Sunday, May 31, 2015

Rug Camp Update on CHUM

Hate it when life gets in the way of having fun.  One half day was spent shopping for a new riding mower ~ hopefully it will be delivered tomorrow.  BUT, it is supposed to rain for the next few days so grass won't get cut for a few days after.

THEN..... came home from errands yesterday and my garage door wouldn't open.  Thankfully a neighbor's boyfriend was able to determine it was a gear which ground down to nothing from wear.  Luckily my ex had purchased an extra gear so my friend's boyfriend was able to successfully replace the gear after 3 hours of work.  Now that's a VERY GOOD neighbor.

Anyway, here is the CHUM pattern I took to Woolley Fox rug camp.
Love the colors Barb selected...dang... I should have taken a picture of the textured wool used for the body of the dog.  Barb chose a similar color for a soft and plain face but wanted the body different.  You will not believe what can be done with a texture.  Next time I post an update I'll show you the wool used for the body of the dog.

There is already a spot on the wall for Chum (an antique adaptation), and will be in this computer room.

Have a great Sunday everyone.  Do you believe tomorrow is June 1st???  Me either! 


Saturday, May 30, 2015

A Question from a Follower

Just love it when people ask questions as it gives me something to talk about.  Not that I know all the answers to everything, but most likely I've tried whatever the subject matter is about.  And if I don't know figure I need to know so do a search to learn.

Glenda inquired about how to hook with wool roving ~ does one hook like normal hooking or do a proddy?  I have only hooked this rug using wool roving on the two sheep.  It is a Woolley Fox design called "July Cabin" and a free pattern in a book by Barb Carroll titled American Folk Art Rug Hooking.  I tool some creative license by making leaves on the trees instead of flags and changed the direction of the smoke to make the rug smaller.  Sorry the flash really washed out the colors in the photo below.
A closer view. 
And  a close up of one of the sheep.  I did regular hooking with a hank of the three ply wool yarn and cut off another length if I needed more.
This is the Icelandic Lopi I used to hook the sheep which is a roving that had been carded but not thru the final twisted spin to make it a hank of knittable wool.  I purchased this years ago direct from my Icelandic friend Sofia Katla Leifsdottier.
I was in Kris Miller's class when one of her students used Kris' curly locks to use as a Santa beard.  In looking thru old Cape May photos I believe it was this Santa (a Polly Minick Design) that was the pattern Kris helped Jeri with in her class.  Click on the photo to see a close up of that fantastic beard using Kris' curly locks.
Kris Miller has a great blog post about the subject which covers more than I just posted.  and if you are interested in purchasing some of her curly locks, purchasing a pattern or taking a class you can contact her from her web site HERE.

Hope your weekend is marvelous.


Thursday, May 28, 2015

Guess What Time It Is.... guessed it ~ time for another rug show.  You guys certainly know what I'm going to say next so I must be too predictable.  This is a cute design which was originally posted on a blog by Primitive Sue back in 2011 when her blog was active.  She posted it was an antique and had just hung it in her house over antique chests.  I could easily see this hooked with selvage edges of wool and I've started collecting them.  Sadly for years I threw them away but not any more.  Hmmm, guess the yardage needs to be pulled out and selvages cut off.
From the Folk Art Museum below is Adam and Eve which looks like a stitchery.  Wow, quite a piece of art and lots of hooking possibilities.
The rug below should appeal to cat lovers AND primitive wide cut hookers.  A simple na├»ve design with colors all of us antique rug love hugging hookers use and have in our stash. 
The Tree of Life below appeared to be hooked using cotton yarn.  In all honesty I doubt it is an antique.  Even tho it is a very busy and detailed rug there is something I like about it.  Maybe a Tree of Life needs to be in my future but one a bit more primitive and less color.
Below is a very faded, well used and well loved depiction of someone's pups.  I'd love to look at the underside to see what the original colors were.
Another faded rug is this floral with oak leaf corners.  I teeter totter between my like for dark backgrounds and like for light backgrounds.  I've done both and think my favorite is dark background.   

BUT!!!!!!!  While at Woolley Fox rug camp I saw some wool I just HAD TO BUY.  The wools were the same weave and texture except one is lighter than the other darker wool.  Soooo I envisioned hooking a light background using the lighter of the light to signify areas of more wear and abuse.  Do I know what rug I'm using it on?  Heck no, not yet; but I'll 'knows' it when I 'sees' it!
Okay guys and gals, hands down this antique rug below stole my heart.  Soon I'll be looking for a small interim piece to hook and keep me entertained between CHUM and Cape May rug camp in 4 months.  This cutie petutie will be my focus.  Matter of fact, I've a friend who would love if I hooked this for him so will make it a mat size.  But I want one too so will make two.  OMG, I love this guy, who wouldn't?

FYI, I'm still having fun working on CHUM and love the colors from my wool that Barb chose.  There is my son's rug to work on in the interim too but.....isn't that cat piece just too adorable to turn down?
For you newbies just checking me out, if you have a question please feel free to ask.  There is NO stupid question.  Remember that at one time I was also a newbie and swear to you was more scared and timid than you.  If you don't believe me then I can give you names of my first camp rug teachers to ask about me.
Am still swooning over that kitten piece who was so adored and memorialized.  Such a small worn piece makes such a huge statement to me.
If you are stressed, gather you rug and wool (your knitting, stitchery,  quilting) and bet your blood pressure will calm down.  Hooking rugs does this for me.  (Hugs BC)
Please be kind to one another. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

What...You want to See My Camp Rug???

Here it is and boy do I have lots of things to talk about.  First, it is a fun rug to hook and size is great too measuring approx. 20 x 35.  The majority of wool used in the rug was taken by me but generous Barb gave me a few small strips to cut and use here and there. 

In all honesty, as I told Barb, I'd never have chosen those colors to hook the dog but I like the way he looks...sorta like a brindle colored dog.  Frankly, I'm over the moon happy with what she chose.
Now, if you think my hooked Chum with fork type toes looks weird....then take a look at the original antique hooked rug below.
Before camp, when drawing the design out on linen did ponder how I'd hook the feet.  Should I stay true to the folk art look of the original antique with fork feet or draw and hook normal paws?  I thought perhaps when the pattern is ready for sale that people might prefer regular paws, so below is what I drew.
But when Barb saw the original antique picture,  she easily made a case for me to stay true to the original antique.  Hey, it's folk art.  So when the pattern becomes available for sale I will offer both options; fork feet or paws.

Oh, and something else....notice on the original antique that star, or starfish or whatever?  I drew a regular star at the base of the feet.  And again dear Barb pleaded her case about making it more closely to the original antique.  

Which prompted me to ask Barb what the heck she thought that motif was.  Her reply was "it's a Whats'its).  (gotta LOVE that cool beans woman!).  So friends, it isn't a star, it isn't a's a whats'its.

All of you may know Barb has sold the rights of her pattern business to Katie of A Nimble Thimble but Barb will still continue to teach.  Katie is in the process of revamping the Woolley Fox web site but you can still order Woolley Fox patterns.  Once you decide which patterns, write Katie at

If you would like the experience of taking a class with Barb you can write Barb HERE.  Maybe you will get lucky and fill in an empty spot or if there are 5 or 6 of you to make a group, perhaps you will have your own 4 days of 'bliss with Barb'. 

Have a great week.  OH.... my mail server is again putting all the blog comments in my spam folder.  Since I don't keep my PC on all the time don't see the comments right away. 

Monday, May 25, 2015

Meet the Group and See some Rugs

The end of any rug camp is sad because you not only leave one of your favorite teachers (in this case Barb Carroll), but also saddened by parting from new and old friends.

On the left in the photo below was a new friend who joined us; her name is Vicki.  She is working on Birds and Pomegranates which is an Edyth O'Neill design.  In the pink and red to the right in the photo is Joanne.  I remember seeing her at the Ocean City, MD rug camp ~ I'm terrible with names but never forget a face.
In the foreground with the green sweater is Colleen, a friend of Vicki's and they both flew in from Colorado to take their first class with Barb.  In the back on the left is my pal Deb who is at Barb's work space where she color plans each student's rug personally and individually.
The following rugs were hooked by Joanne (in the pink) she brought them to show Barb and to be photographed for Katie's Woolley Fox web site.  Below is a Magdalena Animal Parade rug.
 Another rug hooked by Joanne named Kansas 1878.
Purple Peeps below was also hooked by Joanne. 
My pal Deb took Monticello (a Karen Kahle design) to Woolley Fox last year and Barb asked if she'd bring it for show-n-tell.
Below are designs everyone was working on.  This one below is called Country Gentlemen (I think) and being hooked by Joanne.  Actually, she brought another rug to have Barb fix something that was bothering Joanne.  After it was fixed Joanne put this one on her frame.
Birds and Pomegranates (Edyth O'Neill design) being hooked by Vicki.
For the life of me I cannot remember the name of the rug below that Colleen was hooking.  What's worse is that when thumbing through the Rug Pattern book I did see it...once.  Since then I've thumbed through every page and cannot locate the design.  It IS there, why am I not seeing it??  Crazy.
Below is Gossip, one of Woolley Fox's newest designs; so new it will be the first hooked picture to appear on the web site I believe.  It is being hooked by my pal Deb.
Ah, so now you're wondering where my rug is...right?  Well I could do a whole blog post about mine so will save it until tomorrow.  Besides it will allow me to get a little more hooked for it's grand entrance.  No, it won't be finished then.

Right now I've got to go and TRY to start that #!*?% lawn mower again so that I can get Ben's backyard cut.

On this Memorial Day I'd like to express my gratitude to all the military who have served in this country to keep us from harm.  Sadly some warriors made the ultimate sacrifice.


Saturday, May 23, 2015

Beautiful Woolley Fox Rug Camp

Everything was luscious with velvety green grass, beautiful gardens, pond filled with entertaining koi, and delightful yard decorations.  This is a picture of the boat in the pond facing toward Barb's wonderful home.
Another view of the boat with the huge trees in the background. 
This is a metal and bead sculpture on the bow of the boat but difficult to see in the pictures above.
Here is the Guest House back porch which is great to sit and hook with a glass of wine, enjoy the scenery and the sounds of birds singing.
This was our view of the pond and entertaining koi from the porch.  Once Deb and I heard a loud splash obviously made by a big daddy koi and sounded like a marlin had broken water.

This was our 'home away from home' for 4 days.  You can see a gas log fireplace to keep us warm if necessary.  To the left is the window next to the porch.
There were two ceiling fans in this room which circulated air for us the first couple days when it was hot and humid.  Just beyond those blue shutter doors to the right is our bedroom with two twin beds and wall A/C unit.  There is a fully stocked book case for your reading pleasure if your hook gets too hot from hooking so much.

Oh, and hooked rugs, some antique and some hooked by Barb hang on the wall throughout both this Guest House as well as the Woolley Cottage.
The mohair cat in the cage got Deb's attention and I just had to take a picture of it to post.  Notice the kitten on the outside looking in.
As this is a Bed and Breakfast there are dishes, microwave, sink, toaster, coffee and tea, condiments, egg steamer, coffee maker as well as breakfast food provided.  That antique stove is non-functional but it sure is lovely.
From our Guest House porch this is a view of the Woolley Cottage which Deb and I have also stayed in.  That is where the other 3 gals stayed who were in our class.  You'll have a chance to meet them and their rugs in a future post.
All of you may know that Barb has sold the rights of her pattern business to Katie of A Nimble Thimble but Barb will still continue to teach.  Katie is in the process of revamping the Woolley Fox web site but you can still order Woolley Fox patterns.  Once you decide which patterns, write Katie at

If you would like the experience of taking a class with Barb you can write Barb HERE.  Sometimes a person(s) will drop out due to various personal circumstances and sometimes spaces need to be filled.....just what happened to us when 3 of our friends moved or had personal responsibilities.  So call and put your name in or if there is more than one of you let Barb know and maybe you'll get lucky.

Have a great Memorial holiday everyone.  Tomorrow's post will be about a friend of mine who just published his first book.  He has been working on this manuscript for a couple years and is also working on another.  I swear that thing is as big as War and Peace.  The book is full of intrigue, and the setting is on another continent.  Drop by to see what that's all about tomorrow. 

As you can see I'm teasing you again by making you wait to see the rugs and the other gals in class.  But I figure since so many will be occupied with family and friend celebrations this weekend that the delay will be better anyway.


Friday, May 22, 2015

Home from Woolley Fox Rug Camp

Oh boy what a horrible travel day it was from Ligonier to Maryland/Delaware yesterday.  In the mountains with the hair pin sharp curved roads of PA it was rainy and foggy.  Sometimes you could hardly see at all.  But happily we arrived safely to Deb's house in Maryland after a little over 4 hours and then it was to be another 1 1/2 hours for me from her house to mine in Delaware.

Uh, problem is..... I have to cross the Bay Bridge along with everyone else who took off a day early from work to have a long holiday weekend at one of the Delaware or Ocean City, MD beaches.   And the rain continued.  I finally got home close to 5 pm exhausted and with a sore butt from sitting in a car seat.

This was our home away from home for a few wonderful days of good food, good friends and lots of hooking.  Deb and I stayed on the top level of this Guest House.  You couldn't ask for a more beautiful setting! 
I love this sign and the display and think Barb said Larry Ault made the sign for her.
I've lots more photos to show you and rugs of course.  But thought I'd tease you with this until my act gets together.  My suitcase still isn't totally emptied and have chores.  Besides, it is Memorial weekend and doubt too many people will be looking at blog posts so will save some goodies to show you in a day or two.

Have a great Friday.


Friday, May 15, 2015

Rug Update and Packing for Camp

Let's get real!  First things first.....gotta take my unbreakable wine glass as it goes to every rug camp with me. 
That insulated glove was purchased by a friend of our "THREE Musketeers".  She wisely chose the sayings for each of us and wouldn't you know mine was spot on.  We three use to share fun at Cape May and Woolley Fox together. Sadly one of us three has become a snowbird and she is sorely missed.  Normally she would be sharing WF camp with us day hope she will join us again at one of them.

Below is the beginning load to the van for travel to my friend's house tomorrow morning.  Usually I have at least two plastic containers of wool so am travelling light.  It would have been easy to fill another container with wool since deciding to also take Barb's NED and have her color plan that if there is time.  If I don't have the right color wool I'll buy some as Barb has wool from buyers or mills I've never seen sold from my sources.
The weather is so IFFY that it requires short sleeve, long sleeve, something descent looking other than my normal sweats.  Was going to try and reduce my load by one bag but it wouldn't all fit in just the one.  Besides, one heavy bag is more difficult for this woman can carry up stairs so two it is.
 And  an update on my son's Man Cave Rug.  Yesterday when I posted options for that beauty line my eyes went straight for the gold as the black and gold really pops.  BUT.... the two beer mugs will be really close to that gold beauty line and am afraid the viewer will only see gold and not the various colors of the pool balls in the middle.

So I've decided to hook the beauty line in a similar value of red which I'm hoping will let the viewer see everything in the center. 
That is what I'll be working on from now until Barb gets to me on the color planning of my rug.   My progress is showing that it will actually be finished by Christmas.  I've more than 6 months to finish it.  Yippee. camera battery is charged fully.  I'll also have my iPad handy for emails and photos.  Just wish I was able to update my blog thru my iPad like Alice does.  Not sure if it is the GB on my iPad or my computer illiteracy.  So you guys will probably have to wait until I get home to see pictures from Woolley Fox rug camp.

Have a great evening everyone and 'see ya on the flip flop'.


Thursday, May 14, 2015

Before Woolley Fox

Alrighty then..... Harvey's Magdalena is hooked and will bind it on the way to Woolley Fox.  Soooo, you're wondering what I'm working on now.  Happens to be the Man Cave rug. 

I've stressed out so much with trying to achieve the beer, foam and mug colors, have pulled loops and replaced and now I'm calling that DONE.  Hey, it's #8 cut and think it 'looks like' a beer mug so believe my son will be okay with it.
Guess it is a good thing I've nothing else to hook between now and when Barb's class starts next Monday since there are a lot of decisions which need to be made on this piece. 

Uh, like whether to have a beauty line or not... and if so what color?  The picture below has 3 rows of primitive black and then a solid red line between that and the blue background.
Then below is 3 rows of black border with a gold line.
Or, I could do a sort of hit and miss using all the colors of the pool balls. 
In the beginning my thoughts were to do a hit and miss.  But seeing all those colors placed on the rug I'm not sure I like it. 

So for the next few days my plans are to work on the letters and some background until my decision is made on beauty line.

As always I'd LOVE your feedback and suggestions.

Have a great evening.


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Officially Finished

Yup, I'm calling it officially finished....mission accomplished to have it all hooked and be bound on the way to Barb's (I'm a passenger).  For those of you just catching this blog, I used #8 and #8.5 wool strips and LOTS of left over strips in whatever size.  As I wanted a smaller rug drew this out myself and it measures 18 x 27.
I'm liking this rug much better after pulling out the light blue and the teal.  Since taking classes with Barb it is now imperative for me to have a little purple in my rugs...because that is "what BARB would do".  What's so ironic is that the very first class I had with Barb and she was helping me color plan she asked what I thought about purple.  My answer was honest....I don't particularly care for that color.  I think it was due to my ugly crochet afghan in various purples to go with the lavender walls I painted in a bedroom when I was early 20's.    That afghan has long since vanished but Barb renewed my like for the color.

This is what it looked liked yesterday afternoon.
Believe it or not I've even cleaned up my woollie worms and separated them into the appropriate color bags and vacuumed up the wool room carpet.

Still lots more to do here before I leave ~ yard must be cut tomorrow!  Even tho it needed to be cut yesterday it was too warm and today was hotter at a readin of 94* last time I looked.  Tomorrow will be about 20* cooler with the cold front moving thru.  And which also explains why my arthritis is giving me fits.

Have a great night everyone.


Monday, May 11, 2015

Mission Accomplished........ Or Not.

Was able to pull the last loop on Harvey's Magdalena last night and now it is ready to be steamed.... I think.  Before doing that wanted to check out the colors one more time on the computer because the bottom corners seem way more colorful than the top corners.  Yes, that shape was originally hooked by Magdalena herself but am wondering if I should pull out a bland color in the top corners and replace with something else.
Hmmmm, or maybe I should pull out that light blue on the left ottom and that bright teal blue on the right and replace with something more bland.  Perhaps that would bring the piece into harmony better. 

In my haste maybe my mission wasn't accomplished after all.  So now am thinking of replacing those two colors with a brown.  Soooo, before steaming thought I'd lay a couple different worms in those spots to see if it looks better toned down a notch. 
The first photo was in natural light in the shade the photo above the flash went off.  But think I do like the bottom better with the light blue and teal removed.  So guess mission isn't accomplished quite yet.