Monday, September 30, 2013

My Wide Cut Shadow Girl

Oh my, it is taking me a long time to hook this mere 20 x 24 hooked piece.  Reason is that I'm too close to the subject matter (my dearly departed girl Shadow) and can only take the angst for short periods of time.  I mean, rug hooking is supposed to be fun, right?  So I would hook on Shadow in the early morning when I'm fresh and then put it aside to hook on my comforting antique adaptation Lollipop Bouquet in the afternoon and evening. 

Well, my comfort rug is all hooked and I've nothing else comforting to hook in the evening. Guess that will force me to rather enjoy binding a rug as comfort instead of the dread.

Anyway here is what my girl looks like now and needed to take her off the frame to look at her on the computer to see what loops I feel the need to take out now.  This is a picture without a flash
And the same picture with a flash.  To me the neck under the chin really needs to be reigned in.  It looks like a goiter instead of a neck.... but then in looking at the photo I'm not sure what the problem is.
This is Shadow as she looked when we had the rug show on Thursday afternoon and similar when I returned home from camp.  And while there I hooked on Shadow during class and my trusty primitive antique adaptation at night for comfort.  That is why there doesn't seem to be much done on her from 5 days of camp.
But between those photos I've removed the darkest wool from under the eye on the right, and a few other minor details which bugged me. 

Adding to the self-induced stress I had these two photos I've been working with and have spent a lot of time flipping between checking real color and the position of my girl.  I wanted to capture the shape of Shadow listening to me and twisting her head.  She was adorable when she did that and I'd always burst out in laughter.  But the flash of my camera is altering her true colors.
But then here is a picture of her true colors.  In the printed picture taken at camp the colors showed up even darker. 
For those of you who may have missed my previous post about Shadow, I am hooking her in #8 strips.  I've hooked my departed Rotties in #3 and achieved a great likeness to them but did not want to hook in #3 again.  So believe me when I say that hooking Shadow in #3 would have only added to my stress level. 

For sure I'll be pleased to have a hooked piece of my girl when I'm done.  She and I talked at length (uh, I talked at length) that she was going to be a 'wide cut' sorta gal just like her mum.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Rug Show Finale'

You know it would finally come to an end sometime.  I thought yesterday's posting would be it but the photos on the blog began to increase so that I was afraid of blog overload.  Don't know if there is such a thing but didn't want to lose all my efforts by having the post so big it wouldn't publish. 

Take a look at this perfect likeness of a hand complete with translucent nails, wrinkles at the thumb and wrist and even veins showing.  OMG, I just stood and stared at this piece for the longest time.  It is called First Loop and was hooked and designed by none other than Michelle Micarelli.

This attractive Peacock rug was hooked by Edie McClure and think it is an Encompassing Designs pattern.
On the left is Kaleidoscope, an adaptation hooked by Nancy Weaver and on the right is Spring Stained Glass designed and hooked by Laura Pierce.

Albino Squirrel hooked by Linda Woodbury.  Don't think I've ever seen an Albino of anything in real life, only on TV.

As part of the Eye See You Project, Norma Batastini hooked this piece Chimp......very 'eye-catching'.  Sorry, just had to say that.
And here is Baseball Player and think the name of the hooker is Vickie Lavigna.  Cannot tell for sure who the designer was.
Mary Lou Bleakley hooked the piece on the left from a photo and unfortunately my camera completely cut off the card on the lovely piece to the right.
No tag is necessary for me to know who hooked the piece on the left; that would be Michelle Micarelli.  On the right is Speckled Trout hooked by Pat Parsons.

Laura Pierce hooked both of these mats below; Harbor Lights on the left and Young Mr. Pierce on the right.  Quite quite impressive details in Mr. Pierce.
Below is Silton Galaxy designed and hooked by Sarah Provence.
And another creation by Michelle but cannot remember what she called it.
Hope you have enjoyed the show.  I did take pictures of the rugs we started hooking in camp and will pick a few to share with you tomorrow. 

Today is the last day of the second week of Rugs by the Sea being held at Cape May.  Hard to believe it has been a week since my returning home.  Travel for me is easy as I only drive 1 hour to Lewes, DE and then travel via the ferry to New Jersey.  Here is a view coming home and getting close to docking.  The seagulls are interested in food being stirred up in our wake.  When I went to take pictures they immediately thought I had bread or other food to toss and they started to fly a little closer.

Have a grand weekend and be kind to one another.  Thanks for dropping by.


Friday, September 27, 2013

Cape May Rug Show Continues

Are you tired of looking at these show rugs yet?  I thought this would be the last posting of rugs from the show but there are still more to come another day.

I love, love this primitive rug, the colors, and it looks SO OLD.  This has got to be a rug for me to hook in my future.  It is an antique adaptation drawn by Lucille Festa and hooked by Anndee Byers.  Anndee did a magnificent job making it look old.
A designed and hooked by Lucille Festa, this is called Asta.
Below is Cabbage Rose designed by Woolley Fox and hooked by Polly Reinhart.
The Stars and Fans was also hooked by Polly Reinhart.

This pattern is by Lucille Festa and hooked by Stella Rhode, it is named Mini.

You followers had watched my progress on this design by Barb Carroll of Woolley Fox, it is called Oh Deer and I began hooking this past May.
This is a happy rug named Glorious Sunflower, designed by Margaret Shaw and hooked by Pat Donoho.
The top mat is called Mother Hen, hooked by moi and designed by Woodland Junction Primitives.  The one below is called Santa and Sheep, a design by Maria Barton and hooked by Vickie Lavigna.
This rug is hooked by Joanne Gerwig but unfortunately I cannot make out the designer name.
This is another designer you will recognize.... yup, Sharon Smith.  She has the cutest whimsical designs.  It is called Purple Rain and is hooked by Diane Martin.
 In this grouping is a snowman piece called "Light the Night", designed and hooked by Janet Reid; Chicken designed by Lucille Festa and hooked by Nancy Quigley.  The other piece I'll show a better photo of next.
That is a hooked "Envelope for a Silver Spoon" designed and hooked by Jane Bescherer.  Quite an heirloom I'd say.
On the same table was Jack, a design by Barb Carroll and hooked by me.  The Santa on a Spring was designed and hooked by Janet Reid.
This colorful piece is called Who Won, it is an adaptation hooked by Jan Finger.
This rug below named Tropicana was a design by Carole Feeny and hooked by Diane Stoffel.
The proddy pieces does not have the impact in this photo which it presents in person.  OMG, it was magnificent to look at.  Sally D'Albora aptly named it Sunset on the Ocean and obviously designed and hooked it herself.  She said she wanted to do a proddy piece and got it out of her system to never do again.  Every one of her proddy pieces were the same height.  Hope you get to see it in person one day.
The label on this rug is hard to read so cannot determine the name or who hooked it....sorry. 

Thanks for dropping by and hope you are enjoying the show.  Stay tuned as tomorrow I'll post a few more.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Back to the Cape May Rug Show

Yeah, told you there were more rugs to present to you from Cape May; that was only a brief intermission where I showed you my Shadow Portrait in progress.

Here is a designed and hooked by Norma Batastini called Circus Train ~ The Birds.  And again, nice rounded corners.
 To the left is a Sampler pillow hooked by  Jane Bescherer and designed by Merry Hooker Woollens.  On the right is a rug designed and hooked by Nancy Weaver.
And this is Antique Flowers and Birds designed by Norma Batastini and hooked by Nancy Greene.
Hooked and designed by Lea McCrone it is called Gracie in Brooklyn.
I'll bet you already know who designed this piece....yup, Deanne Fitzpatrick.  It is hooked by Robin Stewart.
This one is designed by Fritz Mitnick and hooked by Laura Pierce.
Ah, 'the Woman who loves Animals' hooked by Edie McClure and designed by Judy Wise.
Lion and Lamb is a recognizable design and is offered by numerous hookers, this one is a pattern offered by Pat Hornafus and hooked by Pat McDonnell.
This is called Seasonal Sampler, is hooked by Linda Woodbury and designed by Kay Leisy.

Sadly I cannot read the name of this design by Bev Conway but it is hooked by Polly Reinhart.
For those of you who have read my blog, you know this is a rug I hooked which is an adaptation by Kathy of Briarwood Folk Art called Big Dog Hollow.
This design below is by Lucille Festa called Sisters and Renia Davis hooked it.  Up close it really does have an antique and naive flavor to it.
Again, if you have been following my blog you know that I hooked the one below.  It is called Red Bird of Pennsylvania and is a design offered by Woodland Junction Primitives.
And yet another hooked by me called Henny Penny and is a design offered by Woolley Fox.
Thanks much for visiting.  And, if you can stand looking at even more rugs from the show I'll post more tomorrow.  Yes, this was a humongous rug show.  I think it was one of the largest.

Funny because I had 14 rugs in the show and someone walked into the class room and asked, "where is this Saundra Porter?"  I put up my hand, she came over and said, "they should have said it was a Saundra Porter rug show".  We had a laugh as I didn't think anyone would really pay attention to who had what in the show or keep count.