Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wool Room in Calm

Oh boy did I work my butt off today.  I have not pulled one loop all day and probably won't.   Finally around 6 pm. the room became in better shape enough for me to take a picture.  It was a very frustrating day because as I'd dig out the piles of wool I'd find 'like' wool under which had already been put on shelves.  SOoo, I'd pull out the wool, stick the like wool where it should be and continue.  This happened so many times that I finally gave up.

Here is the left side of the room, which really wasn't all that bad, but it does look better.

Below is the right side of the room.  And, yes, that is a glass of cabernet wine to the left of the cutter and in front of my serger..... that is a treat to me for being such a good girl today.

I can see that the one shelf is leaning to the right.... so I'm not done as I'll have to take some parachute cord and tie it up at the top to keep it straight.  Oh, but where is that glass of cab??

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