Friday, March 9, 2012

Karen Kahle Designs I've Hooked

There are many rug hookers' designs and style I admire and Karen Kahle is among them.  So far I have only hooked three of her designs but admit to having others stacked up awaiting their turn on my frame.

In a Rug Hooking Magazine a few years ago I went absolutely nuts over this free pattern so generously provided by Karen.  Within a flash the design was enlarged, drawn on linen,  and on my frame in a flash.  Oh but isn't it a delicious piece?

The Small Flowerbox I also adored and like it better than her larger flowerbox design but that is just my personal taste.

And then the Stop and Smell the Roses was special to me as well.  It was a reminder to me that I must take time to stop and smell the roses, plus I liked the antique post card appeal to the colors she chose.  

I know what project I must start next is my Sensational Summer Swap piece which will be due to send late May (uh, think that is when.... I'll have to go thru my old messages).  But that will go fast because it is only an 8" square mat, already have it drawn on linen and will start pulling loops on that soon.  But right now I'm trying to finish stuffing some dolls which I have an order for.  But then what do I want to put on my frame next?  Decisions Decisions.

Now I've a question to my readers.  I do try to keep an interest going on rug hooking and wonder if there is a topic you would like to see me write about.  You can feel free to post your wishes on my blog or you can e-mail me direct at


  1. Hi Saundra...I've enjoyed reading your blog and seeing all of the rugs you've hooked...I just bought Karen Kahle's "Little Dusty Dye Book" and another one from Ebay, in the hopes of learning dyeing methods and creating just the right colors I want for certain designs...however, color planning is a challenge for me because of so many hues and textures...I would love if you posted some thoughts and tried and true tips for color planning ...Is that something that came natural or was it learned ? I use my own designs so far, so I don't really have anything to even use as a guide when it comes to actually hooking the rug ....
    Thanks for sharing your beauties with us !
    Bird In The Hand Primitives

  2. Hi Saundra , I love the rug with houses. I love your blog and I enjoy anything you talk about. Hugs Cheri
    Oh P.S the colors you used did you dye them using her book or find wools on line...I like the pink

  3. Gorgeous rugs! I think Karen is one of the best in the field of rug designers and color planners. Her palette is simply wonderful, and you have captured that in your rugs. They are fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love all of KK's patterns as well. I just got her latest pattern book. Gosh, I could order each one! (a divorce would ensue, however). I love the chairpads she is hooking on her blog. I wish, now, that I would have ordered a piece of linen so I could pitch in and hook a chairpad with her.
    You are stuffing dolls? What kind of dolls? I have such a soft spot for them!
    To me, you are just wonder woman! You could talk about the dust and I would listen! :-)

  5. I'm a huge Karen Kahle fan. I have the Fruitlands pattern. I really want to learn her method of color...mixing different hue together to get that signature look she has! I love these rugs!


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