Thursday, December 31, 2015

Wool and Rug Update

A friend and follower Cathy asked me what wool was used to hook the curvature areas of the sheep so thought I'd post a picture.  It is a herringbone and actually am using two different herringbone pieces of wool for this rug.   

The wool on the left is a light grey & white herringbone and if you click on the photo should enlarge it enough for you to see the change of stripe direction is about every half inch.  

The wool to the right is what I'm using for the outer edge of the main design since it is a tad more bold.  That wool is double-sided and used the dark side for the legs of the sheep but in a smaller cut and the lighter side for the outer edge.
Well here it is the eve of the goal I'd set to have the sheep rug done and as you can see, it isn't.  And, no way can I get it done tomorrow New Year's Day either so may as well slow down and enjoy the process until it is finished.  
In the above photo you can see that I did remove the red strip from around the star and like it much better now.  Must tell you that the rug looks more rich in person.  And what makes it a whole lot better doing this kind of border is that I'm using up lots of strips from my worm baggies.

Come to think of it, that may be part of the reason for not meeting my deadline by tomorrow.  Seems I spend so much time looking thru my baggies for just the right wool strips when that could have been hooking time.  Oh well, it is still very rewarding knowing that I'm using up wool worms which seem to magically multiply faster than they can be used.

I'm staying in this New Year's eve and hooking and have a glass of Pinot Noir with me now.  Back in the day I was a party person but stay close to home now.  If you do go out to celebrate the new year, Please please be safe and have a cab or friend drive you home.  Enjoy the closing of 2015 and welcome in 2016.  I'll welcome 2016 behind closed eyelids.

God Bless, thanks for being my blogger friends and followers as I appreciate you all.


Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Not Going to Happen

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve and was my goal to have the rug completely hooked by the end of the day.  Then changed my mind to finish it on New Years Day.  Well looks like that 'ain't gonna happen' either.

While I had hopes that elves would drop by after Christmas to help me, haven't seen any great progress on the hooking of the sheep rug in the mornings.  Plus I was out shopping today to take advantage of a $10 off coupon, plus a 30% off coupon at a local clothing store which expires tomorrow.  So I was able to get a pair of nice denim leggings originally $48 and only paid $13.52 for them.  
Okay, the pattern above I'm still working out in my mind as I look at the photo.  Regarding the hooked star ~ think it needs to be reduced in size like the one to the right of it.  And think that red outline needs to come out as it will be fine without it.  Am still considering putting a small star to the bottom right of the design.  

Those dark blue hooked lines in the background have my attention but they can wait.  Gee, I wonder how far along I'd been if I hadn't ripped out and re-hooked a few areas?

Have a great night everyone.


Monday, December 28, 2015

Sheep Rug and Weather

Will bore you with an update on the sheep pattern, which is from Woolley Fox.   It was originally a design called Flag Day Sheep but I've taken some creative license.  Some of that creative license was not drawn properly as the top border was 1/4" smaller than the other sides so changed that.
I also moved up the star on the left just a tad so there will be two stars above the sheep, the moon encroaching the border (I like that idea), and not sure if I'll make a smaller star just below the sheep's chinny chin chin or not.  Right now, me thinks not but I've been known to change my mind.

There's only 3 days left in 2015 so I'll have to work my buns off to get this done by the end of the year.

A few days ago Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) showed new blooms on her forsythia bush and now I've them on mine.  Poor things don't know what season we are in.  Of late it has been in the 70s but today in the 40s.  Tomorrow is supposed to reach 71 and then winter returns to show us that mother nature is still in charge and reminding us it really is winter.
So enjoy this soon-to-end balmy weather folks because it is all about to change.  And the poor folks in Texas.  The horrific tornadoes and now snow. 

Wishing you a pleasant evening with lots of hooking, stitching, punching or quilting.


Sunday, December 27, 2015

Working on Goal #2 for 2015

With A Day in the County all hooked (but not bound yet) was hoping to get the sheep rug completely hooked before the end of 2015 since it was started in September of this year.  I've not been a slouch in the hooking department since managing to hook 3 rugs since starting the sheep.

There's still a ways to go with only 4 days left in 2015, and this is how it looks now.
I'm planning on hooking that sliver moon and having it encroach the border that I drew.  Plans are to eliminate that lower star near the feet which was originally drawn in the rug ~ instead will hook a ground and sky background.

Today I didn't hook a lot since I used this last warm day to work on the leaf situation in the yard and did some laundry. So the next few days will have to work harder at hooking with such little time left.  This one I'm not so sure is an attainable goal to achieve.  So my house desperately needs cleaning but that too shall wait.  Ben doesn't mind the wool dust or his floating dog hair, lol.

Hope you had a great Christmas holiday and weekend with family.


Saturday, December 26, 2015

Hooking Completed

Yippee, I accomplished one of my two goals before the end of 2015. One was to finish hooking A Day in the Country, a design by Tonya Robey of Mad Hen Prims.   The binding won't be done until after I've accomplished goal two, which is to finish hooking the sheep rug. Hopefully I'll manage to complete that one in 2015 too.
Now I've a question for all you mathematical minded hookers or the ones who know the answer.  How much yarn does it take to whip a rug? Below is a picture of the only skein that color which was dyed by my dear departed friend Lesley.
The round skein of yarn measures 26" in length and there are 35 strands.  So doubled would be 52" x 35 = 1,820" (approx.).  Am I on the right track here?  The rug measures 25 1/2" x 33".  How much would I need to whip the edge with that yarn?

And if there isn't enough to whip the edge with the yarn would use what I have and attach the binding tape to the outer edge of the rug. The pretty yarn would be hidden on the bottom but would cover the foundation at the outer edge.

Now to put the hook in my hand and work on the sheep.

Hope you are enjoying the calm day after the busy Christmas day. Thanks for dropping by.


Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas for my Son

My son, Greg, was over the moon in love with one of the gifts I gave him for Christmas.  He loves it and even my grandson told me it was "cool". Perhpas next Christmas there will a hooked piece for my grandson.

Greg couldn't take his eyes off the rug so finally had to tell him to face me so that I could take a frontal picture of him.
And guess what...... I pulled the last loops on A Day in the Country.  Will post a picture of it tomorrow.  Have you had a wonderful Christmas with family.  


Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Eve of Christmas Day

T'was the night before Christmas and all thru the house, not a creature was stirring not even a mouse.  The stockings were hung by the chimney with care...... hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there.  And I'm sure all my readers could recite the book also from years of reading it to their child or family member.

This evening I wrapped my last gift, the Man Cave Rug for my son. Tomorrow I'll spend the day with my son, Cathy and Zach.  Then come home to give Ben his Christmas treats ~ a new toy and Bully Stick.  

So for now am enjoying my hooked vintage adaptation of Santa and reindeer on my harvest table with a glass of pinot noir.  
Wishing everyone a great Christmas eve and hope Santa gets all those presents wrapped and under the tree before the kids wake up and family arrives.


Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Attainable for 2015

YAH!  The rug A Day in the Country will be finished within the year of 2015.  Perhaps it won't be bound right away, but will be all hooked. There's just a little more of the ground at the bottom to hook and then steaming.  Then it will 'cure', lol, for a while until it is bound.  I hate binding in case you don't remember me saying that before.
Then I'll work my itty bitty buns off to finish the sheep rug which was started before Cape May rug camp.  This is how the picture looked like posted on my blog just before leaving for camp this past September. 

Heavens, there wasn't much hooked at the posting in September before camp compared to what it looks like now.  So I must have accomplished some hooking on the ferry ride to Cape May and the night before starting Nantucket Broom Ride.  But still a lot to do to finish the sheep by 2015 end.
And for those of you wondering what I'm doing covering the Flag Day Sheep pattern from Woolley Fox, this is what my goal is.
To set the record straight, I've hooked numerous Americana designs, several patterns which have flags on them so I am definitely pro America.  But those sheep images are so close but facing different directions that think I'd prefer a rug similar to the bottom.  Besides, that was an adorable rug I recall seeing in the classroom area the first year at Barb's and fell in love.

Today I gave a gift to a friend of mine, Jon, who admires hooked rugs and likes my work. He has a cat named Dax and saw an adaptation of an antique mat I was working on (the bottom one in the picture below). Jon commented that he loved it, reminded him of his cat and if I ever decided to sell please let him know.
Well Jon makes minimum wage and is the caretaker for his mother so decided to hook another just for him.  It is the top mat which I gifted Jon today and he was very happy ~ which made me happy.  

All my gifts are wrapped and will spend Christmas day with my son, Cathy and grandson Zach.  Hope you can enjoy the Christmas eve tomorrow before the hustle bustle of Christmas Day arrives.


Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A Christmas Play

On Sunday I went to see my grandson Zach in his church Christmas Play.  He was in a play last year for the first time and while he was a little apprehensive and nervous seemed to end up liking it.  A budding hollywood actor in the making, lol?

The theme was Christmas miracles, a child's letter to God which ends up in the dead letter section of the post office where workers read letters meant for Santa and God.  Zach played the part of a volunteer postal worker who was among those who witnessed a miracle.  Zach is the young man in the white shirt.
The letter was written by a young girl wanting to help her mother and the mother's unborn child as they lay in the hospital bed on death's door.
The postal workers decide to make a visit to the hospital and support the child and see what they could possibly do to help.  On a side note, click on the photo below and look at the orbs on and around my grandson Zach.
Playing the part of the mother is Zach's cousin Kaitlynn, laying in the bed, with her boyfriend playing the part of the husband.
Now look to the left along the black curtain which is hiding a previous scene and Kaitlynn is still in the bed.  Notice that orb?  I'm wondering if the orbs are family angels (the other grandparents and young cousins who passed) watching the Christmas play.
Fast forwarding, the miracle that night was the renewed health of the mother and the birth of the child ~ which, of course was placed in the manger.  
After the play Kaitlynn danced.
Now look below at the orb near Kaitlynn's left hand located along the red and blue stripes of the prop.
This grandma took lots more photos but won't bore you further with more.  All of the young kids who danced were precious; but I wanted to take those two boys home with me, particularly the little blonde on the far right of the photo.  Adorable all.
For those of you in need, I hope you get your Christmas miracle this year.  Merry Christmas.


Sunday, December 20, 2015

Mini Antique Rug Show

Since there's nothing spectacular to share on hooking progress and my grandson's play pictures haven't been reduced/edited thought I'd give you some antique rug eye candy.

This is a rug my friend Evelyn Lawrence wants to hook.  I'd forwarded a link to Edyth O'Neill's Blog to her and Evelyn wrote back saying she would really like to hook this.  So if anyone knows who draws the pattern, please get in touch with me.
I think this rug below is a beauty and it was also on Edyth's blog.  For more wonderful photos you can either click on the link above or scroll down the left side of my blog and click on her link there.
This rug below depicts a baby and obviously a protective dog.  How dear is that?
This Shaker horse is documented as having been hooked in 1840.  Look how well preserved it is and with a beautiful braided edge.  
This date I saw on the rug below was 1890.
Now time for us animal lovers.  How fun for you feline lovers, this rug was documented as having been hooked by Mary Baxter Holt (1915-2005).
Another colorful rug (for you dog lovers) hooked by Mary Baxter Holt.
Okay kids, time for me to pull more loops so I can get some UFOs done in the year 2015.  I need hooking time.


Saturday, December 19, 2015

Hooking on the New Frame

The last couple days I've been test driving my new Acadian Frame.  It is beautifully made with a nice patina (mine is Cherry wood), swivels 180* and tilts forward and backward.  The frame measures 15" x 21" and really like the longer length as it requires less movement of the design.  The grippers really grip and so far haven't missed using the Snapdragon.
I've been hoping to get this rug finished so that I can move onto the UFO sheep which was started just before Cape May rug camp this past September.  Since both of these were started in 2015 really really wanted them finished in the same year.  A Day in the Country might be finished in 2015 but guess the sheep will have a date of 2016 on it.

Since this rug won't be finished by tomorrow to show more progress, will post some pictures of antique rugs recently found on the internet.

Seems that with my lack of posting daily I've lost a couple followers....sad.  Unfortunately I take it to heart and wonder what I may have said (or didn't) to make someone 'UN-friend' me.

It takes some effort to go remove your name from someone's blog.  I follow so many folks that I wouldn't know where to go to remove my name if I wanted to (which I don't).  Yeah, I do wish some of my favorite blogs would post more often but realize life gets in the way, particularly this time of the year ~ but no reason for me to remove my name as a follower.

Enjoy your weekend baking, cooking, wrapping gifts or whatever it is you're busy doing to prepare for Christmas.


Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Translation ~~ Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas to me!!!  The great gift to myself arrived today, the Acadian Rug Hooking Frame.  Help me open my present, will you?  The frame was sent Priority Mail and definitely marked as 'fragile'.
The frame parts (not including Ben's nose, paws and his toy) were nicely wrapped......
....and protected even more inside the box with paper, air bubble bags, bubble wrap and foam peanuts.
Below shows a partial unwrapping of the gift and you can see the assembly instructions tied and hanging in the middle of the frame top yoke section.
Okay, now for a very pleasant surprise to me.  With my other swivel frames I've often wondered which part was up and would it make a difference if the bolts went thru the holes okay anyway.  HA!  With this frame there is no wondering.  You see that little dot (a small drilled hole 'beauty mark' to me but they call it a "Registration Mark (hole)".  That hole is drilled on the top and in the yoke below that to be sure they are assembled properly if you disassemble your frame when taking it to a class as long as those tiny holes are on the same side you are fine.  How dang smart!!!!!!  That way you can be sure that the frame swivels correctly and a 'sweet spot' made with each revolution your frame makes.
Below is a picture of the frame assembled, included with the purchase came the gripper cover (oops, the instructions laying on the floor still). You can also see my project on the other frame and now I'm anxious to pull some loops with my new gift.
I totally forgot to take a picture of the Ball/dowel being too excited about assembling the frame.  So know there is the ball and dowel which goes inside that wooden post and the frame does have a height adjustment.  I'll take more pictures later but am really really anxious to go play and pull loops for a while.



Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A Day in the Country Update and Cutting it Close

This is what has been accomplished on the rug so far.  Not nearly as much as I'd like but then the nice weather has allowed me to do some necessary yard work in comfort.
A couple things to point out in the photo above.... was wondering what colors to hook those other little flowers at the bottom (now covered by the brown wool) so placed yellow and mottled orange to see.  But think what is needed first is to finish the upper right part of the rug, the tree and perhaps the bottom will make the decision easier.

EEK, will I have enough brown ground wool to cover the area at the bottom?  With the remaining brown left in the kit I folded and placed in areas, plus the wool strips to the right of the picture just MIGHT be enough to finish.  The standard primitive wide cut used to be #8 but now the 'go to' primitive strip is #8.5 or sometimes even a #9.  So when I use those cuts it is only natural to pull loops up higher which uses more wool than the #8. In the event I do run short of a smidge of wool will just pull out loops in random areas and rehook with a similar color from my stash.  I've done that with other rugs before so shouldn't be a problem.

Here's a photo to show the wool sent for the fence and what I chose to use instead.  The wool on the left is an overdyed dirty white sent with the kit but thought it might be too white. I'll save that for a snowman for next winter's hooking project. Instead used another wool, that to the right. If you would like this pattern or kit please contact Tonya (MadHenPrims) from whom this kit was purchased.  I am lucky to own several Tonya hooked pieces, have hooked numerous patterns of hers, still have some in my stash and love her designs.  
That wool to the right is also the same wool used for the house on the far left in Nantucket Broom Ride, a pattern offered by Spruce Ridge Studio based on the artwork of Lori Brechlin.
This mild temperature is going to change soon so hope everyone has had a chance to finish up yard work.  And, can you believe it is just 10 days away from Christmas day?  Nope, me either.

Have a wonderful evening.


Saturday, December 12, 2015

Taking a Second Look

Actually this might be the fourth or fifth look but who's counting?  I wanted to see if the smidge of gold at the bottom in a flower might make a difference.  And, wanted to see if I liked my front fence gate change so hooked some background around that area too.  Think I'll put a little more gold in the other flowers at the bottom next hooking.
Just for comparison, in case you don't remember (like me) it is always nice to compare the last version to the new one.  As you can see there is a little more progress made on the rug above.  I think the gate will be okay like this with the slant from corner to corner vs. the kit picture.  If you scroll down a little you can see the original kit and the creative liberties I took.  
And......not sure if you noticed but I also changed out a few short centers of the top left flower.  The pink shows up much better and is how Tonya (MadHenPrims) originally hooked the design. 

Stay tuned to see progress.  I'm not quite 3/4 done with the hooking but am anxious to get it done and place it on my floor.  I've the perfect spot for it and the kit has been a long time waiting to be finished.

Have a great evening and hope all of you are finished with Christmas shopping and now getting in the groove of wrapping the presents.  Last year I didn't wrap my presents until Christmas eve day.  YUCK.  Not this year, they are all wrapped.


Friday, December 11, 2015

Thinking Out Loud with Pictures

Even tho I'm still hooking on A Day in the Country and have the sheep rug started before Cape May Camp I'm thinking about what will go on my frame next.  And, my dears.... that frame might be my gift to myself which will probably be arriving next week.  

Anyway, I'm wanting to hook on something smallish to fit in the area just above this copper boiling pot which holds my rolled up rugs.  That spot is just under the light switch at the corner of the room.  OH MY.... looks before I do that I need to do something about that linen edge showing on the one rolled rug.  How did I allow that to happen?
By the way, the Johnny Walker was a vintage liquor store advertisement which was made into a light by deceased (first) husband several years ago.  

So here are a few of the designs I'm contemplating starting AFTER at least one of the two remaining rugs are at least all hooked.  Binding is another thing.  I'm thinking of a mat about 10-12 X 12-14.  Here are only a smidgen of my ideas.  I like this horse, the neutral colors plus the hit and miss border. For the size I'm looking for might require eliminating the end borders.
This small hooked fish sold for $1700 but forget which auction site I found it on.  It is primitive - - small and meets the requirements I'm looking for.
While I don't live in bear country we all know we hook things we dont live around or see.  This one I like.
Yeah, another horse, but must admit that I do have a love of horse flesh.  You can see the flow here with the VERY primitive theme. Now is when I which I'd had no lessons, no rules on hooking and was free to achieve a look I want.
I'm not done looking for inspiration so if you have ideas or want to join in the primitive mat hook-in send me your thoughts and pictures.  


Thursday, December 10, 2015

A House with a Picket Fence

Started hooking the picket fence on my project A Day in the Country by Tonya Robey.  A little creative licence was taken on two flowers and also the fence gate.  Not sure if I'm happy with the fence gate change or not so thought a photo to review on my blog would be a good way to check it out.  But now realize I should have hooked more around the gate to be sure.  Therefore more needs to be hooked before I decide.
Below is the original hooked piece Tonya hooked as her master sample for the design and you can see the fence gate and other flowers below. As I'm comparing the two pieces and rug color choices think that I might re-hook a couple flower stems on the left side.  First will be the S shaped one at the top left and will make it more like the leaves at the top of the tree.  

AND... think I'll hook in a more pink wool provided like Tonya used in her rug for that dangling flower.  Funny how you don't notice stuff when you're so close to it and hooking.
Another interesting note...... when I copied and pasted the last picture from Tonya's web site notice the size of her pattern/kit is 16 x 26.  So perhaps the kit I purchased from ebay was a special purchase size as the one I'm working on is 25 1/2 x 35.

Have a great evening everyone, will bore you (hopefully) with an update on my changes and additions tomorrow.