Saturday, September 14, 2019

Did ya Miss Me????

Have wondered if I'd be missed if I stopped blogging as so many others have done.  Before leaving for Cape May though I'd not be able to post photos on my blog from camp did a pre-saved post and planned to hit send from camp.  Turned out I couldn't remember my password and Google wouldn't send.  Thus, no posts until now.  But this is what I'd saved............

If you are reading this blog I am already at Cape May but saved this post before leaving home.  Reason is most times Blogger will NOT let me or anyone post photos on iPad.  So Google, there's more than one way to skin the cat!!!!

On Wednesday there will be a rug show open to the public at the Chalfonte Hotel and these are the rugs I'm taking to show.
Star Geometric (above), an antique adaptation drawn by me, designer unknown.  
Lititz Hens, an antique adaptation drawn by me and the designer was Magdalena Briner Eby.
Above is Early Farm Scene an antique adaptation drawn by Frontier Homestead and designer unknown.
I thoroughly enjoyed every loop pulled on the Great Granddaughter's Rug above.  It was drawn by me and designed by Magdalena Briner Eby.  Below is a photo of the great granddaughter of Magdalena and the great granddaughter's son, who recently donated the prized possession.
Below is a rug drawn by me using the wording from the War Advertising Council of 1944 to conserve resources.  Always thought it was a phrase from struggling farmers and mostly used by quilters and rug hookers.  I'd be totally wrong when doing a search on the phrase.
An adorable winter piece from the design of Kelley Belfast and drawn by me is Welcome Snowman.
Also hooked in 2019 but not in the show is Cat Nap, which has already been presented to a friend.  It is also a design by Kelley Belfast and drawn by me.
OH!!!!!  Don't want to forget Patriotic Pumpkins but that piece is busy gracing my harvest table at the moment.
However,  I'd forgotten to take Horses and Hearts so it stayed home.  Guess I can take it for next year's show at Cape May.
Will do another blog post tomorrow.  I'm BAACK.

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Did You Know?

Getting camp supplies ready for departure tomorrow and thought I'd start off camp with a freshly cleaned Townsend cutter.  I cleaned both ends ~ the end with the blades and the gear end.

Did you know those need cleaning too?
Moreover, did you know the companion gears on the Townsend cutter itself needs to be cleaned also??  See that one gear which make the two on the blade move?  That itty bitty thing?
You wouldn't believe what I scratched and brushed out of that.
Yup, see those chunks of packed wool?  Guess it's been a while since I attended to that.  The brush wasn't making much of an impact so got a needle and plucked inside each gear then brushed.  Bet my cutter purrs like a kitten now.

Also put windshield washer fluid in the car, checked the oil and tire pressure so all systems look good.


Friday, September 6, 2019

Pre-departure Breakage

Not to worry, it isn't anything hooking related, thank goodness.  Can't imagine what I'd do if something happened to my Townsend.  Hmm, but then I've a couple backup cutters (Fraser 500 and Bliss) so could always take one of those.

Thank goodness it also wasn't my Snapdragon but then I've got back up frames too  😁.  Friends would often tease me about having backups, and a back up for the back up.  

This morning while blowing my hair dry thought my fingers had gotten too close to the dryer because it had a burning sensation.  By the time I'd pulled my hand and dryer away the dryer cut off ~ burned up.  Quickly I unplugged it.  My hair wasn't dry yet either.  But wait.....I've a back up old one I used in the craft room.  So friends, those backups do come in handy.  At least the dryer died here instead of Cape May.
If that weren't enough, the 'ground' plug on my microwave broke off in the wall socket right after.  I didn't have a backup for that.
So off to the store I went this morning to get a new hair dryer and a new microwave.  Didn't think it would be smart to use the microwave without a ground plug and no handyman here to replace the plug.

Dorian is visiting Delaware, Maryland and Virginia today but things look good (right now) for travel across the ferry on Sunday  morning.  My heart goes out to families in the Bahamas and other areas hit when the hurricane was stronger.  Hope everyone along the eastern seaboard is safe.


Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Glazer Antique Hearts

Making slow progress but at least some progress.  Have been busy getting yard and other work done, getting estimates for home repairs, and tomorrow a regular dental appointment.  Also gathering supplies and 'necessaries' for camp.

When first attending a camp I made a list so not to forget anything.  For a couple years I'd send that list to my gal pals as a reminder too.  Now that list is so ingrained into my cranium there's no need for the list.  OH.... except for that one year I forgot the 'collar' for the ball swivel floor frame.  Thankfully it was discovered by the time I got to Deb's house and she loaned me hers.
Because this rug uses a LOT of worms from various bags of colors, I've a plan when taking it on my trip.  The ferry ride is over an hour from Lewes, DE to the New Jersey terminal so will hook on it during the trip.  BUT, don't want or need to take all those bags of wool worm colors with me.
So, I'll use various colors while home and pack a bag of only a mix of dark brown to fill in the large space just above the center circle.  I could work on that at Cape May while waiting my turn with Kris but think I'll start hooking the letters on my camp project Oh Glorious Day rug to make good use of wait time.  This is a borrowed copy of the design from Kris' web site.  
It is a design by Lori Brechlin and sold by Spruce Ridge Studio.  Not sure just where this design will rest when done but want to make it close after waking up to set the tone for the rest of the day.

The devil Dorian is nearing the north eastern part of the U.S. coast but think (hope) it will be out of here by Sunday morning for the ferry ride to New Jersey terminal.

Prayers go out to all those who were in the wake of that DEVIL hurricane and those to get hit soon.  So  much loss.


Sunday, September 1, 2019

Cape May Rug Camp is my Motivator

Can't say I've been hooking much unless you call it Un-hooking and Re-hooking.  Was motivated to change my boy Ben in the rug before taking it to Cape May for rug show.  And as I'm gathering the other pieces hooked in 2018 realized there was yet another item not show worthy.

It was certainly good enough to display on my kitchen pantry door last winter but in critiquing it this week realized it needed a face-lift before going to camp.  I love the design by Kelley Belfast called "Welcome Snowman" but made mine into a real stocking and stuffed it with fiberfill.  Thought it looked too fat and unstable to display at camp.  Here is last winter in my kitchen.
The stuffing was removed.
Located the pellon, positioned the dowels inside, glued and stitched them in place.
Then inserted the doubled stiff pellon inside the hooked stocking.
Forgot to take a photo of it, but I also secured the perimeter of the stocking with thread to keep it flat.  There is still a hanger  in the back but isn't visible.  Hmmm, now wish the 'Snow' sign was a little higher but not going to undo what is already done AGAIN.  

Think I'm finished redoing projects and I'm exhausted.  In addition to finishing up Welcome Snowman (2 day project) I was busy in the yard.  

Today I trimmed a forsythia bush, cut back overgrown limbs hanging over said forsythia bush and pulled unruly honeysuckle vines over and around both of those.  

THEN, staying true to THE LIST getting ready for camp ~  my vehicle was vacuumed inside, windows washed inside.  But didn't wash the exterior yet as it is to rain this week so will pick a good day to do that.

Okay kids, it's only 6 days and a wake-up before leaving for wonderful Cape May and Rugs by the Sea.  See ya soon Norma and Linda!!!!


Saturday, August 31, 2019

MISC. Rug Hooking Chit Chat

A few posts ago I told you of my losing a few rug labels I'd printed out.  I know they were printed and cut out but have no idea what happened to them.  And, nope, they never surfaced.  So with enough labels to fill a page I printed out more.
The three labels on the left are for rugs already hooked or in the progress.  Oh Glorious Day design will be hooked at Cape May, the bottom design Friendship Bells will be hooked November.  Because I needed another planned piece for a label I chose the small Tonya Robey pattern I've had for eons.  I figure that could easily be finished in 2019 too.

When hooking an antique adaptation I like to put the original picture on the label as with the hearts and Great Granddaughter's rug.  Otherwise  usually print a picture of the design by the maker of the pattern to show another version other than what I've hooked.

A tutorial of making rug labels can be seen on my blog by clicking HERE.  If you wanted to know my thoughts on cutters, rug frames, etc. all you need to do is type those key words in the space at the top left side of my blog.

On my grocery list today is Glad Press and Seal.  For what you ask?  I've heard that if you press that on the bottom of the rug you're working on, when pulling the rug off the frame it helps prevent loops from being pulled out.  Also, I'm such a slob at meal time there's always salad dressing which doesn't make it to my mouth but makes it to my top.  Now I'll be prepared by pressing some of that on the front of my linen top.

Happy Saturday everyone.


Thursday, August 29, 2019

Glazer Antique Hearts Antique Adaptation Update

Here's an update on my rug progress.  Haven't used any of the newly onion skin dyed wool for this yet but will start soon ~~ I hope.
Reason for the  hesitation is that Cape May rug camp is in just 9 days and a wake-up (military jargon).  But in those 9 days I've my grandson's 16th birthday, an estimate on getting new gutters with shield protection plus another regular dental appointment.  Thankfully not surgery.

Also my grass will need cutting, cleaning up my present hooking clutter and vacuum before making room for what seems like a mother-lode of stuff for camp.   Hey, that includes snacks and wine for the room, wool, frames, cutter & blades, iPad, digital camera, chargers, rugs for the show, items to sell in the camp store, etc.

Oh, plus packing the suitcase.  But I wait until the last minute to pack that since fall is in the forecast, weather is fluctuating and now the hurricane season has amped up.  A couple days before leaving I'll check the Cape May forecast and decide.

Hunker down and hold fast Florida.


Wednesday, August 28, 2019

It's Been A While.... Antique Rug Show

It has been a while since posting antique rugs and thought you might enjoy seeing some of those vs an update of the Glazer Antique Hearts.  

First up is a 1900s Barnyard with Turkey, Hen and Rooster.  Measurements are 19 x 36.
I like the rug and it reminds me so much of another which I've shown before and is on my long list to hook.  Couldn't quickly find the photo so will update the post if and when I find it.

Antique 5 point star center with diamond border 33 x 70.
A primitive Ram with hit and &  miss background , red and blue bird with blue anchored corners. 
Bowl of Flowers measures 18 x 36, straighted hooking but no date or provenance.
Below is a Dapple Grey Horse with neutral colors and straighted hooking style again.  Hooked 19th century and measures 22 x 39.
Sweet Goose and Goslings hooked rug from 19th century mesures 24 x 32.

A rug using no wool, only clothing.  A good use of value and only a guess the center motif is a flower and perhaps a bird on the bottom left.  Nevertheless, the woman made herself a nice rug using what they had.
Another Horse with a Man from 1920 measures 18 x 34.  The background is amazingly clean.
Not an antique but definitely worthy of posting is this Whaler rug by Edyth O'Neill.  Story is Edyth drew and starting hooking it but with the size ended having problems with her hands.  So friend beside her finished up some sections for her.
 Floral with Birds from Cape Cod home 1879.
The back of the Floral.
There ya have it.  Tried to find an antique hooked rug with a paisley design but was unsuccessful.  Did see many newer designs being offered by folks; one name I remember seeing was from Encompassing Designs.


Sunday, August 25, 2019

Onion Skin Dyeing

Yesterday, in addition to laundry and cutting grass I did some onion skin dying for a vintage rug I'm working on.  The auction house named it Glazer Antique Hearts, thus the name I've given it.
I've already hooked the top two hearts and used what I had but the colors just aren't the same.  I'll use the newly dyed wool to hook the heart on bottom right first and probably replace some wool on the ones already hooked...will see.

Anyway, I used about 3 cups of both yellow and red squished skins then placed them in a mesh bag.  Three mesh bags for $1 at the Dollar store.
Last onion skin dying was unimpressive as I used 2 cups skins with 1 yard total of fabric.  This time there were 3 cups onion skins with a tad over half yard of varying shades of white... can ya say '50 shades of white'?  Uh, a play on the book and movie "50 Shades of Grey". 

Dear friend Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) always keeps me in check.  Today she asked me how long I simmered the onions and if I kept the bag 
in the pot of wool when doing so.  This was my reply.....

"I simmered about half an hour or so and with 2 cups of onion skins.  When the color was absorbed didn’t think it was dark enough so turned off the stove, removed the wool and went to the grocery store.  Noticed some of the color was concentrated where the bag of onion skins sat.

When I came back I added the 3rd cup of onions to the bag and turned on the water without wool but with the onion skins to leech out more color.  When the color darkened to  my satisfaction removed the bag of onion skins and put the wool back in the pot to absorb more color.  Not sure how long it simmered by then but was happy with the color and color almost gone so glugged with white vinegar."
This rug won't be done in time for Cape May, which is fine with me as it  gives me something to work on until Kris gets to me with my class project.  Two weeks from today I'll be scurrying around anxious to drive to the Cape May Lewes Ferry toward New Jersey shore.


Friday, August 23, 2019

Rug Hooking Detour Back on Track

Was determined to update my boy Ben because there's only two weeks before rug camp.  It was difficult to determine if I was making fair, good or great progress until the entire area was hooked, including background.  So here goes the new tweaked version.
And the results just after rug camp last September.
You will  noticed I flattened the top of his head and shortened the muzzle.  Also pulled two loops from the collar.   Now I'm happy to show the rug at Cape May.  I'd have been too embarrassed to present that as my hooking and quite frankly would have been embarrassed for Ben.  Am happier with the changes made to the snail as well.

The rug was designed by Nola Heidbreder and I changed it to a Rottweiler.  Here is a photo of the original pattern as shown on Nola's web site.
Now I can get back to the hearts.