Monday, May 20, 2019

The Eyes Have It

Well, at least they are better ~ this is the new 'improved' version of Cat Nap.
Here are the eyes before.
Remember folks, Cat Nap is a primitive wide cut design and not meant to look realistic. The first realistic design hooked was of my departed Rottweilers Shumba (the mom) and her son Panzer.

My apologies to those of you are viewing these photos and reading about this once AGAIN.  The dogs were hooked in #3 with #5 cut for the background.  
As soon as I hung this sentimental beauty on my bedroom wall I drew out a primitive design of them.  Decided right then I'd never hook another rug in #3.  So the rug below was hooked in #8 cuts and still managed to get a realistic look of my babies.  
A few years later my sweet Shadow died.  During her lifetime I always told her 'she was a wide cut kinda girl'.  And so she was.  Shadow was hooked in #8 cut.
My boy Ben still needs his Memorial rug as Golden in the Garden (changed to Rottie in the Garden for me) is not a proper memorial for my precious boy.  And he will also be hooked in no smaller than #8 unless it is his eyes.

On a side Rottweiler Memorial there is a section at the nape of the neck of each dog where their own hair is hooked.  When grooming the dogs during their life would save their hair in individual baggies.  A dear departed friend (Lesley) spun their hair onto a thin core of wool which was used to make it an even more special memorial.

Happy hooking.  Now will go back to work on Great Granddaughter's Rug and save binding of Cat Nap for later.  At least one step is done.


Sunday, May 19, 2019

Rolling out the Rugs

Not mine tho, the old ones again.  I really should finish the eyes on Cat Nap and bind it but am still enamored with Great Granddaughter's rug.

Saw this rug (Bird and flowers) yesterday ~ you know I love that background.  Was hooked 20th century but didn't say early or late and it measures 30 x 53.
Another rug found yesterday is this Circular rug by Cynthia Sargent b.1922 for Scarlatti measures 99" in diameter.  In the description was the "b.1922" so am not sure if that means birth of 1922 or what.  Most times I see circa or century as a time frame.
The rug below is intriguing ~ don't want to replicate it but am wondering about it's construction.  The inside red looks as tho it may have been a textile bound with cotton binding and then placed on a foundation to hook around.  Tap on the photo to enlarge.  Described as as Mennonite, Waterloo Co. Ontario 30 x 39
Another hit and miss idea to use up your worms is this early abstract  measuring 19 x 40.
Don't know if the two black cats below is really an antique but can tell it is mounted on a wooden board.  The edges don't look frayed and the hooking is rather consistent so doubt it is an antique.  Measures 22 x 37
The Mama Cat and  playful kittens below I know is an antique.  May have even shown it before because it seems too familiar to me.  Was hooked 1890 and from Pennsylvania.
Sweet Little Cottage with fence has a mellow look.  Sadly the photo on the auction site didn't have a complete view of the rug.
And for Jennie of Georgia, here is the back view.  You can see it is hooked with cotton and nylons on burlap.  Doesn't look as tho there was much fading either.
I am not be a 'pink' person but the Rabbits and Flowers rug appeals to me ~ Guess those dirty shades do appeal to me.  Measures 28 x 54 and hooked 1900s.
Gonna be a hot and humid day today so glad I got my grass cut yesterday.  It is 9 a.m. with my house inside temp at 69* and my windows are getting steamed up.  Had to turn the heat back on last week and today it will be summer. 


Thursday, May 16, 2019

Taking My Time

With all things enjoyable you want to make the pleasure last ~ you want to take your time.  That is how it is with hooking a Magdalena rug.  

Okay, okay, so some time this week was spent Mother's Day, same day as my Daughter-in-Love's birthday, at their house. had a pattern to draw.  But that does not take away from the enjoyment in hooking a Magdalena rug.

This is my progress so far.
If you scroll down to previous posts you can see the original rug hooked by Magdalena Briner Eby.  This design is known as "Great Granddaughter's Rug" since it was passed down from the family to Ellen, the granddaughter.

From a past hooked project......Someone wants to purchase Cat Nap but I want to fix the eyes and it needs to be steamed and bound.  Call me crazy, but Magdalena trumps money for a few more days.


Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Rug Review

A rug review of oldies of course.  Will start with Two Roosters from the estate of Davis Meltzer, or at least so the auction house indicates.  Am wondering if the rooster on the right was a prized rooster because of the star.  You can see the date of 1929 hooked in the border.  It measures 32 x 34.
At first glimpse of the floral mat below I thought it might be a section of the rug.  Nope, it is the whole mat which is 15 x 22
A center of leaves with sprigs of flower in the corners and diamond shaped border.   I love how there are 9 blocks which are hooked in different directions.  Actually that is my favorite part of the rug which was hooked in the 19th century.
A Floral with Corner Hearts is another rug from the estate of Davis Meltzer.
Duck and Ducklings with hit and miss inner border was hooked between 1900-29.
Abstract Hearts below is quite beautiful with soft colors which meld well together.  From a Pawling, NY collector ~ measures 34 x 57.
Below is a rug which isn't an antique but is very interesting.  There are three sections joined together to make the lower portion of the US and both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.  It appears to be incomplete since the border only appears on 3 sides.  It is up for auction so the other half appears to be non-existent.

Notice the indigenous aquatic, flora and fauna hooked in this piece which measures 35 x 143 long..  
Happy Tuesday everyone.  Thankfully it isn't raining today.


Sunday, May 12, 2019

My Wool Surprise

Do you have those odd ball pieces of wool in your stash and don't think you'll ever use it for anything?  Must admit there have been days I'd thought of getting rid of wool which seemed undesirable/unusable.  

While perusing my wool room for wool suitable for various parts of 
Great Granddaughter's rug I came upon a piece which would work perfectly for a duck.

Magdalena's original rug measures 32.5 x 43.5, but drew mine 26 x 35 ~  more suitable to my home and hooking desire.    
Here is my wool surprise.  It worked perfectly for the upside down duck in the top left hand corner.  Have no clue where I got it and am sure I'd not have purchased it from a teacher.  So it must have come from the thrift shop or inherited from a friend.
If you'd like to have a closer look and compare to the original, below is a photo of the same duck from the original.  Isn't exact, but close enough for me.
I've had unsuccessful dye results yet found that same wool was prefect in another rug.  So save those undesirable colors because you never know when they will work perfectly in a future rug.

Happy Mother's Day.


Thursday, May 9, 2019

Maybe, Just Maybe.....

.... Cat Nap could be done except for binding???  Just maybe?

If you scroll down to previous photos of my progress you'll notice a change in the cat's face.  First I removed the white mouth and hooked in a softer grey.  Then the face stripe (nose) was changed to grey.  Now I'm wondering if the eyes need a little tweaking.
Had so planned on starting the Magdalena today but that won't happen.  Tomorrow is wool mess clean up from around my hooking nest.  And in the morning is the HVAC guy to spring service my furnace/heat pump.  

Binding on Cat Nap is not on my schedule at the moment, neither are any tweaks.  This little guy will sit on the sidelines and take a little Cat Nap to wait.  Magdalena is calling me.


Tuesday, May 7, 2019

The Object of My Affection (edited)

You may have recently seen the photo below on Facebook.  In the photo is Ellen Jacobs, great granddaughter of Magdalena Briner Eby, and Ellen's son Gregg Jacobs.
Ellen was donating Magdalena's original hooked rug to the Historical Society of Perry County, PA.   The design is aptly named "Great Granddaughter's Rug" which has two ducks, one crow and two lollipop bouquets.  The original size of the rug is 32 1/2 x 43 1/2 but mine will be smaller.

That was a very generous gift by the family as the rug would have brought thousands of dollars if sold at auction.

That is the rug which is the object of my affection.  I've hooked several Magdalena designs but not this one.....yet.  It is already drawn on linen and am ready to start but have a bit more to hook on Cat Nap.  Thinking that will be finished by tomorrow. 

If you would like to learn more about Magdalena and her rugs, below is an insightful booklet on Magdalena's history.  The information was researched by Evelyn Lawrence and published by Kathy Wright of Rug Hooking Traditions.  The booklet would also be helpful to have available photos for when you hook one of Magdalena's designs 
Happy Hooking.


p.s.  I have been asked why the ducks were upside down.  Evelyn Lawrence, interviewed the family and saw the family rugs.  It was acknowledged in the booklet that Ellen (great granddaughter) thought it strange the ducks were upside down.

The only reason I can think of is that way there would be something to view walking toward the rug in either direction.  So the rug could be in an open room or door way.

Monday, May 6, 2019

Now and Next

I'm nearing the end of an adorable design by Kelley Belfast and happy with how it is turning out.  The top part of the 'sky' is hooked with the over-dyed wool previously posted.  While hooking that part wondered what to do about the bottom ~ ground/grass.

Went shopping in my wool room and found some different wool but with same value and colors, pictured below.  So think I'll use those strips plus incorporate a few darker value more greenish fronds of grass also.  Not sure if that plan will work but we will both find out soon.  
As for NEXT.......I'm yanking at the bit to start my next project.  Would love to expand on it but need to save something for another post.   

Those of you who follow me, know I get impatient when wanting to move to the next project.  Today is no exception.  I've sketched out and enlarged the paper pattern and started drawing it on linen already.  But think 'kitty' needs to be finished properly to enjoy her 'cat nap'.


Friday, May 3, 2019

Rug Show

First up is an abstract cat hooked rug with what looks to me to be Canas on both sides of the cat.   Hooked early 20th century, measures 28 x 46.
Six pointed stars with a great blotchy background ~ 32 x 36.
Black Scottie all dressed up in a red bow tie.
1890 Primitive Floral donated by Dr. Gorman, Ontario Canada  25 x 56.
The three dancing rabbits are almost camouflaged with the hit and miss border.
Named Button Eyes because this old rug had buttons for the eyes.  Said to be hooked around 1910 from Ohio.
A 12th century Girona Tapestry depicting the month of May.
Same Frost Lions design hooked differently.  The first one is wonderful and hooked the traditional way.
The one below appears to be punched with yarn.  Personally I do  not like the appearance of wool yarn punched OR hooked rugs.  
And yes, I did hook a rug with yarn once and will never do it again ~ I do not like the look.  I might embellish a rug with yarn, homespun or ribbon somewhere but will never hook another whole rug with yarn.  The yarn hooked rug is named Strawberry Patch and a design by Claire Murray.  
Early in my hooking thought it might be fun to try yarn so purchased this kit on eBay.  This one was on hiatus for years before finally finishing so it wouldn't get thrown away.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Cat Nap Update

I did it....I over-dyed that other half of the wool and it turned out similar to the other.  Was hoping it would be a little darker for variance but it is close in value and will do well.

Here is Cat Nap and you must agree there is a huge difference with the background now.
Am trying to decide what to do with the bottom portion of the design.  I don't want to do flowers but to introduce ground/grass might be nice.  Maybe during the night I'll 'sleep on it' and make my decision.