Friday, June 30, 2023


OH NO, while I was applying black walnut stain noticed I'd not taken the time to do the 3 rows of stitching to protect what will become the edge before binding.   Which means I'll have to maneuver this bulky rug 3 times in a small area on my sewing machine.  Guess I was just too anxious to start my new project.
Okay, you asked for it but even after two applications of black walnut stain there is very little, if any, difference.  Here is the before.
Here is the after. 
Perhaps it toned down the white a little, maybe.  What I'm looking at is still pleasant and don't think I'll go for round three.  I'm quite happy with the directional hooking and felt that would calm the already busy ripple or echo hooked effect of the piece.

This one is going to be bound with cotton rug binding as I think that may help straighten the curly appearance caused by the repetitive hooked scallop design.

Last evening at 7 p.m. looking out my kitchen window saw a doe drinking from the water bucket I'd put out during this drought.  Then after she stepped away saw something small run toward her from back of the shed.  I went to the bedroom window to get a better view.   Didn't take the time to grab my camera as I didn't want to waste time and the screens on my windows gives me nothing but poor photos anyway.

I've never seen a fawn so small in my yard so very tiny.  As the fawn nursed her tail was moving a mile a minute as was the mom's.  It was such a beautiful scene and was amazed in wonderment at how the doe  communicates to the fawn to stay until she returned.  Once the fawn saw the mom headed toward her the desire to nurse was just too strong.  What a beautiful few minutes I had.

This holiday weekend will give me a chance to find something to hook and would like to have a plus-one handy too in case I get bored.  Plus it has the added benefit of being a project at the ready once the next one is done.

Enjoy your holiday weekend, be safe and it will be happy hooking for me.


Tuesday, June 27, 2023


First subject would be Phase One of finishing Scalloped Flowers which is the hooking part.  It hasn't been steamed yet as I just pulled the last loop around 6 pm this evening.  I started hooking it around May 21st and drew it approx. 23 x 37.5 ~ the finished dimensions change depending on wool strip size, foundation weave chosen and the direction in which the pattern is cut on that foundation.
The rug has not yet been steamed or stained as that will be phase two or three.  Since I'd like to age parts it would need to be sprayed with water on the front and back in a few places then sprayed or painted with walnut dye.  Yes Janice I'll show you a picture of the before and after, lol.

Normally I don't do directional hooking but did so on this one to try give it an aged look.  Yet do regret that small horizontal hooking to the far left middle but am not going to rip it out and do vertical hooking now.

Changing the subject....yesterday morning I did a little weeding, pulled up future unwanted infant trees and other weeds.  I wore gloves and upon coming into the house washed my hands.  This morning when I woke up there was a crusty area under my bottom lip.  WTH?  So I washed it off ~ it didn't itch but the oozing was reminiscent of poison ivy.  OMG!!!!!!  No way!!!  Was something out there poison ivy, oak or whatever?  How did my under lip come in contact with poison leaves???

Doctors have told me I'm so allergic to poison ivy that I could become infected just by leaves floating in the air from burning or grass cutting.  
Today I used alcohol (no not good wine, lol) to rub on it and then applied the anti-itch solution.  But it hasn't itched.  I've changed my pillow cases and will go thru this regimen again before bedtime then cover the chin area with bandages.

BTW, in case anyone ever notices Robin's (Cranky Crow) comments referring to me as "MD" it is because one year I had so much poison ivy all over that I went to bed with long sleeves, wore cotton gloves and tied a small cotton scarf around my neck as it was there too.  I felt wrapped up like a mummy, therefore the name 'Mummy Dearest' was born.

Sadly I have not YET found anything for my next project.  I've checked previous 'wanna be' patterns and am no longer enthused.  Went to my favorite PDF pattern sellers and don't see anything.  Heck, there's already an abundance of pdf patterns here by my favorite designers already but I'm so fickle my mood changes.

But I've still more to do with finishing Scalloped Flowers and will be content with that task and then the binding.  HUH??  Did I really type that??  While binding is not my favorite thing to do I'm looking forward to seeing it finished completely.

Sorry this post was so long.. that is if you made it this far, lol.  Happy hooking.


Sunday, June 25, 2023


Whimsical rug of a man riding a penny farthing measuring  22 x 29.  I'll save you from 'fact checking' the wording or getting the spelling wrong, so you can learn more about those types of cycles HERE.
A shirred wool design from the 19th century.  The stool cover which is very attractive, could easily be adapted to a rectangular or square rug  I think its both the colors and unusual border which grabbed my attention.  

Hearts and flowers; sorry but no date or dimensions were provided.
Horse with triangle and floral border measures 30 x 45 at the Art Institute of Chicago.
Another horse rug 37 x 37 hooked 1880.  But found this one much more intriguing ~ look at the orb on inside brown border above the horse.  Is that the spirit of the person who hooked it?
A cat with sawtooth border hooked late 19th or early 20th century.
And a close up of the bottom right.
Amazing this rug turns me off only because of that putrid purple around the deer.  Otherwise I'd love it.  If only my brain could envision that surrounding color something other than putrid purple. Said to be hooked between 1900-30 Ontario, Canada.
Guess the rug below could be called a geometric floral or would you call those snowflake shapes?  No date or dimensions provided.
American Eagle measuring 36 x 45 hooked mid 20th century.  
Don't have a date or dimensions on this Elk below but I like the primitive style and earthy colors.   Oh, also the botchy light background is a nice switch from the primitive dark blotchy backgrounds.
Ten rugs this time, hope you enjoyed the show.


Friday, June 23, 2023


That lavender wool was returned back to the shelf and chose the wool below to over dye with the leftover brown mixtures instead.  Since there wasn't much dye left in either jar knew only a small amount of wool would be needed.  The wool to the left is 1/4 yard and even less for the one to the right.
The photo below shows the before on top and the after dyeing at the bottom.  I've more yardage and wonder why the heck I bought it.  Matter of fact when I look at my wool stash wonder why the heck I chose a lot of the wool on my shelves.  Perhaps now that it is an old (dirty) gold I'll be more likely to use it.
It was a clear but humid morning then after lunch it poured.  Weatherman said around 6 p.m. there will be a thunderstorm and more rain.

Here is miss Turtle taking a walkabout between showers.  Notice those two orbs at the bottom right?  
Soon I'll have to get serious about choosing another project as I'm getting close to the finish line with Scalloped Flowers.  Happy weekend and happy hooking.


Wednesday, June 21, 2023


Try saying that three times fast!

Sadly the forecast seems to show rain thru next Tuesday.  When I awoke this morning plans were to use up some old remaining dye mixtures and among those remaining chose the oldest.  Had a small amount of light brown, even less of a mix of silver gray and seal brown also Indigo blue.  

Thought I'd add hot water to both brown mixtures and combine them to tone down something.  The indigo I hadn't decided on what to do.
Went to the wool room to choose something to tone down and quickly pulled small amounts of these gawd forsaken purples.  I only like certain colors of purple.

Took this photo then immediately changed my mind.  Not so sure the brown would provide successful final results with these colors ~ sure wouldn't make them look vintage and doubt the dyes would make them any prettier.  So aborted the whole idea.
Have yet another turtle tale to tell ya (another tongue twister 😊).
Yesterday looking out my back window noticed a female turtle had found its way into the fenced in yard.  When my ex put up the fence for my departed boy Ben he made it so there were spaces at the bottom in random places around the perimeter of the back yard.   But the turtle doesn't have the skills the rabbits, squirrels and raccoons have to easily find an exit.  Sorta like the primitive fish baskets where the fish can swim in but can't find their way out.  It's actually two baskets and the fish swim in the small one.
Back to the turtle tale... I watched the turtle try poking her head thru the holes in the fence and move further and try again.   She was so close to the opening under the fence so picked her up and placed her in front of the fence.  Didn't take a photo unfortunately.

Nope, she moved away and came closer to the back corner near the house.  This time I went outside, opened the gate and hoped she'd know what to do next.  The square is the turtle making its way to the opening and the arrow points to where she was when I moved her in front of the gate but hadn't taken a photo nor had I opened the gate for her.
And here she is finally exiting.  Of course she would be welcome here but would limit her to survival in a smaller area, outside the fence she has acres to explore.  Had my camera on the wrong setting so you might have to stare to find her.
Finally getting that much needed rain but might end up being much more than we need if it lasts until next Tuesday.  Good thing I've lots of wool and a pattern to keep me occupied.


Monday, June 19, 2023


While walking in the yard was surprised.  Surprised I even noticed this teenie weenie tiny turtle.  The turtle is the same color as the dirt around it.  Came inside to grab my camera and take a picture of the wee one.  Now when I walk outside I have my head on a swivel looking carefully for baby turtles so I don't step on any who maybe foraging.
And no, it didn't come from one of the two eggs buried earlier as I checked and the area was undisturbed.  

EDIT:  When I first looked at the turtle and it didn't have the pretty gold coloring wondered if it was a snapping turtle or was it  from the family of Eastern Box Turtles in my yard.  So did a google search and sadly didn't put the link in my original post since I thought it would be a given it was a pretty little thing and not a snapper.  So to see what I learned about newborn Eastern Box Turtles you can see the birth and see them them HERE.  When the video starts wait a couple seconds and click on "SKIP AD". 

Happy Hooking.


Saturday, June 17, 2023


A floral hooked late 19th century or early 20th.
The rug below looks like delicate fanning flowers and leaves.  Love the blotchy background of this and the one above.
Center star with circle of flowers measures 39 x 41 but no date.
Yarn stitched motifs.  I enlarged it so you can see the stitched detail.
Songbird with hit and miss border & background.  Dimensions are 32 x 36.5 and hooked late 19th century.
Two  Scotties measuring 20 x 31 from the estate of Penny Marshall.
Tree of Life hooked by EL measuring 28 x 39.  What sort of textile do you think is the black and red trim around the edge?  I don't think wool would keep its shape like that ~ interesting.
Below is a close up of date and hooking.
A companion piece hooked by EL of geometric shapes.   This one also measures 28 x 39.
And a close up.
Wish there was a better picture of this palomino pony and more info but this is all I could find.
Happy weekend everyone.


Thursday, June 15, 2023


Sorry if you are tired of seeing rug updates.  But this is the latest on Scalloped Flowers and while that white doesn't really bother me as it isn't "in in my face" think I'll still tone down parts when it is all hooked.    And frankly it is beginning to look almost too machine made to me vs. antique.  And you know I prefer that scrappy antique look.
Cut grass today after 3 whole weeks.  It was dry as heck but weatherman says we 'might' get rain tomorrow.  That remains to be seen.


Wednesday, June 14, 2023


In 1916 Woodrow Wilson established June 14th as FLAG DAY.  
(designed and hooked by Polly Minick)

As all of us know, the first  American Flag was stitched by Betsy Ross in 1776 with 13 stars representing the 13 colonies.  The 50th star was added on August 1959 when Hawaii became a state.  If you would like to see the growth of the stars to our American Flag and learn more, you can do so HERE.  

There is protocol when displaying the American Flag; the American Flag should be flown above all others and no other flag is to be hung above or to the right of the American Flag.  The only exception would be at the United Nations headquarters.

Do you suppose no one in the Biden administration knows Flag protocol?  Or is it something else?  Somehow I feel guilty even posting this next photo as it is so disrespectful to our Flag.  But in case you don't know what I'm referring to here it is.
God Bless America.

P.S.  For those of you who want to remind me there was a U.S. Flag atop the White House, the fact still remains those three flags broke protocol. The American Flag still should have been displayed higher than the middle flag plus the pride flag was a flag to the right. All broken protocols regardless if an American Flag may have been above the White House. Let us not forget the disgrace of the trans person fondling themselves in front of the WH and on the WH lawn.


Tuesday, June 13, 2023


Although Cape May rug camp is a few months away thought I'd start deciding which rugs to take for the show.  So looked at the list of rugs I'd hooked since last Cape May camp ~ I didn't go last year (2022) because there were no primitive teachers scheduled.  The rug list is rather long so can't take all of them; plus some I was not happy with, some are small and not worth showing ~  you get the idea.  

At the 2021 Cape May camp I had Bev Conway as my teacher so think I'll take the rug I hooked in class *Stacked Flowers, a design by Margaret Shaw.

Hooked in 2022 I won't be taking the Comstock adaptation which was a pattern drawn by someone else as I hated having to redraw sections to make it look more accurate then hook it.  Some of the rugs hooked which I'm considering taking:  *Blue Bowl of Flowers, *Deer and Blue House, *Double Eagles, all of which were antique adaptations.  As I drew those was happy with the accuracy of the line drawing.  And although it's small might take the monochromatic of *Mother With Fishbowl.  

So far in 2023 I've finished 4 rugs with one on my frame.  One of them  was not particularly enjoyable to hook.  So thought I'd give it a test run for a rug switch for a day two to reacquaint myself with it to see if we like each other.  Here is the Never Ending Floral.
The jury is still out on that one but what has made the cut is *Stars, Stars, Stars, and *1911 Horse which are both antique adaptations I drew.  Scalloped Flowers is still a work in progress and don't know what will be on my frame next.  But so far seems as tho there are definitely 6 rugs planned for the rug show early September in Cape May and a couple maybe's.


Sunday, June 11, 2023


Want to practice hand torn with soft or earth colors?  That had actually crossed my mind when I saw this primitive tulips rug.  The Tulips were hooked late 19th or early 20th century.  
Something with a little more color is this Stars and Circles rug with vine  border.  Auction house said it was hooked circa 1900, in very good shape and little fading if that is true.  Dimensions are 32 x  56.
A closer look at the left bottom portion.
Shirred landscape from 19th century measures 36 x 75.
A close up of the chateau where you can see the shirring clearly.
A running horse hooked 19th century.
This is an antique pocketbook but the design would make a nice rug.
Same could be said about John Almy's 1747 pocketbook from the Winterthur Museum.
Primitive black cats, it appears to me the rug is oval but mounted on rectangular framing.  Click on the photo and think it will enlarge so you can decide for yourself.   Yet if I were to hook it would do the border just like that.   Dimensions 21 x 39.

A 17.5 diameter chair pad circa 1920.
A folk art recumbent dog measuring 42 x 53.
Below is the original antique Woodland Deer design.
Below is the one I hooked with Barb Carroll in 2009 and this photo is a little dark.
And yet another shot is way too washed out.  Just can't seem to get a good image of the rug.
Well folks, that's it for today's show.  Hope there was a little something to entertain you and get those juices flowing for your next project.  As for me I'll go pull a few more loops on my current project Scalloped Flowers.