Thursday, May 30, 2024


Yesterday I did a little dyeing; not pretty blue colors like Lauren recently did but dyeing for a couple upcoming projects.  So my colors are more on the 'dirty' spectrum for antique rugs.  The wool I'm most happy about is that grey stripe which shows the before color on the right side.  I might dye more of that grey but with more solution in the pot and throw those two brown checked pieces back in the pot again to get those darker.
Today I cut Ben's backyard with the push mower and drew a pattern for a customer.  Below is a recumbent dog, circa 1900 of which she requested a pattern.
Susan said she loved the hit and miss background and the antique rug just spoke to her.  As you all know, when I hook a rug for myself I usually name it.  Susan was so enamored with this one I asked if she'd like to give it a name.  So this new design has been named "Abigail's Watch" after her fur baby.


Tuesday, May 28, 2024


Perhaps there will be a rug here to inspire something new for your frame.  And if I'm lucky it will get my juices going to put one on my frame when Running Horse is completed.

Recently Lauren showed us her new project which is an adaptation of a Victorian wallet which you can see HERE.  So it seems apropos that I show you an 18th century purse stitched with silk and metal thread.  This design would also make a great hooked rug.  Again Blogger won't let me make the pictures below any larger for your viewing comfort.
A bowl of flowers dated 1863.
A geometric with an easy to draw and hook design.  With it's simplicity this would be great to use up some of those wool colors we consider ugly but which would add interest to an otherwise boring rug.  Try it using those plaids you don't know what to do with or perhaps dye jobs that didn't go as planned.  
Rug with a sailing ship and waterfall rug hooked 19th century measures 22 x 40.  Sure wish I could enlarge this one so try clicking on the photo to get it to enlarge.  Hopefully Blogger will work for you.
Profile images of 2 horses hooked late 19th early 20th century. 
I wonder if Babe is an antique because of the artistic background but felt it worthy to share and maybe someone knows as the auction house did not give a date.
And for my Canadian friend is a landscape displaying sugar shacking which is, of course, a Canadian hooked rug.
Cooler temps now that the storms have moved to the east from the left and middle of the US.  Have heard it is also going to be a higher than normal year for hurricanes.  Hope all will be calm when I plan to take the ferry to rug camp in Cape May, NJ.

Happy hooking.


Sunday, May 26, 2024


God Bless the men, women and K9 military who have made the ultimate sacrifice to keep Americans safe.  
Thank you for your service.


Saturday, May 25, 2024


Actually I don't have a favorite way. 
I liken it to when I used to make dolls ~ after the cloth doll was sewn and stuffed the shape inspired me to either hand stitch facial features or paint them.  Likewise once the doll had a personality she inspired the clothing I'd make.  Below is one with a stitched primitive face.
Another with a Victorian look.
Don't want to bore you so will do just one more picture, but you get my drift I'm sure.
So depending on the rug is how and when I choose the style binding I'll do; and think I've done them all.  The rug below is a Bev Conway design named Rufus hooked in 2006 when I was in my brighter side of the crayon box.
I bound the rug with a bias wool covered cord.
BTW Blogger is NOT playing nice at all today.  It will not allow me to enlarge the photos.  Hopefully if you tap on the photos they will appear larger for you to get a better look.

Magdalena's Goat (and other rugs) have wool yarn whipped edges here is a corner of the front and back views.  I used to do wool whipped edge with cording but no longer do the cording.
Cherries and Candy Stripe was bound using the doubled cotton fabric technique which I have done on a few occasions.
This chicken rug was done in a completely different style as I wanted it to look primitive.  Betsy Reed demonstrated the technique in a class and you can see how I did it HERE.
And the last way I've bound rugs is using the traditional cotton binding which can be purchased in various colors.
I would like to suggest you not place your wool covered cord rugs in a highly walked area.  One of my rugs wore thin and you can see those white holes on the left side and bottom of the photo below.  Those are not moth holes, the wool has worn thin.
Okay, I know what you're thinking and saying to yourself, "but the cord edge protects the hooked edge".  Yes, that may be true but I've rugs in well used areas with cotton binding and the wool on those at the edge has not worn thin.

Well, I've an Ox Farm pattern to draw and hope to clean the pollen covered back porch.  Have a great weekend.


Wednesday, May 22, 2024


Now is when I wish there was a plus one to post about instead of another update on Running Horse.  While I'm excited to make progress on it I suspect you readers would like to see a variety of rugs in progress ~me thinks.  Anyway, here is what the antique adaptation looks like now.
You can see the fabric choice made for the doubled cotton binding.  So once all hooked, steamed and extra linen trimmed away it will be a breeze to bind it.

I have an annual doctor visit tomorrow but perhaps once home I should look for that 'plus one'.  Don't know what it would be yet but would like it to be something smallish so a finish wouldn't take too long 😊. Happy hooking.


Monday, May 20, 2024


Can't take credit as my finish, lol.  It is a wonderful finish of Domestic Zoo hooked by Tammy Warren.
Tammy chose to hook a border around her rug and it frames her work nicely.  It is fun to see how each person's choice of colors changes the rug.  I hooked mine without a border but the border does frame it like a work of art.   Tammy needs her stand-alone private rug show otherwise I'd share pictures other folks have shared with me.  Great work Tammy!!!  And thanks for sending me your finished photo.

For others who have purchased patterns from me and who would like to share your finished rug with me I'd love to brag about your work too.  Happy hooking everyone.


Friday, May 17, 2024


Isn't is fun to look at rugs hooked by other folks?  When attending a rug camp I always look forward to the rug show.  Also enjoy the 'throw down' to see who is hooking what and if there is a pattern I'd be interested in myself.  And, of course I love antique rugs so let's take a look at what I've found lately.

Here's one with animals and flowers.   Hooked late 19th to early 20th century.  I kinda like this but could get bored with the curves.  But heck, I've hooked lots of circles in my time and never got bored with those.  Maybe I'd do just one row of curves both bottom and top border.
A lovely way to use up all those left over strips.  Look closely at the rug below which I like because it looks old and worn.   You could use up lots of the wool you don't know what else to do with as it would help create that vintage appeal.  They would make a wonderful geometric rug and not worry about what color goes well with the one next to it.  It works!
A shorebird and the auction house didn't provide a date.
Lauren will probably love this Pug Rug dated 1898 ~ the 1 must  have really faded out.   Might be something she'd like to adapt to give her DSO or for herself.
I don't particularly care for this cobalt blue floral (hooked mid 20th century).  The reason I saved it was because if the flowers were removed it would remind me of the 'no broadcast' tv signal back in the day.
A very well preserved hearth rug circa 1875.  Dimensions are 28.5 x 67.
A landscape hooked 
late 19th-early 20th century. 
Another landscape which has a pixelated look so wonder if it is wool crewel work instead of hooked.
OH, I don't have a cat or horse rug yet so guess I can't stop yet.  This next one should cover all those requirements ~ it has a cat, dog, horse, rabbit and even a goat.
Happy hooking.


Wednesday, May 15, 2024


When I was a kid I was taught to respect my parents, elders, and police officers.  And to generally treat others as I'd want to be treated.  It was my parents who taught me that plus the teachings in my church.   What has happened to our society?

This rug I hooked to honor and in Remembrance of Cpl. Keith Heacook of the Delmar, Delaware Police.  You can read his Officer Down Memorial Page HERE.
Thanks to all Police Officers who chose to walk that thin blue line between life and death each day to serve and protect us.  I am sure your loved one does not rest until they hear the Velcro rip when you remove your uniform after your shift.  God Bless you and keep you from harm.


Monday, May 13, 2024


Just a little progress has been made on my current project.  But at least there's been some progress.  Seems we rug rug hookers are never satisfied with how much we've accomplished and don't think I'm alone in that respect.  Once the rug is done we are usually always pleased tho, right?
Not much else to share other than more rain tomorrow and Wednesday, my grass needs cutting but not sure it will get done tomorrow, depends on how wet it is outside.

My deck still needs to be washed and sealed but the pollen of different shapes continues to drop.  That light dusty yellow/green pollen has stopped but the worm-shaped and other pollen is showing its face now.
The part of the deck above was swept this morning but had to run errands and this lower part didn't get swept off.  That's why it has more pollen and leaf droppings.
OH!!!!!  Nancy Armstrong, I did receive your comment but you are a NO-REPLY blogger so was unable to respond to you.  That issue can be fixed, just goggle how to fix No-Reply blogger.  OR, if you look on the right side of my blog there is a spot to EMAIL ME.  That ensures a way for me to contact you.

Happy Hooking.


Saturday, May 11, 2024


Happy Mother's Day to my mother in heaven.
And happy Mother's Day to my friends and family as well.  


Thursday, May 9, 2024


Found some old rugs during my recent search and unfortunately not all provided me with age/date.  So I'll start off with a cat rug which was hooked early 20th century.  Shame the lady didn't pull a couple tails up in the middle of the eyes.  She had some black, and at least it would have given the poor kitty life.
A rug with double horses hooked late 19th century and located in PA.
Just a dog playing with butterflies; or are they playing with the dog?  
Actually my silly Rottie Panzer would and did chase butterflies and blackbirds.  I recall one time while living in Columbia, MD and walking them at the ballfield he pulled up a wildflower and was taunting his mother Shumba with it enticing her to play.  Another time the poor boy bent down to either sniff or look at a bee and got stung on his nose.  I was scared all night for fear he would have a reaction.  He was the goofiest 'most dangerous' Rottweiler alive, lol.  Below is a photo of Panzer and his mom Shumba playing with a ball they found at the ball field, photo taken 2016.
You know I love horse rugs, but this one does nothing for me; it doesn't have a story.  It is was hooked early 20th century and measures 26.5 x 34.  But it is boring.
This looks familiar and may have been shown before.  But maybe not all my readers have seen it.  Father of his Country, 35.5 x 46.5 and hooked early 20th century.  The rug sold at auction for $830 in 2011.
A lovely log cabin 14" chair pad.  
An intricate floral rug hooked 19th century.  Don't think I'd hook it but IF I did think I'd opt to hook the center part with just a simple border.
Well, folks, that's it for tonight.  Will pull a couple more loops before hitting the sack.


Tuesday, May 7, 2024


This is the start of my adaptation of an antique rug I've named Running Horse.  Or perhaps I should call it 'Horse with Red Mane'?  But then if someone wants me to draw the pattern for them and they don't want a red mane ... then the name is a moot point.  Anyway, I decided to pause on the horse and go for one of the corners with a scroll.  Figured the four corners would become boring so decided to tackle at least one right away.  The hit and miss will be a wiz.
This time I thought ahead and stitched the double cotton binding onto the pattern before starting to hook.  Also this time decided to do a continuous strip vs. the four sides individually.  Each way has it's issues which you learn as you do them and can't say which is my favorite or is the easiest.

Today was the third day in a row with rain and haven't walked back to see if the lake has replenished itself.  Perhaps I'll look tomorrow if it isn't pouring.

Hope my friends in Michigan will be safe as there are numerous tornadoes for that area according to my weatherman.


Saturday, May 4, 2024


Even tho Cape May is still a few months away I was thinking about the pattern I'll take.  Nope, not gonna share that with you just yet, because could be I'll change my mind before camp.  However, was thinking about the wool I'll take for it if it is indeed the one and picking a selection for the "wool ring".

This topic could also fit under the category of 'what teachers taught us' I'd posted previously.  While it is true Caroline Twigg talked about a wool ring in a class I attended.  However I learned about it years ago from another student who had a ring with strips and 1/4 yard pieces for her project pinned to it.  So here is the start of my collection.
Ya know how you always have those small quantities or slim strips which don't fold or pack neatly?  This is a way to take them and avoid the subsequent rats nest when rummaging for what you're looking for.  I have a few of those rings so could use a separate ring for different colors.  The rings were purchased several years ago in the craft department of Walmart.  Think they were intended as a frame for making a dream catcher but serves my purpose well.

You can take a trip back in time to 2012 when I posted about the wool rings just before a Woolley Fox camp HERE.

My deck needs to be washed and sealed but can't do that until the pollen stops.  The front porch collected a fair share even tho there is a roof over top.  I started sweeping and couldn't believe how much there was.  Look at the difference.  And we're breathing that; thank goodness I don't have asthma but do have a sneezing allergic reaction during the season.  Guess those masks might come in handy for things like this even if it doesn't prevent one from getting covid. 
My back lake has almost dried up so before the anticipated rains of today was able to cut the grass, even at the very edge of said lake without getting stuck.  So now the rain has begun and a few more days this week it is in the forecast.  Hope the lake doesn't fill up again as a result of this rain.

Yesterday afternoon the temperature dropped 30 degrees from what it was on Friday.  Today I'm back in a turtleneck and sweats since it is in the very low 50's.  Glad I had some homemade soup in the freezer which was taken out and will be my supper this evening to stave off the chill.  Happy weekend.



Thursday, May 2, 2024


I'll start the show with a floral which has a border with diamond shapes.  Hooked during the 19th century and measures 38 x 50.5.
A rug depicting a Clipper Ship named Susanah Capt. Ed Luce.  Dimensions of the rug are 30 x 46.5.  I googled the name of the ship and captain's name and a few links were provided with info but perhaps the link HERE might be the one related to this rug.  If anyone has info on the Captain of this ship please let me know if it isn't the link I provided.
There's a lot going on in this hooked rug below ~ rooster, birds, maiden with cows, a barn and said to be hooked in the 1920's.    
The brown dog rug I saw listed on ebay.  Obviously Jenny Smallridge did too since she purchased it.  The rug was hooked in the 1800's according to the eBay listing.  
Old Hagley floral dated between 1850-1900.  It is also known as Old Chatham and is a pattern offered by several and perhaps I may hook it too but not in these exact colors.  The original antique rug measured 35 x 38.5.
Cute cat and kittens but no date.  I recently found it and thought it might still be listed for anyone who wished to purchase it but didn't find it  just now.
That's the show kids.  Now back to hooking and a little binding on my Fox rug.  Can only force myself to work on binding during an hour show of The Five.