Monday, September 27, 2021

Cape May 2021 Rug Show cont'd.

There were many wonderful rugs in the show and I'll start with Deb's Gossip rug ~ a design by Bill Laraway and sold by Woolley Fox.  Deb started hooking this pattern a few years ago, put it away and recently finished it.  This is the original design.  
Deb accidently purchased the pattern twice and I was the lucky recipient with her extra pattern, which I hooked 2017.  But I took a little license and tweaked it to draw birds I see in my yard.
Both Great Horned Owl rugs below were designed and hooked by Bev Conway.  This first one was very impressive and my favorite of the two.

A grouping of three hooked pieces; my favorite is, of course that gorgeous lion hooked by Christine Waldrop.
The Snowmen pattern named "Here's Looking at You" was hooked by April Leas.
Magbis Vizcaino-Green hooked the pattern below which I believe is an antique adaptation.   
There are slight similarities to the antique below.
As well as this one.
The Horse and Rabbits rug is by Lucille Festa and an antique adaptation.

Below is the Christmas themed section.  Oh no....less than 3  months away until that season.
The 4-point stars rug was hooked by Alex Mathiasen.
Wonky Americana by Maureen Berndt.
On the floor is a corner of Magdalena's Great-granddaughter's Rug, on the table is Kay's Sheep hooked by Dee Rosebrock.
Another Lucille Festa rug called Kent Road Basket, another stunner.  
An antique adaptation drawn by Norma Batastini which she named Lollipop Tree; it was hooked by Fern Strong.
I also drew Magdalena's Lollipop Bouquet and hooked it in Magdalena's style back in 2013.
A grouping of rugs placed on a wicker lounge.
Sharon Townsend hooked the Mississippi Memories and bet it is an original design. 
A mola design by Norma and hooked by Felicia Mennin
And as you might expect there ARE more rugs to show so I'm not done yet.  Think I'll sit and pull a few loops on the one I started at camp.


Sunday, September 26, 2021

Adventures of Cape May Rug Camp

There were three teachers this week instead of the usual four.  Teachers included Bev Conway (my class), Lucille Festa and Capri Boyle Jones.  Diane Stoffel dropped  out, don't know the circumstances, but that meant there were 17 people in our class.  Capri had 15 students and Lucille 14; their classes were held in the dining hall.

We were in the dungeon and thankfully the only class there so we had room.  FYI, it is named 'the dungeon' as it is a dark room when cloudy outside and lights are usually mandatory to see your colors.

There were lots of rugs in the show and you will notice blue labels and white labels on the rugs.  The white label indicates it is a Norma Batastini pattern and will have the name of the hooker on it as well as the name of the design.  It was quite a task to resize the photos and name them for easy identification and to provide you with information.  

I'm picking the rugs in alphabetical order as saved on my flash drive. Up first are two designs by Norma Batastini; the first one is hooked by Kathleen Bauer and the fish by Lea McCrone. 
American Buffalo hooked by Nancy Shaffer.
Next is a design sold by Spruce Ridge and hooked by Deb Nees all ready for her daughter's nuptials July 30, 2022.
A design by and hooked by Lucille Festa.
Antique Rooster was hooked by April Leas, it was fun to finally meet someone whose name I see often on Facebook.
Barnyard was hooked by a classmate Janet Goodman.
Bee Skeps hooked by Katie Kriner of The Bee and the Bear.
Betty Ann Brittingham hooked The Big Whale rug.
Blue Bird Pillow by Katie Kriner.
Bugs in the Garden hooked by Nancy Shaffer.
Marsha Moyer-Payne hooked the Chicken antique adaptation.
A grouping of Christmas and winter rugs.
This is Deb hooking in an almost empty classroom with her N-95 mask and after being vaccinated.  She wanted to be extremely careful about not getting Covid since she is taking care of her daughter's infant child when she sees the doctor for her 6 week check up....tomorrow (Monday).
Down Peacock Lane hooked by Magbis Vizcaino-Green.
Top rug below is Eagle Welcome and below that is a Magdalena Briner Eby design called Lititz Hens.
A Norma Batastini design named Fish Mola.
I've managed to go thru the F's so will save some rugs for another show.  Believe me there are many more rug photos and also some in the throwdown.


Saturday, September 25, 2021

Honey, I'm HOME

There is so much to tell you about rug camp but I've been busy doing laundry, putting things away and still resizing photos.  So thought I'd at least show a finish to the small piece started before camp.

This is the Sunflower Duo on my front door and ready to welcome fall.
It isn't a very good photo but at least it is a little something after so many days away from home and blog posting.


Sunday, September 19, 2021

Wake Up Day is HERE

Leaving this morning for the 11:15 ferry to Cape May.  
Destination: The Chalfonte Hotel.
Will arrive too early for check-in as  there was a wedding scheduled there this weekend.  So first thing I'll do is walk those few short blocks to the shopping area and see what bargains are still there are.

Then will head back to the Chalfonte and let the party begin.  Later in the day and after a glass of wine I might just be dancing on the table tops ~ just kidding Linda 😊.
Unless the China Virus shutdown put a kink in the schedule I'm thinking next year will be an anniversary year; guess we will find out during mealtime when announcements are made. 

Happy hooking and catch you on the flip/flop.


Friday, September 17, 2021

Last Minute Changes before Cape May

I changed the clock on New Year's Eve from a clock button to a wool applique, stuffed and stitched to the foundation.  Isn't this pattern the cutest?  It is a design by Lindsay Bowles and pattern by The Wool Farm.  
I think the change I made is an improvement over how it was before.
Didn't quite get the Sunflower Duo finished and it won't get done until later.  Hmmm, maybe that is what I should take to Cape May to work on while waiting for Bev, that way it could be all finished to hang upon coming home from camp.
Did a lot of prep for the trip ~ checked the car's oil, filled it with gas, charged the cell phone and camera.  Tomorrow I'll charge up the iPad, vacuum the van, pack my suitcase and load everything into the van.  Even tho I think all the boxes have been checked off I'll probably have a sleepless night Saturday night worrying if I've missed anything.

Happy Friday.


Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Rugs Hooked so far in 2021

These are the rugs hooked so far this year.  Well of course the first one would be the White Horse and Scrolls antique adaptation ~ sure do love horses.  If interested I'll draw this whatever size you want.
After finishing the horse I offered a textile challenge to anyone who wished to join me.  The Tattered Tulip was chosen as my project like most all the other participants.  If you are a new reader of the blog you can read more about our adventure HERE.  We were also featured in the August/September issue of ATHA Magazine.
Initially my  plans were to hook this Patriotic Shied using something other than wool.  But stopped in my tracks and chose the tulip instead as it was smaller and decided to hook the Shield with soft wool.
Next on the frame was another antique adaptation Black Tailed Jackrabbits.
Then another small project to put on the wall near my hooking spot ~ Potted Plant antique adaptation.  
Sadly many of our Police Officers have died in the line of duty but some have been killed just because they were law enforcement.  Yet those are the people that IF you were in fear for your life you would want to come to your aid.  I was saddened by each and every news report of such events.  But when Cpl. Keith Heacook from a neighboring town was murdered viciously, that is when I drew out The Thin Blue Line flag.
Something more uplifting was chosen next ~  a Ben profile memorial.  I hung it on the wall over his ashes as soon at it was bound.  He is  hooked mostly in #8.5 with some other sizes as needed.
Patsy Becker's Jewel Basket was the 8th pattern on my frame and the second time I hooked it.  First pattern was purchased the year I took a class from Patsy, but a couple years ago purchased another from Wool and Goods who carries her designs.  I did tweak just a smidge.
More recently I designed and hooked Ox Farm; it will go to Cape May with me.
And finally, all hooked and bound Magdalena's Rooster, Duck and Horse will travel with me to Cape May as well.
I've shown you all the rugs which have been hooked since September 2019 when I last attended Cape May so now need to cull the number down to a realistic number to take.  So far I've got the number to 13.  I believe there was a year when I took 10 rugs and they were all in the show but don't know if I'll be that lucky this year.  If not I'll need to make a cut before the show opens to the public.

Meanwhile, I'm still working on the small Sunflower Duo and Lisa's Grey Horse.

Happy hooking.