Sunday, August 30, 2020

The Show Must Go On

Since I'm not ready to show another update of Jack's Crow but realize 'the show much go on' 😉 thought I'd provide an antique rug show.  Recently found this landscape of a Log Cabin and Birdhouse which measures 30 x 46, no date was provided.
And a view of the back so you can see the true colors and foundation or repair of such.  Looks as tho it kept the color well.
This geometric mid 20th century hooked rug reminded me of covid masks.  A big rug measuring 96 x 124.  Although the auction house said hooked rug I'm wondering if it was really a woven rug.  But the humor of the masks is what prompted me to post it.
Another recent find is the Prancing Horse with diamond border.  It is from the collection of Susan and Mark Laracy of NY.  Dimensions are 31.5 x 37.75.
Also found this wonderful Dove with Berries and scrolls.  Dimensions are 19 x 35 and was  hooked late 19 early 20 century.  I sent this photo to Kris Miller today thinking it was the same shape dove as the previous posted...but it isn't. 
In a previous blog post I showed this Dove with Welcome banner which measured 19 x 32. 
A naive primitive Rooster rug with colorful border and mixed textiles in the rooster.  The rug measures 26 x 41.
Here is a close-up of the rooster and you can see the colorful textile used to hook it.
A rug depicting a Stalking Cat hooked early 20th century and measures  20 x 40.
Titled "Situation of America 1848", the rug measures 29 x 49.  A rather sublime vision of America, don't you think?  Progress, American flags flying proudly, trade, and calm village.
Can you imagine what a present hooked version of the situation of America would look like today?  I shutter to think how it would be hooked.  It surely would be a sad vision and wouldn't want to hook it or want to own it.

But I am confident it will all get sorted out.  God Bless America.


Thursday, August 27, 2020

Marching to My Own Drum

I fell in love with a rug Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) posted on her blog HERE and knew it had to be on my frame next.  If you are interested in buying the paper pattern click this link: Jack's Crow.  

Yet, I'm marching to my own drum....first of all I'm using mostly all the ugly grey thin wool, using worms for the pumpkin head and star out of character and a blue moon.  

Not only that but am using strips of wool with a blue stripe saved since working on a Polly Minick patriotic rug.  It was a cream and blue windowpane design and saved the wool with the blue line.  I'd always wanted to use that for a white striped jeans pants for a boy.  Finally that has come to fruition.  
After the rug is all hooked I might give the pants a spray of walnut dye to tone it down.  But what I'm seeing here doesn't seem to need it.  Must say this has been a slow and relaxing muss, no fuss.  Which is what I needed after the last storm and preparing for the remnants of Laura over the weekend.

My fish pond pump still needs to be replaced (waiting on my son), the ceiling fan and replacement TV need to be set up by my son but the fish pond is my concern before the water becomes stagnant.  But he has a wife and son so they are his priority.  Push come to shove I can always hire someone.  HA, so guess husbands are good for something....IF they stick around.

Hope everyone stays save during this summer season's last hurrah of devastation from Laura. 


Wednesday, August 26, 2020

National DOG Day

I miss having a dog for company, someone to hug, someone to talk to and yes, make me get up and walk him/her.  Since there isn't a companion here to share a photo of now, will share pictures of my departed fur babies from the past.

This is Shumba, our first Rottweiler pup at about 8 weeks.  We purchased her from a local breeder who also shows their dogs.  Her chew toy is almost as big as she is.
And here she is about 2 years old and a mother of 8.  We had her hips OFA certified to ensure healthy pups and to show potential buyers the k-9 parents' hips were certified.  Our intentions were to breed her once and have her neutered.  We were not going to ruin her health by over breeding.
Shumba was a fantastic mother.  Bruce built her a whelping pen and it was in our living room so we could watch over the group.  No way did mom want that.  She wanted to care for her brood in the basement out of the prying eyes of others.  So we made a place for her down there.

We sold 7 pups and kept one, a boy named Panzer.  He was a silly, funny dog who made me laugh all the time.  When loose in the park area behind the ball field if there was no ball to play with and they got tired chasing one another Panzer would pluck a wild flower and tease his mother with it.  Once his endeavor got him a bee sting on the nose....poor baby.
After Shumba passed we adopted Shadow from a local vet.  She was supposed to be half pure bred Rottie and pure bred German Shepherd.  Here is Shadow at 10 weeks ~ she sure looks like a Rottie doesn't she?
Then she grew up, 😏 and her behavior was 100% German Shepherd.  Her behavior changed faster than her appearance which was that of a Shepherd.
We had both Panzer and Shadow together.  As rotties are more relaxed than hyperactive  Shepherds, the elder Panzer had no patience for Shadow.  After my precious Panzer died it was me and Shadow.

Shadow was a loving dog and full of energy which Shepherds are known for.  Sadly I lost her too and she is also missed.
One day I received a phone call from the same vet from whom we adopted Shadow, asking if I was still looking for a Rottie.  Heck yeah!!!!!  In comes my boy Ben.  He was 6 years 7 months old when I adopted him.
Ben was a very affectionate and protective dog.  He was my warning system whenever anyone came into the yard.  He loved my grandson too and let folks know if they were being too rough with him or me.  Ben would growl and jump up but not bite.  And I  miss my big boy Ben a lot.

When I hear of new pets up for adoption at the local shelter I consider inquiring.  But in reality know that at my age it probably isn't wise.  Besides, I'd want another Rottweiler or Pittie and if rug camps ever begin again would have to put them in a kennel.  Not only do I NOT like putting dogs in a kennel, but most kennels don't take those breeds in.

Be kind to your beloved dogs and I do promote adoption over buying from breeders.


Sunday, August 23, 2020


My adaptation of an 1830 patriotic hooked rug is now complete except for binding.  Mine measures 16 x 35.  Still might use a little walnut juice on it to dirty it up a tad but that will be it.
The original antique sold at auction for $3,690 and measured 32.5 x 71.5.


Saturday, August 22, 2020

Follow-Up From Thursday's Post

In case you're wondering what my hooked rugs of those shown on Thursday's post looks like, here are the ones I've hooked ~ Cats Meow.
This is the photo where I first saw the rug where it was on a log cabin wall.  Later learned who the owner was and contacted her.  Although ownership an antique rug does not qualify as copyright, thought it would be nice to get her approval.
I've hooked two E.S. Frost sheep, this one and one with scrolls.  Mine was hooked with the penny circles, like the original but I sure do like how Melinda Cole hooked hers (scroll down to next post to see).
Below is the original Frost rug with fringe.
The newly discovered Magdalena Goat I did hook twice.  The first one hooked as close to Magdalena's original as possible using what I have.
Then thought maybe showing another color palate might make the pattern more interesting to folks so  hooked a smaller size in a different color.
And here is the original Magdalena Goat.  
In Evelyn Lawrence's booklet Magdalena Briner Eby, she mentions a rug dealer recalling several rugs with goats in addition to the one on The Farm rug.  And finally January 17, 2017 I happened upon it listed on an auction site and immediately sent Evelyn a link.  Evelyn then contacted the auction house.   It was fun watching the price increase after the first jump when someone else recognized its importance.  It was so much fun to be a part of that new Magdalena discovery.  Here is Evelyn's book and you can order your copy HERE.
The only other rug on the previous post I hooked is Cherries and Candy Stripe.  As soon as I saw the original knew it must go on my frame....and so it did.
Here is a photo of the original antique; you can see I decided not to use a yellow aged wool in the stripe.
There is a new rug on my frame (tease) and a rug which needs binding.  You will see the reveals one at a time later.


Thursday, August 20, 2020


This flashback Thursday is debuting some patterns I've drawn for other people.  Unfortunately not all pattern buyers have sent me a finished photo.  So if you are one of them and don't see your rug here, please take a photo of it and send it to me ~ obviously it isn't a requirement 😉  but would enjoy seeing your version and share it with others.

The rug below is an antique adaptation I named Cats Meow and was hooked by Sue Swank.  Sue took a some creative license and added a few additional critters to fill in empty space.  Good job Sue!
I've sold numerous E.S. Frost Sheep patterns and here are a few of the Frost's version with birds and flowers.  First one is hooked by Lisa Halverson.
This one was hooked by Kathy Clark of Briarwood Folk Art.
Melinda Cole hooked this colorful version below and like how she chose to do hooked triangles making it less fussy and much easier for her I'm sure>  I like how it turned out ~ Nice job Melinda!
Another color palate of the E.S. Frost design was hooked by Susan Foley.
Susan Traughber is a huge fan of Magdalena Briner Eby and she hooks the original huge version of all her designs.  When I first discovered a new original Magdalena Goat rug on an auction site she had to hook it.
Susan decided to hook another for her other adult child since they both loved the design so drew another for her to hook.  Here is the second one, would you hook a rug twice???
Someone else liked the new Magdalena Goat discovery and it was hooked by Kathy Applegate.  
Susan Traughber asked me to draw another Magdalena rug The Farm.
A neighbor admired Susan's work so much she decided to hook a rug to surprised him.  So Harvey's Magdalena was in the works and a very appreciative young man.  Susan I'd say you are one great neighbor and hook beautifully too!
Lisa Halverson asked me to design a horse rug for her.  I did a couple sketches and she approved this design.  Look, she's almost done, just a little more background to do.
Then Lisa decided to do a little lot of tweaking by pulling out all that background to follow her heart.  This is Patriotic Rider finished with a background similar to some Warren Kimble designs.
Country Cottage is an antique adaptation I drew, this one was hooked by Pamela Gunn.
Linda Scheffler also ordered the pattern and hooked the one below; nice job ladies.
I hooked an antique adaptation of Cherries and Candy Stripe, posted it on my blog and Pam Gunn ordered it.  Here is her version.
Floral Theorem was another pattern I drew for Pam.  After seeing her rendition and learned she used mostly #8.5 but some #8 I might be tempted to hook it myself.
Lisa Halverson loves hearts almost as much as she loves horses.  I drew this antique adaptation I call Hearty Heart because of its size. 
She also requested I draw this 1931 Hearts antique.  Lisa visited my blog  to see the partially hooked one and sent me a finished photo.  Love the mix of colors she used in the hearts and background.  It is much warmer than the original.  Thanks Lisa and great work.
Another antique adaptation Lisa hooked is one I named Hearts and Penny Flowers.  And look at that lovely heart hanging on the lock of her antique cabinet which compliments the heart theme.
Actually Lisa has hooked many of my patterns and would love to get finished photos of those too.  So Lisa if you're reading this I'd love to get a photo of the one above, Doves & Basket, Hearts-A-Plenty, Horses and Tree, and probably not started yet (because it is garden time) is White/Grey Horse with Scrolls.

Will save the Domestic Zoo photos for another blog post.  

Those folks to whom I've drawn a pattern, if you don't think you've sent me a photo of your rugs, please do so you can make it in my next rug show.  Happy hooking everyone.


Monday, August 17, 2020

Two Newly Discovered Molly Nye Tobey Rugs

At least they are new discoveries to me.  I made a previous post about Molly Nye Tobey rugs HERE.  Then sometime later received a very nice email from Tom Tobey saying she was his grandmother.  He said he and his sisters had a collection of her rugs which were not among those previously shown.

This morning I received a photo of two rugs which Tom owns and were hooked for him as a kid.  This one is of Carousel  Horses.

This Sailboat and Automobiles hooked rug was made from a childhood drawing by Tom.  Tom said both of these rugs were hooked about 1965-1966.
What wonderful heirlooms and fond memories of his grandmother.  I was given permission to share these.  Tom has other siblings who also own rugs by Molly Nye Tobey and am hoping they will take photos of them so I can share them with you too.

My issues still aren't over.  The one cgfi keeps wanting to trip and have a couple other rooms which still don't have electricity but may be connected to that cgfi.  But I did buy 4 phones and ceiling fan.  The fan needs to be installed by my son and need to purchase a small TV to replace the one which died.  
My fishpond pump may be dead too but perhaps that is connected to the gcfi which keeps tripping.   

Honestly, I've got ptsd from this ~ went to the farmer's market to buy tomatoes and a woman dropped her phone on the table and I jumped out of my skin.  Another shopper had her small pup with her and it had a piercing bark and I jumped.  Hope my nerves calm down soon.