Saturday, January 29, 2011

Antique adaptation chair pad and rug

I have numerous hooking books with lots of inspiration for projects I wish to embark on.  Finally this past September I could take it no longer and just had to do an adaptation of a rug that I had seen in a book titled "Hooked Rugs" by Leslie Linsley.  I wanted to make mine into a chair pad but also made it into a rug. 

The original round rug was 36" in diameter and I didn't want a round chair pad but rather one which would better fit the shape of the chair I use here at the computer.  And for the rug I wanted a rectangular shape.

For the chair pad I tried to stay fairly true to the colors of the original but for the rectangular rug I wanted a brown red stag.  So rather than pulling that book out and pining over wanting an adaptation of the antique rug, I now feel fulfilled and have two of them to enjoy each time I come into the computer room.

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