Monday, February 28, 2022

Temporary Detour

Thought you'd enjoy a change of scenery and look at a few old rugs; but don't worry I'll continue to post updates of rabbit rugs.

Cats and Flowers was hooked 1889 and measures 22.5 x 51.  See that fold down the center?  Folding a rug is never a good idea.  If you aren't going to display it please roll the rug with the hooking on the outside before storing.
An American Eagle hooked in the 19th century with dimensions of 24 x 37.  Note this rug was also folded and it does leave a permanent scar and damage to the rug.
Here's a view of the back so you can see unfaded colors.
If the squirrel rug had been hooked in more earthy colors this would probably make a nice rug.  Sorry, don't have provenance or dimensions but was hooked 1905.
Below is a photo which shows a close up of the various textiles used.
Black and Red horse measuring 22.5 x 33.5 and said to be hooked late 19th or early 20th century.  I love all horse rugs.
A simple yet nice design of Birds Buds and Scrolls.  No date or dimensions were provided.
Spring is coming and here is a rug with Tulips measuring 16 x 23.  This is the front and was hooked 1930.
And a view of the back, these were screen shots as I couldn't save them in jpeg otherwise.
Not considered an antique as it was hooked 1940 but interesting nonetheless is this Map of the US from an estate of the late Karen Tosterud.
Hardly visible, on the back is inscribed "For Peter Stone on his birthday 11/10/1940 with Carlo's love"  It measures 27 x 41.
Hope you enjoyed the show and posting Dancing Rabbits will continue on Wednesday so check back in the afternoon for those.  Happy hooking.


Saturday, February 26, 2022

Multiplying Rabbits (edited)

Chris is getting very close to the finish line with only the border to hook.  
She said the bunnies wanted to do a little moonlight dancing, she's having fun with the hook-along and "livin' la vida loca" in the process.    
Crystal must be the first to complete her rug and look at that interesting background.  She outlined the rabbits in black to make them stand out.  She also told me she hooked this in one day.  That blew me away and had to inquire what size the pattern was to accomplish that feat.  It measured 16 x 25.  WOW!!!!  She said she hooks fast and doesn't use a frame which she thinks makes her hooking faster.  Not having a frame to keep the pattern taut would make my hooking much slower me thinks. 
This just in from Kitty.  She hooked her Dancing Rabbits to match the décor in her room, a chest.  Look at the creative bunny rabbits with polka dots!
Another photo received from Deb who has 5 grandkids and made a huge Dancing Rabbit rug representing all her grands.   Love that background.
Angela from Adams County, Ohio has joined in too.  This is the first time she has joined in a hook-along but is a loyal reader.  She said she's hooked hers with old tee shirts, something she learned when I hosted the 'textile challenge'.  Waste not want not, right Angela?   And that pulls much easier thru foundation than woven cotton!  
Rhonda is making headway on her rug too.  So far I think the favorite color for rabbits has been brown.  But guess that is decided by background color each of us wants to use ~> light background dark rabbits.....dark background = light rabbits.
This one below is from April and I know someone who will love that primitively hooked rabbit.  Can't wait to see what the other bunny colors will be.
I recall Kris (Spruce Ridge Studios) emailing to join saying, "You had me at granddaughter", which was some inspiration I tried to evoke in my initial post about the Dancing Rabbits event.  So this is a photo sent of what she plans for the granddaughter's rug.  Kris I cannot wait to see how this develops and happy my words were able to inspire YOU.
Karen said seeing the hook-along encouraged her to start the pattern she had in her stash for years.  Great job on those brown rabbits and looking forward to that active background.
Sheila finished hooking her rug after 3 days and says it was a record for her.  
Perhaps one day she will hook that antique version she originally drew, which you can see a bit of on the unhooked portion on the right.
And now after all the wonderful exhibits above, here is my bland endeavor.  Should have realized I was playing with the big league here.  
Am enjoying seeing and sharing everyone's rendition of this old rug design.  For those of you wondering how to get a photo of your progress on my blog, just EMAIL ME your photo and I will put it there on the next post.  

FYI the next blog post will be an antique rug show as I don't want my readers to become bored; plus it will give everyone an opportunity to pull more loops on their project.  Meanwhile, happy hooking.  


Friday, February 25, 2022

DANCE PARTY, Rabbit Style

Oh my but Chris put a huge smile on my face with her rendition of Dancing Rabbits and her words of ..."1, 2, cha, cha, cha.
I also chose to draw that design with border but didn't include the birds in mine.  Might regret not doing that after I see hers finished.

Kim (My Field of Dreams) has hooked all three of her rabbits too and appears she will have a little movement in the background.  Can't wait to see what colors she chooses for grass and sky.
Believe it or not Nancy didn't start hooking until 2 pm today and worked her hands into a frenzy before stopping to send me a photo at 5:05 pm.  WHEW Nancy you accomplished a lot in that short time and bet your hands are still smokin'.  Love the addition of the hearts so you can use this for Valentines all thru spring and Easter.
It is fun to see these rugs come to life with each persons' personality.  Hope these give all of you ideas for your rugs.  Happy hooking everyone.

"R" you are a NO-REPLY blogger which does not provide an email address for me to respond to you; sorry.

Thursday, February 24, 2022

I Saw Rabbits.....

 ...hoppin down the bunny trail.  We have a new participant to my hook-along and she is a friend of Denise's.  Welcome Susan, thanks for joining us.  You've accomplished quite a lot in such a short time.
Her friend Denise chose to draw her pattern out with a border and has been busy too.
Janice sent me an update on hers, so me thinks she is enjoying having the rug hook back in her hand.  Wonder what color her flower will be?
Guess I'd better stop working on the Blue Bowl of Flowers and get back to work on my rabbits; thanks for the cattle prod ladies, lol.  Its not too late to join, I just got an order for a Dancing Rabbit pattern but remember, you are not required to purchase a pattern.  If you have foundation fabric and a Sharpie, just enlarge the design of your choice (previously shown on a post) draw it out and go to town hooking.


Wednesday, February 23, 2022


Am taking a brief break from my Dancing Rabbits to work on the antique adaptation Blue Bowl of Flowers.  That way it will give time to those who joined this original venue to send me a photo of their accomplishments on their rabbits.  If you are new to my blog you can find info about the Hook-along HERE.

I'm liking how this is rug is turning out but wish I'd drawn it a tad smaller than the 30 x 41 it is.  I've put this photo on my web site and if anyone wants to hook it but wants a smaller pattern I'll be happy to do that for you.
Janice (Prims by the Water) drew out her Dancing Rabbits pattern and sent me this photo.  Since she and her husband own two shops she's quite busy making items to sell and changing themes in the shops but was able to get in a little hooking time.  It looks sweet Janice and love that flower with the promise of spring. 
There is a weather roller coaster here in Delaware; yesterday and today in the mid to upper 60's again and tomorrow will be at least 30 degrees cooler.  Yet my crocus have popped up strutting themselves.  Here is a yellow one growing among leaves and new holly sprout which will be plucked out later.
One of the many lavender crocus growing among the leaves and broken branches ~ a lot of broken branches in the yard after days of wind.
The wind has been fierce here and had a tree company give me an estimate on removing some trees threatening my house.  Tree companies are so busy they won't be able to get here until maybe the 3rd week of March.  Just hope the trees stay put for a few weeks longer.  The cost estimate was $2,025 and frankly I had a sigh of relief as I thought it might be closer to $3,000.
Whatever you are hooking I hope you are enjoying the process.


Sunday, February 20, 2022

My Dancing Rabbits Edited

As there was such a huge pile of tangled wool mess to clean up from working on Blue Bowl I didn't get to pull one loop on Dancing Rabbits until late yesterday afternoon.  So this is what I've accomplished so far.  It measures 15 x 25 and am hooking with mostly #8.5 and some #8 for the ends of the paws.
The background appears as a primitive black and as I achieve more hooking you'll see the jewel like colors come out.  This is a fun nice break from the big rug and finally hooking one that has been on my "to do" list for several years.

To make it clear, it is not required that you purchase a pattern to join my hook-along.  I've had rug hookers who own or owned a business inquire where they should buy the pattern.  It was never my intent to make this a money-making event but if anyone had no linen and no experience drawing patterns AND if they inquired (as they have done in the past) I'd have drawn any of the design choices.

If you decided to join my hook-along I'm hoping you are enjoying yours as well.  Happy Hooking.


Friday, February 18, 2022


As the saying goes...."when one door closes another door opens".  Yes, I'm talking about another challenge/hook-along.  I have chosen Dancing Rabbits as the next pattern.  If you know any new rug hookers or want to mentor someone who wants to learn this would be a great beginner project.  Plus it is perfect for a spring design and Easter.  It is an antique rug most known as Dancing Rabbits and I've wanted to hook this for years.  

You could choose to draw just one rabbit if it is a new hooker, or for you if you just want one rabbit to make it a faster hook.  For those who want to do something outside the box you could even dress up the rabbits ~ if I were frilly hooker OR, if I had a granddaughter I'd even consider taking pink tulle and put tutu's on them.  

Maybe you might also want to draw one as Peter Rabbit or do the more primitive.  You know me, I'll be doing a drab antique adaptation as mine but cannot wait to see what each of you do and hope you will share with me.  

You can draw it any size and start whenever you want.  There is no deadline and I will post updates anytime you want to send me a photo.  This will be the final hook-along/challenge this year that I will host.

Will give you some ideas with photos others have hooked, but first will show you a black and white version to make the drawing a pattern easier.
Here are many other wonderful adaptations, the one below was hooked by Arlene.
Another version by Judy Foster.
The one below was hooked by Carole.
Unfortunately I don't have a name to provide for the hooked rug below, if anyone knows let me know and I'll give credit.
Friend Pam Gunn hooked the version below.
Below is a version hooked by Tanya which I found on Susan  Feller's blog.
These next two rugs were found on an old blog post of friend Lauren and I have no name for either rug.

Below is a rug which was featured in an issue of rug hooking magazine.
Below is an antique with hit and miss background where the rabbits are almost camouflaged.  
And of course a delightfully worn antique.
Another version hooked by Diane which she named Rogue Rabbits.
And here is Lauren's, which I did not realize until today, that she has already hooked it.  So will she or won't she be joining us on this hook-along?  Sorry Lauren, perhaps I should have involved you in the decision on a subject.
Okay folks, you have seen several ideas presented here.  So now you have lots of ideas to choose from.  So who wants to play along with the hook-along?  As mentioned you may draw your pattern but if you don't know how or have your own foundation, you can purchase a pattern from me by clicking the link below my and and scrolling down to the bottom.


Thursday, February 17, 2022


We've all completed our Granny Donaldson projects which was started January 15th.  Denise sent her photo this afternoon and she had a whopping 24 critters to hook plus the people and tree.   Count them, I counted them probably 10 times and would come up often with 23 critters and sometimes 24.  So I wrote 24 and I'm sticking to it, lol.
Below is Betsy's adaptation where she moved around motifs, put the tree off to the side instead of the middle, added a cat and a heart.  Love it Betsy.
Elaine finished her version of a Granny Cow blanket a couple days ago and she drew hers free hand by looking at the photo on her tablet.
Kim chose to hook Karen Kahle's adaptation of a Granny cow blanket called Simple Gifts.
Below is Lauren's completed Granny rug and she enjoyed this more than the textile challenge we had last year, eh Lauren 😁
Sheila drew her own stylized version of a Granny design also, you rock gals.
And finally mine; the only creative thing I did to mine was change the camel to a horse and I still like Denise's horse better.
So there you have a grande finale show of rugs we've been working on during the hook-along.  So this door is officially closed and it was a fun project.

Rain to begin this afternoon and the March winds have arrived with a vengeance.  I already have a yard full of tree tops to clean up and may end up with some more before the end of tomorrow.  

I saw a tree which was hollowed out at the bottom and pray it doesn't fall across the driveway onto my house.  Am going to call and have it removed but suspect all tree companies are still cleaning up jobs from the two previous snow storms we had.

Happy Hooking and watch for tomorrow afternoon's blog post.