Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wool Room in Turmoil

This room once was so organized and I was so proud to show it off to my hooker friends as they looked with envy.  But not now.  It is in such disarray that I cannot move on to my next projects until I organize it.  This is the left side of the room and you can see I have the nicest antique ice cream parlor table and chairs there but even they are covered with patterns to be shipped, wool for yet another project that I haven't worked on for months.  But this is the cleaner side of the room.

This past September before Cape May rug camp the room was in pristine condition.  Well, except for the woolens sitting on the table behind the stool which held the yardage I was using for the Eagle rug.  That basket and worms you see were what I was also pulling from for the Eagle rug. 

So in September I pulled wool to take to camp for my selected project, came home and finished the rug but the returned totes with wool stayed on the floor because I was too busy finishing up the rug since in November I'd be going to Woolley Fox to hook Brave Hunter.

Well that project did get finished but I immediately went back to working on my Magdalena Eagle but that didn't get finished before going to Barb Carroll's in November so the wool stayed on the table.

And then the Brave Hunter wool is that which is on the floor as I wanted to keep the wools separated for the various projects.  Needless to say, the room is in total chaos and I cannot even draw out my Sincerely Jane rug until I clear off the table which has all those worms and wool on it.  Sigh....... guess I won't be pulling loops today as I have a huge project on my hands to clean up that room.

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