Saturday, November 30, 2019

On the Frame

There is finally a pattern on my frame.  Even tho I began perusing antique rug photos before Winter Bloom was fully hooked I hadn't decided on what to hook next.  Matter of fact even after choosing the pattern and enlarging it changed my mind ~ so another pattern was enlarged.  But only one made it to linen ~ will get to that in a minute....

Decided against that beautiful sheep because I've already hooked at least 5 sheep that I can recall with two of them being E. S. Frost designs.

But haven't hooked a Panther or Whale.  After drawing out the Panther and enlarging it didn't care for the elongated dimensions.  It was too long and narrow (19 x 40).  To get a descent height it would have to be even longer OR, if I reduced the size to make it shorter would have been to narrow.  So decided that design wasn't doable for me.  

I live about 45 minutes from the Atlantic Ocean with the beaches of Lewes, Dewey, Bethany, and Rehoboth, Delaware;  Ocean City and Assateague, MD.  Last year there were sighting from Bethany Beach of a Humback Whale breaching water.  Even mentioned on my post there was a whale rug in my future.  At first I'd considered designing my own from the photo on that link, but am interested in antique adaptations so this is on my frame.
Now I'm a happy hooker with hook in hand.  Still have to finish binding 2 rugs but since that is not a pleasant task for me will work on it a little each day until they are done.  If only Betsy Reed was my mom and could pass on that chore to her like Erica does 😉.

Can't believe it will be December tomorrow.

Happy Saturday and happy hooking.


Thursday, November 28, 2019


Wishing all of you a very happy THANKSGIVING.   I will spend Thanksgiving at my son's house as he grabbed the torch in holiday cooking which used to be mine.  My dear Daughter-in-Love is quite pleased with that arrangement and she doesn't object the clean up afterwards.  

I've hooked only two rugs with a turkey.  The one below was in a Needle'love publication a few years ago.  I think this was hooked in 2007.
Turkey and Tallowberries by Lori Brechlin and sold by Kris Miller was hooked in 2016.
In my pattern stash is Old Tom so perhaps it will be hooked in time for Thanksgiving next year.


Tuesday, November 26, 2019


There have been a few eliminations from the list of eight 'Old Favorites'.   These are the three which made the first cut.
Printed out each picture, drew sketches of two and midway thru the third sketch decided I didn't want to hook that one now anyway ~ so down to two.  Am still wanting to hook it one day but not right now.

Just one drawing was enlarged but not on linen yet.  Maybe I'll do that over the weekend.  Question of the day..... which of these three would you choose.


Sunday, November 24, 2019

Third Time's a Charm??

Well even if the third try didn't succeed it's a done deal now as I've thrown away all those avocado pits and skins ~ probably at least a dozen.  And won't be saving any pits in the future.  Am done with the avocado dyeing but not with avocado eating.

Heated up the pits in water over and over since the previous attempt to get flesh tone.  Then realized there might be some pinky flesh liquid left from a flesh dye for Polly.  Did that when she was hooking and it turned out too pink and saved the liquid.  So put two tablespoons of it in the pot with the avocado liquid and here is outcome from THIRD and FINAL try.
This was the second try below.
And the first attempt.
There was incremental progress after each attempt but baby I'm over the avocado thing.  Even if I decide not to hook 3 Cousins in April at least I've a nice mellow flesh tone.

Last Sunday I spent several hours photographing Icelandic Lopi and a few patterns to list on eBay.  Yesterday I spent a few hours taking more photos and listing composition doll heads, doll pattern, vintage feed sacks and quilt patterns.  If nothing sells all that just might take a trip to the thrift shop.

Today think I'll do some sketching for the potential next project.  No, haven't decided what is next yet.  Still have one corner of Winter Bloom to hook and the remainder of Friendship Bells to bind.

Happy Sunday.


Friday, November 22, 2019

Some Favorite Oldies

I'm thinking of hooking another antique adaptation so will look thru some old rugs to consider.  

The Stag and Doe is one of them; notice the only color is the blue house with red chimney and red flower.  The rug was said to be hooked late 19th century or early 20th century.
Am still enamored with the antique rug below, again with bland colors.
The antique rug below does have some color and is one I've considered hooking before.
My latest love is this late 19th or early 20th century black face sheep.  LOVE it.
The rug below was listed on Skinner and described as a Panther 19th century, measuring 29 x 60 and sold for $1,968 despite it's damages.  Not sure exactly what draws me to this but I've liked it since finding it.
This whale rug below, most commonly known as Whale Hunt was listed on 1stdibs as hooked between 1830-1850 and sold for $28,000.  This project has been on and off my to hook list several times.  One day I'll get to it.
The Basket of Flowers interests me too but mainly for the hit and miss border.
Yeah, another horse rug I'm drawn to.
Could also do one of Magdalena's rugs I've not yet hooked.  Not sure what will be next but there's always Over the Moon ready to go. 

Saundra ~ 

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

What Next?

Oh my but I'm getting the shakes as I need to decide on which project will be on my frame next.  Hooking is done with Oh Glorious Day and Friendship Bells so only binding is left on those.  That boring task can be done at my son's house while sweet Daughter-in-love peruses ads for Black Friday sales at local stores for her late night entertainment.  

The only hooking project happening right now is the small Winter Blooms design by Tonya Robey.  As you can see there is precious little hooking space left.
In the wings is Over the Moon design which is ready to go but am unsure if I want to hook another design by someone else again or an antique adaptation.  
Sheesh, my heart skipped a beat just typing those words 'antique adaptation'.  Perhaps tomorrow I'll peruse my antique rug photos and think about what to hook next.  Will it be the ready to go Over the Moon or some antique adaptation for me to draw?  Stay tuned.

Saundra ~ 

Monday, November 18, 2019

If at First You Don't Succeed Try, Try Again

Remember my last unsuccessful try at avocado dying?  This is what the before and after looked like then
So  I pulled out all the avocado pits and the skins and put them in a pot to try again.  This is before the water was heated numerous times during about 3 days.  There are about 10 pits and fewer skins.
This is the result.  Frankly it doesn't look much darker.
Someone commented previously that..."it looked like more trouble than it's worth".  That person was certainly right but thought using ALL the avocados would give me better results.  
Okay, truth be told I did have an intended use for the wool.  I was hoping to get it close to skin color.
There is a little pink in the skin but need for it to be beige too.  
Perhaps I should try putting the wool back in the pot with the remaining avocado juice but this time with a tooth pick of light pink in the pot. I'm thinking about hooking the 3 Cousins design in April with Cindy Irwin.  But that is about 5 months away and who knows how many times I'll change my mind about project by that time.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Hmm, One Row or Two??

The rug is hooked but not steamed or bound yet.  Before it is steamed I need to decide if it needs just one row of brown border or two.  I don't want to overpower the delicateness of the design.
But also don't want to make it seem incomplete.  For sure I wouldn't want a two inch border as that would be too bold.  Instead of hooking a row I just placed a strip of brown wool around the perimeter take a look on my screen.  
Well dang, you can see the foundation between the hooked strip and just the wool strip.  So what do you think?  One or two rows?


Saturday, November 16, 2019


This rug has been a work horse for 16 years at my kitchen sink.  The wool whipped edge has been done twice and is showing worn signs again.  So think it is time for Eat Crow to retire.  This is a design by Anne Hallet, I love and it will miss it at my sink after all these years.
That photo was taken tonight so you can see it is safe to use rugs on the floor.  There have been times when I've spilled something on it but since wool is very resilient have taken it immediately to the laundry room and cleaned it up.  

First thing I do is use a towel to step on and absorb whatever was spilled.  Then using warm water and a bit of mild soap wash the spot.  Then turn it upside down and let the wool dry.

This is the replacement rug ~ Lititz Hens which is a Magdalena Briner Eby antique adaptation.  It measures 20 x 40 so is a bit larger than Eat Crow.  
Lititz Hens will mellow even more with its use and only hope I'll be around another 16 years for this one to retire.  Meanwhile I'll enjoy these two 'new kids' in my kitchen.  Happy hooking.


Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Antique Rug show

Center flowering tree with deer in center, horses at corner and puzzle piece background.
Faded hooked family and pets from 1860.
The auction site said this was a dog and puppy from the 19th century but I cannot see the puppy very well.  The pup appears to be behind the dog.  Perhaps the underside of the rug shows the dog more prominently.  Dimensions are 25 x 37.
Home, bees and bee hive measuring 19 x 37.
It isn't considered an antique since it was hooked in 1950 but the design is an old Frost Sheep with scrolls design on burlap.  It is considered vintage and it IS lovely with that blotchy background I like.
I hooked the Frost Sheep with Scrolls in a class with delightful and talented lady Barb Carroll.
Landscape with Hen and Chicks with little use of color but does the job.  No date or dimensions were given.
Home with 4 hearts in corners; hooked between 1880 and 1890.
Don't know the actual hooked date but this commemorates The Last Dog Train to leave Lower Fort Garry 1909.
Kittens in a Basket located at the Bloomsburg Antique Show (thanks Kathleen). 
And here is a close up of the back with more true colors.
Seaside Cottages at the Beach was the description on the auction site.  It measures 18 x 35 and was hooked mid 20th century.
Happy Hooking.


Monday, November 11, 2019

My Camp Project Still In Progress

Was very lucky to find a pattern by Folk Art Landing on eBay for a song so purchased it even before seeing a finished sample.  Monica Jones has designed numerous wonderful patterns and while it was not something I'd normally hook, was inspired by the design.  And it was kinda small..ish.
After receiving the pattern I went in search for a photo of how Monica hooked it; here's the photo from her web site.
Hmm, I like purple but that purple hurt my eyes and the colors threw my focus off so had no clue how to hook it at camp.  

Most definitely I needed my trusty teacher Kris to help me at rug camp with MY colors.  So took my 'go to' colors and we worked with them plus some of her wool.

This is what my rug looks like now.  Still not sure if I'll make it into a BIG pillow or wall hanging in my living room.  
If you look closely you will see some creative liberties on design and color to suit my home.

Thanks Kris for your guidance and it is always fun to be in your class. 


Saturday, November 9, 2019

Honey...... I'm Home

 Another fun class with Kris Miller.  I took a pattern for which I had no idea on colors.  So took my 'go to' colors of dark red, some greens, gold and light green mix for background.  Of course I purchased a few fat quarters of wool to add in the rug too, plus some for upcoming projects.  Kris did a wonderful job color planning it and am quite pleased with the results.  It isn't done yet but will be soon.

Here is Kris color planning a huge rug named Lucinda's Quilt.
Below in the foreground is my roomie and pal Deb.  In the background is Kris color planning a future rug named Knitting Sheep for Patty .  
This whale design is what Patty was working on in class.
On the other side of the room is a class being taught by Loris of The Wool Farm.
A must have (I have two) are those brushes ~ one stays by my side at home and one permanently with my rug camp gear to ensure I have it.  They are wonderful for brushing off wool dust and bits from the rug  you're working.  She also has great wool, so check out her etsy web site.
The empty seat is mine with project on the frame.  In the background is Renia on the left and Deb on the right.
Renia was hooking The Eyes Have It by Spruce Ridge.  She will finish this soon as there is only background to do.
Deb was working on Over the Moon also by Spruce Ridge but with changes to represent her daughter's dog.  I also have that pattern and bought some wool for it. 
Not sure when it will be on my frame as I may do Old Tom first as I purchased wool for the turkey from Kris too.  Uh, grabbed it right out of her hands.  Here is the hooked sample of Old Tom Kris brought.  The wool is in the body and wing section from just one piece of wool.
Cathy was working on a Sally Kallin design which I have long admired.
Was told the name of the rug below and designer but have forgotten.  It's coming along nicely.
My neighbor was hooking a Gail DuFresne sheep.  Kris showed us a technique to achieve that poofy top on the sheep.  She uses two different pieces of wool (similar value), pulls two loops at a time then separates the wool to make it appear curly.
Joanne's project, The Reverend ~ don't you adore that cat?  The Rev is hooked awesomely too.
Be still my heart!!  Tonya was hooking an antique adaptation of a sheep by Jan Cole but it was huge.  Makes me want to hook one too.
I previously showed this antique rug on my blog ~ described as Reclining Lamb made late 19th or early 20th century, original measured 23 x 41.
Pam brought a previously started rug on which she lost her rhythm.  Kris certainly went above and beyond the call of duty as a teacher to get Pam back on track.  
On the other side of the room in Loris' class was a gorgeous rooster being hooked by Peg.  Look at that wonderful border which when hooked looks like chicken wire.  WOW!
In addition to wonderful rugs in progress, one gets exposed to helpful tools when attending a rug camp or hook-in.  A few of the ladies had these wonderful carts.
And they collapse.
Tonya and Joanne were using cushions which both ladies claim makes a huge difference in their back and spine comfort.  So I will be making a purchase of one before next rug camp.
Now back to my regular diet as I've two new pounds to lose.  Happy Hooking.