Sunday, March 24, 2019

Finally Hooked

Hallelujah, the Paisley Stair Riser is all hooked and no longer a UFO; well, except for binding.
I have bound rugs various ways and don't have a favorite as I hate binding in any form.  The rug usually dictates how it wants to be bound and this one will be whipped with wool yarn.

Notice those cute and useful tiny red Clover Wonder Clips?  Those were purchased at Hancock Fabrics before they closed up but am sure Amazon would sell them or perhaps even a JoAnn Fabric store.

Am looking forward to starting on another but more fun rug ~ after this anything would be more fun.  But at least it is finally finished.

Enjoy your afternoon and happy hooking, quilting, stitching or whatever you do.


Thursday, March 21, 2019

Throw Back Thursday

Let's go back to 2016 when the Out of Hand Rughookers Group hosted a "Spring Challenge".  The great design was by Kelley Belfast  who was inspired by the spring daffodils in bloom at the time.  There were limited rules and a deadline in order to be included for a prize.  Each of the registered challenge entrants were allowed to vote.

Although I didn't capture photos of all entries here are the ones saved on my flash drive.  There was a bounty of nice prizes provided by Lori Brechlin who is the hostess of the Group.

First rug was hooked by Joanne Miller.  That Honeycomb wool is a great one to have in your stash because it is so versatile.
 The colorful rug below hooked by Louise Budde.
Peggy Skulski hooked the black sheep version.
Below is Gladys LaForge's version of the design and looks like her daffodils were done in proddy. 
 Jean Bartel chose a more neutral color palate.
 Karin Manuel decided her sheep was a grey one.
Below was my entry and I also chose to do proddy daffodils
Anne Donaldson also chose a more colorful wool palate with her sheep standing in a field of daffodils.
Linda Mageske decided to make hers round and have the American flag fly proudly.
This rug below was hooked by Shari VanArt with her sheep standing on a spot where two vine-like flowers are growing.
Thanks to Lori for hosting the challenge and to Kelley for her design.


Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Old Rugs on My Mind

...anyone else up for seeing some old rugs??  This rug  was described as 'Folky Blue Birds' hooked between 1930-39 and found in Lancaster, PA.  Auction house said it measures 23 x 40.
Colorful geometric with block background.  Little things drive me crazy with wonder on the mind of the hooker.  Like why did the hooker add that little red line in the left "C"?  Had she not, it would have had the same characteristics of the right side.  Plus, she didn't use that tidbit of red to fill in the connective V between.  Said to have been hooked pre 1900 and measured 21 x 41.
A concentric floral with the rectangle under the square being a little off kilter and endearing to me.  No date or dimensions given.
From the estate of a horse farm comes this Gold Horse with horse shoes in the corners and subdued flowers.  Was hooked mid 20th century no dimensions provided.
A Dog at Rest from the estate of Gail and Charlie Lohr, Rockingham County, VA.  Rug measures 17 x 18.5 and hooked early 20th century.
A Bird late 19th century which is one we've all seen numerous times in books.  Measures 22 x 33.
Two cats in oval with hit and miss border, hooked 1885 per auction house.
This Indian Brave surrounded by a geometric design was hooked around 1920 and comes from Thomaston, Maine.  Measures 20 x 40.
Hope you enjoyed the show.


Sunday, March 17, 2019

Paisley Stair Riser

Am truly surprised I've lasted this long trying to finish the project started so many years ago.  But it just might happen 😀.  I mean, it only measures  9 x 25 and has been a laborious task for me.  Here is what this small piece looks like now.
Before starting the journey after a several year hiatus, this is what it looked like.  If you read the previous posting you know I chose to change the paisley design from jagged to rounded.  Uh, because it will not be hooked in a narrow cut.  I'm hooking it in #8 and #8.5.
Right now I've no clue what to do with the end designs.  Have also wondered if there are too many different colors in the center of the paisleys.  Since I want this piece done yesterday doubt there will be any reverse hooking going on.  ....but...... suggestions will be accepted.


Saturday, March 16, 2019

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Yesterday afternoon was wine tasting at the local liquor store.  Here is a picture of friend Jon and me.  He has his ABC License (Alcohol Beverage Commission) and is the server at wine tastings.  
Sadly, around May/June, Jon will be leaving this area for warmer temperatures in Hawaii.  Believe his plan is to take a short detour and visit old friends in Florida before making that final move.  

Many a fun time has been had with Jon as he would always host an Oscar party at his house with wonderful food and drinks.  Jon also had great Halloween parties and hired a DJ to play music one year.  


Thursday, March 14, 2019

Throw Back Thursday

Looking thru old Woolley Fox camp photos has been bitter sweet.  It has been a couple years since enjoying a class with friends and icon Barb Carroll.  The last time was perhaps a year or so before she sold the Ligonier estate with the cottages.

My friends and I were fortunate to say in either the Woolley Cottage or Guest House with classes just a scenic walk away.  Both building had their wonderful antique decor, lots of hooked rugs, books and magazines to read AND a gas fireplace for ambiance.  

The kitchen was stocked with coffee/tea/ sodas, breakfast cereals and always a fridge full of snacks and other breakfast items.  While that was wonderful in itself, the cherry on top was having a class with Barb.

It was 2008 the first year Deb and I attended rug camp at Woolley Fox and we stayed in Barb's Guest House on Barb's property.
The other four students/friends were staying in the Woolley Cottage, also on the premises.  In this photo is looks like the Cottage is way down the road.
But actually, it is just beyond where we were staying.  You can see in the photo below that it is closer. 
Sweet Barb would take us on a guided tour of her home each year we visited.  There would be new rugs she hooked or antique ones purchased, rugs and antiques we'd seen before would have been rearranged so looked different than the year previous.  Always a wonderful treat.

Would you believe the first year I actually took a photo of  Barb's hands?  For years I'd admired her and didn't think it possible I'd ever be in a class with her ~ my celebrity idol.  So I had to have a photo of those creative hands.  She is showing us her next rug project.
Now to the classroom in Barb's home ~ In red is Char, to the right is Bonnie and foreground is friend Deb.
Below is Barb (and moi) color planning my rug.
After class we would relax back at either the Guest House or Cottage, usually with a glass of vino.  When Deb and I stayed at the GH this would be our view from the deck.
And, we stayed at the Woolley Cottage this would be our view on the deck.  A couple times we saw deer grazing in that field.
Perhaps there will be another rug camp with BARB CARROLL in my future.   We would need to sleep at another location and drive to her classes, which wouldn't be quite the same as we'd enjoyed before.  

There are a couple hotels and B&Bs in Ligonier and heard from another friend who said their group was lucky enough to find a family with accommodations  and stayed there.  If you are interested in taking a memorable class with Barb, click on her name above and you will find information.  


Tuesday, March 12, 2019

What a Difference a Background Makes

When we each start a rug on our own, or even at a rug camp, we sorta have an idea what color background we want.  It's either light or dark.  Sometimes I'm not quite sure which way to go when picking wool for rug camp so will pack samples of both values.

Last year at Cape May in a class with Lucille Festa, my table mate Weslee was working on Lucille's Uncle Bullets pattern.  The rug wasn't done by the end of camp but was recently posted on a FB hooking group.  If you aren't a member this is the treat you would have seen.
OMG, be still my heart!!  It was hooked mostly with hand torn and looks old as the hills (translation "Beautiful").

At rug camp and watching Wes hooking knew it was going to be gorgeous and admired her steady hand ripping and hooking those hand torn strips.  On Thursday it was time for the 'throw down' of camp rugs in progress.  This was her rug that day.
OMG, do you see what a difference a background color makes?  I thought it was wonderful before, but look at the previous photo finish.  Although I'm guilty of reverse hooking a LOT of loops, must admit it would have been a sad several minutes to pull out those light loops already hooked. But for sure Weslee made the right call.

Good job Wes.


Sunday, March 10, 2019

Binding Lititz Hens

All hooked and almost completely bound...the front.
And the back.
The binding get finished as I've been listing items on eBay all afternoon.  But needed to do a blog post so here it is.

This is being bound with 3" cotton binding tape.  It is a product I've used before and purchased a whole roll of it some time ago.  The company offers various widths and in cotton or polyester tape.  It seems pricey but if you have a friend or two who would go together the roll could be divided  equally and make it more affordable.

Something else this width is good for is making a durable sleeve at the top for hanging.

In a previous BLOG POST I showed how this same binding tape was used on my antique adaptation of Santa and Deer rug.

Happy Sunday everyone.


Friday, March 8, 2019

For Sale

If you like rug warp I've got a deal for you.  If you like florals and bee skeps you're gonna be even happier.  Here is a pattern designed by Pat Hornafus called Bee Hive with Flowers.  The design measures 30 x 37 but has a very wide extra edge if you wanted an elaborate or wider border.  $40 plus priority shipping.  Since the package weighs over 1 lb it cannot ship first class.  Shipping cost would determine on your location in the U.S.
Below is a picture of how Pat must have hooked hers.
For sale also is a 31" long gripper strip.
Two photos; one showing the front and measurement of just the gripper part.
Another photo of the back and showing the total width of the base.  This is UN-used and was the size which fit the slots on my Puritan frame.  But could also be used for other frames as well.
And finally, instructions on how to attach the gripper strip to your frame.  $28 plus shipping.  Will do combined shipping if you purchase both.
If you have an interest in either or both, please contact me thru the "EMAIL ME" section on the right side bar.  That is because if you are a no reply blogger that would be the only way I could contact you.

I would accept personal check, money order or PayPal ~ which ever is most convenient for you.

Happy Friday and always happy hooking.


Wednesday, March 6, 2019

There's More

In a previous post I mentioned wondering why so many old rugs had the animals' tongues sticking out.  This is the rug to which that comment was made.
Then a couple loyal followers replied they didn't recall seeing that in rugs....or something to that effect.  I love it when readers comment as it gives me a topic to work on.  So went thru my digital library of saved photos.    Enjoy....

Here is a white dog hooked in the 1900s.  Oooh but I love that background.  The rug hooked was quite creative by doing the polka dot border with zig zag beauty line. 
This rug is from Canada.  Thank you Lori for saying you thought it was a mama bear and her cub ~  what was I thinking?   Duh, bears like honey!
Below is a dog with spots and some may say that is a red dog collar, I say its the dog's tongue.
A black lamb showing its tongue.
This is a close up of a hooked dog's face with tongue sticking out and somewhere in my files is the rest of rug.  Will post it when I find it.
A recumbent dog.  Notice also the tip of the tail and feet.  This is not a Magdalena rug but she would often hook a bit of red at the feet, tail and beak or nose of her animals.
Another pup with a tongue showing.
A St. Bernard with hit and miss border.
A fox hooked rug, guess it is panting from being on the chase or being chased.
This dog seems friendly and happy.
Spooky the Cat isn't an antique but thought I'd show you this beauty with its tiny tongue.  You're welcome Kelley 😊.
So far that is all I've found in my archived photos.  If any of you have a photo of an antique rug with the animal's tongue out I'd enjoy you sending it to me.