Saturday, April 30, 2022

Today's Rug Show

Are you ready to enjoy some oldies?  Just found this one for you feline lovers.  Three primitive cats circa 1870-1880 hooked with wool and cotton on burlap, it measures 14 x 36.  Quite artistic of the hooker (back then) to have a sitting cat in the middle of the other two.  
Here's a 7 Star puzzle piece looking rug.  It measures 26 x 40.5.
A hooked adaptation of a Clarence Gagnon winter scene in Quebec.
Another Canadian rug named Birds in Flight measures 46 x 61.5, no date given. 
Below is a view of the hooked waterfall.
And a view of the back corner.
I found the background interesting on this Dog and Flower rug.  The hooker alternated the blue and white colors she had in a ripple (or echo) effect to maximize her textiles to the fullest.  The rug measures 18.5 x 35.5 and was hooked late 19th or early 20th century.  
A tapestry or applique of a Farm Scene was dated 1920 by the auction house.  No dimensions were given.
Here is a hooked farm life scene measuring 38.5 x 76 and hooked early 20th century.
And finally there's a rug named Ginger after the horse I'm sure.  Again no dimensions or date.
So there you have the show until the next time.  At 10:20 a.m. it has warmed up outside to 56 degrees Fahrenheit so will go out and move limbs until my fingers start hurting.  I have Raynaud's and when my body gets chilled they hurt and turn white.  This developed as I've aged and doesn't affect my toes or ears as it may with some people.  Strangely enough even on a warm day if I hold something cold, even yogurt, in my hands I will need to put my hands under warm water.

Have yourself a lovely weekend and happy hooking.


Thursday, April 28, 2022


THIS Blue Bowl of Flowers antique adaptation is finally bound.  The last loop was pulled April 3rd while at rug camp and now finally finished. Well, still needs it's label.
THAT rug on my frame now with the gorgeous overdyed wool purchased from Cindy Irwin isn't nearly done Lauren (Rugs and Pugs), but this is what is looks like this evening.  So desperately wanted to get that small section hooked before posting it but time was running out since I'm overdue for a blog post.
The reason I've been so unproductive is because.... THE OTHER THING has thwarted my progress.  Remember this part of my yard after the double snow storms?  This is how it started out.  For reference focus your eyes on the snow covered leaning log.
Fast forward thru several months.  That leaning tree long is still attached to its trunk and is visible behind the small tree in the foreground.  A little at a time I would lop off pine limbs as many as possible and haul to the back woods.  So today it looks like this, which in the photo looks small ~ UH, it's NOT small. 
Unbeknownst to me, sweet brother dropped by while I was at a doctor appointment and cut up the tree trunks in that ever-so-slowly reducing puzzle arrangement.  This is the other side of the previous view.
I will continue to drag the smaller limbs to the back woods but when the company comes to cut down a few threatening trees in my yard I'll pay them to take away the rest of the bulk.  I just can't carry those heavy long trunks to the back woods.

Keep on going on with whatever floats your boat.  Guess if it wasn't for HAVING to do yard work I'd not get much exercise except for walking to the mailbox.  Today I attempted to cut grass in the back yard since the pond water draining tubes have been removed.  But now am having trouble with my riding mower.  One damn thing after another ~ aint' homeownership grand? 


Monday, April 25, 2022

Okay, Here's Your Update

Many have asked to see my rug since mentioning the change of design mid-hooking.  Here is a photo of the before when sketching a 'thought'.  You can see the hooking thru the leaves on the left side.

As I continued hooking it appeared to me there were too many leaves between the flower groups and had an idea.
This is what my rug looks like now as I push thru my newer design with a softer look.  Funny thing is I could never decide on a great looking flower shape  That is why they all seem so different.  But me thinks once this bad girl is on the floor (or sold, if lucky) no-one will ever notice.
FYI, the outside border will be wider and grow as I continue to hook,  Plus I'm enjoying this monochromatic floral as a challenge to myself.  And it was all inspired by Cindy Irwin with her beautiful overdyed roll of wool at rug camp.  Thanks for that Cindy.


Sunday, April 24, 2022


Remember last October when I slowly but consistently removed all the rocks from my pond?  If you need a refresher you can read about it HERE.  Happily I learned a neighbor wanted rocks for a walkway so he purchased my two pallets for $350, which I was told was a bargain for him and gave me some pocket money too ~ a win-win.

The two men went to look at the pond area and they said they had a use for the wood and would come this spring and remove the pond.  This is what the pond looked like yesterday morning just before they brought the backhoe.  That black thing on the deck is the water filtering reservoir.
Unfortunately they couldn't remove the fencing on the side they wanted to enter from but on the rear corner one split-log was out of the post so made that the easiest side for them.  Sadly many of those daylilies you see in the back were crushed as the backhoe entered and left several times to take the wood to its destinations.  But guess that is a small price to pay for this year's ornamental flora.  Hope the damaged ones return next year.
See all those sandbags?  Actually that isn't all of them, but they were the walls under the heavy liner you see behind Lamar and Chris.  
The guys opened up all the sandbags and dumped the sand in the area where the hole was.
Before leaving for the day Chad (on the backhoe) leveled it best he could with the backhoe.  Today I'll go out and cut those roots and rake the area.  This is what it looked like by about 1 p.m., just 4 hours later.
At dusk thought I'd go outside and take a photo of my damaged daylilies.  When looking at the photo almost deleted it since it is a dark photo.  But then I saw something which stood out above all.....ORBS.  So decided to post it.  If you click on the photo it should enlarge more.
Today between 11 and noon two of the guys are coming back to put up the fence and replace my clothesline.  Yes, am embarrassed to admit in the electronic age we live in, but I do use it.  Hopefully it won't collapse when I hang  my sheets on it next  time.

Next post I'll show my progress on the Primitive Monochromatic Floral.  And for those of you who may be wondering, I haven't yet put Mother with Fishbowl on my frame yet.  Happy hooking, knitting (Elaine), stitching (Robin) or happy yard work, which ever it is you're up to today.  I'll be in and out working in the yard raking the backhoe ruts, shoveling dirt in low places, etc.


Friday, April 22, 2022

An Interesting Inquiry (edited)

Just as I was about to embark on my Primitive Monochromatic Floral I received an interesting inquiry on an antique rug I'd posted in 2019.  You can see the whole post HERE.  The inquiry was about about a rug entitled "The Last Dog Train to Leave Lower Fort Garry 1909".
An Alaskan author (Helen Hegener) is researching the Canadian fur trade for a book on the history of sled dogs.  In her research she happened upon my blog which included this antique rug.  Helen asked permission to use the photo in her book.

Since I didn't take the photo nor did I hook the rug couldn't give her permission.  As I find antique rugs thru on-line auction sites, ebay, etc, I was unable to help her.  If anyone knows the source of this rug or any information you could email me or contact her thru this link below:

I'm still pulling loops on the primitive monochromatic rug and enjoying seeing the contrast between the lovely background color and the black,  white and grey.  Happy  hooking.

(the EDIT).... fast forward a few hours after doing this post and I received this email from Helen:  

Hello again Saundra, 

I smiled at reading your post this morning, and it inspired this one, written over my first cup of coffee:

This post goes to all of my email subscribers, and will be posted in the Mushing History group on Facebook, and probably shared a few other places. 

This is fun! Thanks for keeping the ball rolling!

Kind regards,


So what starts out as an interesting inquiry can and does develop into and unexpected but welcomed friendship.  Thanks for reaching out Helen.


Wednesday, April 20, 2022

On My Frame

Okay Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) you've been asking where the next project was....or some such wording.  My reply ...'I knew exactly what I was going to do' when temporarily putting Mother with Fishbowl away. 

It all started when eyeing the 2-yard overdyed wool rolls among Cindy's wool ~ you can read about that blog post HERE.  After drawing out my design the next thing I did was pull out my bag of grey and B&W wool worms.
Instead of using the rug design Cindy showed me with this color plan I decided to do my own MONOCHROMATIC PRIMTIVE FLORAL.  But am not  happy with the results so far.  Perhaps I need to remind myself it is a PRIMITIVE.
I'm constantly changing the flower drawings from my original design.  But then maybe I'm trying too hard to make the rug look artistic when it is supposed to be primitive using wool worms and present wool stash.   

Yet I'll continue pulling loops on this until I'm ready to retrieve my Mother and the Fishbowl out of the bag.  See, it is good to have another rug on the side to work on, me thinks, lol. 


Monday, April 18, 2022

How's About A Rug Show

Thanks to everyone for the compliments on my endeavor to hook Mother with a Fishbowl.  Am sure it will be pulled out and worked on over the year since I've no plans for a camp at any location normally attended.  Meanwhile I'll take a break and enjoy the beauty of old faded and soiled rugs my favorite 'go to' time.

First up is this Star motif center with triangle and diamond end borders measuring 33.5 x 70.  On the auction site the rug sold for $140; heck, I couldn't hook it for that price... someone got lucky.
Recently found another Barbara E. Merry rug which I'd never seen before.
big dog hooked between 1900-1910.  This is a good example of people using what they have on hand to hook rugs or make quilts with the drastic changes in value and color in the background.
A pair of Peacocks measures 15.5 x 35.5 and was hooked 19th century.
Always enjoy when the auction house posts close up photos so I can see the various textiles used.  If you tap the photo it should enlarge so you can see more detail.  
Said to be hooked 
1900's is the house with hooked tongues framing the house.  Notice the almost camouflaged flower chain hooked along the sides.  Dimensions of the rug is 23 x 27.
I've had this Whimsical Whale rug for over a year and finally decided to post it.  Said to be hooked early 20th century and measures 18 x 22.5.
Here's a very primitive rug with a Cat and its Toys.  Dimensions are 22 x 47 and hooked early 20th century.
Close ups of the cat and toys.

Lastly is a soiled and tattered f
loral with hit and miss corners.
Hope you enjoyed the show.  Next post I might have a little something new going on to show you.


Friday, April 15, 2022

Mother with Fishbowl and a Chuckle

This first photo shows what had been accomplished at camp.  The popular hair style back then was pin curls and that is how mother was wearing her hair.
After returning home there was very little more hooked but did manage to finish the collar around her neck, finished the hair tho I did wonder if the back of the head needed to be rounded at the corner; tweaked the eye a little and finished hooking the hand.
The plan was to hook mother's jacket with what had been determined to be value #7 with shadows and outline with #8 value.  Hooked and reverse hooked part of the jacket and getting frustrated.  Then decided to hook background  (curtain) with what Cindy and and I liked for the colors.  However what I did hook near the face looks mighty close in value with the hair color and will be too with the jacket, or at least in person.

And even if the background color does work out after all, what the heck about the fishbowl???  Wouldn't the transparency of the bowl of water need a similar color but lighter in value?  Mentally questioning the future plan for the pattern my frustration level rose.  So I have put all the wool, wool strips, pictures, notes and pattern in this bag awaiting a future camp to to finish.  Cindy won't be back at that camp next year and I'm not driving to PA so it is officially a UFO.
Okay, now to the fun part and reflecting back to my schooldays.  Am sure you also had to give oral book reports or publicly speak in front of your class.   For me it was a nightmare and hated doing that.  You studious folks probably had no problem at all.  Nor did I volunteer answering teachers' questions as I was too insecure.  So instead of looking stupid I voluntarily became the class clown and look like an ass😩

Fast forward to current day ~ On Thursday of rug camp I asked the gals in class if they had seen a 'gratitude card' for Cindy making rounds as I hadn't.  Hoping it had been started, once again wanting to follow not lead.  But we started out with only 5 students and one was departing that day early leaving only 4 of us to thank Cindy monetarily.  

At lunch time I got a card, put money in it and sent it to my tablemates to be passed around to the few of us left.  Such a shame her class number dropped to only 5 just days before camp and that reduces her income from participation, sales, as well as tip.  

I stepped away from hooking and visited Loris and Pam at the camp store.  Grimacing as I tell them I've got to give Cindy her card and say..."but I'm NOT going to propose this time".  They both laughed and said "oh yes you do".

By now you are probably confused as all get out so let me explain.  During a November class with Kris Miller Loris started the card and that #%&! woman slipped the card in front of me as she walked back to her hooking area.  That was Loris' way of recruiting me to present Kris with the card.  I grabbed it and walked it right back to Loris.  But she insisted I present it to Kris since I've had her as a teacher so many times.

What did I do?  You guessed it, easier to make an ass out of myself than speak seriously in public so I got down on one knee after saying something....don't even know what I said, and then asked, "will you marry me?"  I felt so stupid afterwards but had automatically reverted to the insecure kid mode.

Both Loris and Pam insisted I do that again because... they'd been teasing her all week and this would be the cherry on top ~ so they said.  Well I caved and you can see Cindy's reaction.  None of the girls in class knew what I was going to do and was to alert Pam when I was ready so she could have her camera ready.  I know my face was beet red but the girls in class enjoyed it as did Cindy.  
Can't imagine what Cindy's husband had to say when she went home and said..."honey, I had a woman propose to me today."

Sorry if the post was laborious and long to read, but if you managed to get thru to the end hope you had a good laugh.

Happy hooking, Happy Easter and Happy Passover to my Jewish friends.


Thursday, April 14, 2022

Chit Chat Smorgasbord

Are you ready for Sam the Tax Man?  Notice the 'man' is fat on his greed.  I had my taxes done last month and received my return from the Fed and State already.  So April 18th is the deadline unless you've asked for an extension.
On Monday I had a dermatology appointment in Maryland and it so happened the state was still selling tax free gas for their one-month one-time event.  I had 1/4 tank of gas so filled up and it cost me $52 plus change at $3.639.  In Delaware the cost per gallon was $3.899.   Yet, it wasn't American gasoline at all ~ we used to have American gasoline when we were energy independent until 2 years ago.  Gee, wonder why that is??  Okay, off my soap box now.
Remember me telling you I couldn't get the blade off the Fraser 500?  Thought about shipping it back to Fraser and have them do it for me then happened to remember my neighbor's father owns Seaford Machine Works.  So grabbed the cutter, the #5 blade (the cut for my camp project), instructions, hex wrench, some wool and off I went.  
Luckily her dad was there.  I explained what my problem was with removing the blade and he proceeded to remove everything and anything which I've never had to remove to replace a blade before.  Then the spring popped off the bottom which prevents the wool from getting jammed.  OMG, now I'm getting nervous.  But thought...worse thing is that I'll box up all the pieces and ship everything back to Fraser.  I asked if he wanted me to leave it there and he said he'd call me when it was ready.

He asked me where it went and I wasn't sure because I'd never taken the whole thing apart.  But did know at one time my wool was jamming and had to send the cutter to Fraser and he said the spring was out of sync.  But my neighbor's father was able to get it working and took a photo of the spring and how it should be ~ UH, just in case this happens to you.
I'm back in business and was quite happy her dad was able to help.  I asked what I owed (because I'll bet he worked on it at least an hour) and he said nothing.  Now I've a #5 to cut the wool for Mother's rug.   If I ever get time to hook.  Cut some grass yesterday and today will cut the rest of the yard. 

Sharon has shared her rendition of Dancing Rabbits frolicking around some decorative kale.  Thanks for joining in the hook-along Sharon.
I promise the next blog post I do will be a photo of my mother's profile.  Meantime, happy hooking.


Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Maryland Shores Rug Show

For those of you who may not know the April rug camp teachers are all McGowan Certified, therefore the majority of the rugs you're about to see would be McGowan designs.  Also most would be fine cut.  After I started attending this camp they did change the rules so that now anyone's pattern may be taken to this camp.

The first two rugs appear to be a wide cut and wonderfully hooked by Cheri Reid. Cheri usually hooks huge rugs. 

Am unable to see the name of the hooker in the photo which is the case with several pictures.
A geometric.
And even an applique.
Below is a pattern named "A bag full of Goodies" and hooked by Linda Panella.
The Notre Dame Gargoyle design hooked by teacher Anna Knap which I'm sure many of you have seen in RHM.
Another by Anna below.
This Circles in Circles rug appeals to me.
Was surprised to see a design called Daleview Farm designed by Polly Minick and I drew a number of these patterns for Polly before she sold the business.
Betty Burbage hooked this sweet dog below.

Notice that hooked key and key hole in the geometric?  Cool isn't it?

Pam Brune hooked the Heart designed rug.
A beautiful fox hooked by Peg Dutton,  the photo appeared in the latest ATHA magazine but her name wasn't mentioned.  The pattern is offered by The Wool Farm.
Oh my, what a beauty and I forgot the name of the hooker.  LOVE IT!
Another huge rug with wonderful colors and sadly the info is too blurry for me to tell who hooked it.
Loris hooked this Cindy Irwin pattern then the hooking is given back to Cindy and she has her contact put it in the purse design chosen by the hooker.  This is very nice....
..but this one is wonderful !!!!!!

It's been a long time since I've seen the name Potted Pear or a finished rug by that name; wish she would bring back her web site.
The sheep's head and horns were done Waldoboro style and flowers proddy.
The geometric is done with nice soft colors.
Last, but definitely not least, is the wedding dress designed and hooked by Cindy Irwin.  Notice those delicate flowers and buds cascading down the front of the skirt?   Click on the photo for it to enlarge so you can see the detail.  
That is the technique Cindy taught us in the event we wanted to make some to display in our home in a vase.
Yeah, I know you want to see what I've accomplished on my mother's profile.  But have been occupied with doctor appointment,  laundry, well, you know just life moving on and little time hooking.  

Happy hooking, maybe some of you are doing some of that 😒