Sunday, April 30, 2023


Can't believe the month of April went by so quickly.  For sure this area received all of April's showers in the last 3 days and the ground feels like a sponge when walking on it.  Anyway, onto the show...

Recumbent Dog measuring 25.5 x 38 hooked 19th century.
A horse with decorative border dated1890-1920.
Just a sweet cat with blue circles; no date or dimensions.
A geometric with a size of 24 x 42 dated 1880-1920.
A Frost sheep design measuring 29 x 48 and dated what appears to be 1890.  Some of the scrolls have drastic color changes.  
The above Frost design is interesting because when I hooked my Frost Sheep and scrolls with Barb Carroll she told me that years ago scrolls were hooked with changes of color around the scrolls.  And now found one like she was referring to.  Below is my  hooked rug color planned by the Queen herself, Barb Carroll.
An apple a day...well you know the rhyme.  Three apples said to be hooked early 19th century.
Identified with name of A Rice, circa 1850-75 is a wool stitched mat on linen piece measuring 13 x 14.  I found this incredibly interesting as who would have 'lawn ornaments' of cannons on the front yard, lol.  Obviously someone who would stitch what they knew.  I enlarged it so you can see the stitches better.
Call me crazy but I really find the rug below interesting too, maybe it's the colors or the rug hooker's thought process for placement of motifs?  Dunno, I just find it interesting.   An abstract rug dated early 20th century measures 31.5 x 39.5.
And I'll end with this box turtle mat measuring 10 x 12 to commemorate the first sighting of one of my returning box turtles which I saw today.  No date on the mat so don't know if it is really an antique.
I've only the hand stitching of the cotton binding to do on my Stars rug and there will be none on the pile when my horse rug is all hooked.  But that won't be happening any time real soon.

Happy hooking and don't know about you but I'm looking forward to a sunny day with closer to normal temperatures. Rain still coming down on this Sunday evening.



Friday, April 28, 2023


Just found the adorable crazy quilt rug hooked by Polly which measures 28 x 36.  When I was drawing patterns for her and her classes, Polly and I kept in constant contact and she'd send me photos of the rugs she was working on.  This is one I've never seen until finding it on an auction site.  According to the description this was the last rug she designed and hooked before retiring from rug hooking.
The rug has all the images that made her career in fiber art so successful: Patriotic, Heart (love), Star (Hope), Folk Art, Nautical, Primitive, their beloved Airedales.  If you have an interest in purchasing this beauty you can place your bid HERE.

The Sam's Hat below I have seen and have drawn for her.  I'm sure she has hooked it numerous times.  According the web site sale is pending on the rug which measures 23 x 53 with a price of $3,600.
It was fun to see a couple of Polly's rug appear and was rather nostalgic.  

Dreary gloomy rainy day here so a great day to pull some loops.  Happy hooking.


Tuesday, April 25, 2023


..your rug hooking journey began?   I sure do and knew it would be a love everlasting.  I soaked up Rug Hooking magazine, loved the photos and particularly paid attention to the 'beginner' rug hooking articles.  But one can only read so much before it comes time to purchase supplies and put the little knowledge to practice.  When it came down to buying a booklet with whimsical primitive patterns it was one offered by Ali Strebel and the first finished project was a hooked mitten.

The photo below was my first year at Cape May 2003 with teacher Patsy Becker after a couple years practicing on my own.  My hair looks like it needs shearing, lol.
My first hook was under $8 but now I use a $42 Hartman hook because it has a large shank to push thru the foundation to make a nice opening for a larger strip.  Things we learn as we work.
The very first frame was an embroidery hoop and that was just too awkward to hold and pull loops so purchased a used Puritan and stand. Here is a Puritan with original stand but not the one I purchased.
(A random Puritan frame photo)

Well, it was better than the hoop but sold it to purchase something more substantial that would rotate and tilt, Puritan wasn't a winner in my book.  So now I have a sit-upon which travels with me to camps so I can  hook in the sleeping room at night.  And use it at home for hooking small stuff.  My favorite frame is the Snapdragon but have an Acadian Frame for larger patterns.  So one of those travels to camps to be my classroom frame.  Most times I take the Snapdragon since it is an easy off when its my turn with the teacher.

I also own an original Townsend 16" Orbiter seen in this old photo with my departed big boy Ben.  I think Ben was sizing up the small empty space on the sofa wondering if he would fit in.   Anyway, as I have no plans to hook huge rugs in the future I'm planning on taking the frame to Cape May in case anyone is interested in purchasing it.  Closer to September I'll pull the frame out of the closet and photograph it without a rug.  
The first cutting tool was a rotary cutter which I no longer have since I loaned it and was never returned.   However knew I was in this game for the long haul so had purchased a more substantial and more expensive cutter.  As with most things for this rug hooking venture I've upgraded and have a back-up for all my toys tools.   

I have a Bliss (with suction cups), a Fraser 500 with #3 - #8 cuts and my beloved Townsend Cutter with #6 - #10 cartridges.  At this time I don't plan to sell any of those because I use the smaller cuts on the Bliss and Fraser so as to not have to purchase cartridges of those sizes for the Townsend.

Sorry to bore you with this time travel back decades but it came about since someone asked me if I'd teach them to hook.  When I did shows I'd hook something in the booth between customers.  So many times people would ask if I'd teach them to hook.   I'm not a teacher and don't want to be a teacher as I feel I'd lose the love of hooking as I did when making dolls.  

Eventually making dolls became work and right now my time hooking is my time for pleasure.  I don't wish to make that feel like work.  Frankly all the teachers I've had deserve LOTS of credit for what they put up with and only hope that when I was in their class I was a good student.

Whew!  Sorry this was such a long post, have a lovely evening, enjoy hooking and I'd better get back to pulling loops on my 1911 Horse as well.


Sunday, April 23, 2023


Thankfully yesterday evening for a few hours we were graced with rain showers.  Not just 10 drops but a lovely few hours of steady rain, yet there's no lake out back as the earth soaked up what was given to it.  Now onto the show.

A rug hooked by Nancy Gertrude Scott, daughter of Barbara E. Merry.   It measures 31 x 37 and from the estate of Laura Fisher, NY.
A handsome tall ship and rowboat with dimensions of 22 x 37.  I've seen several great ship patterns and have been tempted to hook a few of those designs but not sure I could pull off the detail albeit primitive.  The sails and rigging look too complicated.  This rug below also gives great detail of the small boat, ocean and sky, which means with its size probably required a narrow cut ~ not my thing.  But a beauty of a rug.
I've had this rug below in my file since June 2022 and have passed it by numerous times, but not tonight.  The auction house named it Starry Night hearth rug.  Hooked circa 1830 and sold for $7,500.  It was said to be an indigo blue background.  I understand indigo blue is a difficult color to achieve when dying, and if done the original way has a putrid smell.  Has anyone out there dyed indigo blue?
Below is a shield shaped floral from the collection of Jean-Marc and Danielle Belzile.  Perhaps this and a couple other rugs I've recently found will be familiar to my Canadian friends.
Given credit to the Lancaster Mennonite community is this Rabbits rug.  It measures 22 x 32.5  and said to be hooked 1900.   
I know people used what textile resources they had available and wanted to put some creativity into their work.  But that background does not speak to me.  A reclining Dog measuring 32 x 46.5 dated 1902.  Now, the shape of the dog with a different background would work for me.
Sheep and 2 Rams 19 x 31 hooked by Mme Jeanne d'arc Gaudette which may also be familiar to you Canadian rug hookers.
A landscape measuring 30 x 54 dated around 1920 and is hooked in a Waldoboro style.  
In the photo below you can see the sculpted areas known as the Waldoboro style.  Loops are pulled up higher and then trimmed to give it the shape you desire.  There are books on Amazon which can teach you to do this technique.
Who doesn't want good luck?  Here's a good luck hooked rug measuring 41 x 44 dated late 19th century.  There are several un-scientific theories on why horseshoes are considered good luck ~ google it.
Dog and Cat in Basket measures 50.5 x 61.5 and hooked 1920's.   
A view of the back of the rug and the foundation looks rather flimsy to me yet it is not showing signs of wear.
Hmmm, now for a horse.  Bet I can find one or more somewhere.  This is a Hutchinson design ~  First in the Hearts of his Countrymen General George Washington.  A patriotic rug with a horse.
There is a Star rug beckoning me to bind it.  Me thinks tomorrow I'll start working an hour a day to work on that task.  Happy hooking, knitting, stitching, or whatever floats your boat ~ the day is yours to enjoy the happiest way you choose.  



Friday, April 21, 2023


Now I'm happily working on the bottom half of the rug so I can see the end of the tunnel.  Must admit I've not been bored despite its size and as Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) pointed out I didn't need to look for the next one on my frame.

Ya know how we are always complaining about the color of the rugs we photo.  Perhaps it is the camera we are using.  This is usually the best camera I use and it is a Pentax Optio.
The photo below is taken with a Sony cyber-shot and colors are too bright not what I see in person.  Or perhaps the camera's photo pixels are too intense? 
Anyway, I'm quite content plugging along on this rug as long as it takes.  Besides I find myself intensely watching the History Channel's Skin Walker Ranch.  Is anyone else watching this?  Am constantly stopping to hook so my eyes can be glued to the show.  I was surprised the Geophysicist had been working with the government on research UAPs and is now back at Skin Walker Ranch to share with them what he couldn't before.  

Happy Hooking.  Gonna get cooler tomorrow and on Monday I'll be making my hearty soup.


Thursday, April 20, 2023


It's probably still a bit early but I put one hummingbird feeder out with a little nectar.  Once I see activity I'll put a second feeder out and constantly maintain a good level of nectar in them.  Looks like the metal  support needs straightening.  The right of the deck is where my pond used to be.  
At 5 p.m. yesterday in the kitchen fixing a salad I noticed a recumbent deer watching another deer graze on fresh tender leaves of trees.  I briefly thought of taking a photo from the window but screens interfere with the quality plus I was enjoying looking at them.  The deer were visible for over half an hour and are always welcome.

Last year don't believe I saw even one deer in my yard any time of the day.  The neighbor, who has since moved, had 3 dogs which constantly barked when they were outside.  Am sure they were responsible for no visiting deer.  This is the area where the one deer reclined and you can see hoof prints from when it stood back up ~ the dark divots in the ground.
After they left, since it is so dry I put a bucket of water out for the deer near the opening in the woods and near where the deer was resting.
Expecting another rollercoaster weather pattern for Delaware.  Today is supposed to reach the low 80's, tomorrow warmer.  But from the weekend thru all next week it will be much cooler and the weatherman said a potential chance for turbulent weather when the cold front comes thru.  The folks in Bridgeville and Greenwood are still cleaning up from the last tornado which touched down.  He also said next Monday or Tuesday we could have a frost warning.  I'll be sure to have the ingredients for that delicious hearty soup with pearl couscous, I've more of that couscous left.


Tuesday, April 18, 2023


I could show you photos of my freshly cut yard and yellow tree pollen the wind attached to my black jacket but will spare you the sight and subsequent sneeze attack.  Numerous times I had to stop the mower, remove my mask, blow my nose or wipe the runny eyes.  The earth is dry, pollen thick and wind is vicious.   That and we are under a red flag fire alert due to those facts.  Moving right along...

A farm landscape with hit and miss border.
Another Barbara E. Merry rug which appears to be a bear looking for honey ~ a guess as I think those are bee skeps hooked in the foreground.
A bowl of fruit and or flowers hooked late 19th century.  It measures 
21.5 x 38.5.
Black Chickens dated 1900, dimensions of 28 x 44.  The background makes me dizzy, lol.
Remember Carol who hooked Domestic Zoo?  She is presently hooking an antique adaption like this cat.  This antique one was hooked 1901 and measures 26 x 40.
An eagle measuring 17 x 29 but no date.  Maybe it isn't old as it appears to have a yarn whipped edge.
Corner of the back of the eagle.
A floral dated 
This 1910 Kissing Birds would be a great wedding rug.  It measures 19 x 34.
This is a strange dog rug with stylized hearts,  stork, moon, and two other strange critters.  Dimensions are 23 x 41.
Well there ya have it and now I'm going back to work on my big horsey.  House needs vacuuming but I'm all worked out from cutting grass, lol.


Saturday, April 15, 2023


Carol Orlove just sent me a photo of her finished Domestic Zoo, even the bound edge was done.  This was completed in record time as the delivery date of her pattern wasn't to be until March 1st and Carol sent me the photo on April 13th. 

Well done Carol and thanks for sending me the photo; what's on your frame next?  
Below is a horse rug I recently found on an auction site.  I don't think it is an antique in spite of and because of the dramatic color changes.  Yeah I know antique rugs do have odd colors hooked in animals and I have hooked some.  But think this may have been someone's personal challenge of using values.
Let me show you other examples of using value because it was the 'new thing' as a challenge for some hookers.  Here is a horse rug being hooked using values in 2009 by Pat M.  It is representative of her  granddaughter's Appaloosa.  Wish I had a completed photo of it.
This is a face purse hooked in values by friend Deb.  She hooked many of these over the years and colors may change according to the values in her stash.
I wouldn't be able to pull off hooking a project using the values theory.  My wool would have to be more close to a natural color of the subject matter.  Yet I've heard rug teachers say, "color gets all the credit but value does all the work".  Think about that for a minute and it is true.

Happy hooking and think I'll go back to working on my horse.


Thursday, April 13, 2023


Yesterday I hoped to do an update on my horse rug but wanted to get the right side scroll hooked first.  Today I just wanted to keep hooking and finish the background and top border.  But.... as the saying goes "the best laid plans of mice and women".
The bottom portion of the rug will be more fun and interesting since I'll hook the original date on it which will fill in some of the background.  As previously mentioned I drew this measuring 32 x 35.5 and hooking mostly in #8.5, some #9 and those darker lines in the background were either thin worms or #8.5 cut in half.

I'm quite happy with the rug so far and when it is done will be glad it is a size suitable for the front of the fireplace on the rotation schedule.  So if anyone is interested in the pattern I'll be happy to draw it whatever size you want.  So take a look at the imperfect lines since I was drawing from the antique.  There wouldn't be perfect lines INSIDE the pattern as the antique wasn't  hooked that way.  But you can be sure the outside lines will be perfectly down the straight of grain (the ditch).

Gal pal Lauren is away having fun playing in the wool with Kris Miller and I'm jealous.  I haven't seen Kris since 2019 when I was in her class and she pulled a few unexpected fun loops on the rug I was working on.  If you haven't seen that post or if you want to revisit it you can see it HERE.

It was summer here today!  My thermostat shows the temps inside as well as outside and at one point when I looked the temp outside was 91*.  Tomorrow will be slightly cooler but still above average.

Happy hooking.


Monday, April 10, 2023


This title and 'what's new on my frame' are the two topics which receive the most visits.  Sorry, but nothing new on the frame just yet as there is a lot more to be hooked on 1911 Horse.  But sit back and enjoy some rugs for inspiration and hopefully some entertainment.

Dog with scrolls measuring 24 x 75 hooked late 19th to early 20th century.  Has the blotchy background I like.
Rabbits, Birds and 8 point stars hooked 19th century with dimensions of 
37 x 38.
Three bulls eyes measuring 20 x 30 and said to be hooked around 1920.
The rug below and the bulls eye rug would make great companion pieces.  This rug was from the estate of Jonathan Rickard circa 1900 measuring 21 x 29.
Little Peeps hooked early-mid 20th century, 22 x 35.
With a closeup of the peeps.
Cats and birds, or is it cats, dog and birds?  No information on date hooked or size.
Animals and stars rug measuring 30 x 40 and hooked early 20th ce
It's hard for to to tell if this is a charging bull or buffalo.  It measures 28 x 38.
I found this rug of farmers praying interesting.  Perhaps they are praying for a good growing season.  No date of hooking but measures 18  x 35. 

NOTE:  Have been informed by Julia this is an adaptation of a painting by French painter Jean-Francois Millet who also painted The Gleaners which is another rug I've seen hooked.  Thanks Julia!!!
That's it for tonight folks.  Happy hooking.