Saturday, September 22, 2018

Rugs By the Sea Week Two and Orb Sightings

First thing I noticed when arriving is the billboard with entertainers for our week.  Yippee!  Deb and I request a certain room which happens to be over the bar.  We looked forward to being entertained for a few evenings without having to venture out from our room.
In the past orbs seemed more prevalent when there is entertainment.  You know I search for orbs as they are supposed to be either spirits who have a connection to the Chalfonte or spirit guides who are with the living person.  

First stop was the 'dungeon' next to the bar.  For those who haven't been to Cape May we call the room that since lighting isn't as good on a cloudy day.   But we always take OTT lights or other lighting in the event our teacher has that room.

The only hookers left in the room that evening were Mary Lou Bleakley (my first teacher) and her daughter.  Didn't see any orbs but have seen them in that room previous years.  That spot on the floor doesn't appear to be an orb since it isn't round.
Another shot in the King Edward Bar.  Below you notice the woman with a strapped purse and a balding guy.  When the flash went off he turned around to look at me.  So they wouldn't wonder if the photo was of them, explained I was trying to capture orbs.   The husband told me of his experience of orbs in his departed mother's house.  He said there were not only orbs but a moving ghostly image on his movie camera.  His wife confirmed that; was a fun conversation and I felt validated.

Interesting also was Deb Burcin's experience with ghostly encounters which she shared with us.  You'll have to ask her about that. 
A snap at the band before the crowd arrived.
AHHHH, below is finally an orb which is unmistakable since it is so large.
A photo taken in our classroom during daylight below there are a couple orbs.  One is on the far right top of the wall and another on Bob's pink tee shirt.
I walked closer and took another photo.  The orb on the back wall has moved as has the orb on Bob's tee shirt.  However there is a small orb at the bottom left on the floor.  To your bottom right you can see the 'Sheep at the Beach' hooked mats; more on those in another post.
I found a few other photos with orbs but won't bore you with those.  I have photos of the rug show, results of the winners from the Sheep at the Beach as well as the throw down from rug camp projects.  So stick around.  If you'd like to have these blog posts sent to you as soon as they are posted, just put your email address in the spot on the right side of my blog which says "Follow by Email".

Tomorrow begins the third week of Rugs by the Sea.  This camp is so awesome that it started with just a one week camp.  Then popularity grew and it was made into two-weeks with different teachers each week.  Obviously traditional rug hooking AND the popularity of the organization of Rugs by the Sea it is now a 3 week camp.  

Happy hooking and enjoy the weekend.


Friday, September 21, 2018

Just Returned Home from Cape May Today

And I must say I'm worse for wear 😎.  I stayed up way too late every night, drank too much wine, ate more sugary foods and carbs than when I'm home.  The results of that indulgence will show tomorrow morning when stepping on the scales.  But isn't that what we should do when going to rug camps ~ enjoy?? 

Weather was fantastic all week with the exception of a late-afternoon thunderstorm on Tuesday.  Nothing drastic and that is what brought the humidity down for a delightful couple last days.

When arriving on Sunday I walked to the downtown mall and was lucky to pick up this great tee shirt.
I wore it today on the ferry ride home.  In the past my friends and I have purchased other "Cape May Hooker" tee shirts at the Great White Shark store at the down town mall.  

For sure I'll go to bed early as I'm sleep walking now.  The van is empty but nothing is put in its place yet.  That will wait until tomorrow.  

Took many photos so will make more postings.  Later gator.


Saturday, September 15, 2018

Getting Ready

The 'gathering' has begun and it is being collected in my office near the garage door.
Haven't packed my suitcase yet as I wanted to print out the 10-Day Weather Forecast  for Cape May to see what will be needed.  It looks to be a good week.  I almost feel guilty for being thankful Florence didn't come upwards along the east coast.  Poor folks and animals in North and South Carolina are being battered, some deaths, and will take a while for them to recover.

Okay, moving on to lighter topics.....

I weighed myself this morning before breakfast and am 125 pounds.  Always want to see how much weight I gain at camp and then upon coming home work at getting back to that weight again.  I do love the food there but choose to not eat the red meat or pork.  My favorites are fish (particularly the salmon) and chicken if it is baked ~ no fried chicken even tho I hear it is delicious.  Also yummy is their corn pudding and delicious homemade yogurt.  

In the photo above you can see 9 rugs rolled up, that is the number of rugs completed since last year's Cape May camp.  I'm not done with Lady the Donkey yet so she isn't among the rolled up rugs.  But will take her to work on until Lucille gets to me.

Last year at Cape May I started On the Loose with Cammie Bruce, a design by Bev Conway.
When it was finished I drew and hooked an adaptation of a dog who I named Spike.  I'm hoping my friend Evelyn will take hers as she started hooking it at Cape May last year.
Also hooked a smaller version of Magdalena's Goat.  The first larger one true to the original size was hooked similar to Magdalena's.  But the second smaller one thought I'd show folks a different color palate.
At Cape May last year I was lucky enough to purchase 1909 Horse pattern (by Emma Lou Lais) at a great price.  It seemed to hook fast since it takes no time to finish a block and before you realize it the whole rug is hooked.
At Ocean City, MD last November I started Primitive Horse which is a pattern by Lib Callaway that I'd had for some time. That pattern seems to be the rage now so decided to pull mine out and hook it.
In an April class with Eric Sandberg I hooked this Nola Heidbreder's Flower Power design. 
Next, itching to replicate an antique chose a design from the Kopp book which I named Radiant Flower.
With Cape May looming closer, was feeling the pressure to hook the "Sheep at the Beach".  It was a pattern so generously given to each student at last year's Cape May rug camp.  This is the design drawn on Monk's cloth, except there were no exterior lines.  I drew those to not exceed beyond that to ensure room for binding.
This what I designed.  It will be fun to see how others hooked their pieces and will take pictures of all of them to share with you.
And the last rug completed since last September is Stars and Diamonds antique adaptation.  I hooked the sheep in short spurts while concentrating on the adaptation.
Will have my iPad with me so I'm only an email away.  Not sure how successful I will be posting newly created blog posts while I'm gone but will try.


Friday, September 14, 2018

Something I've Never Done Before

In all the years of attending rug camps never once have I started a pattern before class.  Nor have I ever taken a rug to work on which was started in someone else's class.  But this year at Cape May I decided to start "Golden in the Garden" before camp.  This is what the original design looks like by Nola Heidbreder.
Since I wanted to change the golden retriever into a rottweiler image of my dear boy Ben thought it best to start that transition at home.  The shape of the body and face needed to re-configured.  This is what it looks like now.  I used #8.5 and #9 wool strips.
Did not have intentions to make this a realistic looking image of my boy but did want it recognized as a Rottweiler.  You can see where the belly, neck/back and legs have been changed.  The head and body are out of proportion but when I glance at this rug it will definitely remind me of my boy Ben.

In case you are wondering...... I drafted this blog post on my PC at home, saved it and plan to 'publish' it one day after arriving at Cape May.

Happy hooking and hope all your loops look perfect.


Thursday, September 13, 2018

Test Run doing a blog Post

The following paragraph was typed on my new iPad to see if I could do a blog post from camp.  So.......

As I will be attending Cape May rug camp on Sunday thought I’d see if I am able to post a photo from my archived photo file.  Well so far I am unable to change fonts and text color.  Today when I searched Blogger apps for IOS there were two for $2.99 and one free.  One was 2 stars and the other was 1 star.  Comments on all said it didn’t work and couldn’t post photos.  So since I don’t ha e any app don’t think my results will be any better.

Okay, saved the above typed on my new iPad and then came to the PC to finish the post.  So, guess there is no need for me to stress over making a blog post from camp.  And if I do there won't be anything special about the post, no color, no photos and no minute-by-minute information about the fun I'm having.  

Have no fear tho, I'm not going to let you down today.  Here are a couple antique photos borrowed from Pinterest.  Described as a Pony with fall leaf border 19th century and measures 25 x 30. 
For Kelley, here is a hooked cat.  Unfortunately the entire rug could not be accessed nor any other information.  Sure would like to have seen the whole rug and know more information about it.
Yeah, another horse rug ~ neutral hit and miss background but what caught my attention is that bright red hip and on the cheek of the horse.  No other information available.
Brandt Point Lighthouse is a landmark in Nantucket.  The hooker got the shape of the lighthouse right but not the spelling of it.  The rug must have been well used as it has seen a lot of wear.
Below is a dog rug with a scroll border and probably hooked in memory of a beloved pet.  No other information was available.
A cow rug which a friend of mine likes measures 24 x 28.  Sorry but don't know the date it was hooked.
Am saddened by what I'm seeing happening in the Carolina's on the news.  I cannot imagine their devastation after Florence is finished.  Am praying for everyone in the path of that bitch storm to be safe.


Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Lady the Donkey

After starting this small project I took a break to bind Stars and Diamonds and started another project which I'll show you in a day or so.  Lady's halter and reins are hooked with antique paisley.  The rest is a combination of over dyed, mottled wool plus volunteers from my worm baggies.
The pattern measures 12 x 17 but the original measured 23 x 36.  I wanted to hook a small project.  And below is the antique from which this was adapted.
Am still going thru the motions of getting ready for Cape May rug camp.  There is a class going on this week and I don't leave until this coming Sunday.  Florence is supposed to hit the east coast on Thursday and destination is still uncertain.  Even if the storm hits in the Carolina's it will affect the seas all along the east coast.  Am hoping all will be safe in the hurricane's path.


Saturday, September 8, 2018

Checking Off the List

Can finally cross binding Stars and Diamonds off the 'to do' list.  
Have even sewn on the label which has a photo of the original antique displayed on it.
This next finished task will probably make you chuckle.  Anyone who knows me and who has shared a table with me at meal time knows I'm a slob.  There must be a hole in the bottom of my lip because it never fails that a drop of salad dressing will miss my mouth and go directly on my top.  Usually it is a nice linen top ~ it wouldn't happen if I was wearing a jeans jacket.  

I know that I'm not the only one who suffers from this problem but it bothers me and decided to do something about it this year.  Someone recently gave me some cotton fabric which seemed perfect for the task.  Cotton with rug hooks on it and now it is in form of an adult bib.
I made an easy closure with a Velcro tab in the back.  Am sure I'll get lots of stares at Cape May but that's okay, my tops will remain cleaner this year.  And perhaps it will start a trend.  But some rug hookers wear aprons while hooking so they are already prepared.

Of course I'm assuming, planning and praying there will still be rug camp on September 16 thru 21 with the pending hurricanes brewing in the Atlantic and headed toward the east coast.  I would be taking that one-hour ferry ride from Lewes, DE to Cape May, NJ so am hoping for calm seas.  Oh, and the Victorian hotel where the classes are held is just 2 blocks from the beach.

Happy Saturday everyone.


Thursday, September 6, 2018

Ageless Beauties

Yup, time to view some antique rugs.  Below is a flowered birds nest with two birds 25 x 39 on burlap.
A Horse with stars and diamonds said to be hooked 1890.
A chenille shirred rug which I'm sure many or all of you have seen somewhere before.
An olde gold rooster given the date of 1920.  Notice the little value difference  in the gray background.  
A Cats Paw design with hit an miss oval center from the Joseph and Linda Caputo collection ~ wool on burlap.
The rug below was described as a hooked and shirred Bulls Eye design from 19th century measuring 37 x 55.  
This Doves and scrolls rug appeals to me because of the neutral tones plus the blotchy background.  Have wanted to hook a neutral rug for a long time and would love to take a class with Jayne Hester.  
And last, is a Carousel Horse from New England.
And the back view to see the original colors.   Also notice the other front leg must have been patched to contain the loops from unraveling.  The rug measures 22 x 32.
Today is Primary Day in Delaware so I will do my civic duty and exercise my right to vote.  Many women before me had to fight for that right.

Still hot and humid here and my windows are steaming up already at 9:20 a.m.  And, by the way I only keep my A/C set at 75.  So you can imagine how humid the weather is.  Keep your powder dry, as the saying goes.


Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Sweet Basil Pesto

In the spring I posted a photo of my sweet basil and it has been prolific giving me fresh spice to put in red sauce, salads, etc.  I just love rubbing my fingers on the leaves and smelling the aroma it provides.  Below is a photo of what the plants look like after having cut enough leaves to have 2 cups packed with sweet leaves.  
It was growing so well decided it was time to make some pesto for pasta.  It has been years since making any and it is something I enjoy.  The next two nights I enjoyed pesto pasta and wine for dinner and decided to freeze the remainder. 

So picked up some of these little cups with lids at Walmart, each holds 3 tablespoons of pesto which is what I used for those two delicious meals before.  So in the freezer they went awaiting the time I feel the urge for pesto pasta again.
If you have never made pesto you may enjoy it.  Naturally everything is better when it is picked fresh from a garden but sweet basil could be purchased at a really great grocery store in a bunch.  If you'd like to see how it is made and the ingredients click on PESTO.

Try and stay cool, the heat and humidity is off the charts here in Delaware.  At this rate it won't begin to cool down until November.


Sunday, September 2, 2018

That Journey..

This is what the journey looks like now.  I struggled letting loose with a technique to achieve a more rough primitive style and quickly reverted back to my natural rhythm of hooking.  
It is a small project and will finish it but Cape May is just 2 weeks away and I've other more pressing chores ahead.  I hooked the halter and reins in an antique paisley.

As a reminder, this is the original antique and said my plan was to hook the donkey in brown.  I like Lady the donkey and will bring her back to show you the results.  This is the original inspiration.
Must gather the wool for this project and stow it away for later.  Must move on and get ready for Cape May.  Later kids.