Friday, September 15, 2017

The Rug on My Frame

Oh I had this one all figured out in my mind and it was going to be a piece of cake to hook.  The lion's face would be a tad lighter than the body, the mane would be a hit and miss much like that done on the border of Olde Hearts and it would have a dark background.  Easy peasy ~ in my head.

The face hooking happened as planned.  But the mane idea didn't work out; it looked like a hot mess so pulled that out and chose a black and gold texture.  Then started hooking the body of the lion.  In the photo it appears the top wool is too close in value to the mane.  The third wool down seems way too light so think I'll go for the wool texture second down from top.  I hooked a smidgen of each wool close to the mane for you to see if you want to tap on the photo to enlarge.  
Okay then so what about background and border Saundra?  Original plans were to have a black wavy border with dark blocks of hooking in the background.  That might work if I do a wavy beauty line ..will try that.

Or, what about red?  I'm determined one day to do a red background.
Or maybe a red border?  Don't think so, if anything I'd want the rug to have a black border with red background but don't think it will happen on this rug tho.  
For now I'll work on just the lion using mostly the middle gold wool and perhaps another wild idea for border and background will strike my fancy.

Happy Friday everyone.  Sure hope Jose changes direction and doesn't hit the east coast.



  1. The Birthday Lion looks like he's got a cat in his mouth. Oh I know, it's the background... I think I like the red border. Those are all gorgeous colors.

    I sure hope Jose doesn't come for a visit. We are having such nice weather lately.
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. I like the dark background...what a fun rug...

  3. I always hate when you have a plan in your head & then you hook some & it's not al all what you had thought!! Brings to mind what Barb says, "Build as you go"! I'm sure your Lion will all come together!

  4. Hi Saundra,
    Yes, I know how frustrating that can be to have it not come out like you thought it would!!! Love the idea of, "Build as you go" and I'm sure once that lion comes to life, all the rest will follow!! Love the wool you chose, too!!
    Hope Jose stays FAR AWAY!
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Heart Hugs~

  5. Your lion will look great will tweak the colors perfectly !!! Not another Hurricane !!!! Enough already !!!

  6. Love your lion the colors are perfect! I find that picking the colors are the hardest part of hooking!! Enjoy your project!


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