Tuesday, December 18, 2018


Normally a rug this size (29x32) would have been completely hooked by now since it was started the beginning of November.  But, since taking a detour to hook and assemble Snowman Stocking designed by Kelley Belfast and listing items on ebay it has slowed me down.

Another slow down was the misshapen blocks at the top and the bottom border.  Trying to get them to look anything similar to the original antique was agonizing.
Below is the original which was hooked 1900 using wool, rags and hooked on burlap.
Am hoping smoother sailing for the rest of the rug.  Honestly....as long as I'm hooking I'm happy.  Yet sitting in the wings is another antique adaptation drawn and waiting for me.  I'm itching to get to it since that one is a Magdalena Briner Eby design.

Guess everyone is busily wrapping presents, baking cookies (not me), or doing last minute shopping for Christmas.  


Sunday, December 16, 2018

What I've Been Doing

I've not been doing much hooking so haven't much progress to show you on the Star Geometric today either.  In addition to house cleaning and other mundane house chores, I've been taking photos and listing things on eBay.  

Amazing how much time it takes to take the photos, crop them and get the listing done.  But am determined to see if I can recoup some of the money invested in all these hobbies vs. taking it all to the thrift shop for nothing.

Finally came to the realization I will not make another doll so am beginning to get rid of that stash, also have listed a couple rug patterns, and this Cheri Payne quilt pattern booklet.
You can check out that listing and others on eBay.

I have some cute Little Quilts patterns and a bunch of vintage feed sack fabric which will be listed too but am tired of taking pictures and wand to do some hooking.  So those will be listed later next week.


Thursday, December 13, 2018


Finally scrubbed my kitchen floor and even got on my hands and knees to wash the baseboard and edges of the floor.  Now my back and knees are paying the price.  But at least the Santa display has a clean room.
The Santa was one which didn't sell at the last show I did and decided to keep him.  Actually I still have a couple other Santa dolls I'd made and couldn't decide which one to use.  Of course I hooked the vintage Santa and Deer rug.

Because yesterday disappeared with cleaning there were very few loops pulled on Star Geo.  Am hoping to accomplish a little something in that department today.

Two days ago I did something stupid ~ I had a link to my old web site on the right side bar but because no changes could be made to it decided to delete it and add my active Weebly web site.  With all the changes Google has made to Blogger was not able to post it.  So here I am with nothing.  Am going to try to circumvent that problem by posting something here.  If you would like to check out my RUG PATTERNS click on that link.


Tuesday, December 11, 2018


While perusing an on-line auction site I came across a few rugs from the estate of Molly Nye Toby so wrote to my friend Evelyn asking what she knew about her.  Well of course Evelyn did and she informed me she hooked 50 State rugs and was featured at the Shelburne Museum.  

The rug below is a rug titled Apple Pie and love her choice of colors tho mine normally are more dark and primitive when I hook. 
Don't think the HI was the state rug hooked by her for Hawaii as this isn't the one depicted on the poster (shown way below).  Perhaps it was a more friendly type of Welcome rug but she is not here to ask. 
The description for the rug for auction below as "Homes" and another from the estate sale.
Also on the web site was this rug with heavy machinery; makes me wonder if it was a rug for the times or for a child's room.
The rug below with the pig is the rug she hooked for the state of Indiana where she said "the foundation of Indiana's wealth is their corn crop and animals raised for it, particularly the hog.  And to the north is the famous tomato growing section".
Wagon wheels below wasn't for any state but an offering from her estate sale.
I find this so called 'abstract' by the auction site very likeable.  Perhaps it was a little different for Molly to hook but it speaks to me.
Two rugs were in this photo from the auction site; the top rug was called crows but for the life of me cannot remember the other rug's title.  
But I did think in advance and captured the right side of the crow rug for a closer look.
Sorry for the flash of my camera, but this is a photo of the poster Evelyn so kindly sent me from the Shelburne Museum showing of the State Rugs. Also in the package was a description of why Molly hooked the rugs as she did and what the state was most known for.
Have a good evening and try and stay warm.  Winter is certainly here in Delaware.


Sunday, December 9, 2018


Just before dusk I saw snow flurries but the birds let me know well in advance there would be snow today ~ didn't even need to hear a weather report.  Besides, I've been so engrossed in the History Channel series "The Curse of Oak Island" that I've been binge watching vs. watching local news.

Now that the long boring straight hooked sides along the border is done the rest of the rug will be lots of fun for me. 
Plans are to use a lot of strips from my worm bags.  Again....although it started out as an orderly setup of worm bags and container of over dyed patina wool for the border, this is what my hooking area looks like now.  I'll also add to this mess by adding other colors which aren't in these particular bags.
Individual bags and my continued mess has made me re-think how to do this 'wooly worm' process.  After each mess I'd separate once again, the colors to their proper baggie.  

BUT, when having a class with Cindy Irwin and saw her ZIPLOC TOTE of worms thought that was a great idea.  Yes, have seen bags of worms in other classes but the bags were so large it was difficult to manipulate and find what you want.  This bag is a descent size, has a zipper and has a vent for breathing under the zipper.  
I've used the plastic bags which bedspreads and comforters come in but they eventually get brittle and crack, plus they don't breathe unless you leave it unzipped.  Long story short ~ I'm thinking that instead of separating out this knot of wool at the end of this rug all the strips will go into my Ziploc Tote.


Friday, December 7, 2018

RUGS from the PAST

Plans were to have a substantial amount more hooked on the Star Geometric but it doesn't look substantial enough for me to show yet.  But 'youz' guys and gals would probably like an antique rug show better anyway.

Below is Diamonds and Hearts geometric measuring 23 x 37 from the collection of Kathy Schoemer.
A floral bias-shirred rug wool rug on cotton, Maine 1830 from Joseph and Linda Caputo collection.
A cute primitive piece of a Horse pulling a Sleigh Winter Scene.  For some reason naive' hooked pieces are always endearing.  Wonder what color those purple trees were before fading. 
Yeah, another horse rug which I also love, is dated around 1870 and measures 37 x 44.   You regular readers know my mind always wanders trying to figure out what was in the mind of the hooker.   Obviously she used what she had on hand as for textile and color. I see two dogs, a star, heart, circle and are those clovers or primitive people?  Also, at the bottom on either side of the heart ~ is that symbolic of the person(s) who were no longer able to ride the horse?  Told ya I contemplate these wonderful old rugs.
Fur and Feathers below is 75 years old so if that is an antique guess I am too😄.   Wonder who won, the cat or the goose?  Bet the goose did.  The rug measures 32 x 36.
The Floral Shirred rug below has no provenance but the shirring is obvious.  Wish I had more information.
Hope to show an update of my rug in progress soon.  BUT next rug show will be those by and information about Molly Nye Toby.  Some of you may already know about her accomplishments.  

Happy weekend.


Wednesday, December 5, 2018


Yup, comes around once every year like clock work.   Uh, that would be my birthday; won't say how old I am after reading Lauren's (Rugs and Pugs) latest blog post 😀.
So today decided to treat myself to my favorite lunch at a not so local Chinese buffet where I dined on baked salmon, baked tilapia, calamari, broccoli and mushrooms, asparagus, string beans and two kinds of rice.  Yup, all of that went into my belly and I cleaned the plate.  Needless to say tonight's dinner will be salad.  Most would think I'd have nothing.

And, while out and about I picked up a little something to celebrate even more ~ it is that mustard colored wire basket to display more of my rugs.  Am determined to surround myself with the rugs I've created and which give me joy.  Besides, if they are visible I'll be more likely to recycle them on tables and chests more often.
Truth is I started treating myself early in the week buying rug patterns.  What's better is I've gotten all three at a very good price on ebay.  The first is a rug which has been on my 'to do' list for a long time and now won't have to draw it myself.  It is an antique adaptation called Early Farm Scene by Frontier Homestead.
Another design I liked is by Folk Art Landing and was also a bargain.
The other I haven't received yet but is this design by Lori Brechlin and sold by Spruce Ridge Studios.  I see a class with Kris Miller in my future and this is what will be on my frame when that happens.
Having a glass of Cab as I sign off.


Monday, December 3, 2018

STAR Geometric

Feels so great to be hooking on Star Geometric again that I'm even hoping for a day of inclement weather to do nothing but sit and hook.  
Sheesh, now that I'm seeing it on my computer monitor makes me want to pull out the 3rd block of border on the left as it is way darker than it should be.  BUT, that is a lot of #%!&! hooking to replace so think it will stay.

And yes, there are a few funky looking blocks in the pattern which take more time than others and seems I still didn't get it right.  As a reference here is a picture of the original antique.
Although I posted the dimensions of my pattern before, will mention again it measures 29 x 32.

Had two great weather days here, did some yard work and even hung out some white laundry ~ love hanging my laundry.  Tomorrow will be mediocre but tomorrow evening the fun comes to a close.


Saturday, December 1, 2018

Time for Antique Rugs

Will start with a rug with a center bull's eye wool and cotton hand sewn rug from around 1880.  Colors are still vivid.
With the holiday ahead the rug below is appropriate with the country folk going to church in their festive finery.  
In previous posts mentioned I'd post the front and back of rugs, when available, to show the fading.  Here is a rug by Cecile Perrault called Chariot Race.  First is the front.
And here is the back which was protected from the sun and wear.
The following rug is really interesting.  It is a floral BUT the middle base appears to have an animal or creature appearance.
Acorns and Scrolls rug next is gorgeous with the rich black, soft green and shades of tan/gold.  Measures 29 x 50 from the estate of Mary Cardin Quinn.
A Hutchinson style rug titled Chicken Stew.
This Cat rug from 1887 is an iconic image for many an antique rug.
A bird of prey sitting on a stump.  The rug measures 22 x 32 and estimated to be hooked between 1890-1930 on burlap.
Now I'm back working on the Star Geometric and hope to make a few loops tonight.


Thursday, November 29, 2018


Reason I named it Welcome Snowman is because I DO NOT welcome snow but thought this design by Kelley Belfast was too cute to pass up.  As mentioned in my previous post, the snowman image was in Kelley's Merrie Wynter booklet and Rebecca Lindquist used the image with accessories in form of a stocking.  I wrote to Rebecca asking permission to use her idea and she graciously gave it ~ Thanks Rebecca!

Was determined to get this project hooked and assembled before December 5 (my birthday), tenacity won out and finished it just now.  Must admit the assembly needs a little tweaking but was trying to 'beat the clock' and at least all parts are done and hanging.  OH... do any of you remember the old TV game show "Beat the Clock"?  Hmm, maybe not,😄 since I'm older than dirt.

Decided to enjoy the snowman stocking on the pantry door rather than front door.  So will put a big Primitive Angel made a few years ago on the front door instead.  The angel didn't sell at my last show and has been hanging dormant in the storage room so will put it to good use this holiday.
Good grief, tomorrow is the last day of November and my life is flying by too fast.  As kids we all couldn't wait until school was out, our birthday or for Christmas.  At that time it seemed like an eternity until the next exciting event.  

Then becomes a 'now' all too soon, so breathe and do what you enjoy and makes your day happy.


Tuesday, November 27, 2018

This Fickle Hooker Update

You regular followers know I'm a fickle hooker who will take a right hand turn in a heartbeat.  Yeah, I ALWAYS finish my rugs but sometimes a project just pulls me in to delay the one in works.  

The Horses and Hearts rug was completely hooked but not bound and was looking forward to working on Star Geometric started at camp early this month.  BUT ~ I received an order from someone who wanted a pattern designed by Kelley of With Hook and Needle.  It was so dang cute that I wanted to hook it TOO.

Here is my progress so far but there is still one more small figure which needs to be hooked but wouldn't fit on this piece of linen.  As you can see I utilize every piece of linen left over from orders for myself.  If it doesn't fit on my hooking frame then I sew a piece of fabric along the short side.  It works perfectly.

Was thinking of tea staining this but as I look at it here everything seems fine so that decision will be made later.  BUT, December is just a few days away so my hook better get working.
 Okay, okay.. in full disclosure the Snowman is a design by Kelley which was in her Merrie Wynter pamphlet.  However, Rebecca of The Simple Quiet creatively used that image in a stocking.  Therefore I was in a pickle.  YES, the snowman was a design by Kelley; BUT the creative use of her design came from Rebecca.  

So I contacted both Kelley (I'm authorized to draw her designs) and Rebecca asking permission to use her creation of the stocking.  Rebecca graciously granted me permission.  

This is just a mini-lesson on this whole copyright issue for those of you who are newbie hookers.

Hopes are to get this stocking and accessories finished, assembled and hanging on my front door before or at least by December 1st.  Am very anxious to get back to Star Geo because there is another 'hot number' waiting in the wings.


Monday, November 26, 2018

Heavens to Betsy!

Not only was that a comment my grandmother would say when something surprised her, but also a great company by that same name.  Today I received my order of two wool remnant bags  from Betsy and am beyond pleased.  

Always look forward to November when she and Eric offer these remnants as it is a great way to see and try different wool without having to buy a whole yard.  Plus you could almost color plan a whole rug with just one bag of that wool.
The wool has been washed and is in the dryer now.  You can see there is a variety of colors and textures which come in each bag.  I knew one bag wouldn't be enough so ordered two and am very glad because it gave me even more variety.  Just can't wait to try some of those which I've never ordered before.  

There was a very interesting purple texture which is wonderful.  I'm thinking it was Purple Rain (on Betsy's web site) except it looks much better in person than on her web site.  I thought of Barb Carroll immediately and bet she has some on her shelves.  

Am thinking tomorrow I'll be able to show you the Snowman project I've been working on.  At least the major part is done and now working on the small accessories.  Did the accessories part pique your interest?

Also am anxious to get back to the Star Geometric started at rug camp.

Happy Monday.


Saturday, November 24, 2018

Finally Hanging and a Shock

Was contemplating what to post since my Snowman isn't done, haven't gone back to my Star Geometric from rug camp and binding of the Horses and Hearts rug isn't finished yet.  So decided to show a picture of this room where I finally hung a few more smalls.

Top left you will notice the recently hooked Donkey at the top and previous small horse pieces below.  Next right is the wonderful Kinderhook Basket which was color planned with Barb Carroll

To the right top of that is the small version of Magdalena's Goat with the antique adaptation Spike below.  I will talk about other side of the room in a second.

The two green birdhouses sitting on the dough-box came from Cape May and the little mat was hooked by Tonya Robey.   The hooked heart pillow and heart footstool were also purchased on eBay from Tonya.

That primitive Annie doll stuffed with rags is one I made and wearing a pair of my son's shoes from his youth.  Annie is sitting in an antique doll highchair.  The antique school desk I've had as long as the dough-box and it moved a few times between Delaware, Maryland, to California and back again.
 Starting on the left side top rug is Harvey's Magdalena, next an antique ceiling tile, which looks out of place and hooked antique adaptation Chum.  Both the antique tin and Chum need to be replaced with other rugs.  That is an antique grape wine press which has fake grapes in it and also has several thousand miles of travel in its history.

Now for the shock to me.  When I downloaded the photos I saw that orb on the chair which my boy Ben would curl up in.  Immediately upon seeing it I burst into tears.
Here is one of many old photos of Ben, he is laying in that chair.  He sure didn't look comfortable to me but he would come to the room and lay in the chair often when I was on the computer.
Yes, that orb brought me to tears but believe it is an indication his spirit is with me.


Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Country Cottage

Country Cottage is the name I gave this antique adaptation which was beautifully hooked by Linda Scheffler.  The pattern measures 30 x 38 and Linda used various size wool strips to achieve the look.  She hooked the border in #10, the background in #9.5, the flowers and leaves in #5 and #7 cuts.

Linda said she started it in a class with Diane Stoffel at Sioux Falls rug camp.  
This wonderful hooked Country Cottage was hooked by Pam Gunn.
Below is the original antique and think both ladies did the antique justice.
Thanks for sharing.


Sunday, November 18, 2018

More than the Eye Can See

Since Rug Camp in Ocean City, MD I veered off from the Star Geometric to finish Horses and Hearts rug shown in the previous post.  THEN changed directions to work on a design by Kelley Belfast which was in her "Merrie Wynter" booklet.
There's more to that story and more enjoyment for your eye to see so stay tuned.  Doubt many are reading blogs since everyone is busily getting ready for the Thanksgiving holiday.  OMG, cannot believe how fast this year has flown by.  


Friday, November 16, 2018

New OLD Rugs the Naked Truth

How's about an antique rug show?  This time I'll show the nitty gritty of some ~ there may not be many on this post as I've not too much time to do this post.  So here goes.....

Below is 2 Blue Roosters from Tomlinson Antiques, the rug measures 29 x 54 and no date given.
But, when you check out the corner of the hooked rug you can see the cotton homespun and various other textiles used to hook this design indicate it is OLD.
A hit and miss folk art red horse with hit and miss circles measures 33 x 38.  From Old Hope antiques no date was given.  I like this but cannot add yet another horse rug to my list of 'to do'.
Here is a close up of the horse.
This Folky Chicken hooked rug reaped a whopping $3,500 at the sale by 1stdibs.
A Hunter shooting a Deer by Cecile Perrault; this is the front.  And some have asked what the real colors were of old rugs ~ not all the time are the backs shown as most are often covered.  
This is what the true colors of the front looked like before fading.  What a difference!
Speaking of covering the backs of rugs..... here is named Flowering Tree early 20th century which measures 37 x 55.
This is the back and you cannot see the real colors as it is covered by an old American flag which you can see by the faded red and white stripes.
Okay kids, things to do ~ hope you enjoyed a different kind of old rug show.