Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Back to the Magdalena Eagle rug

Let's see if I can successfully post this, after having lost the whole thing last night...sigh.. guess there is some truth to 'you can't teach an old dog new tricks', I'm not the brightest bulb when it comes to computers.

Anyway, my friend Evelyn brought the information about and now famous rugs of Magdalena Briner to the public eye and did an article about her works in an issue of Rug Hooking magazine a few years ago.  So far I have hooked two other of Magdalena's rugs, Domestic Zoo which is a long runner and Dog and Crows.  I have not displayed them in my home yet because I have a special room in mind for them where they can be on the floor together when this one is done and they will age the same rate.

Here is the Magdalena Eagle in progress.  There's just a little more left at the bottom to hook and then the binding. 

I will be quite happy when this is done because Magdalena's rugs seem to require more work than any other rugs I have hooked.  The reason is because I'm trying to stay relatively true to the color choices of what Magdalena had to use while I'm using what I have.  Tho I start out all organized with my colors together the wool eventually turns into a rat's nest of mixed colors all twisted together all around me. 

When the rug is done I will post a finished picture of it.


  1. Saundra!!!!! AMAZING. Very true to the original Colors of the Magdelina rugs. Absolutely Gorgeous.
    The blog is looking Good too! Love your pup.

  2. Your color choices are lovely!

  3. Thanks for the compliment but I'm only trying to follow the color palate of the dear designer Magdalena who did this rug around 1830's but using what I have.

    But thanks because I love this rug and feel a real kinship with her.

  4. Saundra!!
    Congratulations on your blog. Now I can keep up with you and your adventures. It is good to see the rugs you are doing. I love your color choices, but then that goes for all your rugs I have seen.

    I am so happy for you! Count me as one of your first followers.


  5. I love all of the Magdalena rugs I've seen. This is the first time I've seen the eagle and I love it! I met Evelyn at Sauder Village and had the pleasure of introducing her to one of Magdalena's descendants.

  6. TRISHA,
    Thank you friend for following me; I just hope that I don't stop doing this once the novelty has worn off.

    I'm honored that you are following me and hope my postings will keep you interested.

    So which relative was it that you introduced to Evelyn? I'm wondering just how many more Magdalena rugs are out there which have not yet been discovered.

  7. Hi Saundra-Love your Magdalena rug!!! I have several to do in my stash but haven't started one yet because I'm intimidated. I'd love to be able to hook them in the "Magdalena" style like you are. You're doing a fabulous job! I love looking at Evelyn's rugs on Barb Carroll's site. Lucky you to be able to count her as one of your friends! Does Evelyn teach classes? My dream would be to take a Magdalena class with her to learn how to do those fabulous backgrounds, while learning about the history of the Briner rugs. One can dream... I know I've seen the domestic zoo pattern on someone's website but can't find it now. Do you remember where you purchased your pattern?

  8. Hi Mary ~ Evelyn has taught classes and filled in for a sick teacher once but she prefers to take classes versus teaching them. I would also like to be under her tutilege for a Magdalena rug.

    I drew the Domestic Zoo pattern myself. I am unaware of anyone other than me who offers the rug in a pattern. I know that Woolley Fox offers Bills Buddies which is a runner but she does not offer Domestic Zoo. And drawing the pattern is a real tedius job with all the elements.


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