Sunday, August 27, 2017


A few years ago my computer with WIN07 crashed and along with it went pictures on the hard drive.  Sadly I didn't think ahead so not all my rug photos were saved to a flash drive.  Recently when starting to recreate my list of hooked rugs (also lost in the crash) was unable to find a particular original design I named "Great Escape".

That is until yesterday.  Out of the blue I receive a phone call from a gal I met over 10 years ago while visiting Cape May rug camp.  Caran wanted to know if I was attending camp this year and if so which week. Long story short....she said thru a photo of a fish rug she had on her iPad she was able to track me down.  

Say WHAT??????  Did it have a purple fish in it?  She said it did and sent me the photo.  Who'da thunk it!  Here is the lost picture of the rug ~ it is found again and safely saved to a flash drive.  Below is a photo in bright sunlight on  my deck.

Below is a photo of Great Escape in subdued lighting without a flash on my back porch. 
Here is a photo of the rug in bright sunlight on my deck.  As the colors are not something I could live with in my home sold the rug at an art fair at a beach resort.   
Oddly enough several years later I am to design and hook another rug with bright colors which does live in my house.  The one below I named Ali Katz.
It is fun to see the Great Escape again and it brings back fond memories of the class with Gail DuFresne.  Thanks Caran, for the phone call and hope you enjoy Cape May whichever week you visit.

My heart goes out to all those living in Texas.



  1. How about that, just out of the blue, you get the missing picture of one of your rug. A good example for the reason to put labels on the back of rugs. a
    I like the Ali Katz rug.

    I have friends in Texas and also some blogger friends. I hope everyone is OK. My heart goes to everyone affeccted by Harvey.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. what a fun rug! so glad you got that phone call...

  3. Wow , that was so nice to get a picture of your rug !!! A nice surprise !!!

  4. Isnt it funny , how that happens ,,, kismet,,,, or something,,,,
    Its a great mat,,, take care,,,

  5. Hi Saundra,
    What a great story!! You just never know who you touch through your life and art! So happy you now have the missing photo saved!!!
    Heart Hugs~


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