Monday, March 19, 2012

Chickens rug update

Yes I've done some reverse hooking but have also been able to pull a few more loops.  It is sorta taking three steps forward and one back.... sometimes two steps back.  But as hookers you know what I'm talking about and we all dread it because it seems we make no progress.  This is the picture with the darker comb on the left chicken.
And this is the newer version but also with a flash so it is showing up more bright than it looks in person.  However, I'm liking it a lot and it will be a smaller piece to accomplish than the original three chicken design called Daleview Farm by Polly Minick.

Since I've new stuff on my plate guess the hooking on this will go slower.  Plus the fact it is now weeding and grass cutting time.  Then there is the 5 doll order still not done.... OY!!!!  I really want to be hooking what I want to hook but something has to make money to support my hooking habit.  

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  1. Gosh, I hear you about making money to support the rug habit! That's what the Etsy yarn shop was supposed to be about! LOL I love watching your hooking progress as usual! I learn so much!


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