Sunday, October 30, 2022


My hooking area is cleaned up with wool worms separated (again) and put into their proper color bags, so I'm starting fresh.  Bet it will look like a rats nest once again after just a couple hours of hooking.
Last loops were pulled on Li'l Lamb so there are officially 3 pieces to be bound.  Tomorrow I've a doctor appointment so will take Deer and Blue House with me to work on while I wait.  After that plans are to work on binding at least one hour per day; no way I want 4 rugs piled up needing binding.  

For those who have been's the Li'l Lambkin.
Hmm, those tiny fibers you see are from the cheese cloth I used.  In the Li'l Lamb I used cotton knit, vintage seam binding, nylon stocking, rayon jacket lining, cheese cloth, and yarn.  Fun, fun, fun.

Those of you who have joined this present challenge I will happily share your pictures on my blog when you send them to me.

Must say I did enjoy this textile challenge  more than the last because all the fabric used was much easier to pull than the woven cotton and homespun I used for the Tattered Tulip last challenge (below).  
Now I'm ready to go back to regular wool hooking since I've probably hundreds of yards here and much more than I can hook in my lifetime.  So  just why did I buy two more yards from The Wool Studio?   Guess you could call  it an addiction.  

Happy Hooking everyone.


Friday, October 28, 2022


I love doing these posts and sharing photos of old rugs I find listed by auction houses and elsewhere on the internet.  First up is Basket of Flowers which is a yarn sewn rug measuring 28.5 x 63 and sold for $18,000 despite its damage.
Next is 
6 point star with diamond shapes and triangles dated 1895 on the end.
A  landscape with a rooster as the main focus.  It is dated 1920, measures 40 x 42, and from the collection of Luis Arroyo.
Dated 1930 is the geometric sampler below and smallish at 13 x 19.  If I did one of those I'd have to make mine bigger than that as I'm not fond of narrow cuts.
Unfortunately I cannot validate the date of patriotic chickens below as no date was provided.  Don't know it really is antique but it does have a delightful background which lends itself to a rug of age.

Cats and Tulips circa 1900 dimensions are approx. 22 x 36 guessing by the ruler at the bottom center.
Am so close to pulling the last loop on Li'l Lamb that I'll end up with 3 rugs to bind.  Yesterday afternoon I worked on binding the Deer and Blue house while watching The Five.  Don't think I've ever had that many rugs needing to be bound at the same time.  Normally I save that undesirable task for the doctor's waiting room.  But there's only one more doctor appointment this year which means it needs to be done at home and SOON because a new rug is calling my name.


Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Another Challenge Update

Yes there is another finish on the textile challenge and submitted by Jane Sittnick.  To be totally honest she did say she started it just after the last former challenge, which she also participated in.  She chose the Black Kitten and did a fabulous job, here is her work.
I'm not quite done with my sheep and will hold off showing the update until it is all hooked but not yet bound.   A couple other people have indicated they are joining this endeavor, and when you do I'll definitely post your photos on my blog.

If you want to review the original post about this challenge you can read about it HERE.  Happy hooking.


Monday, October 24, 2022

Personal Challenge Updates.

Angie from Ohio joined the challenge and she picked the  ‘Lone Flower’.  She used cottons, T-shirt’s, nylons, velvet scraps and wool.  Said she really enjoyed hooking it so much that she forgot to take pictures at various stages of completion.  She also said she loves mixing textiles due to this challenge and thinks it helps make a piece look vintage.  And look at the crochet edge which made a real nice frame for for work.

I agree that her piece looks authentically vintage.  And thanks, Angie, for joining in.
Here is my update finally, but just an update.  I wanted to post a photo yesterday but time just kept slipping away as I pulled more loops until it was time for me to cook dinner.  Guess Angie and I got bit by the same bug.  Better late than never.
A couple other people who are interested  in joining in haven't started their project just yet so you can still join in.  This is the first posting I did about it and you can read more HERE.  

Me thinks me has decided what to hook next but won't reveal just yet because that decision might be different tomorrow,  lol.

Rainy day here and have only been outside to hang out my birdfeeders this morning.  Will be more of the same again tomorrow but I've a morning appointment so will have to get wet anyway.  Happy hooking friends!


Friday, October 21, 2022

Favorites Not Yet Hooked

I just scrolled thru my saved photos of antique rugs I've replicated and counted 56.  Some were small mats, some medium size and a couple large.  Some patterns were drawn by other people and many drawn by me.  But that 'want to hook' list doesn't seem to end, as there's always another added.

On my to hook list for a few years is this antique Horse (22 x 35).  If I do hook it think I'd change that green to maybe a dark blue or black.
The Reclining Lamb has been on that list but the flame has diminished somewhat on it to make room for others going to the top.
Another on the list for a few years is the rug below with chickens  and geese.  Believe it or not it sold for $4,994 and dimensions are 24 x 41.
The wool hooked and shirred rug below sold for $10,073 and measures 31 x 44.  I've had it in my file since 2014 and is also new on my 'to hook' list. I'd want different colors so would surely want a teacher to help with color planning it.
Have had this photo of Basket of Flowers since 2019 but all of a sudden it seemed more interesting and making it on the list for the first time.  The original antique measures 27 x 55.

I've been intrigued by the design of Cogswell's Grant but don't have confidence in my color planning for it.  So it would be a rug to hook with a teacher also.   The original antique measures 28 x 39.
A new love interest is folk art horse which was found February 2022 and measures 36.5 x 52.  Of course if I were to draw it for me it wouldn't be that big.
Rooster, Berries and Hearts rug was hooked 1800's but don't have the dimensions for it.  I like this a lot too and will be among those favorites.
I drew a version of this 1907 Eagle rug for someone and she wanted the leaves and crosses removed.  It sorta looked interesting to hook then but isn't at the top of the list.
Guess I'd better get off'n this contraption so I can draw another Mache' Jacks pattern for someone.  Hope you enjoy what you're working on and have a great weekend.  Thankfully today the temperature is going to reach 65* which is more normal for us here this time of year.  I even turned the heat off but might need to turn it on before going to bed.


Wednesday, October 19, 2022


Finally I vacuumed so changed rugs in two rooms.  First was the living room where I replaced Blue Bowl of Flowers to the Horse and Crows antique adaptation seen below.  This one seems more seasonable to me than the floral and next month will change it again.
Then to the kitchen where I put Nantucket Broom Ride on the harvest table and my 3 pillowed hooked pumpkins.  I only hooked these after seeing Lauren do hers a few years ago.  Will have to look for a better basket to place the pumpkins in.
Found this basket and at least the pumpkins do stand up better but wish the basket was a darker color.  Out of curiosity which basket do you prefer?
There is another oblong darker basket but it is deep and hides half the pumpkins.  Oh well, it's just me in the house and I'm not entertaining guests or hosting a party so guess this will do and I can see my pumpkins.

Well, I did it.  I turned on the heat because when I woke up inside the house temp was 60*, just too cold for me to take.  As the outside temperature was below 39* the second stage propane heat kicked in immediately.  So reduction of propane in my ground tank has already begun the countdown.

Low temps overnight again and won't be near normal until Sunday.  Happy hooking.


Monday, October 17, 2022

Having Fun Hooking Here....

I'm having so much fun playing with this mat.   So far I've used cotton knit, yarn, cheese cloth, cotton flannel, green nylon hose, vintage seam binding and wool.  Am enjoying this much more than when I hooked the Tattered Tulip using mostly woven cotton.
My lamb's features loses something because the threads of the cheese cloth cover the thin pieces of wool.  And although I continually reshape them in place the features get distorted. is an antique adaptation, right?

In case you want to see the original antique Li'l Lamb it is below.
Hmmm, this actually  helps me realize some changes that I need to make.  Naturally I don't have all the exact colors that are in the antique as I'm trying to use what is available.  But I do have more appropriate green color for the ground and will make some changes there.

The antique lamb looks like it is smiling and mine looks sad so that has to change too!!!!  Makes the challenge even more fun even tho it is some reverse hooking.  Is anyone out there playing along?  If not that's okay you can enjoy thru my adventure.

Gonna get cold with the arctic weather moving in overnight.  So perhaps tomorrow evening the heat will be turned on.  Also heard we may have a frost in a day or so.  Where the heck did the spring and summer go?  Ya mean 6 months just flew by in a flash?     

Happy hooking and what's that other quote..."don't worry, be happy".                    


Saturday, October 15, 2022

Antique Rug Show

My search for new blood a new rug for me to hook is rather slim pick'ns now.  But will keep looking and posting what is found for you to enjoy.  And might even have to go back into the archive antique rug photos to see if any of the past light my fire.  So on with the show....the rug below has nice fall colors with an eye appealing hit and miss background. 
This floral seat cover is yarn sewn & clipped.   Dimensions are 16 x 18 and  hooked mid 19th century.
Okay, now this one did jump started my heart a bit.  Described as a Folk Art Farm measuring 33 x 42 from 19th century.  Cannot remember where I found it so don't know where to go researching again.  Just wish this was a better and more complete picture.
Below is a rug which Barb Carroll owned and she named it 
Cora and Bentley because of the initials at the bottom.  
A strange looking cat but I like the cat and background colors.  Wonder what it is about those odd colors that gets my attention?  It measures 14.5 x 23.
I often see peoples' adaptations of this Cogswells Grant design showing up on FB.  The original measured 31 x 45 and was a gift to the museum by Bertram and Nina Fletcher Little.  Rug dated 1890-1925.
I rather like this Rooster, Berries and Hearts rug dated in the 1800's.  The monochromatic rugs are nice on the eyes and look old.  
And lastly, a Dog rug measuring 33 x 48 and said to be hooked late 19th early 20th century.
Perhaps I do have some descent designs to choose from, but none so far make me want to draw them out right away.

Happy hooking and hope the few who are joining in the fun challenge are making headway.


Thursday, October 13, 2022

Li'l Lamb Update

As I didn't have enough tea dyed cheese cloth for the lamb some fuzzy wool was also used.  At  least now the lamb is hooked and can continue working on the background.  So far the background consists of yarn, cotton knit and a little wool from the worm bag.
The  brown/black yarn below was spun by departed friend Leslie Coveney.  She put a tag on it labeled "Gabe Blend llama wool".  I've had it for years and finally using it.  This close up is true to color but you'd never know it was the same which is hooked close to the lamb's body and between the hind leg down the tail up to the black cotton  knit. It is a beautiful color but think it is too soft to be used to bind a rug.
She generously also gave me other yarn some of which I've used to bind a rug.  Here is a design by Tonya Robey called A Day in the Country and Leslie's yarn was used to bind this rug.
also spun my dogs' hair onto a thin strand of wool which I used to hook in my Rottweiler Memorial which you can read about HERE
Hope everyone is having fun with the project they chose and looking forward for you to share a photo with me.  

It's drizzling here today so will stay inside and pull some loops.  Weatherman says it will be below normal temps next week so guess my heat will soon be turned on despite the low 70 temps of today.


Tuesday, October 11, 2022


Since it is October, thought I'd start sharing some of my autumn hooked pieces.  This first one was a free pattern insert in the Sept/Oct 1997 issue of RHM and a design by Barb Carroll.  Look how all those textures work well in the border.  Hope Barb is smiling down on my color choices and likes the purple.
Mache Jacks is my design and I offer the pattern, the crow was a purchase from JoAnne's fabrics many years ago and the papier mache' jack-o-Lantern I made with a group of dollmaker/crafter friends when I lived in Columbia, MD. 
Remember a few days ago I told you Priority mail, and I suppose all USPS mail, increased by $1.  On 10/3 I shipped a pattern from Delaware to  Georgia and as yesterday 10/10 it still hadn't arrived.  Tracking had it in Jacksonville, Florida yesterday and was finally delivered to it's destination in GA at noon today 10/11..  

Huh, how did it miss Georgia?  Last time I looked at the US map from DE it would have gone thru VA, NC, SC, then GA before getting to Florida.  WTH?????  That was supposed to be a 3 day delivery but since the price went up $1 they should have made it a 2 day.  Anyway it finally reached its destination after 8 days.

So far I've not given in to turning on the heat despite waking up to inside temps of 62* in the morning.  I manage by wearing a turtleneck with sweats and lately it has been warmer outside than inside.  So open the windows where a little heat trickles in and increases the inside by just a couple degrees.  Soon it will be too cold for me to handle the cold and will give in to turning on the heat.  Am trying to delay the electric and fuel bills by as many days as possible.

Hope people are looking for their choice of pattern and plan to join me in the challenge.  If anyone has questions please feel free to email me.  Happy hooking.


Sunday, October 9, 2022


Want to play along with a couple of us and challenge yourself on hooking an antique looking mat?  This isn't a competition, it is intended to be a personal/individual challenge.  

I love antique rugs and love replicating them but would like to improve by doing what our foremothers did...use alternative textiles.  As mentioned in my previous blog post I tried that but didn't choose my fabrics wisely.  This time they will be more hand friendly.  I will share what I've learned on my own so far.  And hope even new hookers might feel comfortable to join in the fun and feel comfortable to ask plenty of questions.     

Okay, so in my previous blog post shared what I'll be working on (the Little Lamb) and here is the messy table with the drawn pattern and some of the textiles I'll be using.
I'm not using burlap and wanted to use a looser weave piece of Belgian linen I have left but it was way too small.  I drew my lamb at 16.5 x 16.5 and I'm using primitive linen.  Note that I utilize every piece of linen and for MY USE if the sides don't fit on the frame I sew fabric on the short sides so it works.  That large group of wool above the pattern will be used for some of the background and will be the perfect color.  Those were leftover worms which I overdyed and you can read about it HERE.  

Over to the right of that pile of wool is yarn, cotton knit, cheese cloth  and vintage seam binding.  Below the Little Lamb photo is a piece of green nylon stocking from who knows where.  But I plan to use it in this mat before it is lost.

I just started hooking that cheese cloth in my sweet li'l lamb and not sure if I've enough or will need to hook in a few loops of wool.  Have pulled my loops about every 3rd or 4th hole so far and may change that if it appears the loops are too close.  
While I'm attempting to hook this a little differently than normal, note that some antique rugs don't have those bits of foundation showing and appears to have bulky loops in their rugs.  So guess everyone had their own rhythm back then too so not necessary to pull low and far apart.  Here is an example of bulky  loops.  I see woven cotton, some knit and what could be wool yarn.           
The update:  Nancy asked me how wide I was cutting my cotton strips and I wasn't sure since I didn't measure, just started cutting.  But here they are lined up ~ first 3 from the left are cotton knit, then the cheese cloth and then a piece of cotton flannel.  Hope this helps.
In the previous post I provided some ideas for your project so I'll put new ones and the others here again.  You may choose one of these or another of your choice.  If you'd like to peruse my previous antique rug shows,  just type those words in the blank spot at the top left of the blog post, hit return and you will see many posts.
Again is Li'l Lamb.
Black Kitten.
Black Lamb.
Lone Flower.
 BUS the Dog.
Early Bird.
A pretty flower.
I think there is plenty to choose from and feels good for me to have something new on my frame...if I can sit down for a little while to pull more loops; happy hooking.