Monday, June 14, 2021


 First of all Happy Flag Day.  I made this jointed mohair bear several years ago, made his sailor style top and the patriotic top hat.  The Betsy Ross style runner is a crochet piece I found at a yard sale about 25 years ago before we built the house.  I love the work this lady put into using crochet thread.  Can't remember what I paid for it but was way less than it's value.  The man had no clue the work his departed wife put into it. 
Have pulled the last loops on the antique adaptation Potted Plant and have steamed it.  Now it will rest before getting bound and I will continue working on the Thin Blue Line Flag.
I'm going to offer Potted Plant as a pattern ~ I drew mine out to dimensions of 10 x 20 because there is a spot on the wall where I want it to go.  But will draw the pattern to whatever size you would like.  Matter of fact I will do that to any of the patterns I offer and of course the price would go up or down depending on the size you choose.

Guess I'd better soon decide what is next on my frame so it will be ready to go when the Thin Blue Line is done.   It is at my work station....
And the worm bags have been moved back to the wool room.  However, while the bags were gathered by color in the beginning, somehow during the hooking process of Potted Plant there ended up being a massive cluster....of them which now need to be resorted.  But at least where I'm sitting and hooking now is temporarily free of worms.  
Happy hooking and have a great evening.


Thursday, June 10, 2021


It has been so long since I've enjoyed a rug camp that I've been doing reruns in my mind.  There's definitely lots of fun memories to draw from.  This time I'm travelling back to my very first visit to Woolley Fox and Barb Carroll workshop.  I was already in awe being in the presence of the rug hooking icon Barb and the opportunity to take a class with her.  The icing on the cake was when she took us on a tour of her home.  I took this photo of my gal pals to record the event.  To the right and over her bed is the E.S. Frost Horse and Scrolls rug I posted in the latest antique rug show.
That first workshop with Barb I hooked Kinderhook Basket, an antique rug she had hanging on her wall.  My intentions were to hook it like the antique she owned (shown below).
Barb had other plans and I liked her color plan MUCH better.  The colors she selected were mostly from the wool I took to class.  The end result is much richer than the original antique and think it is simply 'smashing'!
I've previously told the story about Barb asking me what I thought of the color purple, and I didn't take any purple wool.  Uh, told her it was my least favorite color.  She considered purple as a neutral and so some purple went into the rug.  A fun memory every time I look at the rug which hangs in this room.

Fast forward a few years of workshops with Barb to one in particular, frankly don't remember which rug I was working on at the time of this event yet I do know every rug color planned by her.  

Anyhoo....we gals would often take a small gift to give each other and pal Deb liked to give socks with a message ~ she'd buy one of each design and sometimes she give the sock planned for that person and sometimes she'd let us choose.  This time I had the opportunity to choose the sock statement which spoke to me and it was this pair below.  I covered up 2 letters for fear of being banned.  

I was wearing a pair of cropped pants and comfy slip on shoes and confident the words wouldn't be seen.  It was time for my rug to be color planned and walked to Barb's work table when in her parental voice said, "Saundra ?"  My pals immediately looked our way and when I looked at Barb realized she had seen my socks.  OMG, my face felt red hot and was so embarrassed.   I'm not Catholic but all of a sudden felt like a kid at Catholic school being admonished by a Nun.
Of course I never wore those again at Barb's, was very embarrassed but is a cherished memory nonetheless.  
Hope you enjoyed the time travel back to Woolley Fox.

Yesterday there was a thunderstorm and the weatherman said this area received 2" of rain.  Thunderstorm and more rain are predicted for today so will run my errands before that begins.  OH, by the way, guess who has poison ivy again #!%?!.  When I cut the grass this week, despite the hot temperature I wore long pants, long sleeve shirt and removed them after cutting grass.  

Only thing I can think is that with the weeds I've pulled with gloves and didn't identify any poison there must have been some hiding.  Hope it doesn't develop into the case I had last year but guess my name by Robin continues to be md (mummy dearest) since last year I went to be with long sleeve shirt, gloves (poison was between my fingers) and since it was also under my chin and neck wrapped a scarf around my neck.  As of this moment it is only right arm and hope it doesn't spread.  


Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Like Putting a Puzzle Together

I love antique rugs because of their seasoned wear and stories they could tell.  Replicating them, to me, is like putting the pieces of a puzzle together.  Presently I'm working on the antique adaptation named Potted Plant and no, it's still not finished.  Here is what it looks like now.
And these are the puzzle pieces I'm selecting from.  Yeah, I know, it looks like a pile of mess but using the worms makes it look more aged.
This morning while making coffee I noticed something big on my shed roof.  It was bigger than a bird and bigger than a squirrel.  So went to look out my bedroom window and noticed it was a pair of Bald Eagles.  WOW!!!  I've seen lone eagles fly above the meadow area while walking but never in my yard.  Since there were two I'm wondering if they have a  nest nearby.  

Sorry the photo is so poor but it was being taken with a digital camera thru a window and a couple screens and of course as life would have it, with the wrong setting.  Was afraid to go outside to get a better photo because I just knew they would fly away.
It is hot hot hot and humid for the 4th day in a row.  Supposedly there may be a thunderstorm later this afternoon so perhaps that will cool things down.  Sure hope lightening doesn't strike twice in the same place again.


Sunday, June 6, 2021

Antique Rug Eye Candy

Not ready to show you my itty bitty update on Potted Plant just yet so Plan B is always a rug show.  I can hear cheers from the peanut gallery, 😉.  This is an attractive floral and bet Tanya will like it as well.  Sorry, no date or dimensions were provided.
Below is 
Frost pattern #39, Cat and kittens circa 1900 and measures 29 x 52.
Guess this Hunting Dog is testing his skills on the chickens; he has the pointing down right.  Said to be hooked 1920 and measures 18 x 35.
Horse with Scrolls measures 37 x 52, no date was provided. 
I like it when the auction house shows a little of the back but love it when they show the entire back. The red faded over time but appears to be in good condition.
And also nice when they give a close up because at first glance I thought that black spot was a hole.
What is interesting about that Frost horse design is that Barb Carroll had one hanging in her bedroom at the large estate.
Mother Cat and although almost camouflaged, also her kittens.  Circa 1890 from PA.

Lion 1875-1900 wool and cotton on burlap Joseph and Linda Caputo collection
A Spray of Flowers Floral with that blotchy background I so like on antique rugs.  Measures 28 x 47.
And a view of the back showing it past repair and some needed again.
A hooked House with tongues hooked in the 1900's from a Massachusetts collection.  It measures 23 x 27 and if you tap on the photo it will enlarge and you can see various types of textiles are in it.  Also she didn't hook straight lines in the border as they seem to be higgly piggly in fashion some places.
I'm  not quite sure what to make of the symbolism of this rug ~ note the red axes at the two corners and the red hooked strip down the center.  Measures 27 x 41 and hooked 19th century.
And lastly, Stars and Circles with leafy vine border measures 32 x 56 hooked  19th century.
Happy Sunday and happy hooking.  Which I'm getting ready to do....hook.


Friday, June 4, 2021

Misc. Chit Chat

The first few paragraphs might be boring but if you get thru those there is fun at the end.

I've been rather lucky to have an 18 year old vehicle (2003 Chrysler Towne & Country van) which has been very good to me over the years ~ until recently.  Last September I heard a strange noise in the van and asked a male neighbor what it sounded like.  He also previously owned the same year and model van and said it sounded like the water pump was going bad.  Sure enough the auto repair shop confirmed it.   Had a new serpentine belt, drained and put in new antifreeze $386.78

In March  I needed an oil change and mentioned a leak.  I had a gasket leak and the engine was completely covered in an oily mess.  Replacing the manifold gasket set, valve cover gasket, dye to follow a future leak, fluids and labor ended up costing $924.39. 

Last week when it got really hot I turned on the van's A/C... well, you guessed it, no A/C.  So today's cost for repair of the "high side fitting", evac of old Freon, new charged system plus A/C leak detection dye cost plus labor was $267.63.

I asked them to look over the entire maintenance schedule and tell me what needed to be done to extend the life of my transportation.   Upon inspection the spark plugs and wires appeared to be original parts so to take care of that will be $262.79.   But a new transmission fluid and filter was recommend also to the tune of $198.75.  That is far less than a new transmission would cost so both of those will be done the end of this month.  Frankly it has been years since putting the van in the shop other than an occasional new battery and new tires.  And it sure beats the cost of a new car.

Yesterday I finally printed out 6 rug labels which included some rugs hooked in 2020.  Yup, I'm way behind on that front.  Here is one I have attached so far but have more to stitch on.
What are you plans for those face masks we were wearing ~ or maybe you're still wearing them.  I'm not wearing them in the stores or anywhere.  I've been vaccinated and love the feeling of normalcy.  On a whim one day I purchased a pair of knit masks at Walmart; I made some but also purchased some better ones with a vent.  Today I had a funny idea on how to use those old masks.  So here comes a selfie, sans face.  What about a bikini top 😂😂😂 ?  Sorry but haven't an idea on what to do for the bottom yet.

Happy Friday, happy hooking.


Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Where Has Time Gone??

Cannot believe it is June 2nd already and have very little hooking accomplished to show for my time.  I've truly not been a couch potato but life has gotten in the way as most of you can relate to.  

OH!!!!!  I know what took up a lot of my time!!!  My serger.  I had an order for a pattern and the serger thread broke.  It was a bitch of a time over 3 days to get it to work.  I'd rethread it, try to sew and it wouldn't work.  This went on for 3 days and each day after I'd had enough I'd stop, cool down and decide to try again the next day before tossing the serger in the trash.  Finally got it working until the next time.

Since there were a few quite chilly days I made a big pot of vegetable soup which I'm still enjoying and even froze some.  I've been trimming limbs, pulling weeds, and sadly the yard doesn't look like it has been touched.   Oh well, there's always after the next two days of rain to get back to it.

Now on to fun stuff ~  I did draw out a small pattern to put on the wall next to me and it is an antique adaptation I've named Potted Plant.  And this is the little bit I've  managed to hook.  What makes it seem even worse, the pattern I drew for the spot only measures 10 x 20.   Okay, I heard someone snicker out there 😊.  But since it is going to rain tomorrow am hoping to get more hooked on this small piece.
In case you're wondering, I'm still working on the Canton part of the Thin Blue Line Flag to and will post it when the last loop has been pulled.

It feels so good to get back to a new normal, or what I remember as being normal over a year ago.  I can go to the store without a mask, I'm chatting with friends, HUGGING my family and even anticipating the Cape May Rugs by the Sea rug camp.  Sure hope that happens this year.