Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Cape May Rug Show #3

To continue where I left off and hopefully Blogger will play nice with me tonight, here is the next rug to show you.  The flash is making it hard for me to see the name but with the letters familiar to me can see it is a design by Norma Batastini and hooked by Vickie Lavigna.
Ah, a more complete photo of the rugs previously posted, guess I wouldn't make a great magazine or photo editor would I?  Anyway, still can't make out the name of the first rug but appears it was designed as well as hooked by Kay Leisey.  The Patriotic Sampler was designed By Cammie Bruce and hooked by Marion Wilson.
So glad I remembered to go back and get a photo of this again when trying to be courteous to other people looking at rugs.  This one i called Sheep Over the Moon, designed by Joanne Gerwig and hooked by Nancy Tiffany.
I'd know who this rug was hooked by without even reading the label.  It is obviously hooked by Cheri Reid.   Could make out that it was designed by Cheri and Sarah Giuliani.
Oh but I love not only the naive hooked rug but also the primitive framing.  Bet most of you already surmised it was designed and hooked by Cammie Bruce.
The name of this design is called "The Tower" and hooked by Michelle Micarelli .  There is no name as to designer so assumed she wished to remain anonymous.  While I never asked Michelle my suspicion is that it was based on the terror of 9/11 and channeling that angst into art.  
Below are two designs by Lori Brechlin and offered by Spruce Ridge Studios called "Trick or Treat" and "Smell my Feet".  They were hooked by my pal Deb Nees.
Below are two designs hooked and designed by Cammie Bruce named Tulips and Corner Flowers.
Below is an adaptation of an antique called "Washday" and hooked by Kay Leisey.
Welcome Guests is the name of the rug below, it is designed and hooked by Kris Miller of Spruce Ridge Studio
 Below is Willow Bank hooked by Cindy Painter.
 Below and left if a rug my friend Deb Nees hooked using many or all of Ali Strebel's designs from last year's rug camp in Cape May.  She entitled it "With Apologies to Gustav" and is an adaptation of Gustav Klimpt's Tree of Life.
Bet you can guess who hooked and designed "You had Me at Woof". Ding ding ding, if you guessed Cammie Bruce you'd be right on the money.  Sorry, you didn't win a prize tho, sorry.
Okey dokey kiddies.  Tomorrow is October 1st and still have more Cape May pictures so share.  There are the the 'throw down' pictures of rugs hooked in classes until Thursday afternoon and....... AND...... if anyone is interested in seeing orbs captured in pictures I have some of those from years past.  Remember, this IS a Victorian hotel and sure there are lots of spirits inhabiting the premises.  In the 12 years I've attended I've never been accosted but always find it interesting and look for signs.

Have a great evening everyone.  Tomorrow I must run out and pick up batteries and pray the hurricane doesn't barricade our development for no release as happened before.  And even more praying that our mother's house (ours being my brother and me) doesn't succumb to the tidal waves and flood since it is across from the Indian River and near the Inlet.  

Have a good evening everyone. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Cape May Rug Show #2

Sorry I didn't post pictures on my blog yesterday but I've been achy, cold, sensitive skin, a temperature I'm sure because Sunday evening I couldn't get warm.  Had my flu shot on September 3rd and never experienced this before, which makes me believe this is a strain of the flu not mixed in the serum.  Am feeling a bit better today but not back 100%.  

The rug below is called Adurundel Crewel and hooked by Sally Raub.
Finally had a chance to meet Cammie Bruce in person; I follow her Primitive Junky blog and like her designs.  Such a sweet gal and think it would be fun to take a class with her.  Looks like she is contimplating color planning for two rugs, most likely the same hooker. 
At the top is a Lori Brechlin design called Pear Tree (sorry the top is cut off) and hooked by Carol McKey, below that is Elephant Twins designed and hooked by Ellen Savage.  Sadly I forgot who hooked the piece below and didn't get the name tag in the photo.
From left to right is Entangled hooked by Mary Lou Bleakley, Barnegat Light designed and hooked by MaryLou Nuzum.  Far right is Farmhouse Geometric designed and hooked by Kris Miller of Spruce Ridge Studios.
Below is another big rug by Cheri Reid who is a speed hooker for sure.
This pillow design is called Floral Petite Mini II hooked by Carol McKey.                   
I have hooked this turkey design also; it is a design of Anne Nichols and this one was hooked by Carol McKey.   Sorry the flash of the camera obliterated the information on the card for the rug below that.
The piece below is a collaboration between two artists ~ a painter and hooker.  The name is Helter Skelter and don't have the name of the painter.  Cheri Reid hooked the elements which were added to the piece.
Top left was hooked by Kay Leisey but can't make out the name of rug. Below that is Patriotic Sampler designed by Camme Bruce and hooked by Marion Wilson.  Moving   to the right top is Henny Penny a design by Woolley Fox and hooked by moi.  On the right is obviously a Magdalena design and not sure who hooked it.
Hen Pecked was designed by Ellen Savage and hooked by Fern Strong. If you are interested in any of Ellen Savage's designs posted, contact Norma Batastini.
It appears this design is named Dowry and was hooked by Sally Raub.
Manatee and Me was designed by Bev Conway for Linda Woodbury who also hooked it. It was based on her experience swimming with the Manatee in Florida.
Not sure if the name of this design is Garden or Cardina but it was hooked by Alex Mathiason.  Dang it.... meant to go back and take a full picture of Judy's Shoes designs but forgot. You know how it is when the place is crowded and you make way for the next person.
Midnight Clear below is a design by Kris Miller and hooked by Kathy Mullaly.
Noah's Ark and the animals was designed and hooked by Norma Batastini for her grandson Jack.  There is a pocket at the bottom of the piece so Jack can keep his treasured animals safe from harm.
Below is Old Tennett  hooked by Susan Foley.
Old Tom hooked by Kris Miller.  This is in my stash to hook as well and if I didn't have enough patterns piled up purchased the Turkey and Tallowberries while at camp.
Ah.... Pear tree, I did get back to taking a full picture of the rug later.  It was hooked by Carol McKey.

Prarie Santa was hooked by Betty Ann Brittingham.

Pumpkin Trilogy  and the two fall designs were hooked by Nancy Weaver.
Well I had planned on posting a couple more rugs but Blogger has decided to quit on me.  Guess you will need to wait to see the rest on another day.  Hope you enjoyed the show.


Sunday, September 27, 2015

Time for some Cape May Photos

And so the week's adventure began as we arrived at The Chalfonte last Sunday.  This rug is a design of Bev Conway and was hooked by Ellen Savage.
I thought this design with it's quote was fun.  It is called Resistance by Judy Phillips.
The rug below was the very first hooked piece by Dorothy Marcus at the age of 85 years old.  Quite incredible I'd say.
Below is Big Whale by Lucille Festa and below that is the whole picture of her 1856 Floral.

Animals and Ferns is hooked by Judy Phillips too.  BTW, it was Judy and her friend Jill who were the new participants in classes at Cape May last week, so keep those names fresh in your mind til later.
 Antique Hearts by Kris Miller of Spruce Ridge Studios.
 Oak Leaves and Acorns is a design by Cindi Gay, on the right is Fiore' and both were hooked by Karen Buchheit.
Below is Blackbird Sampler and Falling Down.
By Alex Mathiasen is his Cat's Meow.
And Lucille's Crows Song is below.
Daisy is a pattern offered  and hooked by Kris Miller.
Okay, here are some fun pictures.  I always enjoy Cape May where laughs and friendships abound.  But think that between the hour of 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. dinner on Thursday evening I laughed as hard as had been laughed all the rest of the week.  

It all started out as Judy invited Deb and me for a Marguerita.  It has been years since I'd enjoyed a marguerita and it was as good as I can ever remember having.  The group grew and Judy kept us all entertained.

Here is half the group; the other half will be in the next photo.  From left to right is me, Cheri Reid with hair in a bun, Kris' sister Amanda and Judy providing some entertainment.
Then on the other side of the circle of friends is Jill Parisian, Mary Lou Bleakley and Kris Miller.
 Also joining in the fun is Mary Lou's daughter Elise and not shown but taking the picture is my pal Deb.
We had a magnificent time at Rugs by the Sea once again, this would be my 12th year attending this magnificent camp.  There are more rugs to show so stay tuned.  Have a good Sunday evening and hope your week is as great.


Saturday, September 26, 2015

Back From Nirvana

Oh but did I have a fantabulous time!!!!  Nirvana at its finest.  My gal pal Deb and I always have a great time at the Cape May rug camp known as Rugs by the Sea.  Laughs, kinship and fun always abounds but this year the laugh meter was off the charts.

When Deb and I signed up for the second week we were sure that we'd be strangers and not know anyone there.  Turns out we knew most of the attendees.  There were a couple new ladies but not new to hooking. You will read more about them in another post.  

Have been perusing my photos, reducing the size and naming them , which takes time.  So until I can give you a rug show, pictures of some antics and goings on, will show you my camp rug.  The "Nantucket Broom Ride" is a design by Lori Brechlin of NotForgottenFarm and offered by Kris Miller of Spruce Ridge Studios.  
Kris and I were on the same page when it came to color planning my whale.  We liked the idea of having a blotchy primitive antique look to the whimsy of a Goode Witch.  Just LOVE how it turned out.  All the wools used for the whale were those I took.

Okay, the elephant in the room is the witch's costume, background and value.  Yup, I'm quite aware of that.  There is a NIGHT SKY which demands a dark background.  Witches usually wear black or purple and I wanted purple.  On Kris' wise suggestion was a 'halo' effect with a lighter wool around her.  But there is an arm along the purple body which is outlined in black (perhaps too thick cut by me).  There is the other arm with the halo which makes that section very confusing.  For now I'm "....going to hook what I know" and deal with the witch later.

Folks, this is not my first class with Kris Miller and will happily attend another.  If you have the opportunity to take her class grab it before the class fills.

Oh, FYI ~ thought I was running away from computer problems when going to Cape May.... HA!  Had my iPad there and received and sent messages for 1 day and then nada.  Comcast messages stopped arriving on my iPad as well as for other folks at camp with a Comcast address. Today I called Comcast, the first tech person tried to help and sent 'test' messages.  Those 'test' messages arrived on my PC but not my iPad.

Apple had an ios update for iPad but wasn't related to this issues.  It is definitely a Comcast issue because while at Cape May I included my gmail address to communicate with my house/Ben sitter and was able to send and receive.  SO..... IF..... you have a Comcast email and not getting messages on your iPad contact your local Comcast office.

Have a great evening everyone. My suitcases still aren't fully empty and still so much to do to catch up.  Ya know, having fun is exhausting, lol.


Saturday, September 19, 2015

"My Bags are Packed and Ready to Go...."

That sounds like a song, don't ya think?  Since I'm leaving tomorrow morning nlt 9:30 a.m. to catch the Lewes/Cape May Ferry there will be lots to finish on the packing since the curler, hair dryer, make-up, snacks, will need to be packed in the morning.  

This is the view from the rear of the van. You can see the white and red wine was safely placed.  Seems everyone depends on me bringing wine so I take what I like and is affordable for me.  

The rugs for the show are in those two totes on the far right.  The big duffel bag was a gift from Polly Minick and the other is of vintage fabric.

This is from the passenger side.  The suitcase is open so that the blow dryer and curling iron can be slipped in tomorrow.  In the back you can see my smaller rotating sit-upon.  That is what I'll use to hook on the sheep rug for the hour long ferry ride as well as in the hotel room at the Chalfonte at night.   My floor frame with Snapdragon  will stay in the classroom awaiting me each morning; that hasn't been packed yet since I'm HOPING to sit and pull a loop or two!!!!!!
Naturally all camps are a joy to attend; but am in desperate need of running away from home.  This summer I've had an issue with not only the OLD riding mower but the new one and am having the house sitter deal with it while I'm gone.  Tried and failed to cut the grass the last two weeks and the yard is in sad shape.  

Then the FULL last month problems with my Windows 7 computer crashing and the purchase of not one, but two Windows 10 computers. The first HP which made me return to Best Buy several times and a letter to Microsoft was eventually exchanged for a Dell.  Sadly there have been nit picky issues after that so I'm ready to runaway from home. Never did that as a kid but am ready to do that now as an adult. Not to worry friends, I'll be missing Ben and will be looking forward to seeing my driveway after camp.  Promise pictures of fun and the rug show.

Some friends from town also will be in the Cape May area and plan to drop by the rug show on Wednesday.  I told them that after class and after picking up my rugs we'd sit on the veranda outside our room and have a glass of wine.  Hmmm, maybe I need to pick up more wine. 

Will post something during the week from Cape May but need this escape first.  Hope all my on-line blogger gal pals are having fun in their locations too. My iPad will be handy so if you need to contact me please feel free to do so and I'll get back to you asap.  UH, if it is negative energy I'll deal with that when I get home.

Okay kiddies, getting back to getting ready to leave tomorrow.  So TA TA.