Thursday, March 8, 2012

More Rugs I've Hooked

When I first started hooking it seemed I'd never finish the mitt shape that I started and the hooked angel wings.  The thought of trying to do a whole rug, even a small one, seemed unattainable at that time.  But boy have I hooked quite a few rugs since.

Here is a picture of Birds and Pomegranates, a design by Edyth O'Neill which was a pattern offered in one of my rug hooking books.  I believe I hooked it in #8 strips using some over dyed and some as is textures.  It was purchased and now resides in New Hampshire.

This next one was a pattern in a booklet by Needl'love titled Falloween.  Funny thing about this one is that I had over dyed a red, light blue and white check skirt using a gold and thought the colors came out ugly, but it was that very wool that was Lucille Festa's favorite.  It appears in the flowers and feathers.

And this one I loved and unfortunately sold it because I had an offer, I needed money and it is now gone.  Perhaps one day I'll hook another.  It is an adaptation of an antique rug in the Kopp book Folk Art Underfoot.  Like the other two it was hooked on primitive linen and hooked in mostly in #8 strips but started trying to use the #8.5 which I came to prefer.

Another which I hooked from the Folk Art Underfoot is the Cat and Mouse rug, which was also sold.  Sorry this is such a washed out picture but I took the picture in natural light outside, sure wish I'd taken a better picture of it.  This one was hooked on rug warp using mostly #8 strips.

I've plenty more rugs to share and as I sometimes need fodder for my blog will depend on them to keep the blog alive.  Hope you enjoyed the mini show of rugs I've hooked.


  1. I love your shows!Such beautiful rugs! I have to get back to my cow rug but I have been enjoying my garden and some sun and learning to knit, Hugs Cheri

  2. Your hooked rugs are gorgeous! I have always liked Edyth's design ~ so pretty!

  3. I love your rugs...but you know I'm a fan. We have such similar tastes in colors and patterns. I'm so glad you're sharing these rugs!!

  4. I loved seeing your rugs!They are all gorgeous!Hugs,Jen

  5. those rugs are great, but I love the first one, such fabulous color combination!

  6. Thanks so much for sharing some of your hooked rugs. I also hooked Edyth's Bird and Pomegranates, and I just love your double roosters and the cat with mouse. I really want to hook that one, I have 5 cats, but they are terrible mousers! If they catch one, they just carry it around for awhile until they have to take a deep breath, then they drop it and it runs away until the spaniel catches it. When he gets it, it's down the hatch right away!!!


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