Sunday, July 30, 2017

Antique Rug Show

I'd really intended to post a photo of my in progress sheep pattern but there is still too much of the sheep to hook.  I've been busy trimming limbs, picking up pine cones, etc.  in preparation of the grass cutting. So didn't accomplish as much as I'd hoped.
Love the border of the above rug and that was sorta what I'd hoped to achieve in the border of my Olde Hearts rug recently hooked.  Also like the simplicity of the flowers and stars.
Old dog rug above is very naive and would be fun to pull from the wool strip bags to hook that background.
The two ducks rug above was in an old issue of Country Home magazine.
It is fun to find the old rugs which have motifs out of proportion, a perfect example of a naive primitive design.
Love the antique rug above and it was the model for Jo Wick's recent hooked rug in a class with Barb Carroll.
Another dog rug with stars, leaves and zig zag border.  But I'm wondering if it might be a more recently hooked rug made to look old.  I do like that blotchy background.
The rug above was hooked around 1925 and in the Canadian Textile Museum.  I do believe those are bee hives and honey the animals and birds are looking for.
The above Eagle Pair is gorgeous and was said to have been hooked around 1870 and found in the Lititz, PA area.

Have a wonderful rest of your Sunday and hope your next week meets your expectations.


Thursday, July 27, 2017

Ready to Hang

All hooked, steamed, bound and ready to hang.  The 7 in the date at the top isn't very clear so will work on that later.
This rug is going to hang in my bedroom so sewed a sleeve and inserted a yardstick with a saw-tooth hanger.  Unfortunately the top didn't fit as snugly to the wall as I'd have liked.  Will change the saw-tooth hanger closer to the top of the wood.   OR, maybe use a heavy duty stapler to staple a D ring to the yard stick.  That should make it more snug.

Here is what the binding on the back looks like.  I used a heavy cotton twill as the binding.
And a close up of the label.  It is hard to read but I copied and pasted a picture of the original design onto the label.  As I took creative license to change some of the motifs thought it might be nice to have reference to the original design.  It was designed by Bill Laraway for Woolley Fox
Nice to have this big honking thing done.

We're in for a monsoon later tonight, tomorrow and into Saturday.   Hope there isn't another flood here again.


Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Oh My Stars

Have made a little more progress on my star quilt/spread and am going to ask my readers' advice on a couple things.  One would be the direction of the stars and the other would be if a solid strip should be sewn between the rows of stars.

On the origin quilt ALL of the stars were facing the same direction as shown below.  This was a 1998 catalog and now wish I'd ordered that king size quilt for $139 instead of my making one.  But I wanted a large star in the center and decided to make my own pattern.  So, Saundra, how's that workin' for ya?
This is what I've accomplished so far; there are other quilt blocks sewn together but not attached to the larger piece.  However, I've dozens more blocks to make yet.
Okay, my first question is on the direction of the stars.  If you look carefully at the corner closest to you the stars on the left are all facing the same direction while the bottom the quilt is facing another direction.  I'm wondering if that is the way I should continue (above).

Or if the stars should face as they are below.  Hmm, not that I'm looking at it on my computer perhaps the photo above is the way it should be. But would still love your input.
The other question on  my  mind is whether or not I should put a dividing strip between the rows as with the photo above as well as the one below.  
OR.... if the blocks should just be sewn together and depicted below?
Here is another view of the quilt on my bed.  I started out sewing the stars with the top point toward the center.  Then noticed when getting to the corners it required for the quilt block to be facing one direction or the other.  look at the photo below which shows the far right blocks are a different direction than the stars on the sides.  So which way should those two face?
Or, perhaps I should use my seam ripper and make all the stars facing downward from the top to match the center block.  So quilt aficionados, would love your input.  

BOOHOO, over night I lost 5 followers.  Is it because I've only been posting every other day lately?  Is it because I've started writing about quilts instead of all rug hooking?  Whatever is the reason I'm losing my followers it makes me sad.

Happy Wednesday everyone.


Monday, July 24, 2017

What am I Doing?

I'm actually doing several things alternately.  Have started binding the Gossip rug which was made easier by sewing on the cotton binding before hooking.  Have drawn another Magdalena Goat pattern and am occasionally stitching more star blocks...AND have started the next rug.  
Thankfully the new rug is smaller than Gossip and also thankfully it is one from my stash.  So many times I get sidetracked wanting to replicate antique rugs so leave those purchased patterns in the drawer to collect. Not this time.

However, I can't show you mine as not much has been hooked.  Plus I've made changes to it and don't want to give my plans away.  As with the Gossip rug, I have a vision how it should look and just hope I can pull it off.

Will tell you the name of it..... "Have You Any Wool" by Woolley Fox. Can also show you the wonderful way my gal pal Deb hooked hers.
Have a great evening folks, the days will soon be less humid!!!!!


Saturday, July 22, 2017

Incompetent Quilter

That would be me and have proof.  Since the last loop on the Gossip rug was pulled (yay), it has been steamed and resting.  Needing something to do decided to sew a few quilt strips together and a few previously sewn blocks. 

Remember last month when I posted about finding my container of fabric and previously cut quilt pieces and some sewn blocks?  If not, you can read the post HERE.

First of all, let me say that I did NOT have a pattern for this quilt. I saw a photo of a star quilt in a magazine somewhere a few years ago, fell in love and decided ..."I can do that".  Yeah, right.  Made my own star drawing, cut the sections, added seam allowance and hope it worked.  

Okay, first problem was getting the dimensions of the main center to line up with the smaller star blocks.  OY!  That was a task in itself.  Then decided to sew the top and bottom smaller blocks to the large center.
Uh, do you see anything wrong with that picture above, lol?  Yeah, the top row of stars are upside down.  No way I could leave it that way before nightfall or I'd probably have packed everything back up and put it in the attic again out of frustration.
Now it is time for me to start a new hooking project.  I'm not ready to divulge the project yet but it is something from my pattern stash.  All too often I get a hankering to draw an antique adaptation when there are patterns in the stash waiting for attention.

Storm came thru this afternoon leaving some much needed rain and hopefully the temperatures will drop a little.

Happy Saturday to you all.


Thursday, July 20, 2017

Need a Break?

Well it isn't a true break from 'my rugs' because this is my current project, the Gossip rug which I want done so badly!!!!!  My plan (wish) was to have the rug done by tomorrow as that is the 2 month mark since starting it.   You can see the diverse blue and purple strips used in trying to achieve a feather look.
Guess I shouldn't complain for not having it done because I've been busy drawing Magdalena Goat patterns and more patterns for Polly to hook.  

It was definitely too hot to work outside today so only did errands and rode bike to get the mail instead of walking.  Ben only wanted to go for his early morning walk; noon and 4:15 he walked outside and walked right back to the front door.    

Have a good evening and hope your A/C is working.


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

My Rugs Continued

In 2014 I hooked several rugs and mats.  As some were small mats the list of hooked pieces was more extensive.  Yesterday's post included a couple of those done that year also.  Among others were the small size Folk Art Horse (Woolley Fox pattern).
Magdalena's Olde Ducks is what I hooked in a class with Betsy Reed and is presently on my harvest table.
I miss my girl Shadow and after having hooked my Rottweiler Memorial in #3 told Shadow 'she was a wide cut sorta girl'.  So hooked Shadow in #8 in a class with Diane Stoffel.  Shadow's Memorial is hanging on the wall to the left of me.
This was the year that Deb Burcin hosted a "chicken challenge" on the Woolrights Guild Blog.  Visit the site and you can view all the entries.  I bound the rug using Betsy Reed's primitive binding technique and think it adds to the old look.
For several years the Granny Geometric was a UFO....I mean SEVERAL years.  Finally found the determination to finish this.  You can even see how my hooking evolved and my finally learning how to make sharp corners.  You can see the difference in some of the blocks.  Another great way for me to use up those excess wool strips.
Magdalena's Farm was a rug hooked with Barb Carroll, another Magdalena design.
Even tho there are always numerous rug patterns in my stash I continually end up drawing an antique adaptation to hook.  Such was the case for this Antique Pot of Flowers.
In order to use up more of those pesky multiplying wool strips I challenged people to join me in a circle Mat.  Since circles was the theme thought I'd round the corners of the mat to compliment the look.
In 2014 my friend Evelyn told me she was teaching a class at Sauder on Harriet Powers Bible Quilts and Granny Donaldson's cow blanket applique.  So took that as a challenge for myself and told Evelyn my plan to design a small piece from a Harriet Powers' Bible quilt block.  If you would like to read the article I wrote about it on my blog in 2014, click HERE.
That wasn't the end of that story....... Evelyn asked if she could take it to Sauder with her to show the class as an example of adapting a quilt piece to a hooked piece.  Evelyn razzed me about people coming into her class to see the mat and how it was tilted on the wall, how with all the muss and fuss of having to deal with visitors the rug should go to her as payment.  

That is Evelyn's humor but at Cape May when she returned the mat to me for the show there, and upon picking up our rugs after that show, I presented Evelyn with the rug as a token of our friendship.

Lucky me, I was the winner of a give-away for the Duluth Pumpkin kit offered by Maria Barton of Star Rug Company.
Afterward decided to design my own pumpkins mat.  I've always wanted a collection of vintage paper mache' Jack-O-lanterns....well I'd be happy with just one frankly.  So decided to design a rug pattern called Mache' Jacks.  It measures 15 x 25 and costs $30.
That year I finally decided to hook an adaptation of the old Santa and Deer pattern.
Same year I fell in love with a small Snowman mat design by Maria Barton so had to order it.  That hooked up really quickly and is cute to display during the Christmas holiday.  Oops, sorry Lauren, I said that "C" word again.

Have a great evening everyone.


Monday, July 17, 2017

Careful What You Ask For

A few months ago one or more of my followers asked me to post photos of the rugs I'd hooked.  Don't think you knew what you were getting yourself into and wonder how many of you are now bored.

You know that I love Magdalena Briner Eby and have hooked a few of her designs.  One such was Lollipop Bouquet and was dreading the 66 circles.  Or at least that is the number that is embedded in my head as I'd counted them out back in 2013.  Feel free to count those circles and correct me.
Strange thing is this was a most enjoyable rug to hook, loved every minute of it as my pre-cut wool strips in whatever size was used and just pulled from the proper color baggie.

In 2014 I drew and have sold a few patterns of what I call "The Cat's Meow" which is an antique adaptation.  The photo was taken with a flash but in real life the wool was overdyed for a dirty look.
This is the inspiration for the design and I received permission from the owner.
In a class with Betsy Reed I hooked an antique adaptation  of what I've called hearts and swags.  It was made into a big cushy pillow.  Naturally the photo was taken with a flash and is more bright than in person.
Hey..... I didn't get all the pictures posted as I'd planned for this blogpost but will do more tomorrow.  Have a good evening.


Saturday, July 15, 2017

Yup, More of My Hooked Rugs

Below is a design by Woolley Fox and a FUN rug to hook. It is called Oh Deer and hooked it in class with Barb Carroll.  I'm sure you see the signature Barb purple in the piece.
That year I also hooked Big Dog Hollow offered by Kathy of Briarwood Folk Art.  She wanted my E.S. Frost Sheep pattern and asked if there was a pattern of hers I wanted as a trade.  So I chose this one which is an antique adaptation.
Another fun rug to hook was Lucille Festa's Long Island Farmhouse. That condor on top of the house just makes my day, it hangs in my living room where I see it daily while hooking other projects.
Hey, you notice a theme where every rug is a fun rug for me to hook?  It really does make me happy to pull loops each day.   And sometimes between projects I just need something small to do, particularly if it uses up wool worms/noodles.  So on one of Karen Kahle's blog posts noticed a spiral chair pad she was working on so drew one it!
The Henny Penny pattern by Woolley Fox had been in my stash for quite a while and figured it was time to hook it.  That lighter background is Irish Eyes, a wool offered by Heavens To Betsy.  It is also the wool Being used for the background of Gossip.  If you like it contact Betsy to see if she has more left, it is a great wool and reversible values.
Fall will be soon coming even tho it is hot as hades in Delaware. So you may want to hook this handsome fella.  It is a design by Barb Carroll and was a free pattern in the September/October 1997 issue of Rug Hooking Magazine.  Of course I put in the signature Barb purple where I could.  Am looking forward to putting this beauty out this fall.
Okay guys and gals, it's time for me to pull a few loops on Gossip and enjoy a glass of pinot noir.  Hope you are enjoying your Saturday.  


Thursday, July 13, 2017

Almost to the Finish Line

This pattern was started May 21st, the first day of camp at Barb's where I couldn't attend.  My initial plans were to hook on it during the camp time to be a part of the group since this was what I'd plan to hook with Barb then put it aside and work on it in intervals.  Something took over and it has been my focus since starting it.

Sadly wish I'd enlarged the Blue Jay drawing but no way in hell I'm pulling out loops and re-hooking it.  That will be my 'baby' Blue Jay.
As previously mentioned, this is a pattern by Woolley Fox to which I took creative liberties.  I removed an owl, swan, turkey and changed up some bird designs to suit myself.   The original pattern measured  35 x 43 but I lowered the feather and added about another 2" to the length so it will be 35 x 45 by the time I'm done.  

Oh, and I'll be quite glad when it's done so that I can move on.  For the life of me cannot understand how someone has the patience and fortitude to hook a room size rug.  That would be a lifetime commitment for me, hell, particularly at my age now, lol.

Have a great evening and hope you in this heatwave has a good working air conditioner.

S aundra

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

And More Rugs

Goodness but I've given up trying to pin down a date when a rug was hooked.  It takes time running to the rug and checking on the label.  So will just show numerous rugs in succession in descending years according to my distorted records.

This is an antique adaptation of a pattern I replicated and from the provenance given named it Red Bird of PA.  Even tho the bird isn't red perhaps originally hooked it may have been red and faded.
Hooked a rug named July Cabin which was a free to copy and enlarge in a Woolley Fox book.  I'd become increasingly comfortable making changes to a design to suit my home and my tastes.  The original design had flags as leaves, the smoke going straight upward making the rug taller.  So my changes reflected the tree leaf colors that sweet Barb Carroll helped me color plan for the Woodland Deer rug.
A small candle mat was needed so hooked an Edyth O'Neill.
Another antique adaptation which I called Lions in the Woods.  After seeing numerous antique rugs with similar design and colors chose the elements from those which I liked best.  After it was hooked it was sold and released to a buyer who also appreciated it.
While drawing patterns for Polly she gave me permission to hook any of her designs.  And I've hooked quite a few.  This is her Seaside Swimsuit.
I sold the companion piece first and was surprised the swimsuit one didn't sell. So it is still here if anyone would like to purchase it for their summer cottage.  Here was the companion Beach Oar which did sell.
That year also hooked Baa Baa Dorr.
Another year at rug camp with Barb Carroll I wanted to do something special for her again.  In a previous visit had taken a photo of her Woolley Fox sign and drew up a little mat for her.
Delaware doesn't have lions but I've managed to hook 5 of them so far. Her is one named Lion and Trees which is an adaptation offered by Port Primitives.
Another antique adaptation pattern I hooked was Ducks and Eggs nest which was a Canadian hooked design.
That year I hooked another Polly's designs and hooked it twice.  Her original pattern called Daleview Farm had 3 chickens, but she wanted the pattern smaller so hooked two chickens instead.

When at Barbs that year I noticed her hooked rug Westmoreland Ponies and just HAD to have the pattern so purchased it from her.  Little did I realize it had been in Rug Hooking Magazine as a free to enlarge pattern design.  HA!  Guess I need to pay more attention to those wonderful freebie designs to hook in magazines.
Another horse of a different color and only half of an antique rug attributed to Magdalena (1885 Horses) was hooked by me.
Magdalena's Dog was a small and quick mat to hook.
Okay guys and gals, think this wraps up this blog post so that I can work more on the Gossip rug.  Must get more accomplished before the bolt of linen arrives (hopefully today) as I've a few Magdalena Goat patterns to draw.