Sunday, July 21, 2019

Second Try

Last post I wasn't quite pleased with the tongues so decided to take a break and put the other pattern on my frame.  There weren't but a few  loops pulled on the Use it Up design before Patriotic Pumpkins haunted me.

So put it back on the frame.  This is what it looks like now and without any change to the larger pumpkin.  I reduced the tongue colors from 4 colors to 3....that old saying 'less is more' ringing true.
Here is what the tongues (unfinished) looked like before.
To be honest this is just a fun project and not a Celebrations entry nor any other contest.  So what was all my stressing about????  The first picture will be just fine for me to use as a mat on my table or front door to welcome fall.   AND, I'm no longer worried about the colors of the large pumpkin.  All of a sudden I feel free ..took a deep breath and moving on.   

Now my concentration will be on Use it Up design.  Which means I'll be needing to have a back up pattern to hook.  Oh No!

Horrific oppressive temperatures outside today.  There is to be some rain relieve Tuesday and/or Wednesday.  Sure hope so.


Friday, July 19, 2019

Stymied, But What's New?

Yeah, seems I've painted myself in a corner again.   Figured the challenge with the big pumpkin would be an easy fix after the rest was hooked.  All I had to do is just leave it alone or change it to an all dirty white pumpkin ~ easy peasy.

This afternoon I pulled myself away from the Use it Up rug to do the 'quick' finish hooking the tongues on Patriotic Pumpkins.  HA!  Started hooking the two tongues on the right side.  They looked way too busy for the rest of the rug.
Then thought to do a larger inside color, the blue but was distracted by the other 'busy' tongues.  Decided to pull the pattern off my frame and go back to the other rug tonight for comfort.  

With so little of the design to hook I'm frustrated with myself for not finishing it tonight.  Am thinking that saying 'less is more' is definitely true in this case.  Earlier in the week friend Jennie commented to me something like..."why is it something so easy seems so difficult?"  Perhaps because I've made it hard and over thinking.

For damn sure I don't like those two tongues on the right side.  They will go.  But tonight I'm back to my Use it Up.

Hot as Hades today.  When looking at the outside temps on my thermostat, at 2 p.m. the reading was 100 degrees Fahrenheit  (37.78 Celsius) at 2 p.m. and usually it gets higher around 3 but didn't check.  

Grass needs to be cut and Ben's backyard needs it the worse.  Not pushing that mower in that kind of temp so will check the temps tomorrow after breakfast.  If not then perhaps the sun and heat will just kill the grass.  Okay by me ~ no grass to cut.

Stay cool and hydrate.


Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Rugs With Words

Over the recent months I've admired a rug design hooked by various ladies.  Was definitely drawn to the colors and random words.  Am guessing the name of the design is "Warm Friendship".   Here are a few photos saved in my "Inspirations" file.  First one is hooked by Dawn Russell.
The one below hooked by Kathleen Marie.
Don't know who hooked the rug below and think it was the first one  saved in the "inspirations" file.  So if anyone knows who hooked it I will be happy to give credit.
While the idea of that design was intriguing and the random colors playful I didn't search for the designer or seller of the pattern.  Instead had my own ideas for a rug with words.  

Thought of just posting the first line of words tonight but then you'd know what the rest of the words would be immediately so showing you the whole design.
This way I'm getting the itch scratched with words & style but doing it my way.  This phrase had captured my attention for months, maybe years.  Even shared my passion to hook this wording with sweet Kelley a while ago.  So Kelley, it's finally coming to fruition.  And thanks to you gals who hooked the Warm Friendship rugs for the inspiration to get me motivated.

Still haven't finished Patriotic Pumpkins because this was next on my 'to do' list.  Not sure what will be my focus tonight as I'm torn.

Happy hooking, stay hydrated and inside with this oppressive heat.


Monday, July 15, 2019

Patriotic Pumpkins Update

As you will see, there's no change (yet) in the large pumpkin.  I wanted to move forward for a while before taking more steps backward by pulling loops.  Besides, when more is hooked it might help me decide which direction (color) to go.

The first photo shows what it would look like it I hooked two more rows on the flag ~ wool strips were just placed there.
Below is what it looks like with the strips removed and tongues longer.
Am leaning toward the extra two rows.

Any of my readers start their version yet?  If so I'd love to see your photos and you can send them to  Happy Hooking.


Saturday, July 13, 2019

Misc. Rug Hooking Chit Chat

Today the Great Granddaughter's Rug was finally all hooked and steamed.  Now it is resting for the next stage of the process to begin.....the dreaded binding.  But a rug can't be completely done until that task is accomplished too.

This morning over coffee I was perusing various web sites to see if anyone was having pattern sales.  Noticed Woolley Fox is having a sale on patterns drawn of monks cloth, but I prefer hooking on linen.  After scrolling all the way down the home screen noticed something I'd hooked as a gift to Barb Carroll.

That would be the hooked blue plaid fox which was the iconic signage to the entrance of Barb's gorgeous former home and cabins in Ligonier.  The Cool Beans mat was hooked and gifted to Barb by Maria Barton.  The images are being used as a logo to visit Barb's rug hooking site.

If you would like to see what Barb Carroll is doing, her schedule of classes, see present and past photos, click HERE.

When visiting Barb's site was surprised and honored to see other familiar mats hanging on the wall of her new town house.  Those previously resided at her other location since 2012.  The top rubber ducky was designed and hooked by friend Deb Nees, the round one below was designed and hooked by moi.  
Must admit it is a lot more fun to make a mess than it is to clean it up.  Spent time cleaning up piles of random colored strips from the arm rest,  sofa seat, mixed in different baskets and the floor.  Got tired separating then put the rest in a bag to be sorted out later.

This evening will be devoted to the delightful freebie Kelley Belfast offered ~ the one I named Patriotic Pumpkins.  Won't take on the  larger pumpkin change just yet as it would be nice to feel a sense of accomplishment and moving forward.

Already drew out a new pattern and sewed on the wide cotton binding.  Uh...the pattern is a little bashful to show it's nakedness so will make more of a tease in a couple days.  😁😁
Happy Saturday.  Hope those of you who need rain got it and those of you who received too much see it recede very soon.


Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Patriotic Pumpkins

Nope, it's not done yet.  But had to keep hooking until I could see if the pumpkins in the flag design might work. This is what Kelley Belfast's design looks like now.

Appears the white pumpkins just might work in keeping with her original design.
Still undetermined is the large pumpkin ~ keep it as is, make it all orange or make it all white?  That decision will wait for a couple days.

Must admit I like having two rugs in progress because now I'm looking forward to finishing up my delicious Magdalena's Great Granddaughter's Rug.  Don't think I could handle 3 rugs at one time but there is another linen in the wings waiting to be the next 2nd project.

Sorry to hear the news for Louisiana again with rain.  And next week all that moisture will be heading east.  So you guys and gals in the middle will be hit before me.

Have a wonderful evening.


Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Patriotic Pumpkins

Or at least that is the name I've given it.  Actually it is a freebie generously given by Kelley Belfast thru Out of Hand Rughooking Group a couple weeks ago.  As she didn't give it a name thought I'd give this great design a name of Patriotic Pumpkins.  

I've hooked, ripped out and re-hooked that big pumpkin so many times was afraid of weakening the linen.  So will leave it for now and decide later what to do.
Okay, was my initial color plan thought ~ ~  I wanted white pumpkins in the flag as Kelley designed to represent the stars in the flag.  SO, thought the big pumpkin could be some sort of hybrid white/orange pumpkin.  

Therein was my problem.  How to make a pumpkin look white and orange.  Me thinks that once I get the flag going the rest will be a 'piece of cake'....right?

If not, maybe I'll change the big pumpkin to all white....OR...hook the big pumpkin to orange and change the pumpkins in the flag to stars?  Think I'll sleep on it tonight.

Have a great evening.



Sunday, July 7, 2019

Almost...but not quite...

I'm referring to the Great Granddaughter's Rug.  Since I'm so close to the finish line considered waiting to post this but was anxious to show you the rug.  Plus I've the Patriotic Pumpkins freebie design by Kelley that I'd like to work on.

The dimensions of Magdalena's rug measured 32 ½  x 43 ½.   I drew mine out smaller and it measures 25 33  ½. 
Have tried to stay true to Magdalena's color plan but using whatever colors of wool is here.  Also tried using as much pre-cut strips from my worm bags as possible.  A few times I've taken an #8.5 or #9 and cut in half just to use what is available.  But sadly it doesn't appear many of those bags are reducing in size. making one hell of a mess as I progress.  
See, told you it was a mess.  At one time all those wool strips on the side arm, on the back of the sofa and on the seat of the sofa were in their own bag.  No longer; and they will all need to be separated (again) and put back in the proper bag.  Guess I'll never learn to be neat.

In case you're wondering, the mat on the foot stool with the two birds (Two Old Crows) was designed and hooked by Tonya Robey in 2006.  I was lucky enough to purchase that and a few more of her wonderful pieces.

Got the grass cut today and it was time because it hadn't been cut since prior to my leg surgery ~ which isn't healing fast enough for me.  Doctor prescribed a surgical soap and antibiotic ointment prescription.  I try to keep my leg elevated as much as possible.

Before cutting the grass I made sure to wear a bandage over the wound and wear long pants.  Also don't want any more sun spots so wore long sleeves for the couple hours I was outside. was hotter than hades under all those clothes ~ how did the folks manage when they were all bustled up and covered up to the neck back in the day???

Karen Kosmider, did you receive my response to your question this morning?  Both tries to reply were bounced back to me.  Email me at to let me know.

Have a great Sunday evening.


Thursday, July 4, 2019

50 Years after signing the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE

The Declaration of Independence.  
Did you know that political rivals Thomas Jefferson and John Adams both died on the same day (July 4th, 1826) within hours apart, 50 years to the day after they signed the Declaration of Independence.  It has been stated that after their presidency they corresponded with one another about normal things like gardening, horses and the like.

The other President and signatory to die on July 4th was James Monroe but the year of his death was 1831.  

Thought you might like to know that tidbit of information.

Happy AND safe July 4th to everyone.


Wednesday, July 3, 2019


Happy Birthday America ! ! !  A Polly Minick design I hooked in 2007.
Since it is in the heat of summer weather here is another patriotic rug I hooked in 2008 and another Polly design.  Lighting is very different between the two rugs as the bottom one was taken on my back deck in natural light and the one above with a flash inside.
Please be safe this weekend with fireworks.  It is so crispy dry here (believe it or not) and I'm frightened people in the neighborhood will set off firecrackers without thinking.

Please consider if any of your neighbor's may have PTSD from their service, plus many animals are frightened by noise and could stress them also.  So please be thoughtful and safe with your holiday fun.