Monday, March 5, 2012

A few more of my rugs

Who doesn't love a rug show?  I love seeing rugs that other people have done and particularly love looking at antique rug pictures.  Actually I do have a couple small hooked things that I picked up at the local thrift shop and that has a story which is a whole blog message in itself.  Perhaps one day I'll take pictures and tell you the story.

Here is a rug that I hooked with Bev Conway and it is her design.  This is what I chose to hook with the first class I had with her.  I was at Cape May where I saw someone else hooking it and thought it would be great in my kitchen to welcome people from the living room into the kitchen.

Another rug that I hooked with Bev is called Rufus.  I'd never worked with such vibrant colors before so it was a little out of my box but I like it.  Normally I go for the more drab antique looking colors.

This one makes me smile every time I look toward the dutch doors in my kitchen.  This is also a design by Bev Conway which originally had each of the chickens sitting on a huge egg each.  But, wanted to tweak it to suit me so I made them sitting on straw nests instead.

The Olde Gals was an adaptation of a quilt design, I asked permission to hook it and permission was granted.  When it was time to put something new on my frame I was leaning toward Coastal Girls by Deanne Fitzpatrick.  It was during the time of going thru a divorce I didn't ask for and the pretty girls with flowing scarves just couldn't happen...... I kept thinking about this image of a quilt panel I had.  And so I contacted them to get permission to hook it.

This was a very cathartic hooking project which was a way for me to make a statement for all women no longer young but who are comfortable with themselves.  These women are not spring chickens, they are wearing their olde clothes but think they look pretty snazzy.  They like who they are and who they have become in their aging process; they have been close friends for years.  And ya know what, I'll bet they are all hookers.


  1. Saundra ~
    You have hooked some amazing rugs. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Pug hugs :)

  2. Saundra ~ love your honesty! And I notice those olde gals are all a little 'broad in the beam' ~ kind of funny!! Especially since you look slim and trim! Maybe that's how your situation made you feel? Armchair psychology!!!! Maybe I should hang out my shingle!!!

  3. Alice, funny you should mention that. Because when my friend Evelyn Lawrence (of the Magdalenda book fame) saw what I intended to hook she suggested that I make all their bums a little bigger. I agreed and complied. So yes, they were a little exagerated but I love it even more.

    Thanks for visiting and posting.


  4. Love the olde gals. We women do go through a lot in our lives...but with such grace and resilience! That rug is just the image of that! Great rug show...I'm so glad you're sharing!!

  5. What a great show! The talent was amazing. My show favorite was the ladies. Hugs Cheri

  6. What an absolutely stunning group of rugs! Love them all!Hugs,Jen


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