she used what she had and that was it.  For me, this was to be fun to use up nothing but woolie worms.
Hopefully after this side is hooked there will be a noticeable drop in the wool strip collection accumulated over the years.  As much as I hate binding rugs and tend to let them mount up, I'm looking forward to showing you the Betsy Reed primitive cotton edge binding for this pillow.   Actually there is a previous blog post about that so if you are in a hurry you can blog about the Betsy Reed Primitive binding technique and am sure it will take you to my blog or Betsy's. 

Hope you all have heat, electric and water during this nasty winter.  Although I hate the snow ~ having been without heat 6 days between the months of January and February figure that IF I have HEAT I can endure the damn snow.

A good way to keep warm, active and entertained is cover yourself with a hooking or quilting project.  Be safe and have fun everyone.  Oh..... and be kind to one another.


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Polly Minick

This beautiful rug is a design by Polly Minick and can be found in her book titled "The Spirit of Sacagawea". 
This is the cover of the book in which there are two rug designs that may be enlarged for rug hooking and there are numerous quilt blocks by her sister Laurie, also suitable as hooking projects.  You can order you book HERE.
The Spirit of Sacagawea - by Minick and Simpson - A Textile Tribute to an American Heroine
I am presently drawing out that pattern for someone as I am the authorized agent for Polly to draw her designs.  Polly no longer does kits but if you are interested in a pattern on linen, contact POLLY and she will in turn advise me of the order and give you my e-mail.

Polly just had a showing of her rugs and a demonstration in a Ralph Lauren Showroom.  If you live in the Naples, Florida area perhaps you were lucky enough to enjoy her presentation.  If not, here is Polly and Laurie's BLOG and you can enjoy the show now.

Have a great evening everyone.


Sunday, February 22, 2015

Inspirational Tavern Signs

Since my son and DIL are putting an addition on their house, part of the large structure will include a play room.  I'm sure my son and his friends will spend their time there playing pool and enjoying a bit of brew.  So this morning I went in search of inspiration to hook a tavern sign for his (their) yet-to-be-finished room. 

Oh my, I found a couple inspirational for him but LOTS for ME.  Isn't that the way it is when you go gift shopping for someone else see everything you want?  So I'm showing you the ones I like.

I LOVE this sign because it is quirkey and because it has a crow in it.  It was prior to 1892 for "Crowfut's Inn", in Oxford.  I wanna hook it!
Another I'm inspired to do from a tavern sign (again for me), but then I like the antique rug below it too so there will be an internal fight to decide which gets hooked.
Interesting enough I also found some tavern signs hooked by other people during this search.  Here are two:
Look what else I stumbled upon....none other than the artwork of Lori Brechlin!
Another one I like is this Raven. 
Actually I have lots more tavern signs saved but couldn't put them all here so chose my first favs.  Seems I'm in a pickle now because there are so many images which  interest me.  Perhaps that means I should hook one which strikes my fancy and when I hook it he will enjoy it anyway??  I've thought of the words "Porter's Tavern" (well that wouldn't be good for the Crowfuts Inn but that one would be for ME) or could call it Porter's (or Greg's) Man Cave.  I'm thinking he'd like the 'man cave' wording best.
Perhaps I'm in a self-enduced visual, sensory overload and need to step away from Pinterest, finish making my vegetable soup, and work on hooking my Magdalena style crow. 
Today there were above freezing temperatures here and after the snow of Tuesday, the snow and sleet from yesterday, then the 40* temps of today produced all the slush outside.   At least it isn't below freezing or snowing but haven't listened to the forecast so tomorrow will be a surprise.  Have a great evening everyone. 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like......

... a Magdalena....I hope.  Some of those light areas aren't always light wool hooked.  Some open spaces as in the right quandrant, has a missing hooked row which I haven't decided on color yet. the top left is partially light hooked and then nothing.  Hmm, seems there needs to be an intervention there I think.   So see, I'm very undecisive, a run by the seat of my pants sorta girl.  
Guess that might be a clue there could be loops pulled and change of direction. Maybe I'll get an image in my sleep tonight and figure out what to do next.  Speak to me Magdalena!

Very undeceive tonight but maybe I'll be on may game tomorrow?  Or maybe the weather will determine my demeanor tomorrow?  When is SPRING coming????

Have a great evening everyone and stay warm as possible for you guys in this arctic freeze and snow. 


Friday, February 20, 2015

Magdalena style Crow

Was hoping to make a drum roll presentation BUT, my time has been spent trying to keep my birds fed who still go hungry because of the blackbirds who bully the feeders. AND, breaking up ice build-up around my pond water flow to keep the pond from freezing too much.  I do not recall a duration of time where there were such low temps for so long in this area.

Moving right along...... this is all that was accomplished on my Magdalena style crow.  As you can see from the blue and black drawings on the backing I'm not sure what my future is with this design.
Once I finally decide what I want to do there will be a pattern for sale...I think.  Guess it depends on how it turns out since I've no idea where I'm going at this point.  Well at least you can watch me floundering around, doing the back stroke and all that stuff.

Hope all of you are warm and comfy.  I've come to realize that as long as I have heat in my house I'll be okay.  Having been without heat 4 days in January and again 2 days in February after the NEW furnace had a faulty part, it is nice to have heat now.  Must admit I'm always on edge now, listening for unusual sounds and looking at the thermostat.

Wishing all my friends a safe and warm weekend.


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Magdalena Style Crow in the Making

This will be the reverse side of the sweet Betsy Crow design on the other side.  You can also see blue and black drawings as I'm deciding my final pattern.  Stay tuned and see what happens.
I know, you're disappointed you only saw this part.  This is a teaser of sorts because I am thinking of changing the berry (in the crow's beak) to a brighter red. After all, Magdalena hooked with bright reds (Long johns maybe?)

Have a great evening everyone, hope all of you are warm and comfy. 


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Betsy's Crow is DONE

This is the snow accumulation here in my little neck of the woods in Delaware.  The snow measured 6 1/2" on the picnic table on the back deck in the morning of the snow.  It wasn't nearly the horrendous levels many of you endured and embarrassed to say I'm grateful mine was only this.  After having my furnace out a couple times during this cold winter, was very pleased it has stayed working thru the snow and frigid temperatures.  There is more snow coming tonight....sigh.
Yes, Betsy's Crow pattern is done and I've started on the Magdalena style crow for the other side of the pillow.  It was rewarding to use up those grey wool strips which don't seem to look good anywhere unless hooked in a cat.  Sure did love using it all up here and if I ever need more grey there is some yardage in my wool room to cut up.
Want to add here, that almost all wool in the crow was from my woolie worms.  There was only a run or two thru the cutter with plain black wool cut for this side since there was already the iridescent wool colors of a crow cut already.  Everything else was from my baggies with separated woolie worms.

No, I'm not going to show you my Magdalena style crow just yet.  But I'm sure there will be ONLY worms used for it, even the crow.  OMG, this is SO MUCH FUN using up more wool strips, worms, whatever you personally call them. 

If you are bored, don't know what to hook next and have a piece of blank linen draw a pattern out and use your worms.  Trust me, you will be so proud and feel so rewarded by using up what you have. 

Will post a picture of my Magdalena style crow tomorrow.  Be save, stay warm and hunker down.


Monday, February 16, 2015

Hunkering Down with the Crows

Yup, still in the single digits here and going to get lots of snow ALL night and into the morning.  How much you ask?  Well depends on which section the wind dividing line goes; could be between 6" to 11".  Yeah, I know it doesn't compare to some of you poor folks who have endured FEET of snow and more snow on top of that. 

However you look at it, we all need to hunker down and try to keep warm best we can and keep ourselves entertained.  I'm hunkering down with my crows.  Am still on Betsy's Crow pattern and am happier now that I removed the orange section just above the crow's head.  Here is my Betsy crow pillow now; yes, there is SOME orange but am hoping the textured piece would work better than what was hooked before.  You can let me know what you think.
This is what it looked like yesterday.
Can't wait to finish this side and start of the Magdalena side.  Even tho I'm hunkering down with my two crows and my big boy Ben not sure how much hooking will actually happen.  There's no one here to shovel snow other than me, and my boy needs a walk to the yard, so Mom will shovel out a space in the back as a last resort.  Also as a safety precaution I try to keep my front and back steps safe for me. 

I was without heat 4 days in January until there was a new furnace installed.  THEN after  3 weeks the blower motor burned up in the NEW furnace which left me without heat for 2 days.  Right now I'm so thankful to have heat so snow is something I can long as I have HEAT!!!!!

Don't forget your pets.  Please let them inside.


Sunday, February 15, 2015

Revisit to Betsy's Crow

Baby it's COLD outside!!!!  Ben loves outside but doesn't like these temps any more than I do yet he has more endurance to the cold than his mom.  Since he is an indoor dog he wants in when his 'toe toes' get too cold.

This is Betsy's Crow pattern I purchased last November when attending her class.  Looking at this piece think I'll pull out the orange above the head of the crow.....uh, but would replace it with what color?  Maybe dulled gold.
Was hoping to use more dull colors on this side with the patchwork hooked background and use a combination on the other side for that crow using whatever Magdalena would have used.

Okay, am showing you the mess I make just around the area where I hook.  In front of that pillow is where the hooking takes place.  To my right (your left) at that space is some mess and mingled wool.
It may look organized to you but to MY left these were the worm baggies from which my loops are pulled and they are getting mingled together fast.  However...... I AM using up a lot of worms on this pillow and enjoying every loop pulled.   
On the far right in the photo above is the reverse side of the 'to be pillow' with Betsy's Crow on one side and the Magdalena style crow for the other. 

Hope to have some progress to show you next time I post.  If not it may be another rug show.

Hugs to all, try and stay warm.  In addition to the frigid temps and wind we are to endure snow now.  At this point I think those challenges can be okay with me as long as there is heat in the house. 

Please bring your pets inside.  If you know anyone or has seen anyone who keeps their pet outside for hours on end in these frigid temperatures, PLEASE call the authorities.  No animal should be allowed to be left outside by it's owner for lengths of time. 

Hope you all are warm and safe.


Saturday, February 14, 2015

Ready for an Antique Rug Show?

Since I don't want my very patient and loyal followers getting bored, thought I'd share a few antique rugs.  When I saw this one knew I had to send a picture to Polly Minick since she loves antique rugs and hooks lots of stars.
Just found this one today.
This is different with the combination of geometric and floral.
A New England rug and evidently the sides of the rug are cut off in the picture since the scrolls don't show up. 
Another rug with scrolls, which intrigues me for both the color and scrolls.  I may have shown this one before and I like it.  So far I've only hooked one rug with scrolls, it is the rug posted below this one.
This E.S. Frost Sheep rug hangs over my fireplace mantel and was hooked by me.  I offer the pattern and found scrolls a bit of work to draw.....but I do it.  One day there will be another rug with scrolls that I will hook.
Sure do love this old drab rug and guess it is a tree of life.
For the cat lovers.  I like that border too.
Cats with horse shoe corners.  How cool, I received a comment that Margo White hooked this rug and adapted it from an antique.  She said it was hooked in 1996 and subsequently sold the rug.  Thanks for letting me know Margo!
And another.  Actually I've numerous cat rugs but think I've posted the others.
Guess my dog lovers need equal time.
And another doggie rug.
I like this rug, just saw it today.  He looks like either a railroad engineer or conductor.  Wonder if there were tongues on the other end; if so they didn't appear in this photo.  I like the piece.
In my collection of antique rug pictures I have 3 peacock rugs, all different.  I'm guessing hidden down deep in me is a desire to hook one?  Hmmm, not feeling it right now though.

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Deja vu

Remember when I shared my experience without heat four days in January?  Which required a brand new furnace?  Remember that?  Well yesterday I had no heat...AGAIN.  The NEW furnace was making a different sound and the room next to the furnace room smelled funny.  So I called the service man who dropped by after his work day ,(yesterday).

He said the motor on the new furnace had overheated and could get one this morning and install it.  Yes, I'm under warranty but I wanted heat!  It got quite cold in the house and I slept under an electric blanket. 

This morning he arrived with a new motor for the 3 week old furnace.  When he turned on the unit, the furnace kicked in.  So he said he'd keep the new motor here just in case it did need replacement in the near future.  Service man left and in 15 minutes I called to tell him it was making that same unusual noise and he returned.  Yup, motor too hot to touch in just 15 minutes so it needed replace in the real close future.

The motor was installed and all looked good he said, the cover on the unit was replaced and he left.  He said he'd call in an hour to see how things were going.  I didn't wait the hour because there was nothing but cold air coming thru the heat registers.  At 4:30 he stopped by again to see what happened.  When he put the door back on the unit he accidently knocked a 'safety' wire off which prevents the flame to heat up.  Now FINALLY, all is working and the house temperature is going back up.  Let's hope it stays that way.

Okay, finally to hooking related....previously I told you that Betsy's Crow pattern was going to be made into a pillow.  Here's the wee bit of hooking managed during the cold two days, which isn't much.
But a few days ago I started the prep for the pillow edge ~ that primitive edge which was used on another pillow I made as well as my Chicken Challenge rug.  First thing I did was rip plain cotton fabric crosswise in 2 1/2" strips.
Next I sewed them together end to end.  Normally for clothing or wool binding I'd miter the ends and sew them that way, but this is going to be bunched up together on the edge and the more primitive and na├»ve the better.  Oh, that light but coffee dyed thread is embroidery thread which is part of the edging on the pillow.
Next it was a wash cycle to remove the sizing, then in the dryer where the got good and tangled.  Yup, a mess to separate with all the loose threads but makes it nice and wrinkled too.  Then rolled in a ball awaiting for it's task when the pillow is ready.
Hopefully it will be an uneventful evening and I'll still have heat in the morning.  Just checked the thermostat and it has risen from 54 degrees in the house to 59 degrees and furnace still working in stage 2 (propane).  The next few days will become even more cold so hope this new motor lasts.  I was extremely stressed out yesterday and last night, and frankly today also. 

Hope everyone has a great evening and will be warm.


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Using Up Some Left Overs

I'm working on Betsy's Crow pattern which will be one side of a pillow.  The crow has been hooked and now am hooking the patchwork background.  But first I need to address a topic my gal pal (you know who you are Lauren) asked and which I think many newbies might want to know.  Lauren is not a newbie she just keeps me on my toes.  She wanted to know if I used left over strips for my crow.  The answer is YES.
Above is a close up of the crow where I cut only a few black/dark strips to go with the left overs.  I knew there were dark strips which had purple, green, red, black and some or combination of colors in the same strip.  All wonderful iridescent crow or raven colors when hooked. 

So now it is on to the background.  Oh my, the easy hit and miss patchwork background, right?  WELL.... the hit and miss sure looks like it is easy and when it is all done it looks great and everyone thinks it is a piece of cake.  
The patchwork background I'm trying to do is using neutrals and I'm having a hard time trying to choose what is next to one another so there is a difference in value. 

You see all those lines in the linen and obviously you can see I've taken liberty with the exterior design for MY pillow dimensions. 

Stay tuned, who knows what this rouge hooker will do next.  Hope you all wake up to a good morning tomorrow.  This morning for me it was a sheet of ice on my steps, the tree limbs were encrusted with ice and even the blades of grass looked like crystal.    Drive safely.


Monday, February 9, 2015

More on Betsy's Crow

This pattern really is going faster than I thought, even tho I've been distracted, (duh, Saundra it is small).  Here is the crow so far and the design measures 12 x 16. 
For those of you just joining (why do I always have the need to say that?)  because you can just scroll down to see what was previously said.  Oh well, guess my mom gene is surfacing.

I'd decided to hook Betsy's Crow and make it into a pillow. Some preliminary work was required to have all the ingredients on hand.  In a class taught by Betsy she told us about short cuts in both money and hooking techniques. 

So today using her knowledge purchased a cheap Wal-Mart pillow today (the top one) which cost me $2.37.  The one below was a 14" square pillow form on hand which cost over $5 if you check the price on the package.  Yup, Betsy was right.  Hey, don't worry, I will design a hooking project to use up that small pillow so it isn't money wasted. But didn't want to compromise Betsy's crow 12 x 16 pattern either.  So stay tuned to see how this big pillow works.
There's lots more to this pillow thing and more prep that I've done so watch in the coming posts.  Believe me it isn't hard work but if you like primitive you will want to check back.
Have a great night.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Onto the Next Project

In a previous post I implied the next project would be Betsy's Crow design and make it into a pillow.  Would you believe I'm still on my game plan?  No detour!

Did yard work yesterday and drew a pattern today to ship tomorrow, so only accomplished a wee bit of hooking on Betsy's Crow.  FYI!!!!!  see those extra drawn lines at the perimeter?  Those were NOT mistakes of Betsy's but rather me thinking of changing the dimensions to fit the pillow form I have here.  Uh....nope, changed my mind.
Betsy's design is 12 x 16 and my pillow form is 14 x 14.  So decided to keep Betsy's dimensions and I'll use the lesson learned from Betsy in our class a couple Novembers ago.  You'll have to follow the blog to see the process.

Also did the preliminary work so my pillow will have the Betsy primitive bound edge.  Hmm, haven't read about that?  Well dear pals guess you'll have to stay tuned to see how everything unfolds.

Have a great evening and let's all be kind to one another.


Friday, February 6, 2015

Hannah's Hen Near the End

It seems like forever that I've posted little Hannah.  I've hooked a larger piece in a month and this is a dainty wee bit of a chick.  All I can say is it takes me longer to do things and spending time on the computer is a lot of time. 

Here's my Hannah's Hen, a Woolley Fox design.  The hooking will be complete tomorrow morning, it will be steamed and prepared for binding.  Normally it would be ready for binding tomorrow.
But since the weather is supposed to be milder (anything would be milder to what we've had here lately) I need to do some yard work.  There are so many pine cones in the yard after the bad winds that I trip when I walk thru the yard.  Plus the fact it tears up the lawn mower blades.  So pre-spring work starts as soon as it is fit for me to be outside working.

And YES....before I start on my new next project will need to clean up this mess.  It all started so organized with colors in the canvas 3 departmental sorter, and the individual baggies of separated out colors of worms.  Then somehow all the colors get mixed and it is back to separating out woollie worms once again. 
Think I've asked this question before but in a different way.....  This time I'm wondering if there are any rug hooking "neat nicks" that can give me a hint on how to control my hooking worms.  All statements are welcome as I'm willing to learn.  Uh, although I've also heard... 'you can't teach an old dog new tricks.'  Just sayin'. 

Have a fantastic evening and weekend everyone.