Friday, March 30, 2012

Now and Then

It seems that I'm taking two steps forward and one backward on this rug.  My plans were to have two different colored combs since it is a primitive rug after all, but after I hooked in the comb which extends into the hit and miss border it became difficult to find suitable colors for the border without losing the comb.  So after trying numerous colors, pulling out, replacing with different values or colors several times, I finally gave in and made the comb the same color as the other chicken.  So this is how the rug looks now and I'm happier.

Here is what the rug looked like when I had grandiose ideas about my  so called 'artistic license' and different colored comb on the chicken on the right.  

I'd really like to get this finished and bound because it would be nice to offer it for sale when I do my July show ~ particularly since I live in an area with high chicken farming and production.  

UH, and hate to admit it but I've still not bound my two Frost Sheep rugs YET!!!!!  This is the longest period of time I've ever gone before binding a rug and feel like a slacker.  

I still have my Summer Swap Mat to finish, and I've been given a challenge to come up with a primitive rug design  with critters, which has also been taking up space in my cranium while not in my hands.

Then there is always the wonderful spring weather which brings on more yard work, and my house STILL needs to be spring cleaned.  OY!!!!!!  Too much to do so now I'm fighting with my 'should do'..... 'want to do' lists.  Perhaps that administrative side of me should come out, make a list and prioritize.  


  1. I think the chicken is wonderful. You are always so busy.

  2. You sound as overwhelmed as I am. I have to say I like the combs the same color. The rug is coming out so nicely. Hope things get settled and you get caught up soon. We're back in cold weather with spring fever is on hold...good!
    Hugs and Happy Weekend!

  3. I like it. I like that you tried another color, I think the reds are is a great pattern & I'm sure it will come out just the way you want it to...can't wait to see your finish!

  4. Saundra ~
    There are just never enough hours in the day! I have four rugs that need binding. Ugh! No fun. I finally started Auntie Peanut. Yeah!
    Lovin' your rug!!!
    Pug hugs :)

  5. Binding is a chore I try to delay until I start tripping over the pile of rugs.
    The chickens are looking great btw

  6. Saundra,
    Your chicken rug is wonderful and trying different colors is a great thing to do! I like the red comb too. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who agonizes when I have rugs to bind and orders to fill and house duties that never end..... I may have to break down and try your suggestion to prioritize! Sending you tons of good energies to get it all done and enjoy the process!
    Cathy G

  7. Hi Saundra
    I LOVE the red combs. Great that you tried another color becuase then you knew what looked best. I like them both red. That is a pattern I really love too. Well I have 9 rugs that need to have binding done. I sure don't recommend that anyone do this. I swear I will never do it again......however....I said that before I had 9 rugs to bind!!! Ughhhhh
    Have a great week my friend.



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