Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Hallow's Eve

This neighborhood used to have young kids who would dress up and visit homes in this small community, now they are too old so doubt that I'll have anyone visit tonight.  Even my grandson is of the age where he wants to go out with pals so their moms drive them around then they gather and share the bounty at the end of the evening.

Below is a Netty LaCroix witch I made several years ago and subsequently sold at a show.  Loved making her dolls.
Then here is a pattern called Hobo Joe, designed by Lucille Festa as a cut out and I chose to hook the background and added his chest.
Before him I hooked Hester which was a free pattern in Primitive Quilts and Projects.
Last year I designed and hooked Mache Jacks just before Halloween.  I don't own an antique jack-o-lantern but always wanted one.  My blogger gal pal Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) has some and you should see her decorations.  Bet she has lots of candy to hand out too.
And of course my latest and greatest treasure just finished is Nantucket Broom Ride, a design offered by Spruce Ridge Studios from the art work of Lori Brechlin.
The last few days I've been very busy doing patterns and have been remiss in acknowledging some newbie hooker questions.  I've written to the gal to let her know I've not abandoned her, just busy.  And tonight's post was easy since the pictures were readily available and didn't have to think much, lol.

Kim, sweetie, hope those clowns don't come near your house.  

BOO to all of you.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Rug Camp Coming Up

I've been so busy designing and drawing patterns that I forgot what day it was ~ haven't even pulled one loop yet today.  I thought it was Wednesday and it isn't ~ tomorrow is Friday.  TGIF for you worker bees. Guess that is why days just float by as every day is a weekend for me.

So that means my next rug camp in Ocean City, MD is just 9 days and a wake-up away.  Thankfully I've an easy pre-planned rug to take.  The rug is called A Day in the Country.  
Actually it is a kit designed by Tonya Robey (MadHenPrims) which I purchased a few years ago and never hooked.  Here is a picture of all the wool still in the shipping box and the pattern.
Her wool is overdyed and I'll take some worms in a few colors as well as textures to add here and there.  But will try to keep her cute whimsy alive.  So this will be an easy peasy fun and relaxed camp.

AND...... coming up in a future post ~ that is when I can get it in with pattern drawing ~ are some great newbie hooker questions.  Questions I had when first starting and had forgotten over the years.  That is why I love it when newbie hookers ask.  And there is one gal who helps me keep my blog alive!  Love ya for it Julie!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Finally Finished

Yippee, Nantucket Broom Ride is all hooked and decorating my harvest table along with a white wool applique pumpkin on candlestick and a bird house my grandson made me a couple years ago.  
Here is a picture of the full monty........
A picture of the back so you can see the wool yarn whipped edge with binding tape.
Here is a close up of the wool yarn whipped edge with binding tape.
Today I did manage to pull a few more loops on the challenge rug but now it is time for me to knuckle down and work on designing some patterns for Polly.


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Puppy Love

Was busy today shipping a Domestic Zoo pattern to a customer plus drew and shipped a pattern to Polly Minick for her to hook.  Tomorrow I'll be busy drawing another 4 patterns for Polly but she needed one right away.  Later today was able to pull a few loops on the Out of Hand Rug Hookers Challenge which I named Puppy Love.  Not so sure how much will be accomplished tomorrow tho since I'll be busy.
I'm hoping to hook a few cobblestones along the walk and hope that is allowed. I know new motifs aren't allowed in the challenge, only those provided by Lori were to be the motifs in the challenge rugs.  

As for the Nantucket Broom Ride, I'm still yarn whipping the last edge and hope to finish that over coffee tomorrow morning.  Then is only the tacking down of the inside edge.  So for sure I'll have this beauty on my harvest table before the weekend.  I'll bore you with another picture of that beautiful rug which happened with a lot of love from a lot of my friends.  Might even give me incentive to scrub my kitchen floor. 

Coming soon is to show you what I'll be hooking at rug camp just 11 days and a wake up away.  

Have a great evening everyone, and beginning tonight we in Delaware will be hunkered down with LOTS of non-stop rain and am sure many of my readers will be in the same path or has been there already.


Sunday, October 25, 2015

Color Planning by the Seat of My Pants

Seems I do this a lot ~ color planning at the last minute when I need a wool for the grass, or the sky, or whatever.  When first starting the Out of Hand Challenge rug tried to use as many worms from my bags of various colors as was possible.  

For the sky there were several worms pulled from the bag then went directly to the source of the over-dyed flat wool in my stash.  Will be nice when that is gone too.

But now a decision needed to be made on grass/ground color.  Since I'd recently tried to organize my wool stumbled upon this textured over dyed wool which I think will work great.  Have cut a few strips to hook with tonight and hope it looks like grass and not water.
For at least one of pups I'm hooking the spots in the lighter brown and tan for the body.  The other pup will be close but not quite same colors.

As for Nantucket Broom Ride I did do a little more wool yarn whipping the under edge of the rug but still have one and half sides to whip and then the tacking of the inside edge.  

Have a great evening everyone.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Challenge Update

Hooking on this challenge rug is still slow as I'm also slowly binding Nantucket Broom Ride.  Putting in an hour a day on the binding seems like a lot and one would think it would be done by now.  Seems I can't bind and watch TV at the same time.  Anyway.....

Here is a picture of my Out of Hand Challenge rug now.  This is a picture with a flash.  And if only I'd planned several times and drawn just once there wouldn't be all those border lines.  They are very confusing to even me when I get ready to hook.  In the penny circle tree there are a couple stems which still need hooking.  
The photo below is without a flash so will be a bit more blurry but real colors are between the two photos.
Hard to believe in two weeks I'll leave for another short rug camp and then nothing for 6 months.  Yet there is the Challenge rug, the Sheep UFO and the camp rug.  But during the winter months hunkered in might be good and a time when lots of hooking and binding will be completed.  

Happy Saturday eve.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Back to Out Of Hand Rug Hookers Challenge

Now that the other rug is presently being bound it was time for me to put the Out of Hand Rug Hookers Challenge rug back on my frame.  I named it Puppy Love.
When I was playing with the motifs had thought of putting the penny rug tree on both sides of the house but with two dogs decided to not duplicate the trees too.  Besides, folk art sometimes has flowers and birds which are way out of context to the rest of the designs anyway.

There will be a border of sorts but haven't figured that out yet.  For sure it won't be that premature wide border you see drawn on the linen now.

Have a great evening everyone.  And, once Nantucket Broom Ride is all bound I'll bore you again with another photo.

Hey you worker bees.... tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!!  So enjoy your evening as you look forward to tomorrow and the weekend.


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Nantucket Broom Ride All Hooked

Yippee!  It is all hooked and have already started the process of binding. So tonight I'll enjoy (try to enjoy) the slow steady process of binding this wonderful rug.  Here is a picture of it with the binding tape tucked under the rug.  Isn't it cute as the dickens?????
Thank you Lori Brechlin for your art work to create a design so Kris Miller of Spruce Ridge Studios can offer this as a rug pattern.

I'm using both black binding tape and yarn on the outer edge.  Here is one view from the back and the yarn encroaches about 1/4" into the outer edge of the cotton binding.
Below is a side view, if the edges of color show up when the rug is placed on my table that will be okay as the variegated colors will blend nicely with the rest of the rug.  But doubt it will show.  Once bound I'll give you another look so you can see what it looks like from the top view and the bottom view.
As mentioned previously, my plans are to take it easy and just work on the binding of this rug but doubt it will be finished tonight.  So again over morning coffee will continue.  But in the afternoon will pick up my Out Of Hand Rug Hookers Challenge Rug and work on that.

Thanks to you new followers!!!!!!  Welcome aboard ~ if any of you are newbies and have any questions, check out the search engine at the top left of my blog.  There is an empty space at the top left and if you type in common words like 'hooking frames' or 'hooking foundation', etc.  If I've written about it before those posts should pop up.  BUT, if that doesn't work and you still have a question I'll be happy to try and help.

Trust me when I say I'm no expert as I struggle with my hooking, question my color choices and have pulled out loops and rehooked motifs numerous times before.

Have a great evening everyone.


Monday, October 19, 2015

Almost Done

Even tho I have pulled loops and re-hooked areas this has been a fun, fun rug to work on.  Obviously it WILL be ready to put on my harvest table in time for Halloween but it doesn't really scream Halloween so am thinking of hanging it on my wall to enjoy year round.  Hey, it's my house and may as well surround myself with things I enjoy, right?
There are a few small things I want to tweak yet.  The witch's bottom foot needs defining to look like a foot instead of a curve; the hat brim in the back needs a smidgen of extension and outlined better, the pretty witch wants a softer lip color and the black defining line in the left arm needs a little organization.  Other than that, steaming and binding and it is DONE.

Again, if you would like to hook this project, it is a design offered by Kris Miller of Spruce Ridge Studios based on the art work of Lori Brechlin.  I'm sure you will get as much enjoyment hooking it as I have.

Happy Monday to you all.


Sunday, October 18, 2015

Hooking With Textures

Textured wool really does make a rug look aged, a prime example is the Kinderhook Basket I hooked with a little help from my friend Barb Carroll in her class.  Just adore the rug, the colors and the fond memories it gives me when I see it every day.  It hangs in this room; it is a design offered by Woolley Fox
Textures can also be used in whimsical designs too.  There isn't one piece of flat/plain wool in Nantucket Broom Ride.   Here are some pictures of what I've used.

The picture below shows the background wool (called Pluto by Heavens to Betsy), the first purple was used for the hat, second plaid for the dress and the third piece of texture was the thin outline around the witch's hat and dress.

Originally I'd hooked grey hair on the witch but now she is a beautiful red head and the texture on top of the background wool is what I used. You can see that I also re-hooked the spout as the sparkle didn't show up as I'd hoped it would.

The houses were hooked in the following textures.  I know the red seems bright in the photo but guess the dark spot managed to come forth more often.  To the right of the red is what was used for the ground color....a little of several earth colors which makes for a nice earth and grass color.  The lighter sections of the gold on the right is what was used for the mustard house.  That too came from Betsy.

For some reason I couldn't put my hands on all three of the wools that were used for the whale but could find the tail section I used.  That was part of a jacket that was found at my local thrift shop.  Can't remember if it was a woman's or men's jacket but it worked just fine.  However, mixed strips of that with another wool in the whale so that the tail wouldn't be too light.

So textures can be used successfully even in whimsical pieces.  Must admit I was hesitant at first but Barb helped me see how they can be used and I often reference the rugs hooked in her class as lessons when I need one.

Enjoy your Sunday evening.


Saturday, October 17, 2015

Take A Look at IT Now

By IT would be Nantucket Broom Ride.  There have been several changes and some of those changes might be changed yet again.  Below is a picture of what it looked like BEFORE.
A couple things I want you to take notice of are:
     ~the wool used for the whale spout spray
     ~wool used for hat and dress is the same wool
     ~black shoes which needed to be outlined
     ~arms with the multi-colored lines
     ~grey hair on the witch
And this is what it looks like now.  I changed the black shoes to barefoot, the witch is now a beautiful red head (more on that in a few), the hat and dress color has changed as has the wool for the water spout.
The dress and hat wool are different wools and think the lighter colors work better.  Looking at the picture above it appears the black between the arms and without an outline is working okay.  Frankly, I probably didn't even need an outline at all since the colors are noticeably different against the background.

Below is a close up of the new water spout.  When I received my special delivery of wool from a very special friend the water spout was the first thing I changed.  It seemed like an incredibly wonderful idea to use the blue/black/sparkle wool. is almost undetectable even in photos which usually show everything.  So just might go back to original plan but keep some of the sparkle in between the other loops.
Definitely do love my witch being a redhead...hey, who hasn't wanted to be a redhead at least once in their life?  I've wanted to yet never went there.  But will extend her locks a little so it flows along with the scarf flow.  Not too long but a tad longer than the bob she now has.

The back of her hat brim needs to be extended also.  Let me say that I'm loving this rug and it is worth the trouble catering to my whims as the wool and time provides.  Hey, ain't got nuttin but time.

Next post I'll provide pictures of the textured wools which went into the hooking of this rug.  A blogger friend inquired on how to use textured wools which aren't readily available at her thrift shops.  Men's sport coats are a great way to get textured wool.  So stay tuned for the next post.  

Who knows what additional changes will occur on the rug before you see it next.

Enjoy your evening and Sunday.


Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Stash

I'm referring to both the wool and pattern stash.  Hard to believe that at one time I had a private pity party because I had no stash.  Having just taught myself to hook didn't want to spend a fortune on 'bought' wool?  Seriously?  Buy wool when you can go to the thrift shop?  Funny now because I can't wait until the wool samples arrive in the mail and swear I'm not buying any more.  Just look at this mess and it's only the tip of the iceberg.  

And do I have a stash!  See that green tote at the bottom right?
If the wool I had wasn't already enough, that wool you see crammed into the green tote was some of the wool that Linda Woodbury was giving away at Cape May one day.  So what doess a person who doesn't need any more wool do?  Well of course I bring more into the house.
In the beginning just wish I'd been a little more selective with my thrift shop buying and instead of buying flat wool (of which I have an over abundance still) wish I had known about textured wool.  Frankly I didn't understand the diversity nor how to use them until taking a class with Barb Carroll.  

Okay, so now let's talk about the pattern stash.  Those three drawers are crammed full of patterns drawn on foundation.  Several times I've downsized my pattern stash by selling on eBay but continue to buy patterns.  Right now I still have 28 patterns in the stash.
One of those patterns will be taken to my next rug camp in November and design will be kept a secret for a while.  Since there is still 3 1/2 weeks to go before camp I want to save a little something to write about later so won't mention the name yet.

Well kiddies, gotta run as I received a 'special delivery' from a special angel friend and will be ripping out wool and re-hooking some areas on Nantucket Broom Ride. Another secret until the unveiling.

Have a great evening everyone.


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Another Update on Nantucket Broom Ride

As I'm participating in the Out of Hand Rug Hookers Challenge finishing this rug is critical. Besides, I'd like to have it on my harvest table in time for Halloween.

Working from the bottom up toward the goode witch, all of my motifs at the bottom have been hooked.  Must say it does look better with the mustard tree to the far left so the eyes will circle the rug (thanks Lynne).  Since the original tree was shaped like a stick pine tree I had to change the design a smidgen to make it look like a regular tree without leaves.
So later this week I should be ready to tweak the goode witch who is having such fun riding the whale all over Nantucket.  If you would like to purchase this pattern it is based on the art work of Lori Brechlin and offered by Spruce Ridge Studios.

Arm still healing and will be done with antibiotics on Friday.  Earlier today I had a chill thinking about how I'd put myself in a real medical crisis by not seeing a doctor when the horrible bruise first happened.  I didn't go until I was in excruciating pain 10 days later.  More than likely the cellulitis had developed early and I waited and put my life in jeopardy.  Cellulitis doesn't sound so critical, but it is; it is a potentially deadly illness and was very foolish to not have gone to a doctor with the red swollen bruise right away.

Have a good evening everyone.


Monday, October 12, 2015

Hooked Projects I've Done Since Cape May 2014

Each year when it is time to gather up all the rugs for the Cape May rug show I've hooked during the year, I start with my class project for the previous year at Cape May.  Last September my class was with Ali Strebel and Ali Katz was the rug on my frame.
Naturally there was an interim project for me to work on until Ali got to me but for the life of me cannot remember what that was.  Oh, that may have been the Man Cave Rug and would have taken just background wool to hook .....maybe.  Anyway, it was finished in time for the show and thankfully way ahead of time for Christmas
These won't be in order as they were hooked by any means, but do keep a running list during the year and list them each time one is finished. Here is Harvey's Magdalena with a flash and a photo without.
Another Magdalena design called Olde Ducks.  Not a flattering picture it was taken on the back deck in natural lighting.
A Woolley Fox design called Hannah's Hen and residing on my school marm's desk.
I designed this Magdalena style crow in a small size and contimplated making it into a pillow to join the pillow below but decided to keep this as a mat instead.
Below is a design by Betsy Reed which I made into a pillow.  I used Betsy's technique for the edge trim.
This year also did two antique adaptations.  One was a small runner I named Cherries and Candy Stripes and wanted for my harvest table.  It is quite smaller than the original antique but oh how I loved the dirty stripe border.
The other antique adaptation is Chum and I believe it was originally hooked by the same woman who hooked Ned.  I contemplated hooking regular dog paws on him but Barb thought the original whimsy of the toes or toenails should be included.  I'm glad I listened to her and this rug was a favorite of Kris Millers in the show.  Oh, Chum is bigger than Mr. Cotton tail so I must have really reduced the size.
As I mentioned, they are not in order....Mr. Cotton Tail was hooked in time for Easter this year and is a design by Brenda Gervais.
A small project was in my future once again and I hooked two of these Black Kitten mats which were an antique adaptation.  Hooked one for me and one for a friend which will be a Christmas gift.
Hester was a free pattern insert in a fall issue of Primitve Quilts and Projects and was a design by Lori Brechlin.
Just in time for Cape May I'd finished Hobo Joe, a design by Lucille Festa.  Instead of making him a cut out decided to hook the whole piece.  Lucille thought he looked great. 

Although you've seen all of these along the year as I was working on them, you can see them all together now.  Not many big pieces but smalls are fun too.

Have a good Monday evening everyone and Happy Columbus Day to you all.


Sunday, October 11, 2015

Broom Ride is Back

I accomplished a little more on the background and finished the moon. If you scroll down to my previous post of the design you can see the sliver moon has an eye with a pupil.  I've only seen one other hooked Nantucket Broom Ride and the gal did a fantastic job outlining the eye and hooking in the pupil.  I tried and mine looked messy and like an alien.  
Just one try at the eye and decided to just hook a slit of an eye and I like it,, I love it.  The moon looks like it's taking a nap.  In retrospect I should have put the mustard colored house in the middle and the red house on the right.  Oh case you're wondering ~ nope, won't pull them out and rehook, lol.

You will eventually see changes in the witch to come and am hooking my way over there.  Think I'll frame the design first and then will work my way up from the unhooked tree.  It really is better (I think) to see how something is working if there is more hooking done.

In case you missed the information before, this is a pattern offered by Spruce Ridge Studios and based on a design by Lori Brechlin.  

Should you be wondering, my arm is less red and less swollen but not totally healed yet.  There are still more antibiotics to take too so am hoping by Tuesday I'll be good.  If not my primary care physician game me a prescription to go the 10 days of antibiotics rather than the 7 days of prescription the urgent care gave me.

Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends, and enjoy the rest of your Sunday everyone.


Friday, October 9, 2015

Travels of the Witch on A Whale and other stuff

Since today I'm feelling more normal will do more of a post, sorry that I've been in outer space for a while.  Mama ain't happy with the numerous lines of color around the small witch with the outline to define the arm and the halo effect to separate the so close in value colors of dress and background.

Personally I feel witches wear either purple, black or grey dresses those are my choices.  Well can't be black, can't be grey because the whale is that color and so is the witch's hair.

In the picture below you can see the background wool under the 3 purple choices I pulled from my stash.  The first two seem too light to me and the wool on the far right is the same wool as is in the roof of the first house which can be seen with the background without a halo.  It may look brownish in the picture but is a purple.  If I use that then I intend to give my witch pointy green shoes like her scarf color. Otherwise the black shoes would need to be haloed  or would have to give her flesh colored feet.
Oh, I put a couple of those far right purple strips on the witch's hat so you can see what it will look like.

Now the 'other stuff'.  Many have asked how I am feeling and thank you for your concerns.  This was way different that the two day flu like illness had previously but was afraid to say I had a bacterial infection (aka Cellulitis).  

Was asked if I got the infection at Cape May and the answer is an emphatic NO.  This was an injury caused by my beloved dog Ben who wants to kill cars.

On 9/25 he thrashed about with his metal collar or head hitting my arm numerous times attempting to pull away and chase a moving vehicle. Ben has no fear and heads straight toward the front tires.  

I had a huge contusion, bruising and redness but applied ice numerous times during the next few days so most of the swelling and redness disappeared.  That is until 10/5 (10 days later) at night when I was in excruciating pain, swelling and redness reappeared and was sure I must have had a break or at least a fracture.

Went to walk-in urgent care, the x-ray showed no broken bones.  But, I had cellulitis (aka bacterial infection) in my arm.  The arm was feverish, really red and painful.  That night my fever (at one point) reach 102.5 and think it was higher than that previously because I blacked out, in a standing position holding onto the fireplace for 4 hours until I reached a certain level of consciousness.  So I am on heavy antibiotics, called the urgent care about my comatose like symptoms the next day and they said it was due to high temperature.  My temperature has stabilized and take the temperature often so I don't black out again.

So, I’ve put new batteries in the shock collar and while I thought it inhumane to use before have now changed my mind.  I’d rather he get the hell shocked out him for a second than me with a potentially deadly infection once again.

Have a good evening everyone.  Am getting ready to hook on the rug for the first time today.


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Sick yet Again

Sorry I don't have anything really creative to share with you except for a couple things I'm trying on Nantucket Broom Ridge which was done today.  I didn't pull one loop at all yesterday.  Trying a different halo effect at the back of the witch.  
In the picture below, and starting at the top of the witch's back down to the middle of her back is the wool to the far right, the witches derriere wool used was the piece in the middle.  I was considering trying the wool on the far left but think that would conflict with the flowing scarf as was suggested by a very dear friend.   Ad I like it ~ my friend said that since the witch is enjoying her ride that she needed a bit of a flowing scarf.  I agree.
Yesterday and last night I was too sick and with a temperature of 102.5 at one point in the night.  Then my temp got back to normal but at 4 p.m. it was 99.9.  Yup, temperatures rise at night.  So I'll be sure to check my temperature, take my antibiotics and Tylenol.

Time to check my temperature again and get off the computer as I really don't feel well at all.