Friday, September 22, 2023


Thought you'd enjoy reading a few things I learned from Caroline in her class.  They really weren't 'secrets' and we weren't told to not share with anyone.   Just simple things anyone could have discovered on their own or maybe even know already.  But first, here is an update on Lollipop Flowers.
Since that photo I've pulled a few more loops.  Then thought I'd boxed  myself in a corner as I continued to hook gold wool toward the top left side flower.  What threw me off was referring to the photo of the original antique which you can see below.  I see that gold color on the original so continued hooking gold across the top.

But, if you look at my hooked version and look carefully, which I didn't do until I was stumped, that area on my rug is hooked in black on MY rug.  DUH.  So there was reverse hooking and now am back on track. 
Now to things I learned or came to understand ~ Caroline said if you hook in one direction on a motif, border, etc. will lean one way.  But if you hook one direction, change direction with the next row, etc., the motif will stand up straight as one row supports the other.  I drew out what I meant below using a penny circle as the example.
I probably did that anyway since I am right handed and prefer to hook to the right of the previous row.  But wasn't aware it was helping to make the area stand up and support each row.  Now I'm cognizant of the theory so will be more aware and vigilant.  Not saying that will be protocol all the time, will just be more aware.

When Caroline was showing us her rugs and using them as lessons I noticed all of her corners were nicely and gently rounded so asked her how she controls the corners.
She places a quarter in the corner and hooks around that slight curve instead of making a sharp corner.  You can see the drawn area in red above the quarter.  Just that little bit of difference does the trick.  So it will not only make hooking a simple task but particularly make the binding less stressful ~ if that's possible for me.

Caroline also showed us wool we shouldn't pass up as they have multiple possibilities and shared with us how.  Interesting as I've passed up many of those wools in either Betsy's or Rebecca's offerings and wish I could get them now that I know their versatility. 

A little over a month from now I'll see Caroline again and need to decide what to hook at camp.  Which means another antique rug search will be taking place and I'll bore you eventually.  Am also hoping to have Lollipop bound by then...maybe.

Looks like Ophelia might turn into a hurricane force to deal with.  At least Lee stayed his distance during Cape May camp but high winds and wind forced rain is coming tonight and into tomorrow along the east coast.  Prediction is anywhere from 2" to 4" of rain so most likely the lake out back will return.  But at least I'm home and happily hooking with light unless the power goes out.

Happy hooking everyone..


Wednesday, September 20, 2023


This first group of rugs are from Caroline Twigg's class (Eagles Nest Woolens).

Two Old Cats is being hooked by Deborah. 
Here is the original antique of that rug.
The Comstock Bed Rug is Mary Lou's project and a photo of the original antique is below it.

Night & Day pattern is being hooked by Leslie. 
I'm wondering if the rug below was the inspiration for Caroline's design of Night and Day.
Sally designed the piece below.  Hope she sends me a picture when it is finished.  Think it is sea related and those might be shells.  Not sure what those white strips are but looks like sand dollars at the bottom.
Meredith's project is the Two Sheep pattern offered by Star Rug Company.
Lollipop Flowers is what I named this antique adaptation I am working on.
 And the original antique is shown here.
Below is Stella's rug and at least one of the cow's was kindly drawn for her by Deborah.
Shari chose to hook a black sheep, it is an adaptation offered by Eagles Nest Woolen.  
The original antique reclining sheep rug is below.

The next rugs are from Lucille Festa's class (American Country Rugs) but don't know who was hooking which ones.

This first rug is an antique adaptation.
Below is the original antique rug.

I believe this antique is Lucille's version being hooked shown above.
Below is a photo of the back of Caroline talking to one of the members of the Howard Street Ramblers band setting up for their afternoon concert.

Well there ya have it, the fun of Cape May in a capsule, lol.  Thankfully the two-way ferry ride was without high sea incident.  I don't get sea sick, I was afraid of hurricane Lee cancelling the ferry and we got lucky.

Happy hooking.


Monday, September 18, 2023

Cape May Rug Show Cont'd.

Let's continue with the show of finished rugs, shall we?   This first Hutchinson style rug was designed and hooked by our fearless leader/teacher Caroline  (Eagles Nest Woolens)
Shari hooked the Liberty Geo. Washington rug.
Two Big Flowers on the left was hooked by Leslie and my Scalloped Flowers to its right.
This humongous whale rug is Caroline's also and she explained how she hooked the water, but also said the whale was hooked higgly piggly.
Below is Mother with Fishbowl drawn from photo and hooked by moi.
An antique adaptation, I think, but can't read the hooker's name or other info.
A couple more of my rugs.
A corner of Shari's rug (previously shown) and the Fish rug info I cannot read.
Mary hooked Aunt Tilly's Garden below.
This is a geometric with names but can't read the label to learn the meaning behind the design nor the hooker.  My guess is t hey are family names.
Sue hooked the Welcome Whale.
A few more rugs.
The cat you saw previously but not the giraffe.  Unfortunately written in pencil and can't read the info.
Thursday  night there was an outside concert featuring the Howard Street Ramblers which is a local popular band.  You can see a few who have started to gather to get good seating.  There is a sign posted stating the alcohol beverages must remain inside that yellow rope ~ on Chalfonte property.
I suppose those are the libations being offered by the hotel, with a 'tip' bowl.
There was a total of 14 rugs I took for the show but didn't get a photo of all of them as you regular followers would have seen them here when finished.  The  next blog post will be of the 'throw down' to see what we primitive hookers started at camp.

Happy hooking.


Saturday, September 16, 2023


It felt good to see Cape May and hooking pals again.  I didn't go last year since there were no primitive teachers.  This year was a BLAST!  Was finally in Caroline Twigg's class (Eagles Nest Woolens) and will have her again November at Ocean City, MD.  The class of eight (three had to drop out due to health or family emergency) made for a more intimate gathering.

Our class was in the 'dungeon' a name given by hookers since the room  is dark and requires a lamp.  But had we been in the dining hall with good lighting and other groups we probably wouldn't have felt free enough to laugh as we did.  I took many photos so will have to show them in a few posts.  Also have 'throw down' photos of rugs we started in class.

First rug from the show is a design by Theresa Kogut named Moon Dance and hooked by our classmate Leslie.  
Another Halloween rug but cannot see who designed or hooked it.  Since Halloween is just a few weeks away this will give you time to order a pattern and get in the Halloween spirit.
Below is a Karen Kahle design (Primitive Spirit) hooked by Shari.
I believe the chicken rug below was designed and hooked by Lucille (American Country Rugs)Some several of the labels were written with pencil which is hard to read and doesn't photograph well so I'm guessing.  
Beach Bums, below, is a design by Deanne Fitzpatrick and hooked by Kim McWilliams.
There were a few other Deanne's beach themed rugs in the show; these next three were hooked by Roberta Olah.  They are a hoot and can't pick a favorite.

Roberta also designed and hooked this blue ribbon winner of Elise.
If memory serves me correctly, again can't read the card, the rug below was named Crop Circles and hooked by Deb Lesher.
Shari hooked this Hutchinson style mermaid rug.
A geometric and cat by Shari also.
A pastel floral hooked by Vicki Bartkowski.
The rug below is named Horse Feathers by Vermont Folk Art and hooked by Deb Lesher. 
I've many more photos to share so there will be more blog posts coming another day.  Besides I want to sit and hook in a few minutes as ....
Happy hooking.