Sunday, February 26, 2023


Weatherman didn't disappoint yesterday; there were snow flurries which never covered the ground then changed to drizzle of rain.  Happy happy it didn't last.                  
When I stepped onto the front porch to take that photo I noticed the bolt of linen had arrived.  Boy was I surprised and elated and UPS guy didn't ring the door bell.  Was surprised because every afternoon I'd check my credit card to see if I'd been charged for linen and with no charge guessed they still hadn't received their shipment.

Although I gave them my credit card number my account wasn't charged so I'll call Monday and give it to them again.  Besides, the invoice didn't reflect my discount so either they forgot to give it to me or linen has gone up a few dollars per yard since last purchase.  And with the increased cost of everything else that wouldn't be a surprise.

Immediately I emailed the two gals who ordered a Domestic Zoo pattern to see if they were still interested in purchasing the pattern.  Then took the linen to the wool room, cleaned off the table which was piled with wool (again) and proceeded to cut linen.

Received a response from one gal and her pattern has been drawn.  The second pattern, tho I've not heard from her, will be drawn this afternoon so that when/if she replies it will also be ready to ship.

I did make that pot of SOUP spoken about in the previous post and it was great.  I added extra onion, celery and a couple extra carrots than the recipe called for.  Since there was leftover turkey pieces in the freezer thought I'd use that before it got freezer burn ~  waste not want not.  Also used freshly ground ginger ~ I keep it in the freezer and it retains its freshness longer plus grates up easily.  As I didn't have fresh turmeric I used powdered.  So you're wondering...would I make it again?  Probably would as it had a great flavor and healthy spices.

Be cautious when stirring, as some broth splattered on my light grey sweat shirt and had to take it to the laundry room to apply a pre-wash stain spray.  Next time I'll wear something else.
Speaking of Domestic Zoo, Carol this is particularly for you enjoyment, lol.  Here is a photo of the rug I hooked.
And here are a few versions hooked by others so you can see various color choices.

Just finished lunch and think I'll pull a few loops before drawing the second pattern.  Happy Sunday and happy hooking.


Friday, February 24, 2023


The last one standing on the could-be pile is in the process of being bound.  This time instead of a whipped edge I've chosen cotton type binding method.  I'll plan to work on this at least an hour a day (hopefully) so it isn't left when the Stars rug is finished.  Not that Stars is close to being fully hooked mind you, it is just that hooking is more fun and I tend to do that more than focusing on binding.
Yesterday weather was high 70's today in the high 50's and tomorrow will be in the upper 30's.  There is snow predicted but since the ground is so warm there won't be any accumulation and then will turn to rain.

However, tomorrow's menu is planned and it will be a different soup recipe than I've ever made before and will give you my rating after the meal.  I shared the recipe with a blogger friend and when she makes it am sure she will share her thoughts as well.  
Yesterday I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things including pearl couscous which I'd never used before.  In case you're interested in reading about this soup you can read about it HERE.

A post or two ago I told you about the number of goldfinch and other species of birds hogging the feeders.  Would you believe I  they have gone thru 40 pounds of black oil sunflower seeds in 14 days?  Right now a 40 pound bag at Walmart sells for $29.99. 
Each evening at dusk I bring in the empty feeders and take them out filled the next morning.  Most mornings the birds will be sitting on tree limbs or the poles where the feeders hang waiting for their meal ticket.  Those birds are on welfare and I'm no better than big government for providing free food which the birds could naturally find for themselves.  

Happy Friday, happy hooking. 



Wednesday, February 22, 2023


Thankfully there is only one rug to bind on the pile as Woman on Horseback was just whipped and label attached.  There is a downside to my label making madness as I don't do individual labels.  I wait until there are 6 rugs to label so they can be printed on normal paper size fabric covered sheets.  
When I do an antique adaptation I always put a photo of the original antique on the label.  For the Woman on Horseback I copied an image of Lucinda Ward's quilt block on the label.  Here is a photo of the labels made for the last 6 rugs hooked.  
You can read about how to do that HERE.
This evening I'll try to make up hooking time on the "Stars" rug.  Stupidly I hooked a big star with the wrong color and ripped the sucker out only to hook it again in the right color.  This reverse hooking seems to happen a lot to me.  But forward or reverse rug hooking is still my comfortable place.

Weatherman says this area of Delaware just might, beat the average high for this time of year tomorrow.  Could be high 70's almost 80.  BUT then will plummet to low temperatures.  So plans are to do laundry for whites and hang them out tomorrow morning the make some soup for the colder temps.  Like I've said before.... "weather in Delaware is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get".


Sunday, February 19, 2023


It should, it was one of the rugs I'd considered hooking in this POST.   Actually my plan all along was to have this design as the plus one with another as the main project.  That rug, tho posted in that mix, will remain unidentified because it may end up as the plus one.  I  named this design "Stars, Stars, Stars" and drew it 17 x 30.
The dark border and star are dark blue not black.  The background is a wool  purchased years ago from a jobber in Baltimore and hated it after being washed.  I thought it would full nicely but ended up being slippery.  But the color sure does work as a match to the original.

Happy Sunday funday all.  Oops,  it's after wine O'clock, cheers.


Friday, February 17, 2023

It's Another Rug Show

This is an antique rug I drew for a customer.  She wanted the long side to be 44" long requiring at least another 6" for the margin making a required linen length at least 50".  Since my bolt of linen hasn't arrived the longest piece of linen I had was 45".  Which would only allow the rug's design to be 39".   

She decided to go with that size and it is still plenty large enough for her to hook in #8, #8.5 and larger for background, roosters, etc.  It began to grow on me while drawing it.  It was hooked 1890 but don't know the original dimensions .
While perusing my photos came across a similar style.  It was also hooked 1890, measures 19 x 30 and sold for $3,250.  Which makes me wonder if there were other variations of the design by the same peddler using the floral as the main focus.
Country Home dated in the1800's with dimensions of 20.5 x 36, this is the front.
For true colors here is the back.
I'm done hooking florals, but for you flower lovers here is one with a scallop border plus 8 point stars.  It measures 20.5 x 34. 
Libby, was a Guard Dog at the Confederate Prison for Union Captives.   I found the description so interesting I had to google it and you can find one source HERE.
A lion rug pre-civil war measuring 34 x 42.  It is dated 1857 on the far side edge of the rug.
Love Birds dated Mar 13, 1902; it measures 32 x 48.    
I found a couple whaling rugs, will show this and save the other for a future post.  Hooked late 19th/early 20th century and measures 26.5 x 38.5.
I've shown cats, dog, lions, birds, boats and whales.  So before I end the post I MUST find a horse!  This primitive horse is in disrepair and with a date of 1875.
Am down to one partially bound rug and one larger rug hooked but not even started binding.  At least there aren't three piled up.

Rainy day with cooler temps here but at least no snow.  If only the weather was all the folks in Palestine, Ohio had to worry about.  God Bless them and hope the EPA, Buttigieg, and Norfolk Southern railroad do what they should to help these folks.  If the EPA and others say the water is fine I want to see every f'n one of them drink a glass from the spigot. 

Also I'm concerned the $1,000 they are offering the residents will disable their ability to sue if and when they all have cancer as that would be a sign of waiving their right to sue. 

 Need to take a deep breath now and go play with my rugs.


Thursday, February 16, 2023


Lets start with our favorite topic ~  rug hooking.  Thank goodness Double Eagles is finally bound so there's no chance of having 3 un-bound rugs waiting.  It is an antique adaptation I drew measuring 26.5 x 29.
The Forever Floral (23 x 33.5) is all hooked and I tweaked the two center pink flowers since last post and you might not even notice.  This is the present appearance and will look at it a few days to see if there's something else I want to change.  
Below is the photo before reverse hooking some wool.
Perhaps spring is closer than Punxsutawney Phil led us to believe because there's an invasion of Goldfinch birds at my feeders.  I took several photos from inside thru the window and screen but of course they didn't turn out.  Then went to the porch but as soon as they heard the back door open they all flew away.   

Presently I have only two bird feeders on the poles with each one having 6 feeding stations.  Those stations remain full with alternate visitors of finch, titmouse, black cap chickadees, wrens, cardinals, woodpeckers and those aggressive blue jays.  Normally I'd have two additional feeders on hangers at those poles but those would also be empty at the end of the day and sunflower seed is expensive IF you can find it.  

Temps today are supposed to reach 69*F and then drop to more normal temperatures with rain.  Oh well, I'll take the warm whenever it is available.

Must decide what to hook next and finish binding Woman on Horseback.  Or I could always vacuum and dust 😒.   Whatever you do today, enjoy it.  May all your loops be perfect.                                                


Tuesday, February 14, 2023


Happy Valentine's Day to all my blog and hooking friends.  The rug is an antique adaptation I hooked and named Glazer Antique Hearts.  A few of the hearts in the basket were either won as a giveaway or gifted to me by friend Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) and I hooked a few.
Enjoy your day and happy hooking.


Sunday, February 12, 2023


Here it is Lauren, it's now done.  As you were shocked it hadn't been finished earlier thought I'd better get to work.  And Robin, just for you I've eliminated a step in the wool whipping by not doing the first stage running stitch to hold the roll.  Hope I have made your day girls, 😊.

Kimm joined in the challenge and completed hers way ahead of me.  You can see hers by clicking on her name.

Although binding Double Eagles still remains incomplete, I was anxious to get started on this one.  It seemed a wool yarn whipped edge suited this piece better than cotton binding I'm doing on Double Eagles.
Here is the original Lucinda Ward quilt block from the Reconciliation Quilt.  You will notice I took a few creative liberties ~ a sky colored background, fall leaves not green, extended the ground all the way across the bottom and reduced the height of the hump below the horse.
Someone else ordered a rug pattern and don't have linen large enough to draw that one either.  Yesterday I called Dorr (again) and told them I'd placed an order over two weeks ago.  Was again told linen was on backorder so I inquired where I was on that list.  She put  me on hold to find that list but the gal who takes the orders and keeps that list won't be back until Monday.  She left a message for her to call me.   I've done business with Dorr for years and don't want to change vendors now. 

Rainy Sunday and good day to bind and hook.  I won't, however, watch football just to see the commercials.  Will just wait until after today when they become part of the regular tv advertisements.


Friday, February 10, 2023


It's getting dangerously close to finishing both rugs I'm working on and need to have something ready for my frame when done.  Otherwise I'm like an addict waiting for my next fix.  So I've been searching thru old photos , for something new on Pinterest and auction web sites.

Have printed out some of those which interest me at the moment ~ remember I'm fickle.  Already think I've eliminated the second on the left.  The one with the duck, do you even see the duck?  It's hard to see since it blends into the background as they are similar in value.  So there is a simple lesson in value, but sometimes when choosing wool colors and I'm not sure, I have to pull out my value finder.  
The top on the left was my number 1 pick but I just finished hooking a triangle border on Double Eagles.  Before I'm finished hooking the present two rugs I'll probably find an excuse to not hook any of these.  I need some fresh antique rug blood.

The last couple days have been delightful and I even washed my sheets and hung them outside.  Mother nature is about to do a turn-around with lower temps and a couple days of rain.  But before that changes thought I'd show you daffodils in bloom here.  These are the only ones in the yard in full bloom so far but great to see spring showing her face.
Still no linen.  Rather than calling Dorr again I check my credit card to see if a charge has been placed, as that would indicate it is on its way ~ no charge yet.  Thank goodness the gal said she is working on finishing up some of her projects and not to worry.  She's been very patiently waiting for the Domestic Zoo pattern.
Happy Friday folks.  'Tis almost wine O'clock.  🍷


Wednesday, February 8, 2023


Challenge rugs are never too late, they're always welcome.  Jane Sittnick sent me a photo of her recently finished challenge I hosted of Li'l Lamb November 2022.  Jane said the photo was delayed as she wanted to do a braided edge for it.    Wow, beautiful work as always.
Jane has such a great sense of humor.  She sent me an email this morning saying ..."Dolly is out of the test tube" making reference to the cloned sheep from 27 years ago.  You can read about the cloning and how the sheep got the name Dolly HERE.   Ya see, I offer more than rug photos and challenges, you also learn something interesting and different here, lol.

Have a wonderful evening, enjoy the warm weather while it is here and happy hooking.


Tuesday, February 7, 2023


After finding several dog rugs in a row yesterday thought they would make a great blog post.  Feline lovers don't worry the spotlight will be on them one of these days soon.  If any of you have considered hooking your beloved pet perhaps some of these may inspiration you on color, border design, etc.

I really like this dog with hit and miss borders.  It measures 25 x 33 and auction house said the date at the bottom is 1921, but it is wobbly so it could be a 5 but they had access to the back and would know.
Also like this wonderful shirred dog with a wavy border.  No date was provided but it measures 27 x 35.
Here is the back which demonstrates how the wool or whatever textile was secured with stitches.
Two dogs with no date or dimensions provided.
A mom dog and pups with hit and miss background.  Dimensions are 23 x 43 and hooked late 19th century.  It sold for $2,760 Dec 1969.
Dog and Stars, wool and cotton measures 25 x 61.5.  It was hooked late 19th or early 20th century.   The auction house said there were initials of MS on the upper left corner but darn if I see them.
A Dog and Rabbit  ~ are they friends or waiting to see what the other one does first to see who runs?  Was hooked early 20th century, measures 26 x 46 and sold for $188 in 2020.
A Spotted Dog with tulip border, no date available but dimensions are 24 x 36.
Here's a view of the back; it was punched or hooked with yarn.  Shame it is in such disrepair.
Reclining Dog dated 1902 and measuring 32 x 46.5.
Definitely not an antique but this is a hoot...Two Dogs with a miniature man, measures 19 x 32 .

There are a few more dog rugs but by now you may be tired of dog rugs or realize yours needs to be fed or go for its walk.  Happy hooking.


Monday, February 6, 2023

Woman on Horseback Update

Nope, still not done but is great to have something to work on away from the floral ~ a nice break.  As previously mentioned I opted for fall leaves.  I did take a brown thread ~ actually pulled a thread from a strip of wool and wedged in between the face and sky of the woman.  Sadly moving the piece around the frame the gripper pulled some of the threads out.  So after it is completely hooked will do that again to show definition to her face.
Kimm, finished hers in January and if you'd like to see her version click HERE.  Kimm drew her pattern a few inches smaller than me at 14 x 14.5 and think she hooked in #6 but you can read about that on her blog at that link.  I drew mine 18 x 18.5.  Therefore was able to use some #8.5 but more narrow in small leaves, bridle, reins, and elsewhere where required. 

Also decided to do two strips of wool for the base of the trees instead of the narrow drawing from the original quilt block.  But we are all entitled to our own creative endeavors aren't we?

Today I ordered another fill of propane which will be delivered tomorrow.  I asked the cost today and it was 10 cents cheaper per gallon than when ordered in October.  Think it was just the luck of the draw but still am happy with that savings.      

Happy hooking.             


Friday, February 3, 2023


 ...Flowers that is?  I have reverse hooked the last pinkish flower which  looks like a 4 leaf clover 3 times.  Almost reverse hooked it again before taking this photo.  But think the rug I have reached the point of no return.  Only going forward now to finish the background, border and calling it "FINI".
Looking at the rug and my flower color choices wish I'd stayed with the darker florals and not introduced the blue and pink.  But that ship sailed.  
Me thinks it will be quite a while before I tackle a floral again without adult teacher supervision 😔.  Seems color planning is not my strong suit.  

Today I called again, and unfortunately Dorr Mill Store still doesn't have the linen foundation I ordered ~ not even a 2 yard piece to draw a pattern for a customer.  So that pattern will be on hold for a bit longer I'm afraid.

Am torn between finally finishing hooking this floral or switching back to the Woman On Horseback.  But at least my focus is forward on the Forever Floral.

Remember I spoke of normal high January temperatures?  HA!  It is in the teens now, below normal and with wind chill.  Will definitely need to order a tank of propane on Monday which will add over $1,000 to this month's expenses but at least I have a roof over my head.   

Stay inside, keep warm and happy hooking.


Wednesday, February 1, 2023


Yeah, figure it's about time since the photos are accumulating in that folder.  Recently told you about finding more rugs hooked by Barbara Merry and her daughter Nancy Gertrude Scott.  Here is one, a wonderful Whaling Scene which is more detailed than other Nancy G Scott rugs.
Round chair pad of house with floral border, 37" diameter dated 1920.
Sad this sweet cat rug is in such disrepair.  No date or dimensions provided.
A bear measuring 20 x 39.5 but no date.
A  lone bird rug hooked 19th century 
measuring 40 x 42.  Interesting to me with those rectangular hooked blocks of colors.  I've never seen a background done like this before.
This is the pattern recently drawn for Lisa which I named 'Nesting'.  The dimensions she requested were 25 x 25.  But increasing the design with equal percentage it came out to 24 x 25.
And last is Resting Dogs hooked with cotton on burlap dated 1930 from Marty Osler collection.  It measures 31.5 x 45.
This is the back and doesn't appear the rug lost much color to fading.
Happy February 1st and tomorrow is Ground Hog Day.   Heard on the news yesterday that January was the warmest month ever for Delaware.  And then there is today where temps are below normal.  If today had been like yesterday I'd think Punxsutawney Phil would stay out of his hole and declare an early spring.  But now I'm not so sure.

Happy hooking.