Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Some Old Rugs to Enjoy

Since progress on my three is moving at a snail's pace thought I'd entertain you with some old rugs.  Below is Little Bo Peep which was hooked around 1940
Below is a rug found in Darnstown, PA area and was to have been hooked about 1930.
On the auction site the rug below was named Fisherman's House and hooked 19th century.
This folk art pictorial of the pioneer frontier was said to have been hooked between 1880- 1920.
A stylized swan with hit and miss background and no date given.
Auction house says the Birds in Tree was found in Pennsylvania and hooked about 1890.
I'm hungry already but today is my lucky day (not) as I'm on a liquid diet for my roto rooter main event tomorrow.  So far I've consumed 4 of the required 10 8 ounces of 'the magic potion'.  Guess I won't stray too far from the house today, huh?



  1. Hoping for great results on your exam tomorrow.

  2. Tanks for the rug show Saundra.

    Wishing you a good result. The stuff you have to take isn't exactly haute cuisine. I hope you get a clean bill of health. Your insides will be clean for sure.

  3. Just love those top two rugs!!! Yes, you best hang close to the house....and good luck. Has Ben had his trial run??

  4. Yikes, saundra! Had one in may! I was hungry , too,,,
    Thanks for rug show!! Awesome mats,,
    Take care tomorrow,,,,,

  5. Hi Saundra,
    Love the rug show, as always!! I can totally empathize with you and wish you great results and a good meal when you can eat again!!!
    Heart Hugs~

  6. Love the rugs, some I have never seen before.


  7. Hoping all went well with your procedure.


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