Saturday, December 31, 2016

Hooked Rug Review from 2016

Here is a review of all the rugs and mats which were hooked during 2016 and posted in order of project.  Those who recently joined may not have seen them but regular followers may have seen them numerous times in various stages of progress, reverse hooking and tweaking.

In the beginning of 2016 this is what was on my frame.
It was originally drawn as "Flag Day Sheep", a Woolley Fox design but I changed it up a tad.
Above was an antique adaptation of an antique which I call "Horse with No Name" and it had straight hooking.  Just a small mat but was fun to hook and use worms.
Still in the mood for small mats and adaptations decided to use the horse shape from an antique rug but added the bunny since there was space.

And then the Out of Hand Rug Hookers group decided on a new challenge lead by Kelley Belfast.  
Kelley designed a pattern with daffodils, sheep and two out buildings. There was certain criteria to be part of the 'giveaway' and the winner was voted on by the participants.  It was quite fun to see all the different and artistic works from hookers who have different color  and cut choices.
Next on my frame was a design by Barb Carroll called Rainbow Cabin. This pattern had been in my stash for a while so decided to use up my patterns.  Uh..... if I were to have a 'do over' I'd make those white areas dark logs and the thin dark rows the light.  What the hell was I thinking???  Oh well.  To Kim.... NO, I'm not going to tweak it!!!!!!!!
After the Rainbow Cabin decided to start a Christmas gift for my grandson.  So his Christmas gift was started very early on to give me time to set it aside and hook something different.  

But going to rug camps I'd start something different and hook on Zach's rug while waiting my turn for the teacher.
The above pattern by Karen Kahle called "Simple Gifts" was a pattern purchased at a rug camp from someone wanting to downsize.  Since I had no clue where to start or what colors I'd want decided to take it to my mentor beloved Barb Carroll.  Looking at it makes me happy and like looking at a brand new bright day ahead.
Then came NED, another antique adaptation offered by Woolley Fox. Poor Ned went thru many tweaks until I was happy with him.  In retrospect tho, wish I'd done what Lauren did and change the butterfly to a flower.
Above is a design called "Turkey and Tallowberries" which is a design by Lori Brechlin and offered in pattern by Kris Miller of Spruce Ridge Studio.
Another design by Lori and hooked in a class with Kris Miller is the "Do Good Be Nice" design.  That Goode witch takes time out of her day to have her nails done.

The last two rugs started and finished in 2016 were the last two written about yesterday. .... Red Lion adaptation......
...and Out in the Garden.
Wishing all of my followers a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2017.

If anyone has questions about hooking please ask...If I don't know the answer I'll research for you to give you the answer.  Happy Hooking.


Friday, December 30, 2016

Binding Mission Accomplished

Thankfully I met my deadline to finish binding two rugs before the new year.  And tho we were not doing a challenge, my blogger friend Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) beat me to the punch.  Now we are ready to move onto new hooking projects going into 2017.

Below is the Red Lion, an antique adaptation purchased from Norma Batastini of Heart and Hand.   Tho a terrible photo flash of a picture below it does have the blotchy background I love so much.  
For comparison of color, the label shows the original color of the red lion. can see the difference in color of wool on the back compared to the photo above.  
Out in the Garden is a design by Maggie Bonanomi.  I used the same brown wool as in the lion rug.  This first photo shows up much brighter because of the flash (as in the Red Lion above).  
Here is the label attached to the back ~ and this photo shows a much better true coloring on what was used for hooking.
I'm so looking forward to working on the Stubbs antique and even tho it was started in 2016 will be recorded as a rug from 2017.  

However, I've been thinking about what rugs will be in my future. There will be a camp with my beloved Barb Carroll in May, then Cape May in September and camp in November.  So already am thinking what to work on at each camp.

Have a great evening.... HEY... do you have your black eye peas or your pork and sauerkraut yet???  What is YOUR New Years Day tradition?????


Thursday, December 29, 2016

Time for a Lookie Loo (updated info)

It's been a few days since I've seen an update on my PC monitor and decide what needs to be reverse hooked.  I took two photos with different settings.  If you tap on either they will enlarge but the first photo is the one with more pixels.
Sadly I've not yet started hooking the trainer since there is more border and background to make it to the halfway mark.  Would like to save fun for the other half of the rug so will wait.

Checking the progress now as I had a concern with a few border blocks ~  those would be the yellow at the top, orange and blue to the right side near bottom.  Yet, looking on the PC it doesn't bother me so will continue.  HA, have still been known to rip out wool at the last minute.
Plans are to have red at all four corners to sort of anchor the design.

Rose of Three Sheep Studio wondered what my background wool was. For those of you who missed my post about that you can read about it HERE and see the wool used for the holding lines of border.  But for a quick view here is the background wool.

We are just a couple days away from a brand new year.  My goal BEFORE 2017 is to have my last two rugs bound and label attached. You all know how binding is NOT my favorite task but want to start the new year with NO rugs left to bind.  Thankfully I've only two to do.

So you guys and gals out there.... how's about gathering your unbound rugs and start now.  You could watch the ball come down New Year's eve and bind your rugs.  Would love it if you'd send me your finished pieces and I'd be happy to post them on my blog.


Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Quilts I've Made

Several of my followers are quilters ~ who do what I consider the proper quilting.  While I've made some quilts and small quilted pieces, do not consider myself a quilter.  None of mine have had the free-arm machine or hand stitching.
The photo above was originally taken to show the Wee Folk hooked rug which I'd just placed over the bed.  The summer quilt, used as a bedspread, was designed with two rottweilers in the center and log cabin since we were building our home.  The quilt is still usable but has much wear since the dogs were allowed to sleep on the bed.  Rules in my house changed after than and Ben is NOT allowed to sleep on the bed.  
Above is another view of the center.  The worn out stitching said "HOME Palace of the Heart 1997" so it is quite an old well used quilt.

Below is another summer quilt spread also using larger homespun squares but with smaller sections stitched for the stars, homes, trees, etc.  This was as tedious as this woman would get, lol.  But again was not free arm machine stitched or hand stitched.  Just randomly stitched thru to the under side which was probably a king size sheet.  This is also a very worn and constantly being repaired since I'm not ready to toss it.
The heavy quilt below is a winter quilt and has been tied with buttons and thread. It's never been used but is in the room just in case.  As you can see there are very large squares and nothing much to brag about except for maybe the applique at the top.
Then quilts above were the extent of my large pieces.  However, if you've followed me long enough you have seen those monthly quilt squares to welcome in each month.  In October I believe that I posted Happy Haunting, which is a cute quilt applique for Halloween.
Above is one quite appropriate for me at the time since I was a dollmaker even before becoming an addicted rug hooker.

Below is a gift made for my mother several years ago.  You may need to tap the photo to see it properly.  It is to be wallpaper for the background, a table with table cloth and framed photos of family, cup of coffee, roses and candles.  

Mother's parents are in the large photo to the back right, my baby brother and her brother at a young age to the right.  Me and mother on the left in the back as well as jut to the right of that.  Mother's older brothers in front of us and her as a young woman in the grouping to the far left.
To those of you who stitch teeny tiny pieces to build a quilt, (and Jennie is one), you have my respect and kudos for such tedius work.  Rest assured that I'm not that person, lol.

Have a good evening everyone.


Monday, December 26, 2016

The Day After Christmas

Didn't get any hooking done today as Grandma was on a mission to purchase fabric and make a soccer themed valance for my grandson. Yesterday it was obvious the childhood valance needed to come down since Zach is now 13.  

Picked up the fabric, came home, ate lunch and proceeded to make his valance.  He didn't want curtains....just the valance.  Dang...forgot to take a picture of it after I hung it.  Anyway, my grandson is elated with his 'day after' gift.  And this was a wonderful Christmas for me.

Thought I'd show you my progress, or lack of, for the present project which is an adaptation of Julia Eastman Stubbs rug.  I've chosen the horse trainer part on the far right side of her design.
Heck, I'm not even halfway done and as much as I want to hook the trainer figure the border around the corner should be hooked first before enjoying the challenging part (dessert).

Happy calm and relaxing day after Christmas to everyone.  And in a few days we will be welcoming in a new year.  I'm excited and confident in the next few years ahead for the growth and protection of our country in every way.  Here's looking forward to a wonderful 2017 for all of us.


Sunday, December 25, 2016

A Christmas Gift

Christmas Day I couldn't wait to deliver my grandson's gift to him and stood with my camera in hand to take a photo of him opening it.  
As soon as he unrolled the rug I could see a huge grin on his face which stayed there while he placed the rug on the back of the sofa for viewing.   As I'm taking this picture he tells me, "I really like it Grandma".  And I knew he would because he admired his dad's rug last Christmas....the Porter's Man Cave rug.
Immediately Zach took me to his bedroom and showed where he wanted it hung....over his desk.  On the top shelf of his desk is a signed Orioles baseball cap, a school award and some floating darts given to him by his cousin.
As I looked at his room saw some old valances I'd made eons ago and told him they needed to be replaced.  I asked what he wanted and he said soccer fabric.  He loves playing soccer and his favorite team is the Barcelona, Spain team.   

Don't know that I can buy that fabric in the USA but he said black and white soccer ball design would be fine.   HOWEVER.... grandma has a plan for another project for my beloved grandson for next Christmas.

Hope all of my blog friends and those beyond had a good Christmas holiday.  

Warm hugs and Christmas cheer to you all.


Merry Christmas

Wishing all of my followers a very Merry Christmas and happy Hanukkah.
Thanks for your loyalty, comments and giving me the inspiration to keep my blog alive when so many blogs have dropped off.  Several blogs which are no longer active I used to follow and miss them.  Your questions are welcome and will try to give you a quick response.

May you have many wonderful days of hooking ahead, hope you succeed in completing those unfinished projects, and your binding goes as smoothly as possible.

Again, Merry Christmas.


Friday, December 23, 2016

My Rottweiler Elf

I had a few gifts to wrap so asked my resident 'unwilling' elf to help me. Told Ben to sit so I could put the elf hat on him but he felt embarrassed. Ben said he was a killer Rottweiler and this was beneath him but because he loved me so much would sit for a photo shoot.  Uh, he got a cookie as payment.
As his mom didn't like how the one eye was covered asked Ben to go to the kitchen for another photo shoot.  He decided to lay down for this one.  And, BTW, his lip sometimes sticks on his teeth so he is NOT growling or showing aggressive behaviour toward me.  He is a sweet boy but no doubt would protect me to the end.
As moms would have it I wanted one more shot to get the bell to hang just right.  Although I tried all the key words to get his head up in position he just looked out of the corner of his eyes as to say..."please, enough is enough and give me my other cookie".

So my Ben elf got his other cookie and retreated to the computer room where I'm posting this.  I just looked at him now as a sleepy boy in the only furniture he is allowed on which is covered with a fleece throw.
 Another photo by the paparazzi fur mom.
Will show an update on my rug soon but did want to give everyone of my blogger friends a 'hello' from me and Ben to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and to my Jewish followers a happy Hanukkah.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Finally.... the Reveal of my Rug

As much as I wanted to continue hooking all around the corner before making the reveal, decided I'd teased you long enough. Here is my project which will keep me entertained thru the Christmas holiday..this plus working on binding the two rugs on the side.
Right now the pattern measures approx 22 x 47 1/2 but hooking either stretches or reduces the original drawn pattern to finished piece (I forget which), so not sure how it started or the dimensions it will end. However, this is the antique adaptation from which it is designed.
The beautiful runner above was originally hooked by Julia Eastman Stubbs between 1815-1887 and located in Maine.

At first I had grandeose ideas of hooking the entire runner but then realized my favorite part was the right side with the horse and man.  So decided to reduce the rug to horse and trainer as I love horses, since I used to own one. 

In the event you are wanting to replicate a piece of history and don't draw your own designs, you can purchase either the runner or the short version from Woolley Fox.  

Do you believe that Christmas day is just 3 days away???

Hope you are getting closer to having the holiday wrapping finished than I am.


Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Confessions of a Hooker and Quilter

Recently a dedicated follower and blogger friend (Carolyn) recently shared a confession to me.  As I could so relate to the confession asked permission to use it on my blog.  She gave permission and am sure many of you will see yourselves in this humorous confession.  These are her exact words at the time of the email and she just sent me pictures today after pulling out her treasures....enjoy:  

"Guess it's time, I have a confession to my favorite rug here goes.  When I was a quilter for many years I rarely started a second quilt prior to finishing one.  Yes, once I took it to be quilted I would often make a miniature or a table topper, but never start another major project until the quilted quilt had its binding finished. 

Rug hooking!  This is a confession I am not proud of.  First, let me say I began with the same start and finish hooking attitude I had a quilter.  Then I started placing the finished rug (totally hooked) into my binding basket.  Thankfully, most of them are small to medium rugs.  If I started binding today with the same serious dedication I had as a quilter I might finish them before the new year starts.  The real confession is the truly bad part ....I have six rugs started.  Yep! 6.  Time for confession.

***The smallest one "Home Sweet Home" only needs one bird hooked plus some of the remaining background can be hooked on that top left corner.  Not sure why I stopped on that one. 
 ***Hungry Rabbit has dealt me a bit of misery.  Hooking that Rabbit has had more reverse hooking than anything.  It's actually on my list for today.  That body and a bit of the background is all that remains. 
***Settlers Cabin is almost hooked.  I have started and stopped on it way too many times.  Not any problem with it I just wanted to hook something besides all those leaves and flowers.  Could possibly finish it in a couple of hours or less.  Yes, I would rather finish it than Hungry Rabbit. 
***Turkey Topper by Sally Kallin was started September 2015 at rug camp.  I should have never started one that large.  The pumpkins were hooked at camp.  I have worked on those leaves a bit of the background.  I love it on the floor color planning, but placing it on the frame causes me to just stare at it like an intruder.  
***Pumpkin Hollow is almost finished.  I have hooked other cabins, but for some reason those windows and that door have dealt me misery. I still need some of the background finished and that stinking little moon.
***Olde Flag was purchased at the 2015 camp.  One day recently I wanted something mindless to hook so tackled it.  The second day I sat down to hook on it my conscience must have been bother me so I removed it and popped Pumpkin Hollow back on the frame. 
So today my attitude is...finish something before this day is over.  Will probably be Home Sweet Home and possibly Settlers Cabin.  From there ....Pumpkin Hollow, Olde Flag, Hungry Rabbit and eventually Turkey Topper.

Oh My Stars!  It just occurred to me I have Dog, a WF pattern,  to be finished before Christmas and yes, it has been started too.  I can only hook on it when hubby is at work since it is his Christmas gift.  So count them ....all seven not six!  
What in the world am I doing sitting here with this computer in my lap when I should be sitting across the room hooking and binding nonstop?  If I ever get to the end of this silly list I have lots more to hook...One At A Time." told by Carolyn.

So all you hookers and quilters out there, how many UFT's (Un-Finished Treasures, as I prefer to call them) do you have rolled up and hidden under your bed, in a closet or in a chest?  

Would love to read your comments (er, confessions...) as I'm sure that Carolyn will enjoy reading them too.  Hope you enjoyed the blog and think Carolyn is motivated now to finish her projects and will provide photos when they are finished.  


Monday, December 19, 2016


Actually it was my friend Barb Carroll who came to my rescue once again.  Was a little short on textured wool for the rug so was mixing texture with 2 other flat similar shades.  I'd originally purchased the textured wool from Barb a couple years ago and was sure she had none left. 

Then I figured...'what can I lose by an email to Barb sending a photo and asking if she has more'.  VOILA... Barb wrote back saying she did and she shipped it with an invoice and sweet Christmas note. Wow, lucky me and wonderful Barb.
Yeah, I know, not much of a change in the look of the project due to the season and life in general.  But this is what my piece looks like now. The border is great for using leftover wool worms but for me it is a struggle choosing what goes next to what.  For some hookers this might be an effortless task but not for me. 
Very soon I'll show you the antique rug from which this is adapted. However, tomorrow's just might be showing dolls, bears, etc. that I'd made in the past.  

Newly found photos have been fun seeing my work thru the years. Some are still favorites and wish I had to display and enjoy for a month and then release again.  I love primitive, which shows in my rugs.  The same goes for my dolls made in the past.  And was (am) particularly fond of my black dolls and had a huge following.  So there will be pictures of historic replications of the past in some future posts.

Have a great evening and hope you are all warm.


Saturday, December 17, 2016

Fessing Up on the Rug on My Frame

Guess it is time to cave to Kim's (Glass Half Full) wishes to show more of what I'm working on.  First is the progress or attempt at making progress.  Glad that I didn't removed that gold block because it looks okay in this photo and in person.
Oh, by the way, this is the wild nest of wool worms I've immersed myself into trying to use as many strips as possible.  This looks rather organized but sometimes the bags fall and worms fall out.  
For a moment I'd thought of posting the antique rug from which this is adapted.  But really want to hook around the corner and more border. Otherwise there won't be many surprises for you.  

IF there are newbies joining my blog and have questions ANYTHING.... please feel free to write me.  Remember that I was ALSO a newbie hooker once ~ wanted to learn but no access to hookers or classes.  So newbies are welcome here...OH, you seasoned rug hookers are also welcome here but think you know that.

Have a great evening and can't believe that Christmas is just a week away.  


Friday, December 16, 2016

Holiday Thoughts and Crafts

Recently started looking thru my old 3.5 diskettes for photos.  Sadly the new computers don't read those diskettes so purchased an external hard drive to read and transferred wanted photos to a flash drive.  

Anyway, it was fun to see some of the dolls, rugs and other crafts I'd offered for sale when doing shows.  Here are pics holiday related and hope you enjoy.  The date of the photo below was 2002 and Santa was a rather tall standing Santa with concrete feet and thick dowls in his legs.  
Also made a few vintage looking figures and wish I'd kept them for myself but now have no urge to make any more.  Aren't those cute as the dickens???
A Santa in a stocking which sold well as a door ornament or gift to someone.  Here's one version..... 
..... This one was another version.  
Another of those vintage looking figures wish I'd kept is this Santa below.  I only made one and he sold.
When doing shows in October you want to be prepared for the upcoming holidays and all price ranges.  So here is another item I offered...Christmas Cones to hang.
Okay kids..... this is what it is all about.... Christmas is about the kids. Here are two which I called "Nighty Tykes" and were hand made by me. Cute as the dickens.

Hope everyone has a great evening, stays warm and get's their Christmas gifts wrapped before the big day.