Saturday, January 29, 2011

Rottweiler Memorial

What piqued my interest in wanting to learn to hook rugs was the look of the primitive rugs I would see while looking thru issues of the older Country Living magazines, plus the fact that I have antique furniture (well eclectic and antiques).  So then as a hooker and visiting camps and rug shows I'd see these lovely narrow cut rugs.  I wondered if my choice to hook wide cuts and primitive was really because I would be lousy at narrow cut hooking.

So I decided to try a narrow cut but knew it would have to be something near and dear to my heart or I probably would never finish it.  So I decided to do a memorial profile portrait of my dearly beloved Rottweilers Shumba (the mother) and Panzer (her son).  They are hooked in #3 cut and I was so happy to have successfully finished that so did the background in #5.  If I thought I could have pulled it off successfully I would have hooked the background in #8 but knew there would be too much difference.

So just as soon as that was bound and hung on the wall I immediately drew out a primitive pattern of my dear dogs and hooked it in #8.  Ahhhhhh, I was in heaven.


  1. Absolutely Gorgeous hooking!!!!!!!

  2. Thank you darlin'. That was my first and probably my last narrow cut rug. When my girl Shadow passes she will be hooked in a WIDE cut 'cuz that's the kinda gal she is too.

  3. wonderful miz saundra .. i remember your sweet pups and your love for them! glad you got your blog up and running .. looks great! xo


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