Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Vintage Hooked Rugs

To stave off boredom (if you aren't rug hooking or stitching) here are a few vintage rugs for your viewing pleasure.  Mama and kittens measures 28.5 x 55.5 hooked between 1900-1939.
For the dog people is Begging Dog hooked in the 1900s with dimensions of 20 x 32.
Flower Basket surrounded by flowers, hooked late 19th century from the Myers Collection Durham, NC.
Oval in a square with penny circles and primitive scrolls measuring 23 x 41.
Two Brown Rabbits with black tails from PA measuring 14 x 15.  Would be an easy quick project.  I need a second project to work on so maybe I'll draw this one up next.  
An attractive Geo 9 patch design hooked around 1930, located in PA  and measures 30 x 46.  A way to use up worms and would go well with your antique quilts.
This Palomino Horse with red scrolls measures 33 x 59.  The auction house said it is the collection of Glenn Close, Bedford, NY.  Hmmm, wonder if that is the actress Glenn Close or someone else with the same name?  Just found it interesting. 
Hope you are keeping yourself entertained, I surely am.  While I could be cleaning out cupboards, organizing things am not putting any undue pressure on myself since I wouldn't be doing that even without self-quarantine time.  

As we are all feeling frazzled by this inconvenience and fear we would do our blood pressure and emotional well-being  a great service by doing something fun rather than putting undue weight on the negative scale.  JMHO.


Saturday, April 4, 2020

Windy Days

Winds don't just happen in March, they happen in April too.  The last two days walking the mile (total) to pick up my mail was fine when the wind was at my back.  But walking with the wind coming forward I felt like the Mime who used to perform on the Ed Sullivan Show.  Anyone remember him and the show?

As for the pattern, as usual I've reverse hooked a lot and have been drawing on the linen making changes to suit me.  I enlarged the black cat and made a mess of the wind drawing at the top left.  Now not sure which lines to follow but will wing it as usual.  

This is all that has been accomplished and already see changes I want to make in the wind swirl between the house and tree....it needs to have more of a curl.  I struggled with the bottom left wind forever until it satisfied me.
And need to choose a color for the dog flying thru the air above the tree.  It can't be grey since the wind is grey, already have a black cat and black roof, the dog above the house is brown.  Oh, now see where I went wrong.  The tree should be pulled out and that wool used for a red/brown dog.  Then I can use a darker brown wool for the tree to spread the values and color around.

See ~ this why I don't get a lot accomplished.  Am always changing things as I hook first then think.

I made my son, DIL and grandson face masks but recently saw how easy it is to make a face mask even if you don't sew.  It can be done with any fabric or kerchief and hair or rubber bands:  DIY FACEMASK 

Hope you are feeling well, staying entertained and safe.  For me, I'm happy at home anyway, and sure all Doc Martin seasons will be viewed in a day or so.  

Since we're stuck at home and a newbie rug hooker has a question, please ask.  I'm no expert on anything but experienced working with primitives (my favorite), antique adaptations, geometrics, narrow cut, wide cut, etc.  If I don't know the answer I'll ask my expert friend/teachers.


Thursday, April 2, 2020

Throwback Thursday

I've had various interesting jobs/professions in my lifetime which started out with just a high school education but college classes in my 40's.  Fast forward to my retirement.......

What can be more fun than creating with your hands and making pocket money?  My love of making dolls started out wanting to buy a primitive doll from a gift shop at the Columbia, MD mall.  What?  $45 for a small tea stained primitive doll?

I knew how to sew as I used to make my own clothes and those of my son and departed first husband so made one.  This wasn't the first doll just one which is rather photogenic.  
Here's a primitive doll filled with sawdust which was an alternate stuffing method as well as rags back in the day.  Sold it at a show also.
Was truly into this doll making so began taking classes to learn more.  Took a class from eleanor peace bailey (she spells her name in lower case) where I learned how to make her fun dolls.  Many were sold and this is the only one left which still hangs in my sewing room.  A very fond memory of a fun teacher so think she is a keeper.  The male form to the left is an unfinished doll which will probably remain a UFO.
Took classes from other very talented doll makers to expand my knowledge. Who could walk away from these tiny tykes coated and painted?
Many didn't but I did manage to salvage two favorites which I have in the living room.
A photo of my booth at a show from 2003, which also happens to be the year I attended my first rug camp.
Another booth photo from another show.  Am sure that hooked cat will look familiar to some of you.
Then the entrepreneurial part of me wanted MORE so made artsy/fartsy necklaces.  If you look closely the square photo bottom left is 'the cousins'........Barbara, me and Rachel.
Hmmm, the crafting bug really hit me and was fun making dolls for a while, several years in fact.  Then decided to teach myself how to hook as I wanted an antique rug which were costly and the hunt for the right one seemed daunting.

Wow, I've run out of steam and had planned to talk about rug hooking but guess that is a throwback for another day.  Sorry to disappoint those rug hookers out there but you can always scroll downward to see what has been posted previously.


Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Old Rugs to Show

This is my 'go to' blog post filler.  Besides it has been said that some of you quite enjoy the antique rug show.  And I enjoy viewing them again as well.  

First is Flowers with tongue border and was hooked late 19 century,  measures 19 x 37.  The red has kept its color quite well and quite a beauty.
This Delicate Floral with Scrolls has a lot of edge damage.  Sadly I don't know the dimensions or date it was hooked. 
Black Rooster in circle measures 18 x 31 using various re-purposed fabric on burlap.
The back of the rug shows the colors of the dress or other type clothing used in the bottom of the area around the circle.  For those newbie hookers, burlap does NOT hold up well so choose your foundation fabric wisely.  I prefer linen.
Ducks and Cattails L'Anse Au Persil, Quebec.  No date or dimensions were provided.
One day I'll get around to hooking a Hutchinson rug.  This Hutchinson rug with Mermaids was hooked between 1925-45.
Floral with scrolls was hooked 1920 and no dimensions were provided.
I love this primitive and whimsical Lion, hooked early 20th century and measures 26 x 40.
The only information I have on the following rug was "Farm" ~ no date, no dimensions but it is a nice primitive design.
For you geometric lovers here is Hit and miss geo center with neutral scallop border.  I have the owners name but no dimensions or location.
Last but not least, is this very humble Wool Dog Applique Table Mat.  Dated late 19th century measuring 40 x 60.  There is something special about this that makes my heart skip a beat.  Was the person honoring their beloved pet with patchwork and using what they had?  
Hope you all are staying safe and healthy.  Thank goodness all I have to do is heat up some homemade soup for tonight ~ love it when I've made a pot of soup and have leftovers.


Sunday, March 29, 2020

IT's NO Van Gogh

I've been spreading my time around with yard work, heat outage (yes again), lawn mower repair and grass cutting...in other words LIFE.  However, what little progress has been made on this adorable Windy Day still has me stymied.   Was hoping to produce something between Van Gogh's Starry Night and breath of the gusts of wind blowing the animals.  

Oh well.  Here's where I am at the moment.  Plan now is to enjoy the process and release myself from the pursuit of making this look like anything other than just a fun whimsical pattern.  No artsy fartsy take on a cute design but just enjoying the pattern I fell in love with.  So there... I'm released!!
This isolation thing hasn't really upset me since I live alone and have lived alone for years.  So just hearing the words or having someone tell me that I must stay apart from others isn't going to pull me off the edge.  Yet I think that has had that effect on some people/friends.  

During this time and happy that Comcast has offered "FREE" TV and movies until April 8th.  So I'm binge watching Doc Martin.  I used to watch it when it was free on MPT but then it was sold to Acorn.  Since my Comcast bill is large enough I refuse to pay more for things I used to get as part of my subscription.  Therefore I'm binging for as long as possible to catch up.

Happy Sunday evening.

Friday, March 27, 2020


Since I missed posting on 'Throwback Thursday' thought I'd give you a Friday version.  Good heavens, has it been nine years already?  This is a photo of a hook-in held at my house April 2011.  That is me on the left  with my girl Shadow. 
From left to right is me, Shari, Deb, Mary and Char.  The girls stayed a couple days which also corresponded with the rug camp being held at the Dunes Hotel.  That would also be the same rug camp which has been cancelled this April due to the Corona-virus.

Here is a picture of Shari and Char on the deck since they were the first two to arrive.
It appears Shari is working on a Bev Conway design with pears on it.  And I happen to have a finished photo of it.  Think it was called Pears and Partridge in case you want to purchase the pattern from Bev Conway.
I was working on two different rugs at that time and here are both finished.  One was Home Tweet Home, a design by Karen Kahle.
Was also working on a hooked version of the 1863 Jane Stickle Quilt using blocks which I could hook in #8 strips.  
Here is the booklet that was the inspiration for us rug hookers to honor Jane Stickle.
Those who participated in this rug challenge and send photos by the deadline were debuted in the Nov/Dec 2012 issue of Rug Hooking Magazine.
Mary didn't hook, instead she brought her spinning wheel and spun wool.  For the life of me cannot recall what Deb or Char were working on.  

When April camp was in progress there would be a rug show so a couple gals drove the hour to take in the show and eat lunch while the rest of us stayed behind.

Happy Friday, happy hooking and wishes for good health.


Wednesday, March 25, 2020


Will post the rug hooking segment first since my blog is dedicated to we rug hookers.  I've reverse hooked loops and re-hooked some on Windy Day.  Tonight I'll not hook as I want to 'sleep on it' and decide how to handle the "windy" part of the rug.  Just the slant of the house and tree isn't enough for me ~ I want to SEE the wind. 

Instead I'll work on the dreaded UN-finished binding of TWO rugs.
Last Monday before going to pick up what little was available at the grocery store (which wasn't much) I made myself a face mask.  It worked fine and nobody looked at me like I was an alien.  No, I don't have Coronavirus (at least not symptoms) but want to protect myself from anyone else who may be coughing even if just allergy related.

Here is a link to a DIY Mask video for a couple versions of the mask.
My thanks and my heart go out to all those BRAVE Nurses, Doctors, Police and other first responders who put their own health on the line during this critical health time.  But it isn't just their health, it is the family they love and go home to each day or night.


Monday, March 23, 2020

Oh My.... What About That SKY?

Okay, here's the pattern on my frame ~ it is called Windy Day by W.Cushing.  Before getting to the sky issue, want to confess that I increased the black cat at the bottom another 15%.  At least it would be closer in size to the yellow cat on the left and a tad easier to hook.  Still couldn't get those damn ears to look right but they have been ripped out and re-hooked so many times that I just don't care now.  
Now I'm wondering what to do with the sky to make it look like wind.  So pulled somewhat darker sky colors for the swirls and took a photo to see if it looked okay.
Hmm, not so much.  Then found Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night.  Now I see the curls should be lighter than the regular sky to make it appear as wind.  Okay.... tomorrow I'll try and tackle that.  So had it all planned out wrong in my cranium.
Hope all of you are staying healthy.  Sure as heck hope I stay that way too.  Enjoyed my salad tonight with more broccoli sprouts.


Sunday, March 22, 2020

Another Antique Rug Show

Recently a follower commented she loved my rug shows  ~ that's great because here is another.  I'll start with this brightly colored proddy dog with scallop felt border.  Said to be hooked 20th century and measures 31.5 x 47.
Here is a close-up of the face.
Then on the other end of the spectrum is this rug of Two Pale Blue Cats.  Perhaps the auction house could tell the color better by the back but they did not show that on this particular auction site so will take their word they are blue.
Here is a close up of the cats and you still can't see them well. The rug measures 19 x 38.
Eagle holding the Union Shield measuring 28 x 40.  Colors have maintained their brightness very well.
The back of the rug and it is fun to see how others hook their background and in which directions.  If you tap on the photo it will enlarge.  
A Castle with 3 red Turrets said to be hooked late 19th century.  While I understand people 'using what they have' to hook a rug, I find it rather distracting how the darker wool echos the shape at the top.    I'd have tried to spread it out elsewhere and not repeat the shape at the top, JMHO. 
This half moon floral has been used quite a lot and appears the foundation has come loose from the back.  17 x 30.
Hand in a Heart with hit and miss background circa 1920, measures 22 x 45. 
Should get busy hooking on my rug so there is a little something to show you next time.


Friday, March 20, 2020

Pattern on my Frame and Day 5

This pattern called to me at first sight and despite there were a few narrow cut motifs decided to buy it anyway.  That pattern would be Windy Day from W. Cushing.  Don't have a lot of progress but did decide to tackle the one cat using the narrow strips from the bag.  
On second thought wonder if using #7 or #8 could have done the job faster and if it would look more tidy since there are a lot of wool threads sticking up.  Have often heard narrow cut hookers say..."narrow cuts are so more forgiving than wide cut".  But to me the narrow cuts are unruly and hard to control.  Anyway, I will endure because once I get those 4 small motifs hooked it is fun time.

Now to DAY 5 of my broccoli sprouts.  Look how filled that jar is now.  And that was just with one tablespoon of broccoli seeds in a REGULAR canning jar, not the wide mouth jar spoken about on most web sites.

Since soup and salad is my dinner tonight I'll put some of that broccoli sprout delicacy on top of the salad, add cherry tomatoes and dressing of choice.
IF you are interested in growing your own broccoli, alfalfa or mung sprouts also, click HERE.

Hope everyone is healthy and staying happy in your own personal cocoon.  

Today I took the time to organize my WEB SITE.  After starting the web site weebly then upgraded and pages looked different.  Now they are all alike and on one page.  If you want to see the entire rug pattern you tap on the photo and it will enlarge.  Don't think all the patterns I offer are listed on it and will eventually get to that.  But at least it is easier to navigate there.

Happy Friday.