Monday, August 14, 2017

Movin' On and UFR's

I tend to get bored working on one thing at a time EVEN IF I love what I'm working on.  Presently I have 3 hooking projects going ...otherwise known as UF?  Huh?  Why were they called UFOs?  So I think that this day forward they should be known as UFR's.  Un-Finished Rugs.

Anyway, tucked safely away is my sheep (which I want done before Cape May), Kelley's adorable pumpkin (an October rug), and my grandson's rug which is a Christmas gift.  Yes December is a bit away but must be perfect for my grandson and want it done in good time.
Now I'm getting excited about working on this one for my grandson again.  It has been in the basket for way too long.

Hope you have a great evening.  Frankly I'm on edge as tomorrow is Ben's stay and play test to see if the kennel will accept him so I can attend rug camp at Cape May in September.  



  1. That is a fun rug and will be fun to finish. I hope Ben does well so you can enjoy your trip without worry.


  2. Oh almost forgot about ur grandsons mat!! I have too many started too,,, I had been so good till last year! Anyway,,, I am the same as you,, get bored even though enjoying it!!
    But have smaller ones on the go and wools together in fun bags,, then have 2 bigger on the go,,,, which hope to get done this fall!!
    Anyway,, hope ben is ok,, so u can go in sept!! Fingers crossed! ,

  3. Hope it goes well with Ben, for your sake.

  4. Hopefully everything will be just right with Ben and the kennel and I hope that you'll be able to go to cape May in September.

    I like UFR for unfinished rug but I think that UFO stands for Unfinished objects. I have some of those and I have UFR too.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. I like hooking much better when I can choose between projects in progress...wishing Ben a fun day with new friends...

  6. I hope Ben did well so you can go to camp.
    Zach will love his rug!


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