Tuesday, December 5, 2023


The wool yarn did arrive yesterday and I've begun whipping the edges of the eagle rug.  Won't show you any progress until it is completely bound.  But will show you how well the wool matches the rug.  Kindred Spirits does sell various colors of yarn on her web site HERE.  And it is a wonderful thick wool for whipping with one strand.  If you want a special color combination for your rug contact her and she will overdye what you ask.  The special order cost is a couple dollars more per hank than listed on her web site but oh so worth it.   
Had time while waiting for the arrival of the yarn and not hooking the sheep rug, so did the preliminary work to make whipping with yarn go faster.

The sheep has been folded up with the wool strips and will remain in solitary confinement until such time I'm ready to decide it's fate.  Meanwhile I'm working on Going in Circles, which was my plus one project a couple months ago.

Since the sheep has been put to bed (so to speak) I'll be looking for my next one soon.  So  be prepared to see more antique rug posts.


Sunday, December 3, 2023

Testing, Testing ...

Am testing my happiness scale with a photo to see if I'm headed on the right path.  The sheep has been re-hooked to my satisfaction, almost.  But not sure if I should pull out all the loops around the sheep and start over.  So have decided to work from the border inward to see if the wool chosen will work with that hooked at camp.  If not I'll remove more loops.
I usually prefer to replicate antique rugs similar to the original antique but I didn't care for the flower and leaf colors in the original.  Also there were wool pieces taken to camp which are not my 'go to' colors.  Purple has never been my favorite color.  Yet I do love periwinkle.  Also have to remind myself Barb Carroll said she considered "purple a neutral".  That plus the fact the overdyed wool is named "Granite".  So granite and neutral is what I keep saying to myself when pulling those colors.  Just hope I have enough to complete the rug.
I've made a couple notes to self on my critique ~ there are some curly loops in the sheep I'll replace with similar medium value which doesn't curl.  That big brown blob close to the front leg of the sheep will be replaced with something else.  After that it is still working by the seat of my pants, as always.    

It has been a rainy few days here in slower, lower Delaware.  But since we were in a drought am sure the farmers are quite pleased with the precipitation.

Am thinking the wool yarn ordered from Ali should arrive tomorrow afternoon so whipping the edge of 1776 Eagle will begin when it does.


Friday, December 1, 2023


Today's antique rug show will be with geometrics only since there seems to be a collective appreciation for them in the comments received lately.  Plus they really are a great way to use left overs without the worry of detail.  

A brick style rug measuring 24 x 42 is from the collection of Robert Pfannebecker.
Well, scratch the 'detail' comment I made earlier, lol.  Hooked early 20th century is a fan and stars designed geometric measuring 39.5 x 51.
Another geometric from the 
collection of Robert Pfannebecker below measures 23 x 43.
A rather tattered and torn rug around the edges but nice soft colors, no date but this one is 27 x 43.
Prince Edward Island hooked rug, no date but dimensions are 30 x 48.  Brick shapes again.
Said to be hooked 1900 is this doubled star design with hit and miss border.
I LOVE this rug below which was on display at Sauder.  Said to be hooked between 1920 - 1930 and from the collection of Penny Young.
This next geometric looks too pristine to be a legitimate antique despite the fact it is said to be hooked with woven and knit fabrics.  It measures 27 x 38 on burlap.  No date was provided.
Definitely NOT my favorite geometric but she did a design and used what she had.
Nor is this one below my favorite but it is easier on the eyes.
A center medallion with hearts in the corners.  No date but dimensions are 20 x 38.  
Below is a close up of the back so you can see some of the textiles used.
For an even dozen here is a pastel geometric measuring 24 x 34 no date.  Sure wish the antique sellers would always provide an approximate date on the rugs being sold.
That's it for this fun Friday and first day of December.  I've known for almost a year that Christmas would be this month but for some reason didn't expect it to arrive so damn fast. 😲

Hope you have a happy weekend and stay warm.


Wednesday, November 29, 2023


Was looking for a shoe I'd carelessly tossed in the closet and found a box in the back corner.  Holy moly, there were trophies in there I'd forgotten about and hadn't seen for years.  The one that caught my eye first was a Judo First Place trophy I'd earned while in my early 30's.  Can't recall how long I took Judo classes but I quit around 1975 when we moved out of that area.  
I didn't start running until my early 40's but was proud of my accomplishments.  Never ran a marathon and one must be a hardcore, dedicated runner to attempt that with lots of duration training.  The longest distance I ran was 10K (6.2 miles).  Here are the trophies for some of the races.
In a previous post I showed a news article with a photo taken at the finish line HERE.          

In rug hooking news ~ I went to my wool yarn stash to pick out a hank of wool yarn to whip the edges.  Was sure I had the perfect yarn left from previous Ali purchase but this was it.  So I sent Ali (Kindred Spirits) an email with this photo below and asked for a black and brown mix yarn.  She said she will dye some and ship by week's end. 
That means the rug won't be bound tomorrow during the boring doctor waiting room visit but at least I'll have a more perfect color for this rug.  I have plain black wool or could have done the cotton binding but wanted Ali's perfectly dyed wool for this rug.

Baby it's COLD outside.  Tomorrow it is supposed to be in the 50's but today only in the 30's as a high.  



Sunday, November 26, 2023


Worse than adjusting to daylight savings time is adjusting to a week with a holiday.  I don't know what day it is ~ week day or weekend.  And regularly watched TV shows are held hostage by parades and football games on any of those days.  Thankfully I've a constant companion of wool, hook and patterns to help keep me grounded.

In case you're wondering about the sheep rug, the body is all hooked and the rug is resting while I decide where on the pattern I want to proceed.  Meanwhile the 1776 Eagle is back on the frame.  For some reason none of my 3 attempts at getting the rug straight in the photo turned out, this is the best of the 3 so I'm showing you this one.  I even tried tugging up the right top to make it level but that wasn't successful either.
Just might decide to continue with this rug since it's so close to being finished and can take it to whip while in the waiting room for my scheduled visit next Thursday. 


Thursday, November 23, 2023


Definitely won't be a Black Friday for me as I wouldn't put myself into the circus of pushing/grabbing shoppers, packed parking lots, and highway traffic.  But my daughter-in-love and her siblings do that every year.  Nope, not me, I'm staying home thank you.  

Cats and flowers dated 1925 measures 37 x 38.
It's deer hunting season now and hope those deer fawns who visited my yard this spring and recently survive.  Yes I understand the need to cull the species and know they are detrimental to the farmers crops.  Hopefully the deer know my yard is their safe space.  I like this rug and its blotchy background.
A lovely 
crescent shaped hooked rug with cabin and crow.  Hooked early 20th century measuring 18 x 35.5.
Very nice geometric!  No dimensions were provided but you can see the date.
I read or heard somewhere that at one time elephants were a very popular animal to hook.  Am wondering why the elephant?  Could it be the influence of the traveling circus which visited small country towns?  The elephant was probably the most exciting event of the circus which they wanted to replicate as a memory?  No date attributed to the rug below but dimensions were 18 x 34.
As I have hooked a Frost Sheep with scrolls it is always great to see an antique.  This one had fringe at the ends and no date provided but it is obviously old.
Decorative floral but no other info provided.  The hooker ran out of the really dark fabrics for the background so had to improvise in a few places.
Show horses and again no date provided.  Nice horses but won't be one I'd replicate.
An eagle rug with a hit and miss border as well as background.  Yet the eagle does stand out.
A frightened horse ~  look at his eye, and it is bolting away.  Rug measures 31 x 59 and while no date was provided it sure does look like a legit antique.
Happy Thanksgiving, happy shopping for you folks who are brave enough to venture out Black Friday and happy hooking, stitching or knitting to those who are staying home.


Tuesday, November 21, 2023


Today has been cloudy and rainy.  It is to rain all thru the night and prediction for this eastern shore area is between 1"-3" of rain.  At least it isn't snow, yet.

Wishing all of you a happy Thanksgiving.  Here are a few turkey rugs I've hooked.  The 1847 turkey was from a Need'l Love booklet and color planned in my first Lucille Festa class.  There is no last initial hooked in the rug as I was being divorced from and planning to take the last name Porter back and relinquishing the name Slagle.  He didn't want me so I didn't want his last name.  Yeah, I know, more information than you needed, lol.
Turkey and Tallowberries designed by Lori Brechlin and sold by Spruce Ridge Studios.  This one I hooked at home around 2016.
Old Tom is another pattern with the Lori and Kris collaboration.  I hooked this one at home too but not as happy with my color selection even the second time around.  If you want to look at poor Old Tom's before life you can see it HERE.
Again, Happy Thanksgiving.


Sunday, November 19, 2023


Thought I'd show you what my slow progress hooking the sheep is looking like now.  Changed that bow and of course the body which still isn't finished.
The photo below was then ~ just after camp and before reverse hooking some loops.  For sure I'll redo that brown spot to the left and make it softer colors.  Not sure what else will be done over but will have a better idea once the sheep is hooked.
And, this is a photo of the original antique.
Am missing working on the eagle but the sheep needs attention first.  Hope everyone had a great weekend but bet most of you spent time preparing for Thanksgiving this coming week.  Where in the world has this past year gone?


Thursday, November 16, 2023


Am sure many of us have way too many magazines on their shelves or somewhere in the house and I'm guilty of that.  I promised myself to not subscribe to Primitive Quilts and Projects when my subscription was going to lapse.  I failed to keep that promise and subscribed again going until 2025.  Foolish I know.

Just received my Winter 2023 issue and on the cover top left look at what it says  ... "Our final print issue".  
So until my subscription ends in 2025 they will be sent via email.  At least I can save any interesting hooking patterns without adding magazines to my overwhelming stash.  

In the latest issue of Rug Hooking Magazine there is an article on a book excerpt about Louisa Creed.  Not sure if you remember but I showed several rugs hooked by Louisa and her departed husband Lewis.  You can see those previous posts HERE.
Again I've promised myself to not renew my subscription when this subscription ends.  Hope I keep that promise.  One subscription I will continue to support is ATHA as it offers more than the other two IMHO.
Uh, anyone want to buy a particular issue of RHM or Primitive Quilts and Projects?  If so contact me.

Just sat down to pull a few loops as I was busy most of the day and want to make a little progress on the sheep.  Happy hooking.


Tuesday, November 14, 2023


All my unpacking from camp is complete but my Hartman hook was not found.  Thank goodness I've a backup and won't have to endure the increased cost of another new one.

The left side background on 1776 Eagle is hooked, leaving the right side yet to do.  Yesterday I pulled out the loops from the sheep and will start giving her a new coat today.

Below is a sweet farm scene with birds, dog, horse and what appears the rest of the family coming out to help with chores.  Was given a timeframe of 19th century.
A geometric hooked late 19th -early 20th century and measuring 20.5 x 41.
Just found this hen and rooster rug on Live Auctioneers web site but no date.  I love this drab and primitive rug but will also post some more colorful rugs for you who prefer color.
Flowers and stars 20 x 39 but no date was provided.
A lovely 13 star Eagle rug hooked 1800's measures 36 x 69.  This is the front.
Here is the back and you can see the rug was hooked thru folded foundation all the way to the edge requiring no binding.                            
Birds on a bare tree, no dimensions and no date.
A horse drawn covered wagon in the farmland hooked 1910's.  Dimensions are 34 x 60.
Horse with a mild hit and miss background, 26 x 37.5 but no date.
Another hit and miss background but more boldly done and makes me dizzy.
And last is a beautiful cat rug hooked by Mme Jeanne d'arc Gaudette.  She was born in Canada but lived in Holland, born June 30, 1926 DOD August 9, 2023. You can read more about her on her obit HERE.
I'll do a little happy hooking today on my sheep today and maybe do a little bush trimming outside as long as my knees and back play nice.


Sunday, November 12, 2023


... am taking a respite from my sheep rug so thought I'd pull a few loops on the eagle rug.  I wanted to do a blotchy background but won't know if it is a good blotchy or overdone until it is viewed on the monitor. 
Am hoping to decide the sheep's future soon, but don't worry, she won't be obliterated as that antique rug is too special to not continue.

Happy hooking, stitching, quilting or junk journaling, hope you are happy at it.