Sunday, March 31, 2013

What to do with Red Bird of Pennsylvania Next

Oh my, when planning the wool for this rug, in my mind there was an idea on how to hook it to try and replicate the antique as it appeared worn and aged.  It is, after all, the antique rugs that I so appreciate with their history and wonderment of the feet that crossed their fabric.  But now I'm beginning to question what I've done on my adaptation and where to go from here.

This is what has been hooked so far and the picture of the original antique below it.
And below is a picture of the original antique for comparison.  You can see how the top and sides of the rug has been worn OR that other similar wool/cotton was used.  I really wanted to get that look but no matter how much I try can my humble attempt at replicating the mellow antique make it happen.
So think that the rest of the evening I'll start whipping the Big Dog Hollow with wool yarn and give this little red birdie a rest and think about what direction to take next and which wools to pull out and replace.  Any input from my readers would definitely be appreciated.  Jeez, look at the soft mellow appearance of the antique to my humble attempt ~ no comparison.

Thanks for visiting and hope you and family had a wonderful Holy Easter holiday.


Thursday, March 28, 2013

To Zig and Zag or Not?

I'm getting ready to whip the edges of my Big Dog Hollow rug and commented to Rose, a fellow hooker follower of Three Sheep Studio, that I dreaded the prep of the rug before the whipping with the stitching and zig zag around the perimeter.  With my best interest at heart she asked me if I'd ever read this article by Cindi Gay  Actually I had read it several months ago and went with my gut and personal preferences so continue the stitching and zig zag.  No I don't think that I know more than Cindi, it is just my personal preference to do this to protect the edges from unraveling.

Sometimes I do the straight stitch and zig zag stitch before hooking to make it easier to manipulate the rug without all the weight of the hooking.  That is what I did with the Red Bird of Pennsylvania rug, and if you look closely can see the stitching in white thread.

Since I wasn't sure if I'd make changes to Big Dog Hollow I chose to not do the stitching until after I was done hooking.  And, it so happened that I did extend the right hand side by two rows of hooking so it was wise that I held off until the rug was done.

So I drew a line 1 1/2" away from the last row of hooking and did two rows of straight stitching and then one row all the way around of the zig zag to connect the stitch lines together.  Note that I shortened the corner to make the corner less bulky.
And then I cut away the excess foundation so it can be rolled forward.
After having read Cindi's tutorial and what others may have done, realized that I would never cut my backing away without the edges being secure first.  And even tho the ends will be rolled forward and tucked inside do not want teasing to occur over the years.  And I have purchased rug patterns from people who use the fray check on the ends (vs. serging) and that makes the ends stiff and non flexible so don't want a rigid chunk along the perimeter of my rug tucked in or not.  I believe that would be more abrasive on the linen fibers than having sewn the edges.

The article mentions the needles penetrating the foundation and perhaps weakening the fibers.   Frankly, before having read this article wondered just how secure my rugs were even with the precautions I was taking with the straight stitch and zig zag.  I mean, how likely is it that a thin sewing machine needle would penetrate the middle of a thread of linen?  My concern was that the stitches were going in the hole between the linen weave and how secure is that?

Additionally, the stitches and zig zag are 1 1/2" away from the main rug itself so just how is the penetration of a single linen thread (or rug warp, or monks cloth) going to jeopardize the strength of the hooked rug at that distance?  Those fibers are flexible and not like a piece of glass that will shatter across the distance.

And I know first hand how not protecting edge of rugs are important.  I was given a beautiful rug from a departed friend and hooker.  On occasion I would lift the rug off the floor (from it's out of the way location) and air it out.  Because she had not secured her edges of linen in any way noticed it starting to tease away.

So, take this as food for thought on whether you think you should or should not zig zag your rugs.  But for certain you should do something to the ends to protect all the hard work that went into your heirloom piece.

Have a great evening everyone and enjoy this Holy holiday with family and friends.


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Red Bird of Pennsylvania

Today I did get a little more hooking done on the Red Bird of Pennsylvania rug.  If you look closely on previous pictures of the original antique rug you will notice thin strips of brown next to the cream border in sections and then a teal along the top and right side.  Luckily I've got some of those colors which can be pulled from my worms as well.

While it is great fun and having a sense of frugal 'using it up' from wool already cut, in reality there is still some cutting of wool going on for the major background.  Yet having those random pieces close to the color thrown in adds interest I think.

Okay, here it is now, but still a ways to go.
So as I'm hooking on this realize that the Big Dog Hollow needs to be bound so perhaps tomorrow I'll start that process to get Big Dog ready for the wool yarn whipping.  And, I purchased my wool yarn from a different source where it was cheaper.  So stay tuned to see from which company I purchased it.

Have a great evening everyone.


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Smidgen of Progress

I've only made a slight amount of progress on the Red Bird of Pennsylvania.... sorry for a boring showing.  But I have a good excuse ~ a hooker by the name of Karen took my offer to hook along with me so drew out the design for her and shipped it yesterday.  Karen doesn't have a blog  for you all to follow but said she would send pictures of her progress and when I get those will post on my blog. 

While this design was not in kit form I did tell Karen that I'd send a strip of wool intended for the berries and bird.  The rest I'd planned on pulling from my worm collection.  So, here is what I've accomplished so far... uh, not much....the limb the bird is on was an over dyed reject but when planning for this rug it looked quite appropriate.  SO NEVER, you newbie dyers, don't EVER throw away ugly wool.  You just never know when it will be the perfect wool to use.
And here is the photo showing the wool for the berries, bird and the inside wavy border.  The primitive black background will be various worms from my collection. 
So if anyone else would like to follow along, the pattern would be drawn on Dorr Natural Primitive linen with the measurements of 18 x 35 for $65 plus shipping; email me HERE.
Have a great evening everyone.


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Red Bird of Pennsylvania

Yup it is making it's debut.  Not sure it will get a standing ovation because I'm uncertain right now myself.  A few weeks ago I over dyed some wool specifically for the bird and already had wool suitable for the flowers, berries or whatever those tri-ovals are.  And the other day toned down some cream.  But now I'm second guessing the bird color.  Here are the wools I over dyed compared to the picture of the antique rug.  The bottom right is what I'd planned to use for the bird and the lighter flowers/berries.
But as I started hooking the bird it looked a little too pink.  Here is what has been hooked and a sampling of background and berry colors ~ and think they are berries and not flowers.
Actually, in the picture above the bird color doesn't look too bad so maybe I'll keep on going on.  Hmm, maybe make the eye a little smaller tho.

Today was a VERY productive day for me.  I pulled the last loops on Big Dog Hollow and steamed it with my Euro Steam Iron and now it is resting.  And this next one should go in the Ripley's Believe it Or Not because for the first time since I began hooking, I actually cleaned up my wool and my worms from this project.  Honest, cross my heart and hope to die.  Trust me when I say that I'm so proud of myself I could tinkle in my pants.

Not only that but went out and raked up some leaves and pine cones and contained for trash.

So  now I'm making a pot of vegetable soup.  What can be better and more healthy than a bowl of vegetables?  Plus it is great to just heat up a bowl for lunch or have soup and big salad for dinner....easy peasy.

As mentioned in my previous post.....if anyone would like to join me and hook this design the same time I am, the pattern would be drawn on Dorr Natural Primitive linen with the measurements of 18 x 35 for $65 plus shipping; email me HERE.

Have a great evening everyone.


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Old/New Rug on the Frame

Big Dog didn't get done today because I dyed some wool to tone it down for the next hooking project.  So it appears that the new design will be started sometime tomorrow after I finish pulling the last few loops on Big Dog and steam it.

You're all wondering what my next project will be and I've given some hints in the past but if you are like me that desire could change in a heartbeat.  But, the desire has stuck with me and this is what I'm starting tomorrow.  I'm calling it Red Bird of Pennsylvania since that is where is was hooked and/or discovered.
The antique rug is hooked with cotton and wool, was hooked early 20th Century and measures 21" x 39".  That was a smidgen bigger than I wanted to hook so mine will measure 18" x 35".  Eventually, when able to update my web site I'll post this design for sale there but that won't happen until sometime in May when I get the computer situation rectified.  Meanwhile, if anyone would like to join me and hook this design the same time I am, the pattern would be drawn on Dorr Natural Primitive linen with the measurements of 18 x 35 for $65 plus shipping.

So now to the dyed wool......Lucille Festa told me what she does to tone down color in wool and thought I'd try it on the cream for the rug.  She suggested putting 1/4 teaspoon of Cushings light brown dye in 1 CBW and then use a tablespoon at a time in the pot until you get what you desire.  The off the bolt washed wool is on the right and the slightly toned down wool is on the left.  There isn't a whole lot of difference but suits me just fine and I'll cut some strips of the lighter as well and mix them up in the bag and pull at random.
Since I didn't really want to darken the wool much, but did hope for a little mottled wool here, I only used 2 tablespoons of dye solution in a pot with about half a yard of wool.  So if I need more wool or want to tone down something else later there is more solution already mixed up.

Enjoy your weekend and come back to check on the progress on my new rug IF indeed it does get started tomorrow as hoped.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Just a Few More Loops

Oh but this is so close to being finished I almost didn't stop, but wanted to check on the colors of the sheep at a distance.  Plus need to decide what to do with the bunny which now looks so bright.  I could tone down the bunny with tea or walnut dye OR could pull the wool out and re-hook with something else.  Uh, like maybe the wool of the light star behind the big dog's head.  That way it would carry the colors downward and think it is a suggestion my friend Evelyn is giving me when asking if I had any of that star wool left.
For those of you just now reading my blog, the dimensions of the rug so far are 26 1/2 x 33.  Okay, I admit that while this rug has been fun I'm getting antsy to move on to the next one.  What is it that makes us look forward to starting yet another rug?  Or is it just me?  This one isn't even finished and already I've drawn out the linen for the next one and even dyed wool for it.

Once this one is complete I'll give you a final picture and then plan to wool whip the edges while sitting at the Chrysler dealership while I in a doctor's office, car dealership or something else to help pass the boring sitting time.

Have a great evening.


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Big Dog Hollow Revisited

Had it not been for computer woes these last several days I probably would be done with Big Dog Hollow by now   ~ well maybe, maybe not.  This is what the rug looks like now.
And since just getting back to pulling loops think I'm in a quandary about the sheep colors.  So now I've got to decide what wool to use for them.  Obviously I can't use a tan or beige because that would blend in too much with the background.  So had decided on a grey and white hound's-tooth for the body and a darker grey for the legs and face (shown below).  Yes, I could outline them as I did with the cow and will probably need to do that no matter what color is chosen.
So think I'll attempt to use what I've got here and if that doesn't work will go back to the wool room.  Both the rabbit and sheep appear as tho they will be TOO light/bright white and will require some tea or walnut dye to tone it down.  But it is getting close.

If you're reading this Robin (Bird in Hand), I had to take my sick computer that holds my web site (not this one) to the Geek squad and a terminal prognosis was given to the XP and subsequently my web site.  But tomorrow I'll send the Two Roosters Facing giveaway pattern.


Monday, March 18, 2013

And the Winner Is.....

Good morning everyone, since the notification of the giveaway was just a day or so ago there were only 11 entries.  Well, that makes my regular followers have a better chance of winning than those who just happen to stumble upon my blog.  Here are all the names in my wooden bowl.
And, the winner is........ (drum roll please).........
Congratulations Robin.  This is probably a little larger a project than you are used to doing but will be looking forward to seeing and reading about your progress once you get started.  And, in the event you find the size too overwhelming for you to hook would totally understand if you decide at some point to use this as a giveaway yourself. 

I'm rather late in eating breakfast but when you read this, write me personally and give me your mailing address.  I need to ship some other patterns out this morning and will take this to the mail box too.

Have a great day everyone.


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Antique Adaptation and Giveaway

I'll bet the only word your eyes and mind remember is the word 'giveaway', lol.  What is it about giveaways that grabs us and won't let go?  Because people (me included) like things for free.

This is an antique adaptation originally hooked in 1890 which I call "Two Roosters Facing".  I hooked and sold this rug a few years ago when my last name started with an "S" (just can't seem to spell or say the name).

The first drawing seemed a little smaller than I wanted so drew it out again a bit larger and hooked this one.  Which means I still have the first one drawn.
The first one measures 16" x 29" and is drawn on hairless linen.  Now before you all get giddy and excited let me tell you that there is something else drawn on the other side.  Not wanting a piece of linen to go to waste I drew something else which I'd intended to hook.
My intentions were to hook that old vehicle which was mine to drive when I was a teen.  Mind you that was 1958 and all my friends had fan tailed Chevys or Fords and I had this ancient black car.   So to spiff it up I put bright school bus yellow polka dots all over it.  My dad worked for the DuPont company and those dots were used to put on the floor for safety areas.  Daddy had some and thought I'd make my vehicle stand out.

Well, stand out it did.  I could not drive that car anywhere without mother and daddy hearing from people that, "I saw your daughter in Milton yesterday", or where ever it was that the car was seen.

I'd still like to hook that 'old thang' but other designs have over powered it.  So the Two Roosters facing or the vehicle is yours to hook.

I will make the drawing on Monday morning.  Here are the few rules:

~ state you want to win the give away in the comments section
~ be a follower
~ no anonymous or 'no-reply' identification
~ shipping to US only

Good luck to all of you and enjoy your weekend.


Friday, March 15, 2013

A Source for Hooking Inspiration

A post or so ago I showed pictures of inspirations for hooking rugs or for that matter any type of textile art work, whether it be applique', quilting, stitchery or needle punch.  Jenny a (a follower) inquired as to the source of those inspirations.  Most of the pictures I showed came from this book.
The title is "The Flowering of American Folk Art" and there are several listed on e-bay, Amazon and

I've not worked much on my Big Dog today because I listed some patterns on etsy.  Thought I'd give etsy a try since it has been quite a while since listing anything there.  Perhaps tomorrow I'll give you another update.

Have a great Friday night.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Home Stretch with Big Dog Hollow

Sheesh, can't believe Big Dog Hollow is almost done since I've not been hooking as much as normal.  Or at least it seems that way since yard work, pattern drawing and other LIFE issues got in the way.

Okay, I'm sure you are all sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to see my Big Dog rug.  Frankly I can't wait to see it on the computer monitor either ~ want to see if dark blue or any other color needs to be replaced with something else.
When I first started hooking this rug wondered if all the stars should be the same color or different ~ make them blend into the background or not.  After much deliberation and comments from friends decided to make them different.  Actually the sliver moon is even more different than any of the stars but is difficult to tell in this picture. 

So I'm in the home stretch now and the rest SHOULD be a piece of cake.  The dove will be close to the other dove on the left.  What I'm worried about are the lambs at the bottom..... SIGH.  Wonder how many times I'll reverse hook those guys until I feel comfortable with them?

Thanks for dropping by and please be kind to one another.  A smile at someone could change their day.  Hold a door open for someone...AND if someone holds one open for you, say "Thank you".  Kindness in contagious.


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Inspirations for a Hooked Rug

Noone in my family hooked rugs so frankly wasn't exposed to them until Country Living magazine.  I would savour the pictures of an antique rug at the hearth of a fireplace, above the  mantel, hanging on the wall or otherwise placed in the humble warm home.  It was then I knew that I'd learn to hook because no way could I afford an antique rug.

So most of my inspirations come from the antique rugs themselves, antique quilts or folk art.  Once Big Dog Hollow is done there is an antique rug adaptation waiting for my frame.  That will be unveiled later because I've been known to completely go a different direction before the wanna-be hit my frame.

There are plenty of pictures I've taken from American Folk Art books and various sources so will share a few of the ones I like and wish to turn into a rug.  But first, here is a picture which I feel confident was the inspiration for Karen Kahle's Monticello design. 
Here is the lion which I am also confident inspired Karen for her lion rug; again it was in a folk art book.
One day I'd like to hook this design but each time I think about drawing it out notice the space of sky (background) above the bear and human. 
And oh my but there are wonderful quilted squares in the Reconciliation Quilt that are waiting for me to hook.  I have a magazine with the quilt in it but no pictures to share.  One is of a slave who is larger than his master on horseback and the wording is: "Master I am Free"; another I'd like to hook is a black woman carrying water buckets.  I used to make a lot of dolls and the ones I was most endeared to were my black dollies.  So now my urge is to hook a black folk art rug since I make few dolls now and have sold most all of them. 

This is another picture in a folk art book and think it is quite whimsical with the bear in a tree standing on the limbs.  I would like this as a rug too.
Quilts are a great source of inspiration as there are numerous motifs to choose from whether it be floral, human or animal
I honed in on the elephant trainer.
This was an interesting piece of folk art.  The quilt speaks volumes ~It says family, friendship, loyalty, community and everything warm you seek in life.
There was another picture that I  couldn't locate but know it is here somewhere in one of my files.  But there are so many photos I've saved for inspiration so have no fear, there will be an opportunity for me to share more later.

On Big Dog Hollow I've rounded the right corner bprder so will share a picture tomorrow.  There's a few more motifs and background to hook and more border but it is really getting close.

Have a great evening and be kind to one another.


Saturday, March 9, 2013

You guessed it....Back To Big Dog

I've been one busy woman but only minimal hooking on the rug so far today.  The weather was wonderful so did some cleaning both outside and inside to prepare for my friend/rug hooker student tomorrow. 

This morning over coffee I pulled a few loops on the top border and the sky of Big Dog.  The part of the sky which was visible to me appeared to have more blue and less light than the bottom part so thought it best the rug be removed from the frame for an updated picture. 

Looking at it on the computer helps me see better at a distance but also gives me thoughts on whether to reverse hook or not.  Okey dokey then, here is the big boy......
As I'm looking at what has been hooked so far think it is okay; our fore mothers would have used what they had:  "Use it up, wear it out, make do or do without".  Also more of my woolie worms have been used which adds age with the scrappy look; and the light stars in the sky makes the blue more forgiving. 

I'd like to add more salmon color in the sky because of the reds and salmon at the bottom half.  But since it is an antique adaptation and using scraps will just play it by ear (eye).  Maybe I'll reverse hook something and maybe not. 

Thanks for putting up with updates of Big Dog and not something new each day.  But I figure that it is a journey to be shared on hooking the design for all of us. 

Thanks for visiting.  Hope your weather today was as good there as it was here.


Friday, March 8, 2013

Spring * Easter * Bunnies

Both spring and Easter will soon be here and thoughts of bunny rabbits are rolling thru my brain.  This is a design by Sally Kallin titled Harry, that I hooked.  This shot is after deciding a few years after it was hooked that it really did need a beauty line between the background and border.
This is what it original looked like and am sure you can see that putting the beauty line in helped. And it is obvious the picture was taken with another camera and wish I'd taken another picture of it before the beauty line and then after, but you get the idea.
This is another rabbit themed rug I hooked.   After hooking for a couple years using wool strips thought it would be fun to hook a rug with wool yarn.  I saw this kit on e-bay and purchased it.  There must have been 4 years between starting the rug and finally finishing it because I learned that I hate hooking with yarn because my needle seemed to always go between the plys of wool.  This is a Claire Murray design titled Strawberry Patch.
And, my Edward Tulane just sold to an elementary school teacher. She said that in the spring she always reads the book "The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane" to the students because it has great life lessons which are simple for them to understand. I'm so glad it is going to a teacher and think this is the fourth teacher to purchase one.
I hate that even tho the picture is upright and saved that when posted it goes sideways.   And the rabbit is no longer around for me to take another photo of it.

Have a great week-end and be kind to one another.


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hooking Art UPDATE

I wrote to Deb telling her I posted a picture of the purse she gave me as a gift and that she should look at all the wonderful comments people were making.  This afternoon there was a message from her saying she had one one etsy.  And here it is:
If you would like to take a closer look at the purse, or check out her jewelery, trinkets for embellishing and other items for sale, click HERE

This beautiful, fanciful purse was hooked by my friend Deb and was given me as a gift.  I did use it as a purse maybe twice and people that I didn't even know stopped me to inquire and look at it up close.  Then decided it was too pretty to use and put it on the wall as a work of art.
As you can determine, Deb relied mostly on value rather than color to achieve the results.  I would think that is quite a challenge and would try to force myself to take a blide eye as to color.  It is a little difficult to see in the picture, but she has eyelashes, and earrings on each side.  Deb is a great embellisher and her studio is full of all kinds of trinkets, wool, yarn, fabric, and she even does basket weaving.  Quite a talented young lady for sure.  This is it hanging on the wall.
The winds and rain here is daunting and we are to get a few inches of snow to boot, in addition to the rising tides and flooding.  Hopefully I won't lose power.  Hope you in the path of this storm, whatever form it is taking, will come out unscathed.

Thanks for visiting.


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tuesday Chit Chat

First is an update on Big Dog.  Since consolidating my worms and separating by color I've used more of them in the rug but still need to cut some wool for consistency in the sky.  Plus value plays a role in what goes next to the stars so sometimes am inhibited with what color I'd really like to put in places. 
I received the new yoke from Sue of Snapdragon and am liking it.  What's even better is there is only one screw to contend with when assembling at class or upon returning home.
In a previous post I mentioned being lucky to receive a back-up serger from a friend.  This coming Sunday I'll be teaching that Friend (Lenny) to hook.  She's always been a textile person with quilting, weaving, doll making, applique, soap making, but not rug hooking.... til now.  So I will take her thru the whole process of drawing out the pattern, having her try different hooks, different frames; and lucky her will have all my pre-cut wool strips to choose from. 

Once she goes home she might want to come back with situations she wants answers to, just like we all did when we went out on our maiden voyage without a captain at the helm.  I'll be sure to take pictures.

Thanks for stopping by.


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Woolie Worms and Sergers

Would you believe that my woolie worms have been reduced to this?
Honestly, there must have been 50 empty baggies after I integrated all my worms to color.  Now mind you, that didn't include the clumps of worms not in bags.  All of the very narrow cuts are in the bag at the bottom.  But I have bags with blue, red, orange, ...uh, all the colors.  What I might do later is divide into value by color but hey, this WHOA-man has had enough of wool strips.

So now to the issue of serger problems.  I own a wonderful Bernette serger that has served me well for years and I've kept it cleaned and oiled and taken good care of it.  However, it is over 15 years old.  It began showing signs of 'health' problems when I was serging up the last 19 linens for someone.  So I cleaned it, oiled it, kissed it and wished it more miles.  This is my Bernette.
For some reason I cannot insert the left needle into the slot far enough.  I've tried using a small instrument to try and clean out the hole but the needle keeps falling down into the hole on the dog feed even tho the screw shows it is tight.  Obviously it needs to go to the shop. 

BUT...... late Saturday I had an e-mail from a client who needed a pattern drawn and shipped tomorrow (Monday).  I cut the linen and tried to serge it with my beloved Bernette.  After two breakdowns again decided to call a friend.  Lo and behold she said she had two sergers which were given to her and they were going to take them to an auction.  So I could have either. 

Today I brought them home and tried the Bernette first since that is what I own and figured threading and usage would be the same.  Even tho it is obviously an older serger, after cleaning and adjusting stitch was able to get that pattern serged.  Here is the war horse.
Then decided to pull out the New Home serger, test drive it to see which one I wanted to keep as my own.  OH my goodness.  This one looks like a beauty and is newer than the Bernette above.
So I cleaned and oiled it before starting.  Made sure it was threaded right (both had been confirmed as working last time) and turned it on.  I heard the motor run but the needles weren't working.  So I took my foot off the presser foot and tried to turn the hand wheel.  Nope. Frozen.

Now I guess I'll do an on-line search for New Home 134D issues to see what to do because there was nothing in the manual about this problem.  So if any of you have had a similar issue, please let me know how to resolve this.

Thanks for visiting and hope you had a grand weekend.


Friday, March 1, 2013

Planning For May

But first, welcome to the first Day of March.
I made a primitive quilt applique' for each month of the year to place on my sofa table when this house was being built.  And it was 1997 when we finished on the home and moved in.  Originally I'd planned to properly finish each of the quilt pieces but only properly finished just one; but they still look cute on the table anyway.

Even tho I'm still hooking away on Big Dog Hollow I'm thinking ahead to my next rug and a camp in May, which will be with the magnificent Barb Carroll at Woolley Fox in Ligonier, PA.  I've already decided on the antique adaptation I want to hook so thought I'd do a little dying today to prepare.  The recipe came from this little book by Karen Kahle.
Since I had a small amount of already mixed Tawny dye in a jar and had a color in mind, decided to use up some of that solution.  Of the liquid I used only 6 TBS. of the dye and still have more left.

This is the wool I started with.
This is what the wool looked like with a flash.
And another shot without a flash but it is a little blurry.
The actual color in person isn't quite as light pink as the top picture nor orange as it indicates in the bottom picture.  Yet it is exactly what I need for the rug I plan to hook.  Sometimes I end up with exactly what I was hoping and sometimes not and into the stash it goes.  But this will go with me to Barbs for sure.  And, nope, not gonna share what rug design I'm going to hook just yet and bore you before it is even started.  So that will be something to share later.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.