Sunday, June 30, 2013

Westmoreland Ponies Again

Since hooking this rug I've begun to wonder if it is an antique adaptation, a take on a carousel, maybe a horse training academy somewhere...... I'm going to write Barb and ask.  Many of Barb's designs have an attachment name relating to a provenance or special meaning to her.  She even has a pattern called Birthday Bunny which has significant memories attached to it. 

Heck I should have asked Barb that question while at Woolley Fox camp when purchasing the design.  You've already read about my love affair with this design at Woolley Camp in a previous post, so it makes no sense about my not inquiring while there.  Anyway, here is where I am in the hooking process at the moment.
I'm freaking out about what to do with the scroll/scallop above the horses.  I don't know what color to do there because the same reds I don't think are an option.  Now I'm wondering..... "how the heck would Barb hook it?"  

Thanks for dropping by everyone.  And remember to please be kind to one another.  Courtesy and kindness IS CONTAGIOUS!!!!!



Friday, June 28, 2013

Remember Red Bird?

For those of you who have been following me for a while you will remember when I was hooking an antique adaptation of a rug found in Pennsylvania which I titled "Red Bird of Pennsylvania" for provenance sake.  Yesterday afternoon I received a picture of Karin's version and wrote to ask permission to post her wonderful rug adaptation and she graciously said, 'yes'.  Karin did a magnificent job hooking this and actually prefer her wavy border color to mine.  Great job Karin, and thanks for allowing me to share.
Here is my hooked adaptation and you can see how much softer Karin's wavy border is.  If you read the previous journey of hooking the rug you also know that I dabbed some black walnut dye in spots to sorta soften the brightness of the wavy border.  Also I prefer Karin's more narrow and subtle light beauty line.  Oh well, next time I hook it I'll do it a little different I'm sure.
Here is another adaptation done by Margaret, who was also kind to share her version and also gave permission to post a picture after she hooked hers.  Both Karin and I were trying stay with the drab dark antique look and Margaret had visions of a brighter rug to suit her home.
And finally, this is the original antique from which I designed the pattern.
If anyone should be interested in purchasing the pattern to hook it your way, it will be drawn on Dorr natural primitive linen, measures 18 x 35 (original was 21 x 39) and the cost will be $65 plus $6 shipping.  Please write me at to order. 

Have a great weekend everyone.  And, thanks for dropping by.


Thursday, June 27, 2013

Update on Westmoreland Ponies

Sure doesn't seem like much headway has been made on my rug so far but am hoping to change that tonight.  After I finish hooking the one heart think I'll move along to the left side and hook on the...what?  Is it a flower, leaf, scroll?  But you get my drift.  Then will continue over to the right side so the horses are enclosed.  Then some more background so that won't be the only thing left to hook when all the fun stuff is done.
There are severe thunderstorm warnings and tornado warnings in our area until 10 p.m.  Sure hope the tornado's pass us by but with it being summer thunderstorms are an expected occurrence.  Sure hope that after I feed Ben we are able to get in our last walk before the lightening starts.  Guess I'd best go feed my boy now.

Have a great evening everyone.


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Another Westmoreland Ponies Hooked Rug

Yesterday after posting a picture of the beginning hooking on Westmoreland Ponies Melinda Cole sent me a wonderful comment and a picture of the same design she also hooked.  
Oh my, so now the pressure is on since I love her hooked version and light background color.  The movement in the background has always been one of my favorite things to look at when first starting to hook.  Sometimes I move away from that a bit and do the 'S' technique, depending on what I'm hooking.  But still favor the ripple or echo effect.  However, it seems some hooking teachers don't care much for that style. 

I plan to do the ripple/echo on Westmoreland Ponies so am anxious to get further along on it.  Perhaps tomorrow I'll give you an update on mine. 

If any of you readers have hooked this rug and wish to send me a picture I'd be delighted to post it here and brag about you as well.  Thank you Melinda for sharing and giving me permission to post your rug proudly on my blog.

Have a great evening everyone.


Monday, June 24, 2013

Westmoreland Ponies

Long time no write.  Unfortunately summer is here with a vengeance with lots of rain so needed to take time to cut grass and pull a few (with the emphasis on 'few') weeds.  I'm glad that task was done on Saturday before this heat and humidity happened.  The feel like temperatures were in the 90's this afternoon, according to the weather man.  And could verify that when I walked 25 minutes to get my mail and return.  The A/C certainly felt good when I opened the door.

And believe it or not, I've been drawing out more patterns.  Today I drew 3 and have about 8 more to go so will work on those tomorrow.  That just after shipping the pile last week.  Oh well, keeps this girl with pin money for more wool and rug camps.

Yard work and drawing patterns means there haven't been as many loops pulled on my newest project Westmoreland Ponies. 
This is a design by Barb Carroll and measures 20 x 29, so it isn't a really big rug and shouldn't take me too long to hook it.  Uh, but still haven't finished binding the Oh Deer and haven't even started the binding process on the Henny Penny yet.  But eventually it will be done because I want to put Oh Deer in front of my kitchen sink; time to give the Crow and Corn rug a rest.

Stay cool and be kind to one another.


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Finally a Few Loops Pulled

About 2 p.m. this afternoon I finally pulled a few loops on the new pattern.  It took some restraint, some personal fortitude and plain old German stubbornness to get all the yarn whipping on Oh Deer done first. 

Perhaps part of that was drilled into me as a child growing up in a middle class family who worked hard for what they had.  There was no room for instant gratification back then and understood you must work an honest day's work and save for what you wanted.  Heck, there was no such thing as plastic money, it was cash and carry.  And if you were lucky enough to have local people give you a product on 'account' you were bound by your integrity or that of your family had established which you would not tarnish.  I believe those were very good values taught back then.  Anyway........ moving right along.

Guess I've teased you long enough and are wondering what design I'm working on now.  It is a design called Westmoreland Ponies which I fell in love with in our cabin at Woolley Fox
You can see Oh Deer on the sofa which still needs the remainder of the stitching down on the binding; but at least the yarn whipping part is done so I'm halfway there.

For those of you who have not taken a class at Woolley Fox and stayed in her cabins, you don't know what you're missing.  Last month is where I saw her recently hooked design Westmoreland Ponies.  The first night's arrival I noticed it was a new rug in the cabin and that other rugs had been shifted around.  But then I picked up that rug and looked at every row of hooking, the colors, the texture and by Wednesday knew that I MUST come home with the Westmoreland Ponies pattern to hook for myself.   While there I also purchased a little wool which was in Barb's version but some wool I already had or something close enough. 

Must say it feels good to be working on a pattern again.  And (sigh), yes, guess you can look forward to the boring updates on it's progress.  I'm a happy woman hooking again.... ah, now that's the life.

Thanks for dropping by.


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Binding Oh Deer

Tis sad but true that I'm still binding Oh Deer.  The excuse is that I've been extremely busy drawing patterns.

There are numerous ways to bind rugs and I've tried most except for the braided and crochet edge method, perhaps one day I'll try those techniques. Usually my plan is to hurry and get the undesirable task done quickly.  But when at Barb's last month decided to see how she bound Sante Fe Crossing.  AH HA!  I'd forgotten about that method even tho I had used that techique before it had been a while. 

Barb shows the method in her booklet "The Secrets of Primitive Hooked Rugs".    In this picture you can see that I'm whipping yarn to the edge of the cotton binding close to the last hooked row.  Then when that is done I'll tack down the edge facing the inside back of the rug.  Look how well the colors match the wool.
This whipping will not extend beyond the last row of hooking but rather will lay beneath the rug and just under the last row.  As you can see it is a varigated colored skein of yarn and all the colors work well with the rug.
In the picture below you can see the skein of yarn and how well it goes with the wool colors in the rug.  Yeah, it is color sensory overload with the plaid of the sofa, the hooked foot stool, yarn and Oh Deer, but you get the idea and understand how lucky a find the yarn was.
And here is the pile of patterns that has been keeping busy again.  Just as it a appeared that I was done this morning, .....not so .  Before these were boxed up I received an order for 3 new designs which I enlarged and have since drawn up 2 of the 3.  I'll save the last one to draw out tomorrow over coffee and ship.
Meanwhile, I'm having a bad case of the shakes and think I'll start hooking on the new project tonight.  Won't have much to show since I've wool to cut but it's a thrill to have something to look forward to hook again.  No wonder I like having more than one project going.  Both my rugs are done and there is nothing fun.... only binding.  Time to change that.

Have a great evening and thanks for visiting me.  For any newbie hookers, please feel free to write me with questions.  Don't know that I'll know all the answers but I know that I've been where you are right now and can help you thru that.


Monday, June 17, 2013

A Patternless Frame

It is driving me wacky to see my Snapdragon without a project on it.  See how lonely and reject it appears?
You can see the next project waiting in the wings all rolled up with most of the wool.  Oh, and I've had comments about my pattern drawing and if it hurts my back.  You can see the pattern laying on the 'craft' table I purchased from JoAnne Fabrics a few years ago.  It has to large leaves which fold down but I keep the table set up and when it is not being used for pattern drawing it holds my Townsend cutter. 
And this is all I've accomplished on the binding so far on my Oh Deer.  I've only just turned the corner on one short end.....sigh.  And that would leave the wool whipping of the end but also the inside stitching of the tape.  But THEN there is still the Henny Penny to be bound.
So honestly folks, how long do you think I'll last before a pattern is on my Snapdragon again?  I'm beginning to get the 'shakes'. 

Thanks for dropping by.


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Done But NOT Bound

It's a good thing there is another rug design and wool ready to start just after these beauties.  Matter of fact even tho I hate binding rugs just might chill out and bind both of these before starting the next one.  

Here is the Oh Deer rug which was started at Woolley Fox  rug camp.  Truly it isn't this bright in person.  It is always marvelous hooking a rug at Woolley Fox and those rugs are always special to me since they are shared with a small group of my hooking friends and particularly with Miz Barb!!!!!
Actually, the Henny Penny was started before Woolley Fox but just finished it after the Oh Deer upon arriving home.  This is one photo setting I chose which makes the background look a bit tan.
Here is another picture which also doesn't show the true colors.  Oh well.  All you hookers know that pictures and monitors just don't show up properly.  Guess you guys will just have to go to Cape May rug camp first week to see these in person.
And I've my next project in the wings waiting for these two to be bound first.  You'll love my next project I'm sure. 

Hope you all had a great weekend and sleep well tonight for those of you who go to work in the morning. 

Thanks for dropping by and hope everyone enjoyed their Father's Day with dads, sons, and extended family members.


Friday, June 14, 2013

No Power? No Problem.

Yesterday afternoon the terrible thunderstorm hit with massive winds and there were tornado warnings in the surrounding area.  Thankfully no tornadoes touched down but the whipping winds did snap off a few limbs and made the power go out about 5:30 p.m.  Then the storm passed, no rain, but also no power.  It was still daylight as the looming rain clouds passed but still too dark inside the house to hook.

I got out my candles, flashlights, batteries for the radio and had everything ready to go if the power didn't come back on before bedtime.  After all was set up remembered that I had my AC/DC portable OTT light so could hook in the living room.  Well the old charge lasted for about 20 minutes then that light was gone.

No power?  No Problem, out to the back porch is where Ben and I retreated to.  I filled his KONG with a bone which kept him busy for at least 3 minutes (it is between his front paws), but happily I hooked with a glass of wine on the back porch. 
Then when it became too dark to hook out there and even darker inside, began thinking of the women who lived before the electric light.  Obviously they did what they could by candle light and 'early to bed early to rise' to take advantage of as much daylight as possible.  I'm sure they didn't stay up until 10 or 11 p.m. and up at 7 a.m. (remember, I'm retired now).  Sometimes I wish life was a little slower and more humble but when face to face with the reality of the old and new technology, the electric light bulb is way better. 

Still haven't started binding the Oh Deer rug and this is what I've accomplished so far on the Henny Penny. 
As you can see I'm just hooking in blocks of different colors and won't change that.  But do think that I'll outline the left bottom clover or leaf with one of the duller reds as I think it would balance it better.

This has been a fun rug and really didn't think I'd pull out any loops to keep it free and appear as tho 'she used what she had'.  But that bottom left clover is bothering me.

Hope you all survived the bad weather of the last couple days and h ope you have a great weekend.

Thanks for dropping by and please be kind to one another.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Woolley Fox Camp Rug

I think this is the fastest I've hooked a rug, but then it isn't as large as some I've hooked.  Oh Deer (24 x 33) was started At Woolley Fox the morning of May 20th and I finished it on June 9th.  But there was lots of catching up from post camp laundry, drawing patterns and yard work which intervened with my finishing it earlier.  Yesterday I steamed it but it still hasn't been bound. 
As soon as the last loop was pulled on Oh Deer and even before it was steamed yesterday, I retrieved the Henny Penny rug which is what I'm working on now.  And it is fun getting back to it.  The break was nice but now am enjoying working on it even more.  That is why I like hooking on more than one project at a time. 

This one won't go on the floor right away; once bound it will be rolled up and saved until it goes to Cape May for the rug show.  Then when it comes home think I'll put it on the floor in front of my kitchen sink where it will get a little mellowing out. 

Presently there is a Crow and Corn rug that has been there since 2003 which shows very little wear.  Yet to me it is more attractive than when it was first hooked.  Can you believe it has been there for 10 years?  If I could complain about something it would be that I am frustrated with the way the yarn whipping separates over time ~ you can see it particularly to the right side and bottom of the rug.  So think it is time for this fella to have a rest.
Could be it will be under foot at the sink once again one day after I repair the whipping.  The crow had a special meaning to me beyond my finding the design attractive.  My departed Rottweiler Panzer (the goofy boy) was mesmerized by crows and would leap up like he thought he could take flight after them.  He did the same thing with turkey buzzards in our area.  Bruce and I would laugh at his antics while his more serious mother Shumba was the more serious of the Rotties.  But then her son never left his mother's side so he had mommy to be the protector over him and he could be the silly boy. 

But something that I'd not thought about for a long time...... the day that we lost Panzer and came home from the vet office, there were probably half a dozen or so buzzards sitting in our trees.  It was if they were saying goodbye.  And, from time to time I will find a huge feather dropped and always bring it home because it is a Panzer buzzard feather gift.  OMG, as many years as it has been since his departure this still brings tears to my eyes.

Oh well, may as well finish it by posting a picture of the Rottweiler Memorial rug I did of Shumba (foreground) and Panzer. 
And the bottom picture is the one from which the rug was designed. The top picture is Panzer and his mother playing with a lost baseball. 
By the way, Ben reminds me of Panzer sometimes.  Ben has Panzer's affectionate side and some of his silliness but not nearly as goofy as Panzer.  And, there will never be another Shumba, Panzer or Shadow.  Ben is a wonderful companion and feel so lucky to have adopted him and he has his own special personality as well. 

Thanks for dropping by and reading my dribble.  Just remember that lots of big dogs get bad raps because of the way they are raised and bred. 


Monday, June 10, 2013


I've spoken about my pal Deb a few times and last time was just after our May Woolley Fox rug camp.  Here is a picture of Deb and me standing in front of the Guest House a couple years ago.
There is something about Deb I didn't mention that happened at Woolley Fox.  Okay, it is day 2 mid-morning and we gals are way involved in hooking our rugs.  I happen to be at the color planning station with Barb and I hear one of the other girls say, "Deb just received a package!"   It happened that Deb left to go to the Woolley Cottage so wasn't there to receive it.

So I piped up with, "Oh, it's yet another package from her husband Skip" (I'd gotten accustomed to this activity).  And I continued, "he does this all the time.... he sends her chocolate covered fruit, candy, flowers and anything else special".  I know her husband Skip and he truly is a wonderful husband, but he is even a more special father to their two grown girls.  By the end of the class there were women wanting Deb's husband to teach a class on 'How to be a husband' and the women were signing up their men.

Deb is a very artistically creative person who cannot wait to be of retirement age so she can create as many hours a day as she can.   She beads, does enameling, is a bear maker, doll maker, hooks, does needle punch, quilts, does basketry and I'm sure there is more that I've forgotten about.   Here are just a few of her rugs that I have pictures of; Hildefern pattern by Woolley Fox.
This next one is a design by Bev Conway and I forget it's name.
Next is Glad Tidings sold by Spruce Ridge Studio and is a design based on the artwork of Lori Brechlin of NotForgotton Farm.
Another rug is Peace and Plenty, another design based on the artwork of Lori Brechlin.
One just finished hooking is Have you Any Wool, a design by Woolley Fox.  As you can see it hadn't been bound when she sent the picture.  I have this pattern too so is on my list of MANY to be hooked.
Deb has hooked a large number of rugs and like most of us have several UFO she wants to finish but her day job and daily duties use up a lot of her time.  And Deb has hooked many more rugs than I've shown but guess I just don't have the pictures.  Next time I'm at her house I'll have to take more pictures.  OR, perhaps I'll e-mail her and tell her to send me the pictures of rugs she has hooked. 

Frankly I'm surprised she accomplishes a much as she does.  And she also has an etsy shop, take a look at her "hooker" bracelets; I have about 3 of them and wear them all at once when I go to rug camps.  Also have her scissor fob which I find to be special.  

I'd planned on adding pictures of yet another 'sista' of mine, Char.  But after doing this on Deb realized that my gal pals each need their own special space.  OH MY, but if I did that just know I'd hear from my pal Char ......  that would get her IRISH up.  She doesn't like someone taking pictures of her and definitely doesn't like being the center of attention.  Luv ya Char.

Gals enjoy the sisterhood and the special times each of us share with one another.  I must say that I'd be lost without those special times spent with my gal pals.  We have a common bond that needs to be enjoyed, shared, and expressed to keep us fulfilled.  Family does that but so do friendships, kinships, sisterhoods.  That is what rejuvenates us and makes us sane enough to go back to the real world of living.

Thanks for dropping by and please be kind to one another.


Saturday, June 8, 2013

Challenge in the Dye Pot

Win some lose some; this time I lost.  Since I'm not an expert dyer who can dye by eye and know how to manipulate recipes, the project didn't turn out as I'd hoped.  Unfortunately that is what usually occurs when there is a specific color wanted.  However, the wool will be used and I'm glad it is toned down some.  The wool on the left side is what I started with and the wools on the right side were the result of using 5 tablespoons of Silo Silver recipe from Vermont Folk Art dye booklet.
Last year I took some of that Scottish wool to Woolley Fox and Barb loved it.  She told me to send a sample to Betsy for her to have it milled.  Barb said it had a real old 'rag' look to it which would give age to a rug.  It was used in my Lion and Trees rug (below) in  a few places.  Since the light threads stood out I'm sure the over dyed wool will be even better to use now. 
But it won't be used for the project I had in mind because I was trying to replicate the color of the other wool to be used as a background.  There just may be enough background wool but it is a better comfort level if you know there is more than enough to do the entire background. 

There are factors which alter the results of a dye project ~ well water will produce a different result that city water.  Locality has an influence as does whether it is a drought or rainy season.  So even tho one may have a wool sample and recipe to go by, you may or may not get the same results depending on your water.

I'm envious of you who can manipulate wool color during the dye process.  My friend Lynne Fowler is one of those people.  And frankly I'm not sure that even if I dyed wool every day that I'd be able to do add a spec or two of another dye to turn the wool to the color desired. 

Oh Deer is just about finished then I'll finish Henny Penny.  What's on your frame?

Have a great weekend.


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Detour from Dye Pot to Oh Deer

While I really did have good intentions on pulling out my dye pot and showing you results today, it never happened.  So figured it was as good a time as any to take a current picture of Oh Deer.  Only just a little more to do on this 24 x 33 rug ~ hey, Lauren, aren't you proud I remembered to post the dimensions of the rug?  Yes the colors are a little brighter than I envisioned but most of the wool was chosen from the wool I took to camp so it did come from my collection.  Oh well, it is nice to have something colorful underfoot and to brighten a room.
Once the rug is finished my plans are to brush a little of the walnut dye in places, particularly on the white in the purple texture on the sides.  Barb did specifically tell me to let a little of the white show.  But I want to tone it down a notch.

The reason for the dye pot detour was yard work.  Since we are to have about 3 days of rain it was imperative that I dig up the rest of the lirope lining the sides of my side walk.  The rain will begin this evening and with so much more yard work to go was glad to get that part out of the way.  Yeah, will have to decide whether to plant grass or some other low maintenance to fill the space.  But that lirope was becoming too much of an annoyance to me.
And now it is time for me to start my pot delicious pot of Ribollita soup, and that will be the only pot on the stove this afternoon. 

The wool has been soaking since yesterday and dye pot tomorrow is the new plan.  Frankly, since it will be raining tomorrow it will be a perfect time to dye.

Sorry to disappoint those of you looking to see the dye job, but check back tomorrow.  And, by the way, it is not a major dye day, I am dying something to go in my next rug and it is only about half a yard that I need.

Thanks for dropping by.  Be kind to one another, kindness is contagious.


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A June Stitchery Piece

Recently I blogged a picture of a June Chicken applique/stitchery by Indygo Junction done in 1997.  In tandem with that 12 month series I also did a total stitchery for each month as well.  This is the Angel of June.
Forgive me, but I cannot find the patterns, the name of the designer or anything to help you on your way to do the same stitcheries.  I loved this one because of the bee skep hat the Angel is wearing.

Again, this could have been made into quilt throw or wall hanging but instead each remains as you see it here complete with loose threads hanging.  Yet it is still fun to look at them each month and reminisce the anticipation of having this house built and the hopes my son would get a wife...... a GOOD wife.  Uh sons do date those who we wish not for them to marry as did my son.  But my son did not marry a good wife, but a wonderful wife.  ....SHHHHH, don't tell her I said that.

Tomorrow I think I'll do a small amount of dying ~ I mean a really small amount but want to see what two pieces of wool will look like using my favorite High Meadow Green.

Drop by tomorrow to see what's happenin'.

Be kind to one another.



Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A New Hooking and Quilt Publication

Yup, something for textile addicted people who like to hook or quilt, and all in one book.  It is the new book by Polly Minick and her sister Laurie Simpson entitled, simply, "Quilts & Rugs".

Inside there are a variety of the same design done in both hooking as well as quilting and templates for all designs are included in the book.  Oh but you won't believe the variety from a Moby Dick Purse, Whale Pincushion Santa Pillow, Snowman Rug, Folk Art Santa Rug, Game Board rug just to name a few. 

And if that weren't enough to make you want this new book for your library, here are a couple of the hooked items...... an antique adaptation of the 1868 Rug.  And there is the quilted version in the book as well.

This White Star Rug design and Game Board are also included in the book.
For the upcoming winter season there is the Santa design, Santa with a Deer, Christmas stockings and Snowman Rug.
And doing a quick count of designs in the book, I counted 12 hooking projects and the Whale Pincushion.  So before they are all sold out get yours at Minick and Simpson

Thanks for dropping by.


Monday, June 3, 2013

JUNE Applique Stitchery

Guess my head has been spinning since coming home from Woolley Fox rug camp and trying to catch up....or rather stay afloat.  Time went by so fast that I forgot to post a picture of my June Stitchery which was done in 1997. 
For you new readers, this is a twelve month stitchery by Jan Patek, then of Indygo Junction patterns, and my intentions were to either finish each piece nicely for the purpose it is being used here (sofa table deco) or perhaps eventually putting all together for a quilt throw.  Well neither one got done as is evident.  This would also make a cute hooked mat idea.

However I cannot begin to think about my next hooking project until the Oh Deer and Henny Penny pieces are completed (both designs of Woolley Fox).  But, would you believe while at camp I did purchase a new design and some of the wool for it?  Won't give away the name of the design just yet...... after all, a lady does have to have some secrets.

Thanks for dropping by and please be kind to one another.


Sunday, June 2, 2013

Binding the Spiral Chair Pad

As I previously mentioned on a previous post, upon Deb and I arriving to her house after Woolley Fox, I was greeted by Deb's husband who presented me with a bouquet of flowers (she also had a bouquet).  This was the picture of the bouquet after coming home.  It is sitting on my newly bound Spiral Chair Pad.
The chair pad was hooked prior to the Woolley Fox trip but as my dear friend Deb was piloting my van I sat binding the Red Bird rug; on the trip home I bound the spiral chair pad.  What a great way to get an otherwise boring task done with a friend to chat with and music playing.

Once the mat was hooked and steamed I drew a line about 1" beyond the last row of hooking, sewed a seam around before trimming.  Then I serged around the edge ~ sometimes I zig zag but this time was feeling like speeding up the process a little.
Next it was steamed again as I turned the edge over.  I'd considered whipping the edge with wool yarn but wanted to maintain a single dark edge just as the rest of the spiral was.  To have whipped the edge would have made the exterior row appear thicker.  So, hand sewn cotton seam binding it was.
You may be aware that cotton binding has one edge which can be gathered for curvature of rugs.  Sometimes you need to pick at the thicker edge at the end to get just the right thread to pull, but it is there.  You can see the thread on my iPad and a little lightly gathering in the seam tape.
I hand sew the outside edge all the way around and gently gather a little as I go.  But after the entire outside edge has been hand sewn you will need that final adjustment of the gathering.

Have a great evening and thanks for dropping by.


Saturday, June 1, 2013

Life after Woolley Fox

Getting back to routine kept me away from hooking as much as I'd have liked but here is Oh Deer 11 days after it was started.  Now that some of the background has been hooked closer to the deer, the rug doesn't appear to be as bright.  Or at least it doesn't look as bright in my home as it does in the picture and may have appeared brighter with the light linen next to the deer and with the primitive dark it tames it down a tad. 
My friend Lauren tries so hard to get me in the habit of informing everyone the dimensions of the rug I'm hooking and I always forget.  Since she kindly reminded me again this morning, the design measures 24 x 33.  Thank you Lauren, I'm sure everyone else who has visited the site or will visit would wonder the size as well.

Today there's more yard work to do and hope to accomplish some before it gets too dreadfully hot out there.  Spring took a long time coming but sure did kick it up a notch from spring straight to summer heat and humidity, that's for sure.

Can't wait for summer red ripe juicy tomatoes to come on the vines of the local farmers.  Since I live on a very acidic soil with lots of pine trees my growing of tomatoes has not been successful here.  Summertime I could live on corn on the cob and fresh tomatoes.  Many times that is all I eat for lunch or sometimes for dinner. 

Tomorrow I plan to post another tutorial of sorts, for binding a round mat.