Thursday, September 28, 2017

Cape May Rug Show #3

There were so many rugs camp to display some had to be put on the porch to be sure no ones rugs got left out.
Above is a pattern called The Fisherman designed by Bev Conway and hooked by Alma Shelley.  And, FYI, I contacted Bev to ask... and she still sells patterns in case there is a design you want.  
Betsy Warner designed and hooked the design named Rainbow Oak.
 Shelby's Cat was hooked by Joanne Gerwig and designed by Anne Nichols.
 A design named Squirrel Time was designed by Trish Becker and hooked by Alma Shelly.
Stubbs Horse Trainer was hooked by me, it is an antique adaptation offered by Woolley Fox.
There are three rugs in the photo above and because walking room was narrow and many people trying to view the rugs I couldn't capture the whole rug or the names.  But notice that the rug top left also had some wool applique done on the motifs.
Turkey and Tallowberries is a recognizable and often hooked design of Lori Brechlin and offered by Spruce Ridge Studios; it was hooked by Sandy Bennington.
Two Big Flowers, sold by American Country Rugs, was hooked by Lois Hilliard. 
Charlotte Price hooked the rug "Want to Play" and it is a design by Carolyn Stitch Studio.
Above left to right is Woof, designed and hooked by Cammie Bruce; Hen hooked by Viola Wright, and a Magdalena design hooked by Alma Shelly.

Fall weather arrives this evening and think my attire tomorrow will be a long sleeve tee shirt and kahki shorts.  A few more rugs from the show ill appear tomorrow and then there will be the 'throw down' rugs after that.



  1. Especially am fond of the Rainbow Oak...what a perfect way to hook a tree using worms!
    Always happy to see one of my {and Kris'} rugs being worked on...Turkey and Tallowberries is a fav of mine too ❤️🤓

  2. Love them all, and yours stood out the most, before I knew it was yours;)


  3. wonderful rugs!!! I took a class from Bev conway years ago.
    I haven't heard about her in so long.

  4. Awesome mats, saundra,,,, thanks again,,,
    Love all the variety,,,,

  5. so many beautiful rugs...I can study each one and learn something...right now I'm partial to Cammie's rug because my pattern from her just arrived and I can hardly wait to get hooking...


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