Thursday, September 29, 2022


This week I found a few newly listed antique rugs for sale.  For some reason I've never had the inclination to hook fruit, but the colors are great in this hooked piece.   It measures 23 x 38 and said to be hooked late  19th century.
Nice fall colors for the half round Cat and kitten ca. 1900.  Dimensions are 32 x 49 and from the estate of Elaine Buck.
Another rug from the estate of Elaine Buck (West Chester, PA) is the Dog with sawtooth border.  It was hooked late 19th century and measures 25 x 40.
Flower and leaves dated between 1880-1930.  Hooked with cotton on burlap, size is 35 x 37.  
As soon as I saw that rug I wondered if it was the same person who hooked a rug I named Blue Bowl of Flowers.  This is the original antique, not the one I hooked.
And, I even found another Barbara E. Merry rug which I'd never seen before.  It was also from the estate of Elaine Buck, and measures 33 x 45.
Sweet rug but too much background for me.  Measures 23 x 36 and hooked late 19th century.
Be still my heart....Folk art horse, of course it would be another horse that makes my heart skip a beat as I've always loved horses.  It  measures 36.5 x 52 but I'm not ready to do another horse rug yet.
And finally a rug with hidden animals.  At first I thought this was a floral rug with crescent shapes on the sides.  
Then I saw the back side and see a cat in the center and two sleeping cats in two of the crescent shapes.
That's all for today folks.  Am finally going to sit and pull a few loops.  It is my annual wellness month ~ had my GP check up, blood profile done and today was the annual dermatologist check up since I was a stupid sun worshiper in my youth and even thru my 50's.  

My appointment was at 11:15 and was scared of being late but managed to get there about 11:05.  Thankfully I took a rug to bind as I was in the waiting room for over an hour.  Sat in the procedure room I don't know how long and finally left the office at 1:05.  Still have my mammogram and cardiology appointment to do yet and my flu shot to get sometime soon.  I won't get another covid shot but will get the flu shot.  Happy hooking.


Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Lost That Love'n Feel'n

In the beginning I was enthusiastic about hooking this project.  I'd done line drawings for two designs and only drew this one on linen to hook.  Here is a small section of what little was hooked.
Pink is not my favorite color as I lean more toward earthy colors.  However while perusing FB saw the following rug displayed at Sauder which was hooked by Theresa Rapstine.  It is an antique adaptation and have a photo of the original antique but chose not to draw that one to copy.  But was inspired by the old look and drew my own design.
Was gung ho at first and have a table full of wool colors but as I was hooking the enthusiasm waned....and waned some more.  So can be said I've lost that love'n feel'n.  

So I will pack up all the wool I'd selected and put the pattern and wool in another tote.  After which I'll draw the other pattern on a piece of linen and start again.  Oy veh ~ here I go again with another in pattern prison.   


Monday, September 26, 2022

The COMSTOCK Revisited

Here is the latest update and I can see light at the end of the tunnel for this day.
Meanwhile I have drawn out a new design, started pulling a few loops and already I've lost interest.  This morning was my annual physical so will soon pull a few more loops for today.   Hope I find an affection for the new one otherwise I'll pull out the loops and draw something on the other side.  Hope you're having fun with your rug, quilt or socks.


Saturday, September 24, 2022


You're probably wondering if I've decided what to put on my frame next....well, maybe.  I've done line drawings for two and went so far as to draw one of them on linen.   But not convinced it is the winner.  Also haven't done the pre-binding stitching all the way around in case I want to draw something else on the back.  See, told  ya I was fickle 😕                    
Now to the rug show....Tis the season for falling Leaves ~ no date for the rug but it measures 19 x 38.
Found this Dog with hit & miss background and border measuring 39 x 43.  From the estate of Elaine Buck and said to be hooked late 19th century.
Blooms and Buds dated between 1865-1890 with dimensions of 28 x 30.
Here is a busy rug with birds and cat hidden at the very bottom.  It's so busy you may have to look for the birds too.
Apple Tree Farm dated 1820-1830 and measures 33  x 58.
Am wondering if this is to represent the crusades ship of the Knights Templar.  It  measures 30 x 52 and said to be dated 1900's.
Adorable kitten on a pillow for you feline lovers.
Praying for the safety of my Canadian friends.


Thursday, September 22, 2022


Pulled the last loops yesterday and steamed it.  Will start the binding while in the waiting room for my annual physical  next Monday and dermatologist on Thursday.  Makes the boredom of waiting easier while accomplishing a task usually not fun.
Have make line drawings of two designs but still haven't decided what to hook next.  I might even enlarge the designs to see if that helps me decide what to hook, otherwise will just endure the wrath of the bastardized Comstock pattern.

I've found numerous antique rugs to share in a future post.  Fall officially arrives during this evening and cooler weather predicted.  

My thoughts are with on-line friends in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland as you will be getting some very turbulent weather in the next couple days as the hurricane heads in your direction.  Be sure to have batteries for light and radio and perhaps prepare food ahead so if you lose power you will at least have cooked food albeit not hot.  Have salad makings too at least that is eatable cold.

Happy hooking.

        Watch over Nova Scotia and Newfoundland

Tuesday, September 20, 2022


This is the second week of classes for Rugs By The Sea rug camp which I'm not attending this year.  In a previous post I showed rugs hooked with various teachers ending with the year 2011.  If you missed the post or want to revisit, you can see those rugs HERE.  

Now will continue with the rug hooked in 2012 with Bev Conway.  I'd wanted to hook this pattern for a while and was happy to finally have it on a frame with wonderful Bev Conway as the teacher.  The pattern name is Wee Folk, a design by Vermont Folk Art Rugs.
In 2013 I took a class with Diane Stoffel and hooked my departed girl Shadow.  That was a stressful 5 days because I'd dyed enough wool for my girl but her head was drawn larger than real life and ran out of wool.  So we went looking thru other teacher's wool to find something suitable.  Diane is a wonderful teacher and artist for sure.  But was a lesson to me to take fun things to class as rug camps are supposed to be fun.  I love my girl Shadow and see her every day to remind me of her wonderful spirit.  She was hooked in #8. 
My rug design named Ali Katz was hooked in 2014.  Since Ali Strebel was my teacher that seemed like a perfect name for my rug. 
The following year (2015) was fun hooking a design named Nantucket Broom Ride in a class with Kris Miller.  Every time I look at this rug I'm reminded of the wonderful class with Kris and following communications with departed friend Barb Carroll.
Guess you could call me a 'groupie' because the next year 2016 I was in a class with...uh, you guessed, it Kris Miller!  I hooked another Lori Brechlin design called Do Goode, Be Nice.  And used a skeleton key instead of hooking it.
In 2017 I had my first class with Cammie Bruce.  She had a short class on 'primitive' rugs which blew my mind.  Was so glad she had that class as it changed my attitude since there are so many variables which decide primitive. Anyway, I'm getting away from the subject of rugs hooked at Cape May..... M
y pattern was a design by Bev Conway called On the Loose. 
I feel the need to explain the next rug hooked 2018.  I'd been given a design by a friend designed by Nola Heidbreder called Golden in the Garden.  I wanted to change the dog to my Rottweiler Ben and didn't have an idea on color planning other th
an the dog.  Before camp  I hooked Ben to have that part out of the way.  It was unfair to Lucille but I knew what colors Ben was and needed help with color planning the rest of the rug.  

BTW my drawing of him was way out of proportion and look forward to having another class with Lucille in the future with a proper primitive rug.
To put my beautiful boy in better perspective here is a profile I drew and hooked him from a photo in #8 and #8.5 later at home.
OMG, 2019 class with Kris Miller was a hoot.  Even more fun and fond memories than years before.  In that class I hooked Oh Glorious Day.  If you'd like to get all the behind the scenes about that class you can find it HERE.
Rug Camp was cancelled 2020 due to Covid but I hooked 17 rugs and mats that year.  Won't bore you with those photos here but if you followed me you would have seen them.

Last year, 2021, I was in Bev Conway's class where I hooked Stacked Birds, a Margaret Shaw design.
Wherever you are hope all your loops are perfect.  Happy Hooking.


Sunday, September 18, 2022


Or at least that was the review previously posted antique rugs and 'audition' them to be the 'next one'.  After all it is getting close to panic time as I'm close to finishing Deer and Blue House and will want another rug on the frame. 

Went thru hundreds of photos on two flash drives and nothing seemed interesting.  I have several pdf Halloween themed rug designs I could hook.  Then stopped and thought to what genre do you want to hook ~  do you want to hook a floral?  I've talked about designing a rug using the template of a card Barb Carroll sent me a few years ago.  This photo below is just a section of an antique rug from Gloucester, MA which measures 40 x 88 and no way would mine be that big if this what I choose.
Patriotic rugs are always good to display and make great gifts.
Recently I mentioned liking this tattered Lamb rug and could practice that antique technique using various textiles making it look old.
There's always another Magdalena rug I haven't hooked yet.
Or, I could finally start using some of those selvage ends and do a geometric.  Here is one Barb showed us at class one year she just finished.  Only hers wasn't hooked with selvages good worms from that lovely basket of hers.
So after all that what's my decision?  Nothing lights a fire under me on any subject right now.  Maybe because I'm worn out after working on the deck all week.  Don't know what my problem is but at least there's more to hook on the deer and, of course, there the dreaded 'other one' in solitary confinement I could bring out.  Have no fear as there WILL eventually be another rug on my frame so stay tuned.


Saturday, September 17, 2022

The Joys ?!#$ of Home Ownership

Often I will have a restless or sleepless night.  Usually it is stressing over tasks that need to be done, i.e.; downsizing, tree work, attic fan replacement, stone/pond/liner removal, deck washing and sealing, you get the idea.  

My ex used to wash and seal the decks even after the divorce.  He would come while I was a rug camp, take care of the dog and wash/seal the back deck and front porch.  I'd buy the supplies and he'd do the work.  When he stopped coming here I hired it done. The men used a power washer and it splintered the wood.  Fast forward about 3 or 4  years, the back deck needs care and I don't want to have to replace it.

So I put on my big girl bloomers and struggled to do it myself.  The washing wasn't done in one day but it got done.  Today I borrowed my neighbor's sprayer to seal it ~ that was the easy part as there wasn't any scrubbing.

Here is a photo of one day's work of washing these steps down and those on the other side of the deck, as well as a little of the deck  itself.  
The next day I tackled that part closest to the porch which was in the shade so the liquid wouldn't dry too fast and I would be out of the sun.  This was going to be the hardest part because leaves collect, and lack of sunlight causes algae to form.  Yuck.
My neighbor told me about a product called 30 Second Outdoor Cleaner.  And NO it doesn't clean it in 30 seconds.  Instructions say to let it remain on the surface 5 minutes.   But in the sun it dries up before 5 minutes so I start scrubbing with that brush after about 2 minutes and respray the areas which appear to be drying up and scrub some more.
You can see the deck brush to the right of the photo.  As you can see it is applied using a garden hose and I had to re-spray that dark area on the left to get it cleaner, rinsed and then cleaned the other side.  The back deck is finally washed and it took me 3 days to get the damn job done but at least it is washed.  

Was too exhausted to even think about washing and sealing the whole front porch but did wash the steps today  ~ also washed the windows, shutters and vinyl siding in the front.  Before I can seal the steps will need to purchase more deck sealant tomorrow.   

I'm dog tired and looking forward to a glass of cabernet to celebrate.  I'll probably fall asleep sitting up, lol.  Haven't pulled a loop much these last few days and haven't had time to think about or research what will be on my frame next.


Thursday, September 15, 2022


Other than hooking a rug this is my next favorite thing to do, look for antique rugs and sharing them with you.  Hooked 1878 notice the big horse and small bull.
Two cats hooked with cotton and wool on burlap 24 x 44 circa 1890.
America themed rugs are always a favorite of mine.  I've had a photo of this rug for a while and never posted it as I was afraid it was an antique adaptation.  However, recently found again on an auction site with the following information: Civil War era 1880 hooked with wool and cotton on burlap measuring 25 x 35.  
This next one has a Halloween appeal to me despite it being titled Goldilocks and the 3 Bears.  Size is 43 x 83 and said to be hooked early 20th century.  Goldilocks is barely visible and the bears look like robotic scary creatures to me.
This next one is a bias shirred rug from Maine which I recently drew for a customer.  Not sure the original size but she wanted hers 24 x 36.
Overlapping Circles hooked early 20th century measures 26 x 37.  
ALERT:  Robin, close your eyes as the next rug might bring an onset of ptsd.  Recently found was cats with a ball of yarn measuring 22 x 36 and hooked early 20th century.
What did capture my heart recently was this tattered Lamb Chair pad, 14 x 14.  I've had the photo for a few months and wanted to keep it for myself.  But decided to share it with you.  Right now it is the only thing posted here which steals my heart.
An attractive Floral dated 1890-1910 measures 33 x 37.
Will continue perusing the internet and my files searching for a design which makes my heart go pitter patter because I'm close to pulling the last loops on Deer and Blue House.  But.....there is still that contrary Comstock to work on.