Sunday, May 16, 2021

Patsy Becker's Jewel Basket Update

I've worked a little more on Jewel Basket and this is what it looks like now.  It doesn't appear nearly what I'd planned.  I wanted to replicate an antique rug with blocks of similar color but the curved dark area top left needs changing.  Am okay with a section of dark but don't like how that area looks.

Am sure you noticed how I've moved images around on the linen including removing some leaves and the trumpet shaped flowers.  
Plan for today was to pull more loops on the Thin Blue Line but before setting Jewel Basket aside think it  needs to be in a better position for me to want to work on it again soon.


Thursday, May 13, 2021


...has made it to the end.  As you can see by the end result I sped up the process by adding wide borders vs. making more star blocks.  At least it is finished and on my bed.
This quilt was started years ago, even before I started this blog in 2011.  It was put in the attic with some cut pieces and fabric for at least 5 years.  Then when it was finally retrieved from the attic it was worked on piecemeal and thought it would never get finished.

Must admit when I was attaching the lining to the front noticed it was longer on one side than the other by about 5".  WTH?  How could that be when I had the same number of blocks on both sides and the border fabric was cut to that length???  Since it on the sides and hidden from view it stayed that way and I added more fabric for the lining to 'make it do'.

I'm quite happy to have this never ending quilt finished.  And can state on good authority..."never will I ever make another quilt!!!!!!!" 

I was going to throw out the pattern pieces but thought I'd ask if anyone is interested in my sending them to you.  If there is anyone crazy enough to want these be sure you aren't a 'no-reply blogger' or use the 'contact me' spot and the first one to respond will get them if they live in the US.


Tuesday, May 11, 2021

The "Plus One" Project

Finally the big reveal of the rug pattern on my frame.  Even if I'd shown you the unhooked photo of the pattern it would be obvious it was a flag.  You may have thought it was the US flag until you saw the black and white hooked part.  Then you would have known immediately it was a Thin Blue Line flag.  That is why it was given the temporarily name "Plus One" until I'd had a chance to show you more of the hooked area.  

With what seems like a war on our Police throughout the United States I've been saddened with each report of an attack and angered with a senseless death.  And the recently brutal beating of Cpl. Keith Heacook just 16 miles down the road from me hit too close to home.  I didn't know him but my heart hurt just as if he was family.  

All of a sudden there was this overwhelming need to hook a Thin Blue Line flag in honor of Cpl. Keith Heacook and other officers who lost their life serving to protect the people of their community.  There's still a way to go on the rug and the Canton part will need a little TLC working around the stars.
Cpl. Keith Heacook was a 22 year veteran of the Delmar State Police, he left behind a teenage son and wife.  He was admired, respected and loved by friends, neighbors, family and even those of us who never met him. 
Rest in Peace Officer Heacook, I'm sure you will do your best to watch over the rest of the BLUE from your place in heaven.  Looking at your gentle eyes makes me want to cry all over again.  God Bless You and God Bless all other Police Officers who serve to protect us.

Readers of this blog, look at his eyes again.  BTW, after his death a person who had been arrested by Officer Heacook years ago called the local radio station and said he had deserved to be arrested and that Officer Heacook was respectful and kind.  I believe he said more wonderful things about him but cannot recall exactly.


Saturday, May 8, 2021

Jewel Basket Update

Just so you know, I'm still working on the 'plus one' design and when there is a little more accomplished will show you what it is.  Meanwhile, here is an update on Jewel Basket.
A lot has been changed on the design ~ some leaves removed or shifted, flowers moved and enlarged and a couple flowers also removed.  Yeah, I could have drawn my own rug but admired the design but wanted to hook Jewel Basket my way.  If I'd drawn it on my own it would still be close to the original Patsy Becker design and that would be illegal.

If you are interested in this pattern Wool and Goods sells Patsy Becker's patterns now.  You can find patterns HERE.  Happy hooking.


Thursday, May 6, 2021

Throwback Thursday

It has been a few years since I enjoyed a rug camp with Barb Carroll but doubt I'll ever make that 6 hour trek to Ligonier, PA again due to the travel.  Barb's skill in working with textures and color to get that old look is top notch and have been very happy with every rug hooked with her.

After Barb sold her Woolley Fox property she had to do a massive downsizing as she was moving from a big home and two cottages down to a townhouse.  All of Barb's buildings had beautiful hooked rugs and antiques, so no matter whether I was staying in the Woolley Cottage or the Guest House those rugs added to the enjoyment of the visit. Here are a couple rugs which were in the Guest House.
You can see the main part of the Guest house in this photo, the bedroom, bathroom and mini-kitchen are to the right.  But here is a close up of those rugs on the wall.
There were also rugs on the walls in the bedroom and one in the big bath (neither shown).  But thought I'd move to the main point of the post.  One year a bunch of us hookers got together and purchased a huge amount of large rubber ducks for her koi pond.  We did this to uplift Barb since she was going thru a rough patch.
Knowing we were soon scheduled for a camp with Barb, Deb and I both decided to design and hook a Rubber Ducky mat to keep the momentum of joy going.  Barb put them in the classroom at her main home; Deb's Duck is on the top and mine is below.
After Barb moved and photos were put up on her new web page I was surprised and honored by what I saw hanging on her wall of the townhouse.  Yup those Rubber Duck mats Deb and I hooked for Barb survived the downsizing.  That is because Barb, in addition to being a great teacher is also very sentimental.
If you would like to visit Barb's web site to see what she is doing, check out the photos and inquire about a class, click HERE.


Wednesday, May 5, 2021

My Plus One

Sometimes I've worked on more than one rug at a time.  Frankly that is good so when I get bored hooking background can grab the other project and have a change of pace.  

I'm still working on Jewel Basket and will show you an update on progress in a day or two.  But yesterday afternoon I had this overwhelming urge hook something else.  Usually I vacillate between project ideas but this idea would not waver.  I knew immediately what would be on my frame next in addition to Jewel Basket.

Today after running errands and after lunch I drew out the Plus One.  That isn't the name of the rug but the name would give away my secret.

Meanwhile and to tease you here is all I've been able to accomplish on this end.  Gee, sorry if this doesn't show you much, but then I've not had time to hook much on it.
FYI, there was a piece of linen already cut and serged and since the two ends only had about a 2" margin I sewed on a piece of cotton to extend the length to grab my grippers.  Waste not want not.


Monday, May 3, 2021


Several years ago a turquoise and silver beaded necklace broke ~ I put the beads and pendant in a baggie but could never find it when I had an urge to repair it.  This breakage happened maybe 2 decades ago before moving here so perhaps I forgot where I placed it in the turmoil of packing.  I knew it had to be somewhere in my possessions and thought I knew where it was stored but wasn't no matter how many times returning to that same box to look.

Today while in my sewing room picking items to take to the thrift shop I saw a vintage quilted box and wondered what the heck was in it.  And there it was in all its glory and all its parts.
And this is the quilted box.  Am wondering what that vintage box was originally used for because since it held a treasure of mine I'd like to clean out the other stuff and use it.  Am wondering if it was used for hankies.  
After finding the necklace parts thought about dropping it at the jewelry store to have them repair it.  HUH?  Saundra, do you know how stupid that sounds after all the craft stuff you've done over the years????  DUH....  Am sure it would be more than $25 and I could purchase findings for much less than that.

As I was running to the grocery story anyway thought I'd check Walmart to see if they had jewelry findings.  Yupper, they did.  Not a big selection but it would work for me to immediately fix my treasure originally purchased out west during travels from the east coast to California.
And here is my newly repaired necklace.  Just after lunch it was my priority and cannot wait to wear it at rug camp in September.
The gauge wire used was probably heavier than needed but was so scared of losing my necklace to a break again that I purchased it.  Nevertheless it is wonderful to have my necklace back again.


Saturday, May 1, 2021

What Time is It??

Nope, it isn't Howdy Doody Time, I'm neither Buffalo Bob nor Princess Summer Fall Winter Spring ~ are you old enough to remember that show?  I am and looked forward to it as a kid.  And if I'm not mistaken Kate Smith came on afterward and started her show with a song ♫♬🎜🎝 "When the Moon Comes over the mountain......."

First rug depicts the animal all rug hookers love, sheep.  It is also easy on the eyes; 2 sheep rug circa 1900 which measures 28 x 44.
This next one has much more color yet is small.  I named it 
Downingtown Rooster since that is where is is located.  It was hooked early 20th century and measures 21 x 22.  That background looks great and is probably a black and hound's-tooth.  Sure do LOVE that hit and miss border. 
Oh my, look at this 19th century Floral Hearth rug.  It's lovely and measures 22 x 52.
Here are two very primitive Roosters from Downingtown, PA.   It measures 31 x 45 and sorry, no date provided.
American Farmers hooked rug isn't really old enough to be in the 'public domain' category since it was hooked 1948, but thought I'd show it anyway.  It measures 39 x 85.
I'm guessing this is a Wolf, not a Dog.  A shame it is in such bad shape on the ends.  It is hooked on burlap and comes from Simcoe County, Ontario.  Probably the fact it is hooked on burlap is part of the reason for its fate.
Floral basket with great border and blotchy background.  It measures 26.5 x 36.5 and said to be hooked 20th century.
Here's my horse for the show with large border and leaves in corner.  Dimensions are 29 x 46.  I've said before that often I look at rugs and try to channel the hooker.  Notice the blotchy border and variance in color on the horse?  I wonder if she hooked a while and then stopped until she could either save up more textile similar in color or had to find textiles to do natural dying to try and get a similar shade.  You can see the center is quite soiled.
So see, if you run out of a certain wool being used in a rug, it is quite appropriate and will even add interest to your piece by using something similar in value or color.  Frankly I love antique rugs with those blotchy hooked areas.


Thursday, April 29, 2021

Throwback Thursday

Thought I'd show you the Jewel Basket pattern I hooked at home several years ago.  Yes, it is the same design I am presently working on again after 17 years.
At that time the only 'good wool' I had was that left over from that which was purchased for two rug patterns hooked at camp.  I've had this rug on the step landing for 17 years and it will be so nice to replace it with what I hope will be a better representation of the design.

Stay tuned to see what the 2021 version of this design looks like.  Happy Hooking.


Tuesday, April 27, 2021


I'm testing my instincts and testing my color choices.  Hell, color choices are always a testy time for me.  And as all of you know by now I play (hook) by the seat of my pants.  I'm changing the design as I go making the flowers bigger which means moving or REmoving some leaves.
If you look closely to the bottom of the 'basket' on the left side I've moved it down a tad to make room for the somewhat larger flowers to come.  Some of the smaller flowers above might be eliminated to make way for more prominent flowers as well. 

Weather today was quite warm and the pollen count VERY high.  I've been sneezing like crazy and wake up with sticky crap on my eye lids in the morning.  But it is seasonal and this too shall pass.


Sunday, April 25, 2021

WIN Some LOSE Some

Sadly I lost a follower today and wonder why that happens.  I'm a follower on many blogs but never thought about going back to one and removing my name as a follower.  Oh well, c'est la vie.  

I've started a Patsy Becker design named Jewel Basket.  Actually I hooked this pattern many years ago before I had any wool stash and most what I had was bland non-textured wool.  So when spying the pattern at rug camp a few years ago decided to try it again but better colors.  As  you can see I'm also making some changes ~ what's new.
I've moved the basket down a smidge and will make the flowers larger, might lose a couple leaves during the process so who knows how this will turn out.  Will show the other hooked one in a later post after getting more of this one hooked.

And, I have a redux of my boy Ben's Memorial.  Here is the after just finished today:
Here is the before.
I'm going to call him done for now.  If that eye bother's me I can always pick it up and tweak it.  For some reason and some how that eye has a different look now that the wool around it has changed.  But am done stressing over it for the time being.


Friday, April 23, 2021


I've hooked profile memorials of my Rotties Shumba and Panzer as well as Shadow and figured it was time for my boy Ben to have his.  So today I pulled what won't be the last loop pulled on Ben's Memorial because I can see changes need to be made, mostly with the shine on his black hair.
Am so sorry I chose this particular side of the reversible black because it shows up more brown than black.  Won't hook another...yet I might pull out loops and turn the wool over.  

I was really worried about the eye but after 5 tries I might have gotten that part.  Think my biggest problem is the shine on the crown of the head, snout and ear.  Perhaps the ear can be fixed with a more narrow and somewhat darker shade of grey to differentiate the ear from the body.

This morning (Saturday, day after first blog post) I looked at the hooked profile and decided to take a photo with a different camera to find out if that camera captured what I see.  Here is a more accurate picture of what I've hooked and the color.

Here is the photo from which I drew the pattern.
Happy Friday Saturday and happy hooking.


Thursday, April 22, 2021


Looking back at some 2012 photos from Rugs by the Sea rug camp in Cape May a couple things caught my eye which didn't when first posting them years ago.  But first a few pictures of rugs.  Below is a Hutchinson inspired rug.
I've hooked this antique adaptation below with hearts and made  mine into a pillow.  Jennie, do you see a familiar design to the left of it??
A Frost sheep design below.
This Beagle rug makes me smile.  Is he sniffing the air or loving the breeze flowing by his ears?
No doubt about it, this is a Polly Minick Design because I drew many of them for her.
Do you notice anything strange about this rug 😊.  BTW, this is right side up.
Now to things I never noticed before.  Take a look at the rug frame attachment below.  The desk looking table probably accommodates a cutter, has holes to place various hooks and/or scissors, and a groove for a sharpie or pencil like our old school desks had.  
And something else I didn't notice when hooking in the same room is the rolling container beside dearly departed friend Susan Woodworth (in pink).  It would be easy to transport lots of wool the sturdy top could hold the wool for the area or motif being worked on and looks like she even has a container with a snack ~ basically another accessible table top.  I think I want one of those.
Happy Thursday and happy hooking.


Tuesday, April 20, 2021

This Time Last Week.....

....there was to be April MD Shores Rug Camp except it was cancelled for the second year in a row due to Covid.  So thought I'd reminisce, share parts of it with you and dream of the one for 2022.  I registered for Norma Batastini in 2018 but due to her health Eric Sandberg filled in for her.

I've had Eric before, he is a great teacher, very prepared and hands-on with students.  Eric LOVES color and I've always remembered his quote "light, bright, dark, dull" for what makes a good rug; although I don't always adhere to his advice.

The rug pattern I took for class was one for which I had no color plans but took wool colors I like and which go with my home interior.  Of course I'm always open to buy wool to make the rug better or wool that is just yummy for the future.  The design is called Flower Power.  Remember, I'm a primitive hooker and love antique rugs with dirty colors 😊.   In full disclosure the April camp is a McGowan camp therefore destiny might be determined.

This is the finished rug, it is pretty and definitely has Eric's signature all over, just not my signature.  Plus I've never displayed it in my house as it looks out of place.  Anyone want to buy a rug?
Yet I have been known to hook rugs with color, not all of mine have been drab or dull rugs.  Here is an antique adaptation I did called Stars and Diamonds ~ quite colorful I'd say.
Eric used me as a model for his color planning lesson on what wool doesn't work in color planning a rug.  I snapped the photo just as he was  gesturing in my direction, you can see the other gals chuckling as was I.  He said my colors were bland and basically all the same boring value.  Did I care?  Nope, ran off me like water on a duck's back.
 are a few rugs from the show.  The one below was hooked by Capri and had a price tag on it of $6,862.  It was a big beautiful rug.
The one below is named Cape May.
In the rugs below I see a Bev Conway design with a girl and horse so there was at least one other primitive hooker in attendance.
Dorset Flowers below and I love that background with the soft large blocks of plaid.
Gettysburg, a Quail Hill design, is the rug below.
Love Margaret Shaw's designs and here is a rabbit design by her in progress.  Yes, at the McGowan rug camp but obviously not in my class.
Be still my heart...sure do love this Poppies piece below!!!!!  See, I do like color after all.
This is something I learned from this geometric hooker and another friend who does this.  When working on a big rug at rug camp pull loops where color is established to maximize time with the teacher for color planning then take it home with the story already planned out.  Easy peasy.  
One last photo I'd like to share is this fantastic pin hooked by Tish Murphy of Pierre Keller, Eric's grandfather.  It was unbelievably realistic and must have been hooked with colored dental floss size strips.  WOW!!!!  Do you believe what you are seeing right now??
Happy Hooking.