Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Dog Shadow

Shadow is a German Shepherd Rottweiler mix but I have no clue which part of her is Rottweiler unless it is the floppy ears.  She is a wired and ready-to-go Shepherd from first thing in the morning until bedtime.  Which makes me understand why police use them ~ because they need something to do.

Shadow is 9 years old but acts like a 2 year old pup.  She could have easily been taught to be a working dog with the disabled, and sometimes I think I should have spent more time with her so she'd do my laundry tee hee, kidding.  But she does have a very abundant vocabulary.  If I say that I am going to fill up the bird feeders she leads the way to the garage is since that is where I keep the black oil seeds.  If I comment that I'm going to hang clothes outside she leads the way to the laundry room; and, if I say that I'm going to clean out the fish pond filter she heads straight to the back door.  Of course there are many other words that she knows and will respond accordingly. 

However, sometimes when I am just talking and she isn't quite sure of what those words are, she will tilt her head and jerk it back and forth as if one ear could understand better than the other.  That is when she is the cutest and I just break out in laughter.

She certainly does keep me entertained and she is a great companion to have around.  Hopefully she will live to a ripe old age as her mother (a Shepherd) did because she lived to be about 15 years of age.


  1. Saundra, Your blog is an absolute joy!!!! Your binding of rugs is wonderful- I completely understand about the unwanting to finsh but wanting to. I get that way about binding quilts and yet it is so important to take the time but Want it to be finished to admire and move to the next project.
    My Sanford is a shelter pup ( a mix of rottie,shepherd,pit and we think bloodhound - because of his precarious gait). He is such a joy. He "helps" me do the laundry and one of these days I am going to teach him to take the sheets of the bed and bring them to the laundry room :)
    Stay Warm

  2. Betsy, You are a HOOT ! ! ! ! I'm goig to write you personally about your dog mix companion.

    But I want to mention that I thoroughly enjoyed the post of how you make your wools and have them milled. VERY interestng.

  3. What a sweet face! Both Shadow and you! ;-)


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