Monday, January 31, 2022


During the snow storm I stayed hunkered down and worked on the antique adaptation Blue Bowl of Flowers.  Just felt like hooking a larger pattern for a change so drew it 30 x 41 but if anyone wanted a smaller size I'd be happy to do that. 
Below is the original antique which I've had on my flash drive since 2014.  I also plan to hook my flowers in pastels, which I'm sure was faded in the original rug.  
Do you like cabbage rolls?  I love them but they are a lot of work.  Yesterday I  made a pot of Unstuffed Cabbage Rolls from a recipe found on line.  As with patterns I made changes to the recipe;  I used 1 pound of ground turkey instead of 2 pounds of ground beef,  used more onion and 2 stalks of celery.  And chopped up two carrots for the pot.  Below is a picture of today's lunch.
Guess I should have done what chefs do before serving a dish...wiped around the edge of my bowl.  But stirring it after the microwave made my bowl look messy but was still delicious.

My Granny adaptation is back on the frame and will be the subject of my next blog post and with any updated photos from other participants.  Tomorrow is February and while it appears time is passing us by quickly, the cold reminds me it is STILL winter.

Happy hooking.


Saturday, January 29, 2022


No update on mine this time as I've decided to pull a few more loops on Blue Bowl of Flowers to give participants' time to work on their Granny piece.   

Sheila decided to do a dark background and realized it would be too close in value with the purple dress so she reverse hooked it.  She said next time she'll choose her background color first.
This is a current photo with a new frock and a hooked chicken.
Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) decided Ole Jack needed some attention but did send me this photo to share.  
And am very pleased to have someone new join the group and am quite honored she would even consider playing in the wool with us.  Welcome Betsy (Heavens to Betsy).  She has been working steadily to have accomplished this much in just 2 days.  Her pattern measures 20 x 24 and did her own adaptation of a Granny Donaldson design.  Love the heart and that famous shaped antique cat.   Glad to have you Betsy.
Kim Is moving right along on her project too.  As I'd mentioned in my first post about starting this Granny hook-along, it was my belief that this was Karen's version of a Granny Donaldson design.
On the weather front thank goodness the weather folks called it wrong.  Had 8-10 inches rather than the 12-18 they predicted.  Now the sun is shining and melting the snow which will then freeze making driving unsafe at night.  Not to worry tho as I'll not be going anywhere.  

Happy hooking.


Thursday, January 27, 2022

My Day

After breakfast I went out and started lopping off some limbs to a pine tree which snapped off during the last 12" snowfall.  I'd lopped off and removed a few limbs before thinking about taking pictures.   In the background you can see another pine which is still leaning and will probably snap off if we get the amount of show predicted on the next white wave.
Below is the bald pine now but think it is still too heavy for me to pull into the back woods plus my back and shoulders hurt too bad to try.  So will keep it until I hire or have friends come chainsaw it into sections.
Now the back yard....this is what a small part of the back yard near my shed looked like before working yesterday.
After yesterday's work this is what it looks like now but there is still more work required.  Just too tired and sore to go back out now so will see what I can do in the morning before the snow starts.
Latest local weather forecast has given two different tracking models; one says this area will get 3-6 inches and the other says 8-12 inches.  Obviously I'm hoping for the 3-6 but would rather have none.

Local news showed people scrambling and buying out store shelves and hardware stores.  Guess they are buying and preparing for the higher snowfall since we all experienced the prediction last time of "between 1-12" and indeed there was 12" or more here.

Thankfully I've plenty of food and hope electricity holds out since I don't have a generator.  Tomorrow I'll pick up more batteries, just in case, and of course adult libations 😉.  Believe me when I say I have plenty of wool.

You haven't seen the other numerous trees around the yard which snapped off or fell over.  I'll clean up more around the shed and move elsewhere before the snow begins.  But later will keep myself occupied with rug hooking which is so comforting.


Wednesday, January 26, 2022

A Couple Hook-along Updates

Appears Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) has been burning the midnight oil as she has accomplished a lot on her Granny Donaldson rug.  Which means she must be done hooking her hearts.  
Here is my progress so far.  It was so tempting to just keep hooking the background down to the leaf but then that temptation could continue until the dang thing was done.   
Not sure if I'll continue to work on this tonight or pull loops on the Blue Bowl of Flowers.  But you know I'll be pulling loops for sure.  

Sounds as if there will be another major snow storm along the east coast again this weekend and I'm not done doing what I can to clean up the tree mess already here.  Monday and today I lopped off limbs and carried them back into the woods in hopes of making the trees less heavy so they can be hauled there also.  What doesn't kill me makes me stronger, right?  RIGHT??? 😐  What I cannot haul will require my asking a neighbor to chain saw into smaller pieces so I can haul them back there too.


Monday, January 24, 2022


This blog post will definitely please Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) because she's been beside herself wanting to know what was on my frame before starting my Granny project.  Well Lauren, here's the big reveal.  And big measuring 30 x 41 ~ that's big for me now and just decided to do it.  This is an antique adaptation of a rug I've named "Blue Bowl of Flowers".

I didn't have enough of the same blue color and was not going to dye more when there is plenty of various blue colors in my bin to choose from.  Hey, "use it up, make do, or do without", right?
Now for some Granny Donaldson updates ~ Sheila has accomplished more on her adaptation and decided on a dark background.  She completed her tree trunk and leaves even marked the leaves with the colors she chose.  Me thinks me should do that so I don't forget or try to remember what I'd initially thought to do.
Kim (My Field of Dreams) did some dyeing for her rug and says she wasn't pleased with the results.  Think all of us who dye wool have  experienced that same problem.  She has also accomplished a lot since her last posting.  Visit Kim's blog (link above) to read her cute post and view this rug again.
Elaine sent me her update this afternoon; so far I see yarn and wool but bet before she is all done it will include sari ribbon.  Elaine is an independent thinker doer and is confident to draw her own freehand designs and choosing a motif she prefers.  Wish I was more like that ~ a free spirit.  You go girl!!!
I'll save my Granny update for the next time.  And perhaps by then we'll have a new participant.  Am waiting for confirmation and a photo from her to share on a future post.   


Saturday, January 22, 2022

New Old Finds

Will give all the participants of the hook-along time to pull more loops without pressure 'to perform'  And, give the readers a change of pace so you will be looking forward to the next update.

On this post I'll show 2  newly found rugs hooked by Barbara E. Merry and 2 by her daughter Nancy Gertrude Scott.

This  first rug was named "Plantation Scene" by the seller as it depicts Jamaicans who came over to learn the American farming method.  Other than the 'washer woman' series this is the only other rug I've noticed black figures hooked by Barbara.
In this article it states that Barbara's first husband had a farm in East Newport Maine where he employed the Jamaicans.
Another of Barbara's rugs with the name which appears to be ETNAELSTON HOUSE. 27 x 33.  If anyone knows for sure what that first word is please advise as I'd like correct information.
I've always admired the folk art hooking of Nancy Gertrude Scott.  She naturally inherited her mother's talent for rug hooking.  She must also have memories of the Jamaicans working on her parent's farm as all her people are black figures.  This one measures 24 x 33.
Another Nancy Scott rug is this row of houses with 2 chickens.  It measures 28 x 42.  I also have a number of other Nancy's rugs on a flash drive.
Happy cold Saturday ~ but hey, it is winter.  

There just might be another interested participant to the Hook-along.  Maybe this break will also give her time to start on her design of choice.  If anyone else is interested in joining you can read about starting this Hook-Along HERE.  And then after a day or so of hooking send me a photo and I'll post it when I do the next Update.  HAPPY HOOKING!!!!!!


Friday, January 21, 2022

Another Update

Yesterday afternoon Denise sent me a current photo of her Granny (Kate) Donaldson rug adaptation.  It appears she is going with a softer/neutral background color and am sure everyone will enjoy seeing the various  choices each of us decide. 
Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) is moving right along on her rug too.  How perfectly round those little faces are ~ Lauren and Denise have set the standard high.  Visit her blog to see the wonderful wool which made this tree and her comment on the child in the rug.
And now for my update.  As expected Lauren and Denise set the standard of perfect faces high and I didn't pass.  And, why can I not take a straight photo?  It always seems to be lower on the right side and the camera also has a delay so guess my waiting, holding my breath, etc. makes my arm slip down.
Honestly I did replace that orange leaf but the one above still looks too bright.  Perhaps I need to hook the leaf in the middle and see if it mellows out.  Here's the before.
It was frigid today and silly me decided to walk the mile (to and fro) to get the mail with the cold wind whipping.  Temperature was 28* F (-2 Celsius).  A little more snow predicted here but thankfully not as much as the 12" received previously.  But it is COLD.  I made a big pot of Minestrone soup yesterday so that and a salad will be my dinner.

Happy Friday and happy hooking.


Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Granny Donaldson Cow Blanket Update

My Canadian friend Elaine sent me a picture of her accomplishment so far.  I knew even before she told me that hers would be hooked with a variety of textiles.  Elaine decided on a dark background using a plaid scarf.  BTW, she drew the pattern freehand by looking at the photo and is more brave than me ~ I need to have those enlarged drawing lines to trace.  
As I haven't provided a photo of mine in 3 days this is what my Granny adaptation looks like now.  I'm still unhappy with that bulbous orange leaf on the right but haven't done anything about it yet.  Also wish I'd chosen a different textured wool for the donkey? (is it a donkey) on the top left but am not pulling it out ~ it is a primitive after all.
Am still enjoying this project and it is so freeing with the 'outline and fill' of colors and no detail.  Still slowly binding Winter Buddies to make way for the Granny to be put on the side soon.

There are four more of us in the hook-along and as they progress to a point they are willing to share a photo with me I'll post it on my blog.  Am sure you are all interested in seeing what color background each is using and the colors chosen for which motif.  So stay tuned.  Whatever it is you're hooking I hope you are having fun.


Monday, January 17, 2022

The Granny Donaldson Hook-Along

Bet you were anticipating the next photos of the Hook-Along ~ me too.  When participants of this fun hook-along send me a photo of their progress I enjoy having the first preview and also fun to share.  

Denise just sent me an update; she received her pattern in the mail two days ago on Saturday.  Denise chose this design with lots of birds and critters and it measures 22.5 x 26.5.  She hooked the people beautifully and of course I love the horse.  Denise said she used #6 for the faces with #7 and #8 for the rest.  She isn't sure what color background she wants but am confident she'll get it all figured out.
Below is Lauren's choice of designs and it also has more critters than my easy one.  Lauren's people are hooked nicely also and made a cute comment about the boy in the middle but I'll let her share that sweet statement when she does her BLOG post.  Am sure she will also share what size cuts she is using as I'd be interested too.
Elaine will send a photo tomorrow so that will allow me to do another blog post and keep all of you sitting on the edge of your seat wanting more.

Crazy wild winds here last night and today with even more limbs down which were compromised during the previous 12" of snow.  Weather forecast says more snow this weekend and right now the amount is undetermined.

Happy Monday and happy hooking.


Sunday, January 16, 2022

A Couple Updates and Confession

Just before noon today (Sunday) Kim sent me an update on her rug as she was going to be busy the rest of the day on the house remodel.  Am sure it was hard to walk away from the Granny project but the reward of a newly remodeled home far outweighs the tug of pulling loops.  This is Simple Gifts a design by Primitive Spirit which I'm sure was Karen's Granny adaptation.  
Then later in the day Sheila sent me an update on her mat.  She said purple wasn't her favorite color but her mother loved it.  Sheila also mentioned that she might change some colors, and I know all about pulling out loops as I've done that myself many times.  So perhaps when Sheila's mat update appears again it might look a tad different.
Before hooking on mine I grabbed several worm baggies (some call them noodles) I refer to them as worms since worms seem to multiply whereas noodles don't, lol.   
Okay, now to the elephant in the room.....I have a confession.  If I don't say it Robin (Cranky Crow) or her 'joined at the hip' sista Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) will blab all over the comment section and even post it on their own blogs that I'm a cheater.  So here goes:  I couldn't wait until Saturday to start this project because if you've read my blog you saw I'd wanted to hook it for weeks.  But I patiently waited until early Friday evening to start and this is how far I got.  Not that much, right?
Wasn't sure I wanted to use that wool for the tree but before bed decided to wait until morning to pull out the loops to see how I felt.  I'd used that same wool for other tree trunks and it was introduced to me by Barb Carroll for a rug and I've used it many times since.  But still was unsure.

Saturday morning with new eyes and new attitude decided to continue with that wool and this is how the rug looks now.  Am not crazy about that orange leaf to the right but will wait until more loops are pulled to decide if it needs a replacement.
The bird on top was hooked only with worms and had a vision for the tail with the directional weave and think my vision turned out well.  Below is a photo with the red wool which was purchased years ago from The Wool Studio and the tree trunk wool came from Heavens To Betsy and is called "Turkey Feathers".  Don't think either of them have carried the wool for several years and thankfully I've more left of each.  
When the other gals send me a photo of their work I'll share a photo of theirs.  And remember, don't believe a word that Lauren says about me...I've told the truth the whole truth and nutt'n but the truth.  And it was Robin who started that whole mess 😁.

Happy Sunday and happy hooking.  Can't wait to get back to Granny....TA TA.


Saturday, January 15, 2022

What's Happening on Saturday

One thing happening today (Saturday the 15th) is the start of the Granny Donaldson hook-along.  Sheila and Elaine are the adventurous ones who are drawing their own version of a Granny inspired mat using favorite motifs.  

Yesterday Sheila sent me a photo of her drawn pattern and designed it with a special meaning in mind.  I'm sure the Angel and heart play a big part and what a wonderful way for her to reenter the joy of rug hooking.
Elaine has chosen her favorite animals and for the artsy part of her mind has drawn the flower off the edge of her pattern.  It always interested me when a person designed a rug with a flower or other motif running over into the border or cut off entirely.    Elaine did say some of her motifs might change in shape as she hooks.  I know how that goes as I've made changes even to purchased patterns to suit myself.
And speaking more about feels like a continuation of my never-ending birthday because sweet Elaine sent me this package from Canada ~ her handknitted socks and several types of tea.
On this cold Saturday the wool socks will keep me warm as I stay inside and hook on my Granny mat.  And yes, that is one big honking bunion you see on my right foot.
Happy  Saturday and happy hooking.  Its not too late for you to join us you know, if you wanted to review the Granny Donaldson Cow Blanket designs previously posted, click HERE.


Thursday, January 13, 2022

So Far a Group of SIX

With me included we are a group of SIX .....Here's the team list so far but maybe we'll have more join after reading this post.  

Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) enlarged her choice of a Granny Donaldson project and think she has it on linen already.

Elaine, my Canadian pal, chose a design and is hand drawing her own adaptation, am excited to see what she comes up with.

When Sheila saw my initial post about Granny's Cow Blankets it renewed that spark for rug hooking again and am very happy she is joining us.

Kim (My Field of Dreams) chose Karen Kahle's version of a Granny Donaldson rug titled "Simple Gifts".  

Denise is also joining in ~ her pattern was shipped yesterday and the receipt said it should arrive on the 15th.  Sure hope the post office doesn't disappoint.

So there you have the line up of far.  I've done a little research to find hooked versions of a Granny design and found a few.  Maybe these will help in color planning your rug.  This one below looks as tho the background was still in progress.
I found this photo of a hooked Granny rug on Pinterest.
And here it is again below and was hooked by Sheila sometime ago, wonder which design she chose to hook this time.
Below is a dark background and close to the design above.  Nice to see how rugs look with different background color choices.  Hmm, but I do see what looks like a pitchfork on the right?

Here is a photo I took at Barb Carroll's rug camp and the huge rug was still in progress.  Wish I had a photo of the finished rug.
Even found a needle punched version of a Granny Donaldson with soft colors.
And lastly is the Simple Gifts pattern I hooked a few years ago which I believe was Karen's adaptation of a Granny style but with a border and corners like Magdalena was known for.
If you would like to revisit my earlier blog post where I featured all of Granny's Cow Blankets you can find it HERE.  Would be fun to have more folks join in.  Since we will begin this Saturday the 15th I'll email all participants on Monday the 17th and ask for a picture so I can show them all on my blog.  Not to worry gals, if you want to post yours on your blog or post them on Facebook that's cool, but I'd love to have all of them to showcase here too.

Have fun color planning and this should be an easy project  I already know what color my background will be.  Happy Hooking.


Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Staying Busy

Am using the Acadian Frame for this most recently drawn pattern.  Appears Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) was right when she commented on my blog .... 
    "Am I to believe you will go a week without pulling a loop? I find that hard to believe...binding or no binding."       

Lauren, you know me all too well as it seems I can not go a week without pulling loops.
Oops, did my photo of the design get cut off?  Guess I'll have to take another photo and try again sometime later 😁

The snow storm last Monday did a lot of damage to my trees.  So far I've noticed 3 healthy holly trees snapped off and numerous pine trees.  Yesterday I removed the limbs from the top of my shed and some of the lighter weight limbs you see below.  But I got too cold and as I have Raynaud's syndrome had to go inside and warm up my fingers and body.
The pine trees in the photo below will require the help of a neighbor and his chain saw as there is no way I can move them by myself.  That photo was taken before the snow started melting.
Many other snapped off limbs are scattered around the property and I will slowly pull what I can into the back of the wooded property.
Four days and counting.....heard from Denise Barnes today who is also planning to join in the Granny hooking.  This is the design she chose which I've named Granny's Birds in Tree.
It is frigid outside, but then it IS winter.  Stay warm stay inside and happy hooking.  Actually I'll be busy drawing the Granny pattern for Denise and hope to go outside and do a little more yard cleaning up until I get too cold.