Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sincerely Jane Challenge

I am participating in a Sincerely Jane rug challenge which is beginning on a Yahoo rug hooking group.  The challenge was borne out of the gorgeous 1863 Jane A. Stickle quilt which had 225 pattern designs in it. 

There is now a book entitled Dear Jane by Brenda Papadakis who researched and developed the same designs as Jane Stickle had in her original quilt; it is that book where I pulled the designs that went into my rug.  Since "Dear Jane" is copyrighted the challenge name has been changed to Sincerely Jane.

Some people who are participating in this challenge are taking on the huge endeavor of the entire size of the quilt.  Since I did not want a room size rug mine is quite a bit smaller.  And, since I wanted to hook my rug with #8 wool strips chose designs which I believe will accommodate a #8 cut.

As of right now I don't know what kind of border I want around my piece but do know that to do a border such as is on the original quilt would over power the size rug I'm making.  So I've allowed room to draw a border once I decide what I want.  I just might do a hit and miss with some of the colors which will be in the hooked designs...or maybe I'll do zig zag shape to give an illusion of the original quilt border.  But I'm sure something will just seem right after I start hooking on this challenge rug.

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  1. Beautiful, Saundra. Everything is so perfect and neat. It will be fun to see the progress on this rug.


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