Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dyeing without Dye

I recently acquired more thrift shop wool and thought that I'd like to pull out the dye pots but didn't feel like dragging out all the paraphernalia of the dye spoons, the dyes, cups, etc.  So decided that I'd like to have some suitable colors for primitive flowers and pulled out a tan slacks panel, a coral and red skirt panel.

Then I sandwich the tan slacks between the coral and red wool; since the slacks are a tad longer than the skirt I just folded it up.

After that I roll it like a sausage which puts the coral rolled over on the red.

Then I found an old shoestring and tied up the ends....

...and twisted the roll until it rolled over on itself like a pretzel and tied it all together.

So now into a pot of water with a little liquid detergent  that has NO bleach.  I will post the results later as it should take a while for the colors to bleed.


  1. Love this post...since I live and travel full time in our RV I have just never used regular dyes.. just no space.This is one of the methods I use to dye..along with some natural stuff like onion skin etc...I love what purple skins do to wool. Can't wait to see your end product.

  2. thank you, I dyed this way a couple of weeks ago and I am glad to see it is really okay to do it like this. I am going to do more of it. I have a friend who sends me thrift shop wool all the time. I didn't know boiling wool would make it too stiff, I always wondered why not to boil. Thanks again.


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