Monday, June 29, 2020

Cape May 2015 Show Finale

Am glad you have enjoyed seeing rugs from the show so will post the others not previously displayed the last couple days.
Above is 1856 Basket antique adaptation by Lucille Festa.
Antique Hearts antique adaptation by Kris Miller.  The colors were much more rich in person but you know how photos don't always show the true colors.
In 2014 I did my own adaptation, the picture above was taken before making it into a pillow.  Kris' loops are always perfect ~ mine not so much, but then I do try to get an old look.  Oh, and I was using mostly hand torn.
There it is after making a BIG pillow.
Big Whale is a design by Lucille Festa.  
A Bev Conway design and another version of the Chalfonte Hotel was hooked by Ellen Savage.
Cherries and Candy Stripe is an antique adaptation drawn and hooked by moi'.
An antique adaptation and guess the dog's name was Chum or could it have been hooked by someone with that name?  And yes, the original antique had those spiked-looking feet.  I did this rug with Barb Carroll and asked how she would hook it as I'd drawn it with both a paw and the toes.  She said 'go for the toes'.
 A design by Betsy Reed is this crow which I hooked and made into a pillow.
Old Crow is a Lucille Festa design.
Daisy was hooked and sold by Kris Miller and love how she hooked the name at the bottom in a lighter value wool.
I believe The Tower, hooked by Michelle Micarelli, was part of a Tarot Card challenge.
 Kris Miller hooked Welcome Guests above.
Here is a Pearl McGowan design Willow Bank hooked by Cindy Painter.
 Windy Winter hooked by Vickie Lavigna.
Friend Deb hooked this Gustav Klimt design and named it "Apologies to Gustav".
You don't even need to look at the name of the designer or hooker on You Had me at Woof because you know it is a Cammie Bruce design.  I have always thought it was cute as the dickens.
Quite a glittery hooked piece by Alex Mathiasen and nice framing.
Midnight Clear, a Spruce Ridge Design, hooked by Kathy Mullaly.
Ah, the morning mess of a great previous day and evening of hooking.

Hope you are making progress in finishing up those UFOs which have been hidden for months/years or working on something new you've wanting to hook for a while.


Sunday, June 28, 2020

More Cape May 2015 Fun

There were so many other photos to share that I thought there should be two posts.
 Top design is a runner designed and hooked by Kay Leisey ; the Patriotic Sampler is a design by Cammie Bruce and hooked by Marion Wilson.
 Sheep over the Moon designed by  Joan Gerwig and hooked by Nancy Tiffany.
Spanish Princes, another huge rug hooked by Cheri Reid, and she is a really fast hooker.
Spots designed and hooked by Cammie Bruce.
 Prairie Santa hooked by Betty Ann Brittingham.
 Pumpkin Trilogy.
Pumpkins and a black cat.
Judith Phillips designed and hooked this rug named Resistance.
 Trick or Treat and Smell my Feet are Lori Brechlin's designs drawn by Spruce Ridge Studios.  My pal Deb added her own colorful spin to the designs.
Above are two pieces designed and hooked by Cammie Bruce.
1846 Turkey at the top is a design by Anne Nichols which was in a old issue of Needl'Love.  Can't read the information on either so don't know who designed or hooked the sampler.
Above are two Magdalena designs I drew and hooked.
The striped cat is Hester, a design by Lori Brechlin which was in an issue of a magazine.
Top left is Hobo Joe, a design by Lucille Festa and was designed as a cut-out but I chose to make it a rectangular shaped piece.  The crow was my design hooked Magdalena style.
Sally Raub hooked the floral above.
Have seen the above antique rug numerous times and is on my 'to do' list but still haven't hooked it.  This one was hooked by Kay Leisey.
Pear Tree was hooked by Carol McKay and designed by Lori Brechlin.

I've told you how much fun we have at Cape May ~ actually all rug camps are fun.  But in the year 2015 at this camp I never laughed so hard.  Here are a bunch of us sitting on the front porch about an hour before dinner.
To the left is me, Cheri Reid, Amanda (Kris Miller's sister) and Judy Phillips who was the instigator of all the laughter.  We were enjoying a delicious frozen marguerita. 
To the right of Judy is Jill in the blue and white, and Mary Lou Bleakley (my first rug hooking teacher) howling with laughter.
And to the right of Mary Lou is Kris Miller and Elise (Mary Lou's daughter).

We were having so much fun and you can see the front porch is empty.  So Linda finally had to come out and see if we planned to eat dinner.  That was probably the first time I've EVER been late for a meal there 😄
My pal Deb is there somewhere I'm sure... maybe this side of Elise.

Believe it or not I still didn't get all the rug pictures posted on this blog post either.  Do you want me to do another post of rugs from this year or move on?


Friday, June 26, 2020

Flashback Friday

I'm flashing back to 2015 at Rugs By the Sea in Cape May where Deb and I were in yet another Kris Miller class.  Hey, always a great time with Kris.
 Above is a Mermaid rug entitled Catch a Falling Star.  If you want to see who a rug was designed or hooked by just double-click the photo and it should enlarge.
Looks like a litter of kittens having a great time playing in the flower garden.
Ya know how we all take pride in our first hooked rug?  Well take a look at the first rug hooked by 85 year old Dorothy Marcus.  You read that right ~ 85 years old and it appears she was a student of Michelle Micarelli.  
Animals and Ferns above.
Autumn Leaves and Fiore'.
Black Bird Sampler and Tumbling Down.
Helter Skelter was a collaborative effort of hooking by Cheri Reid and another artist but can't see the name.  I know you want to ask but I don't know for certain...  am guessing Cheri hooked a piece and it was glued to a piece of canvas which was then painted by the artist.
 Twin Elephants hooked by Ellen Savage.
A Seahorse, Lighthouse and think the other is a rug by Kris.
 Another Cheri Reid hooked piece above.
Very attractive floral pillow.
 A grouping above.
Henpecked by Fern Strong.
The rug above was designed and hooked by Linda Woodbury named Manatee and Me.  She had an interesting story of her trip to tell me about it also.
Noah's Ark was hooked by Norma Batastini for her grandson.  The ark is a pouch where the animals could be stored and Norma could hook other animals to add to the fun.
 Old Tennent hooked by Susan Foley
Old Tom is a design by Lori Brechlin and hooked by Kris Miller.  I've had this pattern for a few years and still haven't hooked it....YET.  This past November in another Kris Miller class she was showing the class a piece of wool she used on the turkey.  

Kris said she didn't think she would ever sell a piece of the yardage of that plaid.   That is until she showed where the plaid was hooked into the turkey.  Kris had only a couple fat quarters left and as she was talking I grabbed it out of her hands and added it to my purchases.  True story, yanked it right out of her hands.

Goodness, I've more rug show left and other stories but think I'll hold it until tomorrow.  So check back for more rug hooking fun.