Wednesday, June 30, 2021


Was looking back at old Cape May photos and sadly I didn't take a lot of photos in the early years.  Or, could be because the photos were lost with the stupid camera using a floppy disc.  I was even less computer savvy at the time and wasn't knowledgeable about hooking up the digital camera  to a computer.     

Anyhoo....looked thru some oldies and found a couple rugs from 2008 I'd like to chat about.  I love this rug which was in the show ~ think the border is what makes my heart go pity pat than the birds; tho the birds are nice.  
Also love this Lucille Festa rug and until recently I owned the pattern but sold it because as it is larger than I enjoy hooking now.  
Another rug in the 2008 show was a Bev Conway.  Not sure what the name of the rug was ~ maybe Polka Dot Chickens?  Not sure.  The one below was hooked by someone else and purchased the pattern that year.
I hooked Bev's design but wanted my chickens on straw vs a single huge egg.  So this rug sits in my kitchen at the door leading to the back porch.
It's no secret I've complained about the humidity in Delaware and perhaps my being surrounded by woods has encapsulated me in a  bubble.  For weeks now I've run the dehumidifier hours on end for days at a time in each room  Then every couple days to another room in the house.  You wouldn't believe the total gallons of water I've poured from that wonderful machine.  Perhaps the lower humidity inside the house makes for better results of the A/C comfort.

Thought I'd try to get in ONE MORE POST in June.  Cannot believe it is July first tomorrow.  Guess I'll soon find out if there will be a Cape May rug camp as the final bill should be arriving any time.  I won't make my ferry reservations until I know for sure the camp is really a go.

Happy hooking everyone.


Tuesday, June 29, 2021


It isn't a lot to show but it's something.  The two oxen have been hooked and now need to survey the situation and decide what to do next.  Wondering what farm animal or inanimate to draw in where.  I was quite hasty drawing in a single larger ox previously and changed my mind.  Then I went back to the original smaller size but making it a double Ox.  Sure don't want to jump the gun this time so need to sleep on it tonight.
Okay, okay, I'm sure everyone is looking and thinking..."where are the brown Ox's back legs and tail???"  Take a look at my inspiration for the piece below.  It is a given that the hind legs and tail of the ox in the back are hidden by the one in front.  Besides, it is a primitive piece and extra loops would only confuse the viewer, not to mention the hell it would give the hooker 😬.
Meanwhile I'll pull a few loops on the background of The Thin Blue Line Flag.  It's getting close to being all hooked and then I'll have 3 rugs to bind.  However, my van service appointment has been moved to July 20th so can hold them until then.  But could be I'll end up doing some binding tasks before then.

Yesterday I worked outside for over 1 1/2 hours trimming limbs, pulling weeds and was a sweaty mess as I came in around lunch time.  Today was even more oppressive and all I did was drop off items to the thrift shop and go to the grocery store.  When I returned home looked at the thermostat and the outside temperature was 96 degrees and heard on the news this morning the dew point would be in the 76 but can't remember the humidity count.  

I'm sure my age has a little to do with  today's uncomfort  but the heat, humidity and air quality is also part of the problem.  Today was a warning to me about working outside in the heat ~ I'm not 39 anymore; but wish I was.  


Sunday, June 27, 2021

A Different Kind of Post (with Addendums)

I don't do cross stitch but in my past I did some crewel and embroidery.  No way I'd ever do counted cross stitch because that would drive me insane me thinks.  I would like to show you a project which Donna is working on which inspired her to purchase the antique adaptation of the 
E.S. Frost Sheep with Birds rug pattern.  

Donna is also a rug hooker and wanted to hook the rug to have in the same room where her stitchery would be.  This is the stitchery design offered by The Goode Huswife and I'd say she did a dang good job depicting the design of the hooked rug.
Thanks for the picture Donna and it allows me one more day to delay showing progress (or lack of) on my Ox Farm design.  She did say this pattern is out of print and could sometimes be seen on eBay for an inflated price.

This is the original antique E.S. Frost Sheep rug.
And here is my hooked version without the fringe.
Happy hooking, stitching, quilting, or whatever floats your boat.


Friday, June 25, 2021

Change of Plans

Plan was to do a "flashback Friday" post of a Cape May rug camp.   But time got away from me and I'm too tired to focus.  But didn't want to go more than 2 days again before doing a blog post.  So am sure you won't be disappointed that I'm doing an antique rug show.  

First one denotes a Canadian influence with Lion, beavers, birds and was hooked between 1875-1900.
The Kittens rug could be really sweet if the background were lighter and kittens more the main attraction.  Measures 16 x 24 and said to be hooked late 19th or early 20th  century.
Quaker style woman hooked with various textiles measures 15 x 16.  Provenance is Downingtown, PA  and hooked around 1900.  Isn't that shape surrounding the woman known as a 'keystone'?
Peacocks measuring 22.5 x 34.5 but no date provided.  There was one time when I was tempted to hook a peacock rug (not this one) and changed my mind at the last minute.  They are beautiful feathered birds but as a hooked rug I think of them as ornate and displayed in a luxurious setting with cushioned lounges and servants.  None of which exists here.
Now we're talking .....a primitive Black Dog with Red collar hooked late 19th century measures 31 x 40.
I love this Horse with flowers and horseshoe.  It was hooked late 19th century, from a Virginia estate.  It measures 50 x 75 and sold for $8,190.  Also love those very primitive flowers.
A nice colorful rectangular rug with fans in corners, hooked late 19th early 20th century.  From the collection of Dan Wagoner, the rug measures 27 x 39.5  I previously posted antique rugs by the same collector and wrote about him.  You can see that posting HERE.  So for newbie readers you're getting two rug shows for the price of one 😊.
Well guys and gals I'm running out of steam so will sign off for now.  I've awakened in the middle of the night the last two nights thinking about all the things which need to be done here.  So am feeling sleep deprived.  Plus I washed a few windows outside today after grocery shopping and delivering a rug pattern to a local gal named Donna.  Frankly I didn't know there was someone so close to me who was a hooker.  Happy Hooking Donna and thanks for allowing me to draw your pattern.


Wednesday, June 23, 2021


Yeah, plan is to have a little of this and little of that in a variety of topics.  Have I piqued your interest yet?   I'll discuss rug hooking, dread=choice, TV entertainment, fraudulent claims and whatever else pops into my mind.  

After getting frustrated on what to do with the Ox Farm rug decided to pull a few loops on The Thin Blue Line Flag last evening.  For those of you who may not be aware, there are 3 meanings:

the thin blue line stands for that thin line Police Officers walk every day not knowing if they will make it home at night.  
~ the thin blue line represents the police officer's role of trying to establish calm out of chaos.
~ the thin blue line is also a memorial for the Officers killed in the line of Duty and support of those who continue their duties in present day.  

I felt compelled to hook one after the viscous murder of Cpl. Keith Heacook of Delmar, DE just 24 miles from my town.  Last night I did get a little more background hooked around the stars and is getting close to steam and binding.
While I'm very respectful for the fallen officer and ALL Police Officers wherever they live, Hooking the stars and filling in the background became a little mundane.

Fast forward to today.... I was dreading dealing with either rug so to avoid both I decided to vacuum 3 rooms.  You know things had to be desperate for me clean instead of hook.  Also took the time to switch out the rug in front of my fireplace to make the cleaning more fun.  Now I've a more season appropriate rug as for color.  This is a Lib Calloway design #227.
Also changed out a rug from the living room into the kitchen which is a Magdalena rug.
I LOVE the HISTORY channel and have become even more entranced in the second season of Skin Walker Ranch.  Yes you read that right, it is on the HISTORY channel and not a sci fi show.  Another I'm enjoying on the same History channel is America's Book of Secrets.   And cannot wait until next week and will be disappointed when the season ends.

Okay, was very surprised by some mail I received a few days ago.  It was a letter from the Delaware Dept. of Labor saying they couldn't process my claim for Unemployment Insurance until they received more information.  My first thought was not to follow the instructions in the letter and figured it was a scam.

So I looked and learned the phone number and email were correct.  Immediately I contacted them to say someone else was fraudulently filing a claim under my old name of Slagle.  Provided the info they needed to investigate it and numerous times in the communication mentioned in bold letters that I DID NOT file an unemployment claim.

Boy, lazy ass scumbags will do anything to avoid really going out and working for a living.  They would rather be a leach and suck the blood out of people who work and saved or the government for handouts.

Yes, I understand there ARE those in need, and those are the ones who do deserve the helping hand.  But the people who are doing these scams are not the good guys who need help.  Okay, off that topic, lol.

So what the heck am I going to do tonight ~ hook on which one?  I honestly don't know if I will do either.   Since I received an order for an E.S. Frost Sheep with Birds and Flowers I'll probably clean up the wool filled drawing table so the pattern can be drawn tomorrow.  Guess I could clean a couple more other rooms or dust, lol.


Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Designing by the Seat of my Pants

That is IF you could call this 'designing' ~ wishful thinking on my part.  Anyhoo.....friend Robin asked me if I was going to show the wood carving of my inspiration.  Wrote to tell her it would be on my next post but sent her a picture of it privately and suggested that perhaps I should put in both oxen.  
Before I left the house this morning to run errands and get shorn impetuous me quickly drew the single enlarged oxen.  Big mistake because when I returned at lunch time she'd commented saying "yes two oxen and both dogs in black to represent my Rotties".  Robin, the background is black so the dog won't be black, sorry.

So back to the drawing board to draw the second ox but not enlarged.  So no your eyesight isn't going bad I'm slowing driving you crazy with my drawing.
Since lunch and the 're-draw' I've scrambled to pull worms, hook a little, rip out and hook a little to give you something to see.
The ear color is way wrong and I'm trying to convince myself this is PRIMITIVE and NOT realistic, to chill and just hook for goodness sake just hook.  This is not a musk ox which are real hairy and dark colored.  But learned that ox can be anywhere from almost white and grey to caramel colored.  Here is one photo I saved as the inspiration.
So now  my attempt at designing means everything else I drew needs to be repositioned or deleted.  Now I'm thinking the Thin Blue Line is looking more inviting to deal with that this attempt at designing.


Monday, June 21, 2021


As mentioned before I keep photos on a flash drive including photos of my rugs, antique rugs, and items which inspire me.  For a couple years I've had a photo of a wood carving which sparked a rug design for me.  Numerous times I started doing sketches for templates only to feel defeated so would choose something else to hook.  

Several times I almost purchased an adorable paper pattern from Winter Cottage Studio and it was only $14 for heaven's sake.  It wasn't the problem with the money, it was the fact I wanted MY wood carving inspired rug but also a farm theme.  This time I came close to buying her adorable pattern and that is when my courage rose up over defeat and decided to go for broke.

Already I can see things need changing before continuing ~ but at least it is on linen now and not just paper pieces floating around.  I want to enlarge the animals and the wagon and perhaps even reposition them.  Which means another color Sharpie will be required, more drawing before I can continue.  But as said least it is on linen now.
I'll wait until more is hooked before deciding on a name but the two at present are 'Gentleman Farmer' and 'Ox Farm'. That is IF this pattern advances beyond today or if it is put in the UFO pile of unforgotten objects.


Saturday, June 19, 2021

Magdalena Briner Eby Rugs I've Hooked

Friend Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) did a blog post and mentioned me and the Magdalena rugs she is going to show at some venue.  While I might have hooked more Magdalena rugs than her (not sure about that tho) there are many more Magdalena's which I've not yet hooked.

Thought I'd post those Magdalena rugs here now in case there is someone out there who hasn't seen them on my blog yet.  I believe the first one was Domestic Zoo which was hooked 2009.  According to the booklet out on Magdalena, there is some controversy as to whether it really was designed by Magdalena.  Yet there is no other 1800's hooker given credit for it.
The following year (2010) I hooked Magdalena's Dog and Crows.  This is a flash photo which does not represent the true colors of the rug.
Moving right along in the year of 2010 I also hooked McCue Eagle which presently resides at my front door.  It pleases me to see that beauty each day I walk thru the door to go for my walk.  Again the blinking flash destroys the true colors ~ it is not that bright.
Magdalena's Dog was hooked in 2012 at home without a teacher, it is a smallish design so was a piece of cake.
Lollipop Bouquet was hooked in 2013 without a teacher ~ well Magdalena's color plan WAS my teacher and used the wool I had.  Honestly I was hesitating doing this piece because there are 66 circles.  YES, I counted them.  But this rug was the most fun and so many colors can be pulled from your worm (noodle) baggies.
In 2014 Magdalena's Farm was hooked in a Barb Carroll class, which is always a delight.  And as always was happy with my rug after her color planning.   
Also in 2014 I hooked the Folkart Horse in a smaller size.
Wow, I was on a Magdalena frenzy in 2014 as I also hooked Olde Ducks.
Harvey's Magdalena was a fun piece to hook and was hooked 2015.
It is among the rugs hanging on the wall in this computer room as well as some others.
In 2017 while perusing some of the auction sites I saw a rug listed and knew immediately it was the missing and undiscovered Magdalena Goat rug the family had spoken of (according to Evelyn).  I immediately emailed my friend Evelyn, sent her the link and it was confirmed to be an authentic Magdalena.  Hell, all it took was a quick look at the rug itself to know who originally hooked it.  So this is the Magdalena Goat and I was the first to offer the pattern and hook it in the original size ~ Evelyn also hooked it.
Some months later I hooked it again in different colors and a smaller size and sold the larger rug.  Per usual the real appearance of this brown goat is NOT that bright.
In 2019 I decided since one Lollipop Bouquet was fun, two would be double the fun.  Again, the flash distorts the color and my rug is NOT this bright and white.  So I hooked the Great Granddaughter's Rug, which until it was donated was in the possession of THE Great Granddaughter of Magdalena.
Here is a photo of the great granddaughter Ellen Jacobs donating the rug to the Historical Society of Perry County, PA. 
And then another allusive Magdalena rug (of which I'm sure there are more than the goat and this) pokes its face.  I hooked Lititz Hens in 2019 and it is in front of my sink so get to enjoy it every day.  Once again those colors are not white, it is the flash.
Sheesh, it's been since 2019 that I've hooked a Magdalena rug???  Perhaps that is what should be on my frame next as there are so many more to hook.   
If you want to learn more about Magdalena Briner Eby you can buy her booklet .  I don't sell the booklet but am sure you can find it on Amazon.
However I do sell the patterns.  And while not all of them are listed on my web site I've probably drawn them for others in various sizes.  So contact me if there is a Magdalena rug you desire.


Friday, June 18, 2021

Part-time Rug Hooker Part-time Lumberjane

Well I figure if you can't beat'm join'm ~ political correctness that is.  So instead of lumberjack I used lumberjane.   Last Sunday I purchased a 12" Kobalt portable, rechargeable battery operated chainsaw.  Previously I've used a big lopping tool but I don't have the upper strength to lop thru certain thicknesses.  Recently I used my new tool to cut up limbs from a larger tree a neighbor cut down for me.  And this morning cut off the thicker branches of a pine tree so I no longer have to duck under and can get closer to the trunk of the tree with the mower.  
The Thin Blue Line is moving to the sidelines for now since all the stars have been hooked so only background needs to be completed on it.  At least it is there for me to fall back on if I run into a snag with the new one on the frame.
Would you believe I finally accomplished my goal of designing a rug I'd thought about, started then stopped dead in my tracks?  Am proud that I stayed with it and didn't give up like before.  But now it is drawn on linen and who knows what the future holds for this pattern.  Guess you'll have to stay tuned to see what it is and how or if it develops into a rug....or not.
Oh gee, you can't see the design?  Shucks guess my camera was focused improperly 😚.  When there is something substantial to show you'll see what it is and maybe I'll have a name for it by then.

Yeah, in the background you can see the Potted Plant waiting to be bound.  Also  waiting for the remainder of binding is Jewel Basket.  Since I hate binding and hate waiting for anything, plans are to take them to work on the day my van service work is done.  That is 6/29 which will take about 3 hours ~ that's a long wait.   I'm sure they would bring me home like they did once before but am sure time will fly by when doing binding.


Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Once More With Feeling

 Am getting close to the critical stage of needing a new pattern to hook.  I've looked thru my antique rug photos but nothing really made my  heart skip a beat.  I've said before that I'm a fickle hooker and numerous times was hot to trot on a certain rug and within seconds changed my mind.

Well, I'm re-thinking a pattern I once planned to design and even enlarged some motifs only to shut it down faster than the idea developed.  So will go back and try again with more feeling this time and see what happens.  Right now it is the only idea which has me interested ~ uh, at this moment 😏.

Don't want to spill the beans on which one but here are a few recent thoughts I had.  The chicken with hearts in the corner is something I recently drew up for someone else.   
I had the idea of hooking the Ram's head and scarf which was on the wall at Woolly Cabin.  
Sorry for the poor photo but this is what I cropped from the photo above.
In the mix of papers is also an adaptation by Carole Weatherman of the antique rug Mouser (Wool Works magazine) which I think would be fun.  Plus there are a couple other ideas rolling around in my cranium but need more motifs to complete the idea.

Today I shipped off a pattern of Potted Plant to someone.  Meanwhile my grass needs to be cut again and I've some unruly tree limbs which need trimming back, weeds which have shot up to an unbelievable height due to the monsoons of late which need to be pulled.  I'm almost done with the bout of poison ivy (me thinks) so I'm really hesitant about pulling those damn weeds; and I wore gloves before.

Oh, one more thing ~ scroll back up to the top of this post, look to the right at the 'followers'.  I believe all those blue humanoid images are followers who are NO-REPLY BLOGGERS.  There are a LOT of you, which means if you ask me a question or make a comment I will NOT be able to send you a message.  I could respond if you sent me a message via the "Email Me" section to the right of the blog.  BUT, there is a way for you to fix the No Reply Blogger, just goggle those words.  

Happy Wednesday and happy hooking.


Monday, June 14, 2021


 First of all Happy Flag Day.  I made this jointed mohair bear several years ago, made his sailor style top and the patriotic top hat.  The Betsy Ross style runner is a crochet piece I found at a yard sale about 25 years ago before we built the house.  I love the work this lady put into using crochet thread.  Can't remember what I paid for it but was way less than it's value.  The man had no clue the work his departed wife put into it. 
Have pulled the last loops on the antique adaptation Potted Plant and have steamed it.  Now it will rest before getting bound and I will continue working on the Thin Blue Line Flag.
I'm going to offer Potted Plant as a pattern ~ I drew mine out to dimensions of 10 x 20 because there is a spot on the wall where I want it to go.  But will draw the pattern to whatever size you would like.  Matter of fact I will do that to any of the patterns I offer and of course the price would go up or down depending on the size you choose.

Guess I'd better soon decide what is next on my frame so it will be ready to go when the Thin Blue Line is done.   It is at my work station....
And the worm bags have been moved back to the wool room.  However, while the bags were gathered by color in the beginning, somehow during the hooking process of Potted Plant there ended up being a massive cluster....of them which now need to be resorted.  But at least where I'm sitting and hooking now is temporarily free of worms.  
Happy hooking and have a great evening.