Friday, August 31, 2012

Lion, Ducks, Dog and Air

Yes I totally understand the order of words used in the title but FIRST...let me get to the AIR part.  Thank goodness I am enjoying the luxury of air conditioning and just in the nick of time.  The last couple days has only been in the upper 80's but today exceeded the 90 degree point with elevated humidity so this expensive endeavor feels worth it. Okay, okay......

To the LION.  Since I wanted to take the Lion rug to Cape May for the rug show and departure time is getting close finally HAD to work on the binding.  So here is my beauty.  I never seem to be able to pull the corners just right or stand just right to get the perfect picture.  Oh well... here's the king of the jungle.
Now to the DUCKS.  Perhaps many rug hookers fall in love with their new project and I'm no different.  But there is something about this rug from the very beginning that beckoned me.  As I hooked the last few leaves my initial response was to pull out the loops and hook another color.  But decided to just keep it like it is, wait and decide later.  So this will remain unfinished for a bit longer.  Here is a picture with a flash.
And here is a picture in natural light.
There are a few reasons I'm putting this aside.  One is that I need something to hook while awaiting Bev to come to me for color planning my camp rug so will hook in the background and the other foot of the duck on the right hand side.  The other reason is that I've been commissioned to hook a small rug/mat for someone.  I'd really like to start that here where I can concentrate and have my wool available for color planning.   But won't take it to Cape May.

Okay, NOW to the DOG part.  Now what dog do you THINK I'd be talking about????? That would be my Benny Ben.  My wonderful adopted Rottweiler.  The A/C workers here were not threatened by the big boy but he WAS a menace since he wanted to be their best buddie.  So Mom had to intervene and take him for walks and put him on the back porch from time to time.

But here is my big boy living the good life in a climate controlled home.
I love this boy dog.  He is such a gentle giant; loves people and will run past adults to greet the kids.  This was a very wonderful adoption and I've had him about 11 months now.

Tomorrow is September 1st, which means there are only 8 days and a wake up before I leave for camp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YAAAAA HOOOOOO.  And, I will go to bed tonight also in a climate controled home..... aaah, Life is Good!!!

OH, I need to buy another LIFE IS GOOD tee shirt when I go to Cape May.  I LOVE the Life is Good tee shirts.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Too Hot To Handle

Don't let that title get you all excited.  I'm sitting in my house where the temperature is now 77 degrees at 5:45 p.m. and the third day without A/C.  Oh, and this is with the ceiling fans going on.  Thank God today there was less humidity and the morning temps allowed me to open the windows to let cooler air flow in the windows until the heat of the morning sun forced me to shut the windows and take advantage of the coolness.

I'm having to buy a whole new unit to the tune of $4,700 because this unit uses the unacceptable freon R22 and the unit is old so the furnace would nickle dime me to death.  Again, today is Wednesday and I won't have the new unit installed and working until late the afternoon on Friday.  So, there goes any great wool buying at Cape May, ya think?

Anyway, enough of the bad news, because I know you want to see a picture of my Duck's and Egg Nest rug.  This is the way it looks now but I've got to put it aside so that I can finally finish binding the Lion rug and update my web site with hooked purses and eye glass cases.  Plus I want to hook a ghost to hang on my front door for October.  So I figure the rest of this rug can even wait until Cape May for me to work on while awaiting Bev to color plan the Wee Folk rug.
Okay, so even beyond the rug stuff, I've really really really got to clean up this pig sty.  Right now I've an excuse since it is too hot to even vacuum.  And  it is too hot for me to go upstairs to finish pulling wool for Cape May because heat RISES.

Here are some eye glass cases  which will go on my web site when I EVER find the time. These went on a travel tour with Polly ( yeah, Polly Minick).
And also these purses.  Actually the black and white flag purse has been listed on my web site but the others were on a longer 'tour' with Polly for a few months.  
Okay, time for me to open the windows to the cooler outside air so gonna close for the night.  So, thanks for stopping by.


Monday, August 27, 2012

Cape May Getaway coming soon

So far I haven't gotten to the frenzied child stage of anticipation of Santa (a/k/a Cape May) so that is still yet to come as it usually does for every rug camp. As old as I am and for as many rug camps I've attended you'd think I'd have outgrown that by now.  Perhaps it is because I haven't attended nearly as many rug camps as some hookers I know, but even if I had truly doubt that frenzy would have dissipated by now.

It is now less than two weeks away until camp and I'm slowly making progress.  The wool pulling for the rug to be hooked has begun but will do another inventory closer to departure date and will probably add more wool rather than remove.

Okay, okay, I know you've been biting your nails wondering what I'm hooking in Bev's class.  It is a design that stopped my heart oh so many years ago when first infatuated with rug hooking.  It is a design by Vermont Folk Art and this is the rug which was posted on their web site at that time.  It was hooked by Rebecca Erb (I'm sure you hookers know who that woman is) but this is the only picture I've ever seen hooked.  SO..... IF any of you have pictures or know of someone who has hooked this design I surely would love to see other people's adaptations of it.  The design name is Wee Folk.
When attending Barb's at Woolley Fox in May I had a new system that I tried out.  Instead of carrying 3 full totes of wool down to the basement I carried wool samples on rings as my 'offering' and had more of each of the wools in totes in the van.  That way, when she viewed my wool to make color planning choices I could retrieve the larger pieces from my van that she had chosen for the rug.  This way there is also less hauling totes from the classroom back to the van when leaving.  So on one ring I have wool of the brighter colors, background and border offerings, on the other I'm trying to limit that to just the critter colors.  But depending on how heavy one ring gets I just might move the background and border colors to the other ring.  And, it appears the one ring will be heaveier so the move seems eminent.

Here is a bunch of wool that I dyed using various textures and with different quantities of the same color in different pots to get a variety of options for background and usage of the same color in other parts of the rug.  Must add here that the colors of the wool is very washed out with the flash.
And this is the second tote I'll take but isn't completely packed.  However, there are some colors on the ring which may only take that which is pinned to the ring since the shirt, pants, etc. of the critters is small.  You can see one of the critters on the pattern to the right of this post.  
My plans were for me to post a current picture of the Duck's Egg Nest here but think I'll make you wait until tomorrow.  

So now not only am I challenged with getting ready for rug camp but also have to clean my house before my house and Ben sitter comes.  My house is full of rug snippets and probably cob webs since they are getting ready for autumn.

Thanks for stopping by and maybe I'll have an update on my Duck's and Egg Nest tomorrow.


Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Tease Before my Rug Camp

Oh this is a funny twist of a post. .... SORRY.  I took pictures of  my wool, the design I plan to hook and then all of a sudden I'm taking a hard right hand turn. It is just the way my mind is going at the time so bear with me and you'll see everything in another post.

Normally I hook vintage or antique adaptations since those go well with the antiques in my home.  But sometimes I see a design which just drives me crazy.  Okay, so LOTS of designs drive me crazy.  And this is why the post changed ~ because the rug I'm hooking at camp is different and more colorful than I normally hook.   AnyHOO.... to continue.....

Then when going to rug camps was exposed to Gail DeFresne, Bev Conway and other hookers who use color.  So one year when I was signed up for a Bev Conway class I really had planned to hook Deanne Fitzpatrick's "Coastal Girls" rug.  Man did I like those slim girly girls with their scarfs floating in the breeze.  

BUT....much as I tried to get into the moment with the wonderful design it just wasn't me at the time.  My husband had just decided to divorce me so there was a wounded older woman's heart speaking out.  It was an older but wiser woman who had already been where those other gals had been.  

So my project with Bev was what I call the Olde Gals.  No it is not my original design but one that I received permission to hook from the quilter.  I took some creative license, enlarged most of their butts and put seams down their nylon hose.  So for me it was a group of older women who were wearing their out-of-date clothing, liked who they are and they are happy.  I'd suspect they are hookers and just taking a break from rug camp.

And, BTW, this was in a former ATHA magazine about about 5 years ago.

Sorry, but once again BLOGGER is not working.  I tried to do the spell check (NOT WORKING) so who knows what you'll read tomorrow.  And am glad that the rug camp pics aren't on here.


Friday, August 24, 2012

It's Getting Close

A  few things are getting close...... although I've not been hooking as much as I'd like (life sometimes gets in the way), it is getting close to sorta, kinda, almost done.  Must say this Ducks and Egg Nest has been fun to hook and a different color palate than I normally hook.  Mostly I prefer the more drab old looking vintage used rug, so this soft look with heathery leaves is probably why I loved it.  It is different than I normally do but still in a wide cut (my fav).  Most is hooked in #8.5 with some in #8.  
And, Cape May rug camp is getting close with only 15 days and a wake-up.  At least today I started to pull some wool for my rug (finally).  The design I am hooking is Wee Folk and a design by Vermont Folk Art Rugs ~ one that has haunted me for years but seemed that something else always ended being on top of the list for the next camp.  Well I'm finally going to hook this baby.  

Again, this rug is a little off from my normal old drab color palate.  I love taking a class with Bev and she is great with whimsy and color so this will be right up her alley  The pile to the upper left is the soft light variety of textures I dyed for the background and on top of that (the darker) is what I think may be used for the border.  The brights will need to stand out beyond the background color but not sure Bev will choose any I'm taking.  If not, I'll buy a fat quarter of whatever is needed to make the rug work.  I've always been happy with the rug that comes out of a Bev class.
Although I have pulled brighter colors out I haven't gathered the wool for the 'critters' in the rug nor for the cycles.  It will require more concentration and I'm short on that of late.

So...... back to Cape May, in a previous post I mentioned about the hooking on the front porch of the Chalefonte.  Yes, there are classrooms, but after the initial start up and teachers make their rounds to the students to get them started...., those who wish, may go on the front porch and hook with the breeze, sunlight and the clip clop sound of horse drawn carriages taking people on tours.  I find that sound rather soothing, particularly with the ocean breeze just two blocks away.  Here is a picture of Cindi Gay with her class on the porch.
Cindi Gay teaching on the porch at Cape May NJ rughooking camp
Oh my but I'm really looking forward to camp, my pals, laughter, no cooking, no cleaning and the beach just two blocks away.  Yes it is an extravagance but it sure does soothe my heart and mind and rejuvenates the soul.

Thanks for visiting.  Oh, and thanks for all the new Followers!!!!  How great is that!!!


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Rug Hooking Frames

I get asked a lot, and see the same inquiry posted on rug hooking groups about what the best rug hooking frame is. Since each person's finances are not the same, their needs are not the same either.  So I will share my personal experience and opinion on what works best for me.  Please, if you sell any of these frames and are not happy with what I've said, just remember this my humble opinion so don't crucify me.

When I first started I began with a humble embroidery hoop.  But since I needed to guide the strip of wool with one hand and pull the loop with the other, it was rather awkward with the loop rested against my belly and against a table top.  But I stayed with using it to see if this was something I wanted to continue and buy better tools.  Yup, loved it and figured the proper tools were needed.

Sixteen years ago there were not the multitude of rug hooking businesses available so the the 'Cadillac' of rug hooking frames was said to be the Puritan.  I bought one, hated it both as a lap frame and on the stand and sold it for a song.

Then, when the exchange rate was better between Canada and the US I purchased a sit upon  from Quilter's Workshop in Canada.  I loved, loved that frame and after getting it wished that I'd ordered the larger one.  I still have this frame, still love it and use it for smaller pieces.

 360º Gripper Frame with Sit-On Base

After using this size for a while and had a few extra pennies to rub together went on the hunt for another frame but the exchange rate in Canada was not as good so hunted in the US for something larger.  Voila, by then Rughooking101 had a frame so purchased it.  I still have it and still use it.  This one does give my rotator cuff a work out because it is solid oak.  Also the paddle is larger and not as sleek as the one above, and really, it is the thigh which secures the frame and you don't really put your spine on the paddle.

Then decided that a floor stand was needed so that when I went to rug camps I would have the floor stand for the class.  Luckily I was able to purchase a used rughooking101 floor stand for the frame and had the smaller Quilter's Workshop sit-upon to hook in the sleeping room at night.

More time passes and at rug camps there are women who have just gotten the Snapdragon frame.  Oh my be still  my heart.  It keeps the linen drum top tight and easily snap the underside paddles to release the pattern so that no wool strips get pulled or teased out.  Well don't you know that I had to find a way to 'get me one of those' beauties.  So I have the Snapdragon with the Big foot floor stand.  Frankly, I used the Snapdragon on my Rughooking101 floor stand for a while but decided to get this floor stand too.
K's Creations Big Foot Floor Stand
And, after much deliberation and on an impulse purchased the Townsend Orbiter.  Actually, before that I had the red lap top portable and just do not care for any lap top frame so sold that one.
Bee Line Townsend 14" Orbiter Floor Frame
I purchased this during the past winter in anticipation of taking it to rug camp so I can roll it in and set it up in a flash.  It is for larger and more heavy rugs and wish I'd had it when I was hooking Domestic Zoo.  This is a very expensive piece of equipment.

So now you ask, which do I recommend.  That depends on your finances.  If you have the financial resources I would recommend the Snapdragon hands down.  It is less expensive than the Townsend Orbiter but more expensive that the sit-upon frames.

If you don't have that kind of money to put into a frame, then the sit-upon is a good way to go. However, if you have an opportunity to go to a local hook-in or meet up with some hookers that would be a good way to 'test drive' hooks and frames and most of us are very happy to let other hookers try them out.  That way you would know what is best for you.  

And then if neither option seems financially feasible at this time, there are people who have constructed their own box frame and used heavy duty thumb tacks to secure their pattern to it and moved around and re-tacked the pattern when time to hook another area.  Or you could purchase the    artists frame sections, join them and tack your pattern onto that.  

Hope this has helped, but if you have further questions, please feel free to ask.  Happy Hooking.


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cape May Rug Camp and Ducks and Eggs Rug

In just 20 days and a wake-up I'll be on my way to wonderful Cape May, NJ for rug camp.  The last two years I was in Kris Miller's class and she is a great teacher with lots of techniques to share, loads of fun and interesting stories.  This year I'll be having another class with Bev Conway who is also a wonderful teacher and with two years absence decided I needed another Bev 'fix'.

The camp is held at the Victorian hotel The Chalfonte, the food is delicious, the atmosphere delightful, and the organizers of the camp (Norma and Linda) are very engaging and organized.  

My roomie Deb and I have a room just off  the top balcony which we refer to as "OUR veranda".  We can open the window of our room and listen to music playing as we sit just outside and have a glass of wine and chat after class and before dinner.  And that portion would be to top left portion of the hotel, second floor, just above the awnings.
And while the class may start in the regular class room to get started, many hookers make their way onto the long and shady porch to hook away until lunch time and then again after.    

My wool room is a mess already from previous projects, a stack of wool on top of the ice cream parlor table holds the wool I over dyed for the background and also a possible for the border my We Folk pattern at Cape May.
And then there is the stack of wool near my cutter which is the wool being used for the Ducks and Eggs Nest rug that I'm working on.  It would be wonderful if I could have this rug all hooked before Cape May so that it could be added to the other 7 rugs I have to take for the show (and YES, I'll be sure to take lots of pictures to share).  But don't think it is possible for me to have the rug all completed by then.  But here is a sneak peek of what it looks like now.

Since there was more positive response for the use of the honeycomb wool in the ducks' wings that is what went with.  So eventually I'll pull out the wool in the left duck and replace with the honeycomb ~ thanks to all of you who participated in the poll.

And now this is what it is looking like as of now.  It is fun hooking the leaves, actually I've had fun hooking everything so far and like how it looks.

Thanks for stopping by.


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Update on Ducks and Eggs Nest

I've made some progress on my new hooking love but not as much as I'd hoped since grass needed to be cut,  HAD to vacuum up the wool dust and snippets and of course doggie duties since Ben does enjoy his walks around the  neighborhood.  Yes, he has a fenced in yard but he also likes to see what the 'Jones' are up to, sniff where others have walked before and hear other four legged friends bark in protest or 'wanna play'  as he walks by their house.

Since only 5 votes have been placed on the poll (which I will continue for a few more days) the hooking will be concentrated on the leaves and background for a bit longer.  But so far it appears the honeycomb wool will win out.  So if you have a preference, please feel free to post your opinion and your name doesn't appear, just your preference.

Okay, are you chewing your nails to see what progress (or lack thereof) has been made on the vintage beauty?
This pattern measures 16" x 31"  and still I've been hooking with both #8 and #8.5 strips throughout the rug.  And, if I had worms and the color worked those were hooked in no matter the size.  This seems to be a good size to be fun for me but still able to use a wide cut to hook with.

Cape May rug camp a mere 23 days and a wake-up away, I'll soon have to get my wool in order for the project at camp.  The background dyeing for it has been done but would need to pull other wool together and pack.  And already my wool room is a total disaster yet it is about to get worse before it gets better.  So IF I were smart (my mama never gave me any gold stars for planning ahead), I'd clean the room now, gather my wool for camp and clean it up again before I leave.  That way my return from the newest project will be the only mess left to make orderly.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Ducky Hookin' Situation

  Yes, I'm still in love with this antique rug which was believed to be hooked between 1875 and 1925 in Canada.  However, I did want to take a little creative license with the nest by hooking in different directions with different values and colors.  The original was what I loved but the hooker back then didn't have the wool options we have today and the very dark in the nest and the very dark in the wing/feather shape on the ducks is a little harsh considering the softness and subtle colors of the leaves and eggs.

Not knowing which way I wanted to hook my wings ended up trying two different wools.  The one on the right is using the honeycomb wool (from Rebecca Erb many moons ago) and the one on the left is a plaid texture that I had in my stash from who knows where.
So for now I'm just going to live with both ways, look at each often and think about it as I continue to hook the leaves and background.  But as a review, this is what the original rug looked like.
I have put a spot on this blog for you to choose an option for the duck wing of choice.

   NOTE:  Anyone who has a "NOREPLY-comment" blogger address cannot post messages to appear on my blog.  In the beginning they could but then I started receiving spam from a 'no reply' so some one's address had been hijacked.  Since I couldn't see who that address belonged to, I placed the undesirable spam in my blocked senders list.  Which now means that anyone with a 'noreply' is unable make posts on the blog; it may go thru the motions but will not appear there.    Sorry, but guess you will need to not be anonymous or choose the no reply to have your comment show up on the blog.

And, as always, thank you for visiting my blog and commenting, if it was able to appear here.  Comments are always welcome.


Monday, August 13, 2012

Dilemma's of a Dog

Oh to have a life of a dog and their worries.  Poor Ben is beside himself with the stress of having to find a hiding place for his newest chew stick.  He walks around the house crying because he just knows someone is going to break into the house and steal his bone.  
He even tries to hide it from me I think, and I'm the one who gave it to him for gawd's sake.  So he walks around crying from one room...... 
To another room........
To another room....
.....  and yet another until he finds a satisfactory place.  But oh this is a long tedious process for a poor dog to handle.  So here he is trying to bury it in one of his mats in the living room.  
And then it finally ends up nearest his 'regular' living room mat in front of the window so he can keep a watchful eye on encroaching squirrels onto his property as well and an eye on his precious chew stick.
Oh but he is a funny boy.  When he has it hidden in another room and I happen to get up for some reason he immediately runs ahead of me to be sure it is still safe.  But with it right there in the living room he can always keep a keen eye for any wannabe chew bone thieves.

Uh, you guys don't see all the wool dust and umbrella peeking out behind the end table do you?  Nah, didn't think you noticed.  Well before I get back to hooking on my project, guess I'd better clean up my previous mess.

Thanks for stopping by.


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ducks and Eggs in a Nest

Okay, I'm sure you are wondering what kind of progress I'm making on my new project on the frame.  And, OMG, it feels so good to hook what speaks to me at the moment and I'm having fun.  However, I've not been able to put in as much hooking time as I'd like for summer yard work, Ben vet visits for ear infection, and just general life gets in the way of play time.

Okay, Okay, this is the antique beauty that I am hooking.  While I am trying to stay true to the honesty of the original hooker I've taken a little creative license with the nest.  
While I do understand that women used what they had at the time to create their wonderful works of what we now call folk art and wonderful part of history of making do, I'd like to add my creativity to make the nest look more like a nest.  I believe the woman who hooked this before me would smile down and say, "good for you for having better resources than I had at the time".  So this is what I have hooked thus far.  Not much to show after so many days and I'll not get much hooking time in tomorrow either.
Yes, I did pull out that pinkish wool  in the first leaf hooked so this is more orangy and definitely like it better.  However, as I'm looking at the picture in contrast to the original I'm thinking to add a bit more drastic DARK in the nest but not as much as in the original antique for my creative input.  Oh my, back to the 'thinking' board.  And for the record, if you look at the upper left corner of the pattern it appears as tho it isn't on the straight of grain.... but it IS; the backing just wanted to sway that way and so I let it.

What I did learn about duck eggs is that they can be a combination of  greenish, brownish, yellowish and whitish.  The eggs were definitely fun to hook, BUT not nearly as much fun as I'll have hooking those ducky ducks and other leaves.  Oh my but mama is having fun on the hooking frame!

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Something New on my Hooking Frame

Yippee, the chickens flew the coop so there was a spot on my hooking frame for something new.  Yes, guilt made me start sewing on the binding to the Lion and Trees rug but when my needle ran dry of thread I quickly put it aside to start hooking.  The rug needs to be bound before I leave for Cape May and it will be done by then, but oh man was I burning to get at the new project.

There are so many rugs that are on my 'to hook' list and seems the design that is the most recent love is the one I go after first.  If you read my blog on a regular basis you probably know what my latest love is.......... can't guess?......... maybe this will spark your memory. 
Since it was the original antique which spoke to me with it's softness and subtle colors, and since I with the original antique rug was mine, I'm going to try and replicate it using the wool I have on hand.  So this is the look  I'm attempting to achieve.
Hmmmm, when I picked out the wool for the first leaf it sorta looked like the same color as in the picture, but now in the photo I just took it looks more pink.  Just might have to pull that wool out and find something else; that is unless it changes color on my monitor or with the picture taking.  When I post this I'll be sure to look it over carefully and if need be change wool before going too far.

Remember I spoke to you about now being a good time to buy your Sharpies for drawing patterns?  Since school is about to start the drug stores are having great sales on pens.  I've been to Walgreen's twice and plan to go once more to get more.  The coupon says limit is 3 but today they let me buy 4.  The regular price is $2.99 for a package of two, but they are on sale for $1.79 for a package of two and with the coupon they are only 79 cents for a package of two.  Now that is a fantastic deal.

So run, don't walk, don't go past go and check out your local drug stores for sales.

Thanks for visiting.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Done and On Its Way.... YAY!

Thankfully the Two Chickens rug I was commissioned to do is done and it is in the mail to the recipient.  Since I'd already hooked the rug once wasn't so much interested in hooking it again.  However, the person wanted a gold and black texture for the chickens instead of the black and white that I'd hooked previously.  Here it is in all it's finished glory and with a black and white pillow ticking binding.
Yes, I'll be paid for my services but now know that I am not fond of doing commissioned rugs, even small ones.  So now I need something new to hook and am thinking of a ghost to hang on my front door plus time to draw out an antique rug to hook.  I've still the spiral mat to work on tho, until one or the other ideas come to fruition, plus still have my lion rug to bind before Cape May.

My son gave me a humongous zucchini and if I remember correctly the circumference was 13 1/2" and diameter 9 1/2" ~ the zucchini is now gone so can't measure it but those figures seem to stick in my mind. 
Anyway, he asked me to make some zucchini bread so went on line to find a healthy recipe and particularly wanted it to have some whole wheat flour instead of white processed flour.  After grating enough for two loaves (one for my son and one for me) gave the rest of the zucchini to a neighbor for her to make a few loaves as well.  It was just too tedious for me to pull out all the larger seeds and really wanted to get the chicken rug done so stopped at two loaves.  But I must say the zucchini bread is yummy.

Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, August 3, 2012

A Few More Vintage Rugs

Here are a few more vintage rugs that I enjoy and also some newly hooked antique adaptations that speak to me.  I've hooked a number of horses and chickens yet they both tickle my hooking sense.  I like this early chicken rug.
And this simplistic floral is attractive to me for some reason and notice the resemblance of the faded red and background color of the two ~ maybe it is partly the calming colors.
And for SURE on my TO HOOK list is this magnificent Magdalena Briner Lollipop rug ~ which is probably a stylized Tree of Life.  Just LOVE this rug!!!!! 
Another rug on my to hook list is the vintage Santa and Reindeer rug which is in the book Folk Art Underfoot by Joel and Kate Kopp.  I don't have a picture of it to post here but someone has hooked their version of it and took some creative license and put tongues around the perimeter.  I'm not sure how I'll hook mine just yet and it may be that I'll hook it in November with Lucille Festa.
Oh my but this speaks to me too ~ there is very little color and the color in the leaves is very subtle yet interesting.  I like how the leaves hover over the ducks and the eggs.
And this is a cool design and now I know from where Barb Carroll got the idea for her pattern of Ned.  A lot of her rugs are inspired by antique rugs but it is always fun to see the original.
There may well be someone who offers this design on linen but this photo is one I took in an antique art book.

And this one is the original antique rug from which I hooked my Lion and Trees.
Thanks for stopping by and happy hooking.


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dyeing for Wee Folk

Since Cape May is a mere 39 days away and no other design is planned except Wee Folk so figured that I'd better get myself ready to hook that baby and over dye some background wool.

I have previously used the wonderful recipe from Beautiful Wool called High Meadow Green with great success and use it up fast so need more.  There is still maybe half a yard of previously dyed wool from that recipe but this time I wanted to add a smidgen more of the Chartreuse to have some variation since it will be used for not only the background but in the scallops or other places within the rug ~ so it will be good to have different values of the same color combination.  

This is a peek at some of the wool that is being dyed.  It contains about 4 or 5 different wools, some light some dark and that was planned of course.  This recipe turns out really great with wool that has some grey in it.  But also wanted some lighter wool textures for the background and flat to mix in with the background for maybe an outline of something close in value with the other.
This recipe calls for 1/2 t. Copenhagen Blue, 1/4 Khaki Drab and 1/4 Chartreuse in 1 C Boiling water.  Then from that concoction you decide how many tablespoons you wish to use in each dye pot.  I did 4 pots; two pots had 3 tablespoons of the mixture and two pots had 4 tablespoons.  

Here is a picture of some of the wool and think you can figure out which was in the pot of 3 T and 4 T.
And more wool.... I'm not so happy with the flat white dyed wool so back in the pot it may go with other wool.
I still have some dye left so will decide what I want to over dye to add to this but for sure think the flat wool goes back in.  Funny that when first beginning this adventure of hooking it was the flat wool that I purchased and thought it was fantastic.  Now, I understand that it is the textures which makes the rug more interesting.  Yet, also know that sometimes a dividing line is needed to separate a motif from a background which is close in value so for that reason may keep the flat and put back in the pot to darken up a smidgen.

Thanks for visiting a spell and welcome to AUGUST, before you know it we'll be wearing jackets.