Sunday, January 31, 2016

Rug Hooking Chit Chat and Jonas revisited

This is my progress so far on one of the antique horse mats.  This one I drew to the size of 15 x 16.  Looking at the photo the red/orange threads in some wool is showing where it was hooked at the neck.  Not sure yet if I'll pull it out and use the more brown wool or not.  But you know me, it will probably but the heck out of me until I do.

Also, if you read my blog you know I wanted a lighter tail but not as light as the original antique.   Plus the background is using a mix of light wool worms dirtied up using the Olde Patina dye recipe.
And in case you've forgotten what the original looks like here it is.  This is an antique rug so if any of you wish to join me in hooking one to the size of your liking, feel free.
The sheep rug still hasn't been completely bound but I should get busy finishing that up before there are two more mats to bind.  

Happily I've gained 2 followers; not sure if they were ones previously lost who opened a gmail address and came back or new ones.  But whatever the case am happy to see the follower numbers increase instead of decrease.

Last weekend the east coast experienced the wrath of the nor'easter Jonas.  Depending on where along the coast you lived depended on whether you received snow or rain.  When this nor'easter occurred it also happened to be high tide, high winds, full moon and loads of rain and snow mix.

As I live inland, it was snow for me. The news photo attached below shows a photo of what Mercer Avenue in Oak Orchard, DE looked like.  

The white lamp post to the right belongs to my mother's house.  Yes, she lived in a flood zone as her house is across the street from the Indian River.  If you enlarge the photo you will see the picture was taken after the water had already receded 12" - 15".

The other photo was removed as it didn't pertain to Oak Orchard. 
Now the great news is that my brother and I who used to worry about flooding in the house each time there was a hurricane or nor'easter, had just sold the house in December so it isn't our problem any longer.

Enjoy your Sunday.


Thursday, January 28, 2016

Antique Rug Show

Oh how I wish there was an antique store or auction site locally which would offer old hand hooked rugs.  That would be my playground and e would less hooking here as I'd enjoy those hooked by others in days gone by.

Since I'm hooking horse mats a good start to these old rugs would be this one sold by Olde Hope Auctions and was to have been hooked in 1890.
This one below really surprised me when seeing it on the auction site. At first I thought there were 3 rugs.  However the transition of motifs in the hit and miss sections seem to indicate otherwise ~ very interesting. 
It was to have been hooked around 1930. Again, the woman used what she had and guess her prize rooster and hen took precedence.
Below is the Winterthur Hearth rug hooked 1815-25 wool and cotton.  It is beautiful and do you see the horse, either a lion or dog, birds and either stars or constellations?  Love the colors and only wish I knew the complete history of this rug.  
Below is a shirred rug which has an uneven and/or worn oval edge.
This Sparrow rug below was hooked between 1930-50.
Below is a rooster which was to have been made between 1920-1950. Can't tell if it is wool yarn, nylon or other and the info didn't provide that info that I saw.
The dog rug below I've not seen until just recently.  Sadly I've no provenance but you can see it is OLD and worn.
Seems I've neglected my cat people so below is a rug which was documented as being hooked between 1920-30.
In the future, when you design your own rug it should have a label on the back to document it's history so our future people will know the story.  I did that with my son's Man Cave Rug.  Sadly I don't design my own that much since there are so many other designs out there to enjoy ~ particularly those antique rugs.

Hope you all have a great evening and wonder how many followers Google will pull from me tonight.  I think that sucks!!!!!!   Guess I could switch my blog to someone else and drop my gmail.  Will give that a thought.  Am damn glad I don't have any Google stock in my portfolio!!!!



Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Horse Update

For those just now checking out my blog, this is an adaptation of an antique horse mat that is on my frame right now.  For you others who follow me I'm sorry if this is redundent  But it is a great way for me to view progress and see what needs top be tweaked.
As you can see comparing my rug to the antique below my colors are different.  However, I am using a darker value where is required yet using what I have.  
The plan is to use only my left overs and the wool worms over dyed (shown in a previous blog post).  Haven't figured out what choices to make for the tail but won't be almost invisible like the antique.  

Binding of the sheep has been stagnant because once I get the hook in my hand it is glued in.  Each day the plan is to bind the sheep for 20 minutes and THEN hook.  Uh, hasn't happened since starting hooking on the horse mat.

Craziness is happening with my followers again.  The other day I gained a person after having lost several in previous weeks.  So I thought Google had gotten their s**t together removing all folks who had a yahoo, aol or other email address and didn't have a Google email.  Well today I lost another 16 followers.   

No way I believe the followers don't like me.  Think it is because the people who join are being held captive until they become a gmail person.  Hey, Google, what the hell does that prove?  Do you really want to put yourself out there to say...."it my way or the highway?"

Okay folks, if my blog disappears overnight you'll know why.  Google decided to say "bye bye".

Hope everyone has a great night.

Saundra (who did make the blog with a gmail account but who has other email accounts as well)

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

It's A Horse of Course

Yippee, finally managed to pull a few loops on one of the horse mats. Am wanting to make this one look scrappy as I'm using (so far) only left over wool strips.  Some will be short, thin or thick and just going for using what I have....just like our foremothers did.
In case you don't remember, here is what the original antique looks like. 
Already I see that I've hooked too thick a brown area on the horse's leg compared to the original...also I've hooked a brown texture in the neck; oh well.

Am planning to go spend a little time now binding the sheep rug.  But before bedtime will go back to my horse.

Feels good to have one rug edge whipped and one to go.  At least now I'm hooking again.

Warm up today started melting the snow and now is the dirty, slippery mush.  At least poor Ben can walk unscathed instead of stepping on crusty snow only to drop several inches with each leg movement.

Hope all of you have a great evening and am in anticipation on what the heck my friend Kim is going to post tonight.  She is an over achiever, a show off and other things, lol.

Luv ya'll.


Monday, January 25, 2016

On Your Mark..... Get Ready.....

With one rug bound have started binding the sheep. But I'm really wanting to hook as I've not pulled a loop in days.  Think this is the longest I've gone without hooking.  

Have decided to hook both of these horse mats and put them both on the same linen to conserve linen.  But there is enough between them to have fold back foundation for binding.  As you can see I've sewn some fabric to the top and bottom to be sure there is ample room for the grippers.  The sides are fine.
Will hook the bottom horse first and wanted a dirty background like the original.  So back to my worms and pulled out the mixed whites and since the original antique rug has some red, green and dark colors in the background mixed a few of those in too.  
 Next they are put in an onion bag with the end closed, then went into a dye pot after soaking.  This is a cool way to overdye worms without them getting tangled.  And for drying I have a dryer that has a shelf which can be inserted so the shelf stays stationery yet the tumbler rotates to circulate heat.
I'm using the Old Patina dye recipe which is:

Olde Patina

1/2 t. Khaki Drab (Cushings)
1/8 + 1/16 Golden Brown (Cushings)
1/8 Old Gold  (Cushings)
1/16 t. Dark Gray (Cushings)
1/64 t. Wood Rose (Cushings)

I mixed up the batch in 1 CBW but only used 2 tablespoons of the dye solution in the pot.  The rest I put in a small jar and labeled it to be used when I want something old and dirty for an antique adaptation.

Here is the result of that dye job.  If you recall this recipe was used to dye over worms once before and I had a few left.
The previous dye leftovers are on top and the new batch is below.  They are all mixed in together now.  Funny how the color changed; the top photo looks really yellow but not so in person.
There won't be much progress to show tomorrow as I'm just now getting ready to start on the horse.  So if you have any questions or something you'd like for me to write about tomorrow, leave me a comment.

Hope you have a great evening.


Sunday, January 24, 2016


I can't believe this myself, but have just finished whipping the edge of A Day in The Country, a design by Tonya Robey.  
Again...hallelujah; it is a day I've been waiting for since starting it at a camp in November 2015.  It still needs to be steamed from the back to soften, ease and smooth the ripples of the yarn at the edge.  This is a pattern/kit I've had for quite some time so it is nice to see it finished. 

Must give credit to the yarn wool used for the whipped edge.  That wool was a gift given me by a departed hooker and spinner friend Lesley Coveney.  I'm not a spinner but those of you who are will understand that the tag attached to the hank of yarn was "Romney fleece, "Princess", and was dyed with Pro-Chem "Brick".  

Kris and Lauren, you were right.... there was plenty of yarn to whip the edge of this rug and some left over.  

Now waiting in the wings is binding the sheep rug.   That one won't jave a yarn whipped edge but will be bound.  Stay tuned to see that one and what is next on my frame.


Saturday, January 23, 2016

A Domestic Zoo Review

Recently a follower who also purchased a Domestic Zoo pattern sent me a photo of her finished rug.  Oh my what a delightful specimen it is. Marketa changed some of the motifs to a raccoon, deer, rabbit, cone flower, sheep, butterfly, dogwood flower and more.  It is wonderful!   
I applaud her for making this Magdalena Briner design known as Domestic Zoo to her own liking by changing some motifs.  She did a great job.  Marketa did say that a smidgen of help by Jayne Hester's husband was needed to tweak the raccoon.  I sure do love that raccoon and is one of the critters she is familiar with in her area.

The one below was hooked by Susan Wrynn.  It is great to see a Domestic Zoo hooked in a dark background.  A dark backrgound is usually my 'go to' color and makes the colors pop.
Here is a Domestic Zoo hooked by Debbe Whalen with the traditional light background.
The rug below was hooked by my friend Evelyn Lawrence.  As you know, it is Evelyn Lawrence who researched the history of and studied the rugs hooked by Magdalena Briner Eby.
My friend Shari hooked the Domestic Zoo below.  I believe she sold it and bet she regrets that decision now.
Another friend, Mary, hooked this adaptation of Domestic Zoo, pictured below and won a ribbon, I believe at the MD Sheep and Wool Festival.
The photo below was taken in progress at Sauder last year and I copied from someones blog.  So if any of my followers know who hooked this I'd LOVE to have a finished photo.
Here is another Domestic Zoo picture I acquired somehow.  Sadly I don't know the name of the person who hooked this and as you can see the hooker made this rug their own as well.  It must have been in a rug show as there is a label but can't make out any name.
This is a picture of a chair which was upholstered with a hooked version of Domestic Zoo.  Awesome isn't it?
Below is the Domestic Zoo and tried to replicate best I could like the one Magdalena hooked.  The background wool was all the same color but does look darker on the left side.  That's because I'm standing on a stool on my back porch and that side of the porch was in the shade but bright enough that the flash didn't go off.  Oh well, you get the idea. 

I had a request from a hooker who wanted me to draw the cats vertically because she wanted to hang it lengthwise along a special wall. For the life of me I cannot remember who it was and sadly have not received a photo of it.  If the hooker happens to read this blog please send me a picture.

And, for those of you who may be interested in learning more about Magdalena Briner Eby, would like to see a collection of her hooked rugs, and the rugs replicated by Evelyn Lawrence here is her book.
So far Jonas has dumped about 8" of snow on me, has turned to rain but we are in for more snow on top of this.  Thankfully I've heat (unlike last January) and the power is still on....for now. Hopefully it will stay on.
Please bring in your pets.  Although they may be made of hearty stock and big dogs like my boy Ben, it is too cold for any domestic animal to be out in these elements.  Just ask my boy who is yawning right now.
 And he takes another peek outside to be sure no human or animal invades his domain.
Stay warm and stay off the roads unless it is an emergency.  Thanks for visiting.


Thursday, January 21, 2016

Velvet Marriage Results and What's Next you Ask?

There was little to no change in the dark velvets but they were what provided a bit of change in the lighter pieces.  Even tho the results weren't anything to write home about I'm still glad to have tried this and it did soften up the velvet.

There was a little change to the tan, more change to the gold and rust color looks aged which I like.  As you can see by the results there was no change in appearance to the darker colors.
However, this velvet below had a wonderful change and I'm loving it. On the left is the original color and the results are to the right.  I'm hoping to use some velvet somewhere in my next project(s).
Yes, I have pretty  much made up my mind on the my next project. That is if I can get off this dang machine and finish hooking and whipping the edge of the two in progress.  And noooo, still haven't managed to finish hooking all 4 left blocks...just two.  Don't ask where my time goes, seems I just waste away a whole day somehow.  Lol, it's not as though I'm busy cleaning.

Okay, here are the two antique rugs which I'm going to adapt to my two small projects.  The one here I will probably try to channel the original hooker and hook in the straighted fashion she/he did.  However, I will take a little creative license and darken the wool in the tail.  I'm sure she just used what she had but I've more options than she did.
And yes, another horse.  Don't think I'll hook the borders on the one I'm getting ready to do but probably will do it similar to this design some day.
Tomorrow I'm hoping to have some rug hooking progress to show AND, will show you a delightful Domestic Zoo design that Marketa Anderson hooked.  Come back tomorrow to see.  

Have a great evening everyone.


Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Velvet and Mailing Costs

They don't have any connection to one another.  But one is a happy  fun subject and the other is a complaint.

Fun first.  As you know a lot of vintage rugs were hooked using whatever the person had on hand and one rug might include any or all of cotton, wool, silk, nylon and velvet.  In the process of taking yards of fabric to the thrift shop and local senior center stumbled upon a stash of velvet.  Ahh, wouldn't it be fun to keep this and maybe use some in an antique adaptation.  So proceeded to cut just a little of each. Actually I also have lots of red and maroon but didn't cut those.....yet.

At the moment these are in a pot of soapy water and the darks have started to bleed.  I've never over dyed or married velvet before so don't know how it will turn out.  Most of these are a synthetic back but the beige is a cotton velveteen, the yellow is a one way stretch.  Who knows how these will turn out but it is fun to play with today.  I'll show the results tomorrow.

Now to my frustration with the US postal service.  The cost of postage has gone up once again.  Had an order for a Domestic Zoo pattern and the cost for a flat rate Priority envelope used to be $5.75 and if purchased on line was $5.05.  Now the cost for that same flat rate envelope is $6.45 and no more online discounts.   I'm so glad that I purchased my Acadian frame before shipping costs increased.

Meanwhile, back in the hooker's chair there are still two more blocks to hook on the border of the sheep and no more progress has been made on the whipping of A Day in the Country.  Am planning on finishing the border of the sheep today AND whip a little more on the other rug.  

Have a great day today, folks we're gonna have to hunker down for the big storm heading our way for Friday evening and Saturday so will pick up more ingredients to make a pot of vegetable soup tomorrow.


Monday, January 18, 2016

Closing in on My Sheep

Nope, still not finished but am corralling that sheep at what seems like a snail's pace.  Am so glad to have at least tried hooking the one corner to see if that would 'ground' the piece and make it better. By unanimous decision by me and comments left on the blog the triangles won.  If you'd like to see the post with the corner block hooked just scroll down my blog or maybe it was even in December.
During the hooking process of the border have used ONLY worms from my baggies.  Numerous times I wonder if my choices are good putting a color beside that color is just two or three blocks down so now what??  And also the value in color needs to be in the equation.  

Looking at the rug above I'm questioning my three (3) tan blocks and wonder if they should be another light value color.  OMG, my friend Evelyn Lawrence continually tells me I'm my own worst enemy (critic).

So tonight perhaps I'll continue to whip the edge of A Day in the Country with the wool yarn as I've not finished the second side and there's more to do. Then I'll have an opportunity to look at my sheep rug.  

OH!!!!!  I think that when taking a picture of a rug that I should put a level on top to be sure it is placed on the floor straight.  However, perhaps that right side is shorter because there is unhooked space there.  Hmmm, ya think?

Have a great evening folks.  I'm cold here and happy to have some homemade soup to warm my 'innards' as my family used to say.


Sunday, January 17, 2016

The White Stuff

The first snow of the season in my area.  
Thankfully it is just a dusting.
 Just enough snow to look pretty without the worry of shoveling and fear of power failure.
 Even the bird's house has a little snow of the roof top.
And so as to not disappoint, here are a few rugs to enjoy.  Hettie is documented as being an Amish rug hooked early 20th century.
Below is a horse with a hodge podge hit and miss border.  Interesting.
This one below is called Main Street, Maine dated 1920.
I am ever so slowly working on the sheep border and have only just whipped my way around the first corner of the rug A Day in the Country so still have more to go.  Tomorrow I'll bore you with a photo of one or the other but thought I'd give you another day away from my boring updates and give eye candy instead.

Happy snowy Sunday.


Friday, January 15, 2016

Rugs to Enjoy

These beautiful rugs are antiques and some are Grenfell style date of hooking unknown.

The one below I saved from an auction site and information provided was ~ Pazyryk rug, detail of a moose, c.2300 BC.  Wowzer, talk about survival of a textile.
Just stumbled upon a LOT of Grenfell style hooked rugs which are up for auction by the 17th.  They are from the Canadian estate of a very prolific hooker or lover of Grenfell style hooked rugs.  If interested in purchasing any of these here is the link to Invaluable auction site.