Sunday, December 31, 2023


To my followers I wish all of you have a happy and healthy New Year.  For America I pray for a safer way of life for all of us on our streets, towns and cities.  

I will welcome the new year in as usual, behind closed eyes.
As much as I hate for this "forever floral" to be the first rug shown it was the first rug hooked in 2023 so must start with it.  It was given that name because it seemed to take forever to finish the damn thing.
Since I'd always wanted to hook a block from Lucinda Ward's Reconciliation Quilt the one chosen was, of course, the Woman on  Horseback. 
Janice of Prims by the Water joined me in the project and you can see hers develop HERE.

Also on my frame was an antique star rug which was fun and will be something to display during patriotic holidays.  It started as my 'plus one' and something to hook while deciding on what to do next.  Must say it was a LOT of fun.
Oh my, be still my heart.  Around March/April I fell in love with an antique 1911 Horse.  At the moment it is being displayed in front of my fireplace for my enjoyment pleasure.
Scalloped Flowers was next and hooking those repetitive squiggly lines did get rather boring.  What was fun was hooking the directional blotchy background.  It will be a nice rug to display in the spring when I'm looking for buds to develop anywhere in the yard.  
Geometric Garden, an antique adaptation, followed soon after.
Another of my 'plus one' or impromptu quick hook on the side, was an adaptation I dubbed "Going in Circles".  What a great way to pull strips from those baggies of color already cut.  And do love the blotchy background.
At rug camp with Caroline I started Lollipop Flowers, an antique adaptation.  I love it, sure turned out wonderful!
Next was my 1776 Eagle which I'm still in love with.  The original antique took quite a remake to get to this stage.
Sadly my sheep who lost its way won't be finished this year.  She will be the first one finished in 2024 tho.  It was started in November and most all wool in the sheep was removed and rehooked as well as what was hooked of the purple border.  This photo is the first time I've looked at it on my pc in weeks.  

Lauren, I miss quoted the dimensions, it is 26 x 40.  Not sure what I'll do with that snake looking area below but in the original antique it is a very light color and I don't want that.                           
For me and those who can't remember what the antique looked like, here it is for comparison.  The outer border in the antique is light and I made mine dark and added it to the already dark  ~ that's why my black border is so large.
What's next you're wondering?  Not quite sure since I don't have a plus one on the side right now.  But do have an antique in mind for 2024, UH, unless I change my mind.



Saturday, December 30, 2023


For those of you who couldn't find the gnome in the rug and wondering where it was, look at the photo below.  I outlined the gnome so it is easier to identify.  Did the hooker intend it to be a gnome or was it a fluke?  Don't know but I'd like to think whoever hooked it decided to add a little interest to her rug and give the kids some entertainment looking for a hidden person.
There is only one bid on the rug and 2 days before end of auction.  I'm not bidding on it so if you're interested contact Carey Auctions in Youngstown, PA or bid on line HERE.  If not for the charm of the whimsical rug itself, remember it was once owned by Barb Carroll.

So far Chris Z is the only person to notice the gnome and she identified the location perfectly.  Thanks Chris for taking the time to comment and thank you for being a loyal follower.

I'd intended to outline the gnome on the iPad but attempting to charge the pencil's internal battery failed.  Then I learned the pencils are useless after a couple years.  And am sure it had been at least that long since it was used last.   When I purchased the iPencil the cost was $99 but now the cost is only $24.  Don't think I'll purchase one, after all if I haven't wanted to use it in a couple years how badly do I need it? 

Hard to believe another year is coming to a close; how did this last year go by so fast?  With just 2 days left in this year am quite sure my present rug won't get finished.  I'd be happy just to have all the loops pulled and even if it has to be bound in 2024 would call it a hooked rug  in 2023.  Guess I'd better 'publish' this post and get hooking to see how much I can accomplish.

Thursday, December 28, 2023


Just listed is this gnome home (name I gave it) which use to be in the bath area of Barb Carroll's Guest House.  When a guest there I noticed a hidden gnome, see if you can find it.  Not sure if it was hooked by accident or intended but I saw it right away.
The hooked piece measures 22.5 x 35.5 and being sold by Carey Auctions in Blairville, PA.  The opening bid started at $10.

Back to pulling loops and with only 3 days before the new year there's no way that wayward sheep will be completed.


Monday, December 25, 2023

Saturday, December 23, 2023


A few Christmas rugs by me and others to entertain you.  Here
s my version of an antique Santa.
Barbara Merry hooked the Santa below.
After having this pattern for years I finally hooked it.  But chose to remove the sack and had Santa hold the lamb instead of it popping out of the sack.
This is how Karen Kahle designed and hooked the Wooly Santa pattern. I do like the blue better than my colors.
Polly Minick designed and hooked these Santa's below.  I drew many of these patterns for her in the past but haven't hooked one myself....yet .  

A smaller size Polly had made into a pillow.    
One she was hooking with a flag  but am certain she hooked many versions with different color schemes.  And, sold them all.
The above Santa design is a free to hook pattern in her book "The American Collection".

Stocking designed and hooked by Polly.
She also hooked it in blue.
A holiday ornaments mat I designed and hooked.
Guess I'd better get back to pulling a few more loops on my 'wayward sheep'.   


Wednesday, December 20, 2023


As everyone is still probably scrambling to buy last minute gifts, grocery shopping for Christmas dinner or cleaning before house guests arrive, thought you might enjoy a beverage of choice and enjoy a rug show.

Don't know the exact dimensions of the narrow mat below, but it was obviously hooked 1925.   Nice hit and miss border colors, blue and tan are great colors together.
A cat with her kittens 21 x 41.5 circa 1900.  Think I've previously posted this rug but might have forgotten to move it to the 'antiques' file.
A similar color scheme is the next rug with cattails surrounding a duck or bird with long legs and long beak.  There are several species so you can decide which by checking HERE.  Was hooked late 19th early 20th century and measures 32 x 47.
This rug still listed on an auction site ~ dog circa 1900 with dimensions of 28 x 40.5.
Also still up for auction is the duck rug circa 1900.  It measures 21 x 34  from an Ohio collector.
Very pretty floral which is in a textile museum but memory of which museum escapes me.
Hagley Museum rug measuring 34 x 40 dated 1850-1900.  At a quick glance it reminded me of a string of Christmas lights, lol.
All I know about the rug below is that it's a horse.  No date, dimensions or provenance.
A mostly leaf designed rug, it measures 22.5 x 35.5 and hooked 1930-40.
A beauteous beast me thinks.  Hooked between 1910-20 measures 31.5 x 40.  Not sure if this is the entire hooked piece but probably not from the partial flowers along the side.  But this is all I could find.  I liked it so saved it.
A winter scene with sun shining bright, 16 x 36.  Guess I should be happy it was 5" of rain that fell here on top of the already 2" which fell the week before, as Lauren said usually snow is 10X that of rain water.  EEK!!!!!!!  Really???
Am slowly plugging along ~ translation: slowly pulling loops ~ on the sheep that lost its way.  I'm just not ready to give in, give up and put it in a UFO container just yet.  After all, there are still 11 days left in this year.


Monday, December 18, 2023


.. it POURS.  I did a previous post showing the rain from last weekend.  Then there was more intense rain from Sunday afternoon until this morning to the tune of over 5" in this area of Sussex County, Delaware.  

This is what I woke up to this morning.  With a cloudy sky but during a brief break in the rain I took these photos.  Each of these photos have orbs in them and was taken by surprise when each was downloaded to the blog.  If you tap on the photo they enlarge to give you a better view of the orbs.

The water goes far into the woods on both sides and to the farm behind me.  There are two orbs in the picture below.
Sorry this next photo is blurry but it also has two orbs.  Was going to take another photo but it is dark now and can't. 
This is to the left side of the yard and goes into the woods on my property as well as the woods to my neighbor.  And yes there is an orb in this photo also.  No doubt about it some entity was quite inquisitive with my situation.
Am sure you don't even need to enlarge this next photo to see that strong orb; wonder if that is my boy Ben, Shadow, Panzer or his mom Shumba?  Or maybe my mother who came to check on me, or perhaps my spirit guide telling me "you're gonna be okay, I got ya"?  There ae 3 orbs in this photo.
Then around 10:30 when it appears the rain had stopped ~ maybe, I decided to head out to the grocery store as I've a follow-up doctor appointment tomorrow.  And this is what I encountered at the development entrance.
I got out of the car and took a couple photos.  I chose not to drive thru the water but was able to get Saturday's mail walking on the dry areas.
There is a stream which surrounds the development and which you can see across the road.  The water gets deeper to the right of that road blockage as there is a bridge across the road.
Have heard that there is heavy flooding in Salisbury,  MD too and where my appointment is.  Two routes I could take to my appointment were on the news as being flooded:  Route 13 and Zion Rd.  So I will call the doctor's office to see if they know of the road passage safety. 

Guess I'll go pull few loops on my rug.  Can you sense a lack of enthusiasm with that prospect?


Saturday, December 16, 2023


Believe it or not I was smitten with the original antique as soon as I saw it and decided to hook my own.  First of all I wanted to start a 'plus one' to work on between main projects.  Yet there were several other factors making it a great rug for me:
    ~ the antique had a multi-colored background I love (blotchy)
    ~ great use of wooly worms
    ~ easy no stress hooking  

Perhaps this rug isn't aesthetically beautiful to some folks but to me it epitomizes the na├»ve primitive rugs made by women of yesteryear.  After the holidays I plan to display it on the harvest table as this quick tablescape photo suggests.  Right after taking the photo I put my Santa rug back on the table.
Then it will go on the floor in my kitchen. 
In case you missed the original antique rug posted months ago, here it is again.
If you'd like to do your own adaptation in whatever size you desire, the circles in the rug I hooked are about the size of a silver dollar but you can surely draw whatever size circle you desire.   Happy hooking.                


Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Plan B

With the Eagle bound and the Circles rug in process of being bound I just couldn't abandon the sheep so had to come up with plan B.  Besides I needed to put a hook in my hand!!!!!  So searched for any color wool other than purple which could replace that which had already been hooked.  One color chosen was a pastel plaid, another a neutral light color but one darker texture I thought might work.

Rather than pulling out the purple immediately I hooked another flower and tried the plan B wool at the opposite corner.  This is what it looks like now ~ plan B at the bottom left and previous purple top left.
Am sure you're wondering what the other wool looked like so here are the other photos I took with wool to ponder.  First photo is the pastel plaid.
Here is a grey texture.
And then the plaid that I've hooked in the top photo.  I thought perhaps I could use the grey stripes for close to the flower and leaves and use the plaid which had the same flower colors in areas away from the flower corners. 
Frankly after taking the photo and looking at the rug on the floor the purple only appeared as a neutral and I didn't find it as offensive as I did a couple weeks ago.   Not sure I'll get any loops pulled tomorrow as I've a doctor appointment and having a procedure done on my leg veins and have no clue how long I'll be there.  The doctor is 1 hr. 15 minutes away but the drive home will be longer since it will be high traffic time.  
In other news, the local weatherman said Seaford had 3" of rain Sunday into Monday so the the lake is back.  There is water in the woods to the left of this photo and across the back of the property  ~ it is like having a semi-moat around my property.
And just heard the future weather forecast and there is another storm on the way this weekend which means more rain in the moat.