Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Fun Continues

Boy was I surprised when picking up mail yesterday afternoon.  There was a large brown package in the box and I hadn't ordered anything. When pulling out this pillowy soft package it sure felt like wool ~ but again hadn't placed an order.

Once pulled out could see the return address of my constant roomie and friend Deb.  Just couldn't wait to get back home to open it ~ was like Christmas in May.

There was a sweet message saying the gals thought of me daily so everyone decided to send me a piece of their wool.  Goodness, my pals were very nice to share their wool with me and Barb was very generous, but that IS Barb.  
Obviously some of this wool needed to be included in the GOSSIP rug ~ it was, after all what I'd planned to take to camp.  And if you read my blog you know that I did work on during their camp time. 

When the package arrived I'd already completely hooked the top 4 birds and the 5th was in the works.  Had to finish that bird first so today I started the 6th using some of the gals' wool.  That would be the purple bird using mostly Deb's wool because there just MUST be a purple bird, right Barb?
The eye of the bird and part of the wing is a strip of Shari's wool, the remainder of the wing is Barb's favorite wool as well as a piece of Deb's purple for a stripe.  

I think the beak and legs of the bird need to be changed since it is so close in value as the background (not part of the gal's wool).  I pulled that out of my grey bag of worms but maybe they need to be black.  

Am planning to use the other gals' wool in the rug as well and not sure where just yet.  

WOW, I'm so blessed to have such good friends who kept me close during a rug camp we've come to consider a part of our life and I couldn't enjoy this year.  

Thank you dear friends for thinking of me.  And now the fun still continues here at home and in my heart even after that camp.


Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Last Loop Pulled

Pulled the last loop and steamed the Olde Hearts rug.  Now it is awaiting its turn to be bound.
The photo is taken with a flash since it is rainy and gloomy (AGAIN and for week two).  As a lot of us usually isn't as light and bright as the picture shows.

First in line for binding is the whipped edge of Magdalena's Goat and I'm about halfway done.  Since I cannot stand to be sequestered for the duration of constant whipping only work on it a little at a time.

I've lost a follower ~ although I shouldn't, I always take it to heart when someone chooses to leave me.  Gee, lol, wonder why that is? Could it be that I liken it to a real relationship, as in a marriage rather than a cyber connection?  Oh well, there's more follower's in the sea, as the saying goes.

Have a wonderful Tuesday, hope you are dry and having fun pulling loops.


Sunday, May 28, 2017

Happy Memorial Day

Remembering those who served and made the ultimate sacrifice.
Memorial Day, Flag, Usa, America
Also want to thank  those men and women who have served in the past and those now serving to protect us and our country.  This includes the men in the blue uniform who run toward the gunfire and the firefighters who run into the flames.
Look to the far left at that young sailor...that was my step father when he was young and way before he met my mother.  His name was Edward C. Patterson (Pat), from Ohio.  Pat served on the Presidential staff during Eisenhower, Kennedy and Johnson.  Getting out of the helicopter for those who may not know, is President Eisenhower and Charles De Gaull. 
The photo of Pat above is how he looked when he  met my mom.  That is an old toy truck from his childhood, his dad's pocket watch, and two Presidential seals he wore when in uniform.

I was 27 when he and mother met and later married.  When I would go visit them Pat and I would sit up way into the a.m. and I listened to his stories of being stationed at Camp David.

He was an ornery boy, he would say, and bought himself a few bar stools in his time.  When off duty and leaving Camp David he was required to surrender all identification ~ not just him, but anyone assigned duty there.

Oh but I could tell you some interesting stories, and wish he were here so we could chat once again.  Love and miss you Pat.


Friday, May 26, 2017

More From My Friends

My gal pals came thru for me as they said they would so here are some pictures for you to enjoy.  In the evening there is a little libation of choice.  Someone is having a glass of vino in front of the fireplace.  Me thinks that is Deb and I'm not there.  One year at Cape May Deb purchased those wine glass cover-coolers for me, friend Char and herself.
Below is Joanne's rug and was so happy to receive a photo of it.  I understand it is an adaptation of a painting (or print) which either Joanne owns or Barb owns by a well-known artist.  Joanne doesn't hook any small mats and everything she does is beautiful.
Below is friend Mary at her frame bet she's making notes of her session with Barb.
Below is a bit hooked of Mary's rug, a design by Wool n Gardner.
Here is a bag Mary made from a design in a book by Rebecca Smith and using vintage ticking.
Friend Shari is hiding behind her rug.  This is a design by her for someone who is to have a baby boy any moment.
And again, friend Deb's design Gettys Birds a Woolley Fox design.
As for me and the Gossip rug?  Last evening it was set aside so that I can concentrate on finishing the border of Ole Hearts and finish wool whipping the edge of Magdalena's Goat rug.  But just had to start it when the other gals started their camp.

If anyone is interested in taking a class with the magnificent Barb Carroll, whether with your own group or to be a 'fill in' when someone has cancelled, please contact Barb Carroll.

Have a great evening everyone.


Thursday, May 25, 2017

Rug Camp In and Out of Class

My gal pals were in Barb's class and I really wanted to be part of the group...but since I wasn't there chose to work on a Woolley Fox design at home to feel like I was enjoying camp too.

Below is a rug being hooked by my friend Deb called Gettys Birds and is a Woolley Fox design. 
This is what friend Shari was hooking, and was posted previously.  She didn't provide an updated photo so this is it.
Sadly I don't have a photo of Mary's rug and don't think anyone took the time to take a photo of Joanne's rug either.  I was SO looking forward to seeing their accomplishments too.

While my endeavors aren't as great as the gals who were IN camp, here is my minor accomplishment OUT of Camp.  Gossip is another design by Woolley Fox ~ BUT ~ I took some creative license to change the bird motifs.  Uh, that poor Goldfinch is mis-shappen and I refuse to pull loops and rehook yet again. is a primitive...right? 
In case you are wondering, the tree limbs and trunk is mostly #8.5 but using some #8 worms.  The red bird & blue bird is a mix of #8 worms and cut #8.5.  The chickadee and Goldfinch are all left over #8 worms.

Am thinking there may be more photos coming from friends when they read their pictures are missing.  So stay tuned.

After ANOTHER 3 days of rain there is a thunderstorm coming thru. Have a good evening everyone.


Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Rug Camp at Barb's

My friends have been very thoughtful by sending me photos and video messages during their time at Barb's.  On Monday just before lunch I sent a group email to all my gal pals with this message: "okay gals, the lunch menu is being passed around so be sure to put me down for a grilled turkey Ruben sandwich and Italian Wedding soup." I thought they'd get a chuckle.   
So yesterday my pal Deb sent me an email with this photo and subject: "Your Lunch" and message: "Grilled Turkey Ruben and wine & Cheese Soup.  To which I replied "I'll save half the sandwich for dinner and will have two more bowls of wine and cheese soup thank you".

Shari took a video with a message to me from the gals which made me smile.  And what made me chuckle was Joanne's comment.
Good grief but Joanne always hooks such humongous rugs and this will be another beauty for sure.

Below is what my friend Shari is working on, it is a deer design she drew and will be a gift to an expectant mom who is having a boy.  
Am hoping to give you an update on what each rug looks like in my next post.  As today is the last day of their class believe individual photos will be taken...I hope, I hope.  

Mary and Deb are having fun with me too.  This pocket was placed on the chair which would have been mine and is a substitute 'mini me'.  If I'm not mistaken, the pouch (pocket) was made by Deb and of course all of us had to have one.  
Here is the one I own which was purchased from Deb.  She made them out of vintage cutter quilt tops, made the head, arms and feet then attached them to the pocket.  Deb made those when the Crooked Tree Hollow Doll Club was on full throttle.
Have fun hooking gals....miss ya.

Note to Char Rube... if you are reading this blog post I am unable to respond to your message as you are a NO-REPLY blogger.  I am selling the Magdalena Goat pattern and you will need to contact me personally so that we can communicate.


Monday, May 22, 2017

The Symbolic Empty Seat

Today was the first day of rug camp with rug hooking icon Barb Carroll. Normally I'd be telling you about how she color planned my rug and all the fun I was having there with my gal pals and Barb.  

If you read my previous blog you know I'm not there to share the experience.  My friend and roomie Deb took a couple photos for me and this one, tho she didn't say, I know was symbolic of MY EMPTY SEAT. Thank you Deb!!!!
Deb also took a couple photos of beautiful Barb. My hopes were to have been in a photo WITH Barb this year, but my considerate pal Deb sent me these knowing I'd enjoy seeing Barb with or without me.
Here Barb is color planning some one's rug.  I wrote Deb asking whose rug it was but looking at the tote it just might have been Deb's rug. Now I want to know what the pattern is.    
I'm hoping to get  more photos from friends there and IF I get them will be sure to share.

As previously mentioned I DID start the Gossip rug and will post a picture tomorrow even tho there isn't a lot hooked yet.  

The luxury of going to a rug camp is that you get to hook all day and night if you wish, don't have to cook dinner, clean up or other adult responsibilities.  Instead I'm cooking, fixing meals for me and Ben plus walking my boy three times a day even tho is has been a horribly rainy day here.  Finding a non-rainy period was tough but we managed.

Back to working on my Gossip rug.


Saturday, May 20, 2017

Plans Change

The best laid plans of mice and the saying goes.   There were big plans for me this weekend and next week.  Today I was to travel to my friend Deb's house, spend the night then we were to head toward Ligonier, PA tomorrow morning.  

The person who tends Ben when I go to camps (my ex) is very sick and didn't know until maybe two weeks ago he couldn't do it.  At first I decided to leave Ben at a kennel but had complications there.  And frankly, it was just too stressful for me so dropped out of class.  This was a huge soul searching decision as I'm sure all of you know since I enjoy her camps and respect the knowledge Barb Carroll shares with her students.

My plans included binding the Magdalena Goat rug on the car ride to Ligonier.  It won't happen in the car so have decided to start it now.   
Oops, I see that the photo was cropped too closely on the right side but only just around the corner was whipped.  So you can see there is more left to whip on the rug ~ sure hope my math was right and there is enough yarn to finish.

The other plan was to hook the pattern Gossip in Barb's class.  While I'll miss my gal pals and Barb's expertise am still planning to hook Gossip.   Even tho we will be states apart from one another will start hooking the rug on Monday along with everyone else.

The gals have promised to keep me informed of happenings at camp, and I'll show you my progress on Gossip as well as things they share with me about camp.

Oh, on a side note, my boy Ben sniffed out this turtle which was on the side of my driveway getting ready to cross.  By the time we got back from a quick walk it was already well hidden in the periwinkle.  I understand turtles always return to the same property to lay their eggs each year.
Visions of a rug design called Turtle Crossing is running thru my head, lol.
Happy Saturday.


Thursday, May 18, 2017

Olde Hearts Corners

Just love this pattern Olde Hearts (by Woolley Fox) but had issues hooking the corners trying different approaches and nothing seemed to please me.  
Above is what the rug looks like now and am 'okay' with it for now but you know me..... might end up replacing a strip or two eventually.  In all honesty I'd probably never notice once the rug was on the floor, it is during the hooking process when the rug is just under my nose when it's an issue

Below is one way I tried the corner but didn't like it.
I have started whipping the edge of Magdalena's Goat also but since binding isn't my favorite part of the hooking process it will take a while for me to finish that.

Another day of 95 degree weather, whew, from heat to A/C.


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Rug Show Time

It has been a while since having a rug show on my blog and figure it is about time for my readers to see something a little different than the same ol' same ol'.
Above is landscape with black folk and their critters, rug was hooked mid 20th century.
Above are two bunnies, butterfly and flora from Manchester, NH. No date given.
Love the blue cat above and that blotchy background makes my heart skip a beat.  No provenance at all was provided for this beauty.
I have always wanted to hook an antique rug with neutral colors and this just might be my target.  I love doves and am not longer afraid of scrolls.  Heck, those scrolls are easy peasy tho.

As previously mentioned on my blog, Barb Carroll took the fear of hooking scrolls from me when she mentored me with this rug.  Yeah, you regular readers have seen this one before but it is my love and hangs over the mantle of my fireplace.  (p.s. I offer this pattern for sale).
Speaking of scrolls, below is an antique rug which was recorded as "American School of of Folk Art Floral" and from an estate of Woodbury, CT.
Below is a close up.
Enjoy your evening everyone.  I know Jo Wick and her group are enjoying themselves their second day of camp with the magnificent Barb Carroll.  If you would like to take a class with her you can reach here HERE.


Monday, May 15, 2017

Re-Writing History

That is exactly what the writers did to the script of the TV series Underground ~ they are trying to change history.  In the last episode it showed Patty Cannon being killed by one of her slaves.  That is NOT what actually happened.  

Here is the truth Hollywood: 
" In 1829 Patty Canon was arrested for murder after human remains were found on her farm. The remains were believed to be a wealthy slave trader that mysteriously disappeared. A slave owned by Patty led the investigators to other bodies buried on her farm. She died in the Georgetown, Delaware jail while awaiting trial, purportedly a suicide via poison.  "  

And if that wasn't enough of a falsehood, they are suggesting the slave killed Patty so an impostor Patty Cannon can work toward his personal gain to gather slaves to sell for profit.  The show has lost all credibility so I DO NOT plan to watch it any more.  

It is said that quilts had hidden messages when they were hung out to air for slaves to find a safe place.  Below is an awesome piece of art with a photo of Harriet Tubman which was quilted by Shirley Hodge.
Another wonderful freedom style quilt depicting the underground secret code is below.  Note also the music border on the side as the slaves would sing those messages to their young ~ another form of communication for reaching freedom.  

Unfortunately there was no name as to the quilter.  If anyone knows I will update my blog to give credit.
Happy Monday morning everyone.


Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day

Miss you Mother and wishing you a Happy Mother's Day in heaven.  Many is the time I've wanted to tell you about something I saw, did or a great movie you'd have liked.  That is what we used to do and chatted many times a day.
You may not be here in person but you are with me in spirit. 

And, a Happy Mother's Day to all my blogger friends,


Saturday, May 13, 2017

Olde Hearts Again

Wanted to see how the rug looks on the computer monitor so thought I'd show you as well.  
Although the bottom right corner was changed a tad I'm still not liking it.  Will definitely change it more.  The left bottom is better but still not suitable.  There is a line I'll re-direct to see if I like it better.  

Something else which I  notice but wasn't even looking for.... the center motif has hardly no darker textures as are in the border.  Maybe it needs a couple strips just to balance the look.

To be continued.....

Saundra on this very rainy Saturday.

Thursday, May 11, 2017


I'm watching season 2 of a show entitled "Underground".  It may not be on your watch list but sure has been on mine.   It has been particularly interesting lately as lives of two well-known names to the eastern shore are the topics.  Those names would be the wonderful Harriet Tubman and the infamous, murderous Patty Cannon.
I live in Sussex County, Delaware and just 3.9 miles away from the Maryland/Delaware border where Patty Cannon's house used to be. There were underground tunnels for her and her gang to move slaves between the two states to avoid capture.  Go across the road and you're in another state.
Below is a photo of a house which is not the original Patty Cannon house but it sits on the land where her house once did exist.
Below is a photo of three books which I own about the infamous Patty Cannon.  It is so great to see Harriet Tubman's character in the TV series Underground.
Of personal interest "The Monster's Handsome Face" there is noted that General Jesse Green informed the Mayor of Philadelphia of the movements of the Patty Cannon gang.  General Jesse Green is an ancestor on my father's side.  While he may have been a good ancestor I'm sure there are the other kind of skeleton's in the closet as well.


Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Olde Hearts and Life as I Know It

A step forward and two backward ~ that seems to be the way it's going on Olde Hearts.  
On the left bottom corner I hooked a little and pulled it out.  It bothered me so much didn't feel it worthy of posting a photo.  

The bottom right corner was reverse hooked, the change is above.  Uh, not sure I like that either. So drew lines on left bottom and might try the 'angle' hooking instead of trying to square the corners. BUT.... squared corners 'anchor' the rug.  What to do what to do....maybe it will come in my sleep tonight.  Gawd, it would be great to have a night where that is my only worry.  Hope I can manage to sleep all thru the night for a change.

On another front..... late last evening the one kennel finally responded about housing a Rottweiler.  This morning Ben and I took a ride to visit the owner and ladies who tend the kennel.  Ben passed the test, and Ben's momma was pleased with what she saw so he will be staying there. Tomorrow I'll explain more but Ben and I are exhausted.  

Don't feel any closer to being ready to attend camp than I was the other day.  There's always tomorrow and the 'time management' class Lauren and I will attend.


Monday, May 8, 2017

Getting Ready

Am finally starting to get ready for rug camp less than two weeks away. For several days it was questionable if I would be able to attend this year.  Many of you may know that my ex would come care for the dog (previously Shadow and now Ben).  But sadly he is very sick and cannot do it.  I'm very saddened for his illness for I never wished any ill harm come to him.  

Was uncertain at such late date I could find a kennel with an opening. Luckily I was to find one who would take on a Rottweiler as the first place refused to take a new client with a host of certain breeds.  Am sure I will worry about Ben at camp and hope he adjusts, if not that might be the end of my travel to rug camps.

The pattern I'm taking to Barb Carroll's is a Woolley Fox Design called "Gossip". Here is a photo of the rug my pal Deb started at Barb's camp a few years ago.
Deb halted hooking on the design because she wanted to tweak the swan, owl and another bird.  Deb liked the design so much she purchased the pattern twice.  She found the other when cleaning out her stash and I was the lucky recipient of the duplicate.

In anticipation of hooking this design got thinking about the motifs she has having a problem with and had an idea..... what about changing the turkey, owl and swan into birds also.  AH HA!  Good idea Saundra.
Today I started digging thru my wool to decide what candidates there are for a background and pulling small pieces of color for various birds.
And am wondering about some motifs on the rug ~  referring the the motif at the very bottom and those along the sides.  When thinking about the name and the design have two thoughts...  'birds of a feather flock together'  and are those motifs feathers? 

Would be interested in your thoughts.... feathers or leaves?

Must walk Ben as we will soon be on the way to the vet (AGAIN) but this time it is to get him vaccinated for kennel cough since he will be kenneled in 11 days.


Saturday, May 6, 2017

Olde Hearts Border Progress

Must say that I've been under a lot of stress the last couple days and haven't accomplished as much as I'd hoped on either the Goat pre-binding or the Old Hearts border.  But will show you a little something.

Here are the wool pieces being used in the border.  Interesting that the flash went off but the colors are showing up more dark than they are in person.
Anyway, notice that larger piece of stripe wool in the center?  I am cutting that across so the outside edge will have both light and dark loops.  Plus I'm using it in the border.

And now a photo which shows up more bright and light than it really is.
The design is called Olde Hearts which is an antique adaptation offered by Woolley Fox.  The pattern comes in two sizes and I chose the smaller size.  However, I enlarged the border from the original design.

That dark area on the right corner needs to be replaced with more tan/light wool.  That I know for sure.  And when I show it to Barb (in two weeks) I'm going to tell her to pull out all the strips she thinks need to be replaced with something else.  

Time for Ben's dinner and am surprised he hasn't come in to tell me yet. Happy Saturday, happy hooking.


Thursday, May 4, 2017

AH, Life~Good, Bad, Fast and Slow

I've a lot going on for me this week and experienced all those;  but for tonight will focus on the SLOW... I NEED slow.  Haven't accomplished a lot on the border of my wonderful Olde Hearts rug so will save that update for another day.

The pre-whipping of the Magdalena Goat is going slow but this is where I am right now.  And happy to have this mindless task right now.
As mentioned previously, this might seem like double work but find it best for me to have the roll in place when whipping with the wool yarn. Notice those little red clips? Those are CLOVER CLIPS and used them to hold the curl of the foundation while I was doing the running stitch to hold the roll.  The Clover Clips come in two different sizes.

The yarn to the right of the rug is what I'll use to whip the edge and was purchased from Ali Strebel at Cape May.  Wish I'd purchased more of THIS color.

Check back to see what is happening here.  If anyone has questions, suggestions, please feel free to write me.

Giving all of you hugs.