Monday, March 26, 2012


Just look at this beauty! 

I saw it on Lori Brechlin's blog  and immediately wrote her asking if she would be willing to sell me a paper pattern of it.  She responded that she had numerous similar messages and to keep check on her blog.  Well for the last several days I've been checking her blog then her etsy and did this a few times a day to get a chance to purchase the pattern.  Finally yesterday I hit pay dirt!!!!!!!

I went to Lori's blog and was enjoying the pictures she provided of the Virginia Rug Fest and her booth.  Oh, what is it I spy there?  Could it possibly be..... the Bee?  And what is that hanging from the rung of the blue chair?  Could it possibly be the Bee pattern for sale???

 I was about to write Lori again saying I wanted to order one but thought the best thing to do would be check out her etsy shop first.  AH HA!!!!!!!!!!  I clicked on "BUY" so fast, I didn't know I could move that fast.

So this morning I'm reading Lori's blog again and she is talking about a stalker.  Uh oh,  I thought she was referring to me, luckily she wasn't, but if you want to find out what she was talking about, check out her blog NotForgottenFarm.


  1. Yep! I'm going to order it too! Great little pattern!

  2. Saundra, you crazy girl!!! your post has me chuckling!! :))))

    hope you enjoy hooking the honeybee, and please share pics when you do!!!!

    Happy Spring & Blessed be,

  3. Arggh! I love that bee! Now, do I race over to buy it as quickly as possible? Yes, probably should! I've wanted to keep bees since I was in high school. But a bee chair pad might be just the distraction!


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